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"A Perfect Couple" Entertainment Film+Education Film

I never thought that one day I would watch a Thai drama from beginning to end, and I couldn’t care less about British and American dramas and Japanese and Korean dramas. Where would I want to see Thai dramas? I haven’t even seen two movies. The brush to "A Perfect Couple" was a pure surprise.

This drama seems to be an old-fashioned time-travel story, but the setting is clever, the main line and the secondary line are clear, the love story and the historical story are alternately shown, and the heroine of archaeology has traveled to ancient times, from a careless fat girl to a slim and beautiful woman Karagade, but she is a disgusting evil woman. There is also a fiance who doesn’t even want to look at her and has always misunderstood her murder, that is, the male master Kun P. The story revolves around the two. Due to the ingenious setting and the integration of historical stories and archaeological knowledge, it is said that the degree of historical restoration is very high, coupled with the high value of the male and female protagonists, the main actors’ acting skills are online and the costumes are exquisite, which is worth seeing.

When I clicked "A Perfect Couple", I was attracted by the introduction and stills at first, but I didn’t expect to stop after clicking. I spent the whole weekend sitting on the sofa holding my mobile phone, laughing at my aunt all the time, and occasionally getting up to supervise my little nephew to do his homework and yelling, "Why haven’t you started writing yet?" ! Why is it only two words for a long time? !” . Probably my aunt laughed for so long that she didn’t have the confidence to roar.

Some people say that this is a poison drama. Where is the poison? Probably the most poisonous is the interesting and sweet interaction between the man and the woman. The director used a lot of close-ups to show it. The eyes of the man and the woman are extremely in place. Especially, every eye of the man is expressing his feelings. Coupled with the sweet-talking stunt, with the 360-degree classical face value of both sides, it really took a screen, and probably that’s how my aunt laughed. Forgive me for my lack of language, and this is not the point I want to write.

Some people say that you don’t need IQ to watch Thai dramas, and so does this one. I wonder, are we spoiled by British and American dramas? Do we have to bring IQ when watching dramas? TV plays can also be entertaining and educational. For example, in this film "A Match Made in Heaven", the setting of crossing triggered the collision of different languages, thoughts and behaviors in different times, which provided a good entertainment function. In terms of education, apart from the interspersed historical knowledge, there are also many places worth learning from the characters’ personalities and behaviors in the play. This is also the main reason why I am interested in writing this drama review (this is also the first drama review).

Let’s talk about the family of Kun P, a typical ancient aristocratic family. The male father is an educator and the emperor’s teacher, and he is very elegant. Although according to ancient ethics, he can say nothing, and his wife and children are not allowed to resist. But more often, he is using the tone of discussion, and most of the time he is guiding. For example, when he sees Kun P staring at the hostess anxiously, he will ask, "Why are you worried?" When you find that the man’s personality and attitude have changed, you will ask, "Son, do you feel that you have changed recently? ….. Why? " When the man proposed to marry the woman, he was so happy, but he repeatedly asked his son, "Have you thought it over? Have you thought about it all night? " Similarly, for his wife, although he didn’t agree with her attitude towards Karagade, he never forced her, but looked for opportunities to persuade him again and again, "As a mother, don’t you want to know what your son thinks?" Should you ask your son? "

Let’s talk about the mother of the man, the image of a typical extended family mother, caring for children and disciplining people. Karagade, the hostess, has been worried about her improper words and deeds before (it’s hard for anyone to accept), but when she found out that her son really liked the hostess, she changed her attitude and tried her best to teach her future daughter-in-law. Later, when her son was left out by the hostess, she immediately said: Don’t worry, son, mom will definitely let her marry you. Later, in order to reassure the hostess, she turned to educate her son: What you said before must have hurt his heart. Please explain it to her. Although the female host was severely disciplined several times, as the male host said, he was afraid that the ignorant female host would cause more serious things in the future.

Male host Kun P, the character is upright and introverted man show, commonly known as Jiaojiao. What impressed him deeply was his communication with the hostess several times.

For the first time, Kun P’s mother suspected that the female host was possessed by a ghost, so she asked him to find out. As a result, the man walked up to the woman, so he came straight to the point and told the truth. "I don’t know why you possessed Karagade, but I advise you to hurry. If you don’t hurry up, you will be scared out of your wits and can’t be born again. I pity you …. What a boy from honest and frank, who provoked his mother to roll her eyes. She is a female ghost. Shouldn’t she secretly investigate first?

The second time, the family went to the temple together, and Karagade tied a strange braid. The man and mother were angry and asked her to go back and comb it again. There are two completely different ways of communication. Mother started from the opposite point of view: "I won’t allow you to tie it like this. It’s too humiliating for you to tie it like this, and it’s also a disgrace to our family. Our big family can’t afford to lose it." If you do, go by yourself! " The man is from the woman’s own point of view: "There is nothing wrong with you, but when you enter the temple like this, you need to accept everyone’s different eyes, which is not good for you at all. I don’t want you to do this." After this, the eyes of the woman changed immediately. I guess it was from this time that the woman began to have a good impression on the man. (P3)

The third time, after arriving at the temple, because everyone suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the second woman, she had a bad attitude towards her, which made her miss her family and cry sadly in the corridor. When the man saw it, he went to comfort him and sincerely advised the woman to look forward. You are so sad and sad, which will only make the deceased family unable to rest in peace. It seems normal, but you should know that at this time, the male host still hates the predecessor of the female host, and on the other hand, he still thinks that the female host is possessed by ghosts. We are naturally easy to care sincerely for the people we like, but few people we don’t like can do it. Just as Karagade once lamented to her servant that her uncle (male father) was very kind to her, even when she behaved badly before, because her uncle was a real "kind and tolerant" person. I think the man inherited this moral character very well.

The fourth time, it was the woman who was punished by the man and mother with rattan for causing trouble. After the punishment, the man personally grinds ginger for healing, brings a gift secretly bought for the woman, and sends it to her. At this time, the man first comforted the woman, and then said a paragraph to the effect that please forgive your mother. She was actually very sad when she hit you. She was afraid that if she didn’t teach you this time, you would get into something more serious next time, hurting yourself or even losing your life. Finally, I advised Karagade to apologize to her mother when she recovered. Because during the punishment, a bunch of people pleaded, including the man, which made it impossible for the man and mother to do it. During the whole process, both mother and fiancee took care of it and gave them a chance to reconcile.

There are several times later when the female host came from modern times with different ideas, and verbally collided with the male host to varying degrees, even in front of the servants in the market. However, even if the male host was very angry, he didn’t put on the ancient set to punish the female host (at that time, the husband could beat his wife with rattan), and more of them were communication and explanation. Even if the heart is full of jealousy and anger, it is just a matter of reason and intimidation.

Besides, Karagade, our hostess, is careless. Most of the time, she is a bit of a woman, but not entirely for the man. The first time the man took her out, she begged the man to take her to the market by the way. After several times, the man strongly refused. Then, the woman got started, yes, I got started. I mean, I grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, begging and coquetry. At first, I thought it was a bit …, but I thought it was normal when I remembered the atmosphere of the modern family. In modern times, the hostess grew up in a loving family. Her grandmother is kind, her mother is strict but there is no lack of love, and the servant is her good partner. She is a happy fruit at home, and she can lie in her grandmother’s arms and ask for it at any time. Children who grow up in such a family are naturally confident and not afraid of not getting it. In addition to coquetry, she will also please the male host at an appropriate time and let the male host calm down; Mainly to the man and let her take herself out to play. And the reason why she can do this directly to the man is probably because the man makes her feel safe and trustworthy.

Let’s talk about two men and two women. Compared with the "two men" who toss out flowers in most soap operas, they are too quiet and don’t pursue a sense of existence at all. Reung, a man’s best friend, advised the man to care about his fiancee and not let others talk about her at will when people suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the woman, although he had never met the woman at that time. I’m afraid this is why I mentioned the scene above, and the man advised the woman not to tie her hair like that. Later, I met the female host, and they got along many times. Reung likes the female host Karagade, and he has an innate advantage-he looks the same as her boyfriend before crossing. But he didn’t do anything out of line because of this. Instead, he buried his love in his heart. Even if the woman begged him to take him to the temple, he would say, ask Kun P to see if he agrees. As he later said to the hostess: I like you, but I know your fiance Kun P likes you more, so I can’t bear to do anything. The second woman and the second woman are childhood friends with the man, and they are suitable for each other. When she confirmed that the man likes the woman and is only a friend to her, she was more and more sad silently without jealousy and destruction. If one word is used to describe the character of men and women, it is not an exaggeration to use the word "gentleman". (P4)

In short, the three views of the main characters in the whole play are very positive, there is no boring tearing B, and no one is really annoying. Even the villains show the two sides of the characters more or less. From this point of view, the script is very successful. In addition to always using the stalk of "standing unsteadily and falling", let the male and female main limbs contact. However, we can’t blame them. In ancient times, men and women didn’t kiss and fall, so they didn’t have a chance to hug.

As for some students complaining about the slow pace, I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think that the director has handled it with a degree of relaxation. When the man and the woman interact with each other, the camera can’t wait for the time to stop. Isn’t that what it feels like to be in love? For some unimportant scenes, such as the concubine of the man’s father, the camera passes by, showing that there is a woman sitting opposite the man’s mother, who seems to be in a higher position than the servant, paving the way for the following plot. The man said to the woman loyally, "Never marry a small one."

Finally, whether it is entertaining, educational or ornamental, A Match Made in Heaven is a rare masterpiece.

Entertainment talk show | Father loves like a fish

The Across the Furious Sea of Cao Baoping’s trilogy "Burning Heart" was finally released. I watched the premiere in advance, and I was really impressed by the director’s ability to "destroy" the original text. I have read the novel, and the text is actually a relatively traditional story of "revenge by blood relatives". The biggest drama conflict is concentrated between ordinary people and dignitaries. With the director’s position, the directors of Bo Huang, Zhou Xun, Zu Feng, NI YAN, etc. are gathered and filmed along the story line of "Little Hare for the Daughter", which is also a good-looking commercial genre film with high probability. However, I didn’t expect the director to sacrifice the grass snake gray line Dafa. The real core of the story is a scalpel with cold light to stab the "stubborn disease" of parent-child relationship in East Asia, and completed the comprehensive upgrade of the masterpiece Dog Thirteen in 2013: crazier and more extreme. Bo Huang, an actor, summed up his role succinctly: He just loves being a father. After all, the core of "Angry Sea" story is an author’s film that reflects on "dad standard".

In Dog Thirteen, the "dog" is a metaphor for a girl and her father is an "old dog". The dog-like adult world has to export the truth in the name of love: Dad hit you because he loves you. A few years later, in the "angry sea", there was actually an animal running through it, and from the first scene, it was not only itself, but also rich and strong author’s thinking and social metaphor. It was "fish". Lao Jin, played by Bo Huang, is the captain of a fishing boat. He ventures into the high seas to fish all day long, with the purpose of studying in Japan for his divorced daughter Nana. Fish, money, is the "best" love he can give, just like fresh and plump fish. There is a scene in the film in which Nana listens to a guide telling about local customs during the Boys’ Day on May 5th. There is a detail hidden in a very deep place, and it was only after I watched the movie that I checked the information that I suddenly realized. The carp flag is a hollow carp made of cloth or silk, which is generally divided into three colors: red, black and cyan, in which black represents father.

Before the tragedy began, there was such a close-up: a black carp flag fell into the water, soaked and sank. The direction is very clear. It is precisely the father "Laojin" who has been rudely disciplined, restrained and neglected for a long time that really leads Nana to give up her life. The film constantly uses the flashback of Nana’s diary to break the main line of Laojin’s revenge. On the surface, it is to cooperate with the audience to increase the mood, feel the misfortune of the fancy girl and be angry with the bad boy’s anti-social personality. However, if we start with the end, we will find that many lines and details refer to "being a father", and before the answer is revealed, the audience may think that Laojin is a "good father" who bears the burden of humiliation. The most enjoyable scene about "dad power" in the movie is related to "fish". The suspect "bad boy" plans to "escape" to Germany at the airport with the help of his mother. The police are chasing him, and Lao Jin is certainly chasing him. At this time, the coastal city was hit by a storm, and the fish in the sea were swept into the sky by a tornado. The fish fell with the heavy rain, hitting the highway, smashing the car glass and hitting people’s faces. All the characters were crazy. This fish that splashed the sky was the spread and suppression of dad’s power.

It can be said that Cao Baoping has completely constructed the most complicated "deep water area" of commercial genre films: how to show and reflect on patriarchy.

He doesn’t need chicken soup at all, and he doesn’t even need to set some conflicting lines like Dog Thirteen. This time, he almost completed it by plot reversal and character movements. A vengeful father is a black hole of love, staring at a distant child, shuddering at the thought, but it has a real foundation. It is more or less a gray track for East Asian adults to heal their childhood all their lives. The director actually has a way to film these unspeakable cultural and spiritual relationships, and the actors can actually perform, of course, taking risks and being bold. Across the Furious Sea can be released, and the Chinese film in 2023 will have the dignity and dignity of ending this year.


What to buy for football: a professional guide helps you find the best choice.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it has a broad mass base, whether as a leisure or professional competition. If you are a football fan, or you just want to play football in your spare time, it is very important to choose a good football. This article will provide you with some professional guides to help you find the best football.

1. Material: The material of football is mainly divided into leather and synthetic materials. Leather football is usually more durable and feels better, but the price is also higher. Synthetic football is cheaper, but it may not be as durable as leather football. You need to choose the right material according to your budget and frequency of use.

2. Size: The size of a football is usually marked by its diameter. Generally speaking, the diameter of a standard match ball is 21.5 cm. However, for beginners, it may be better to choose a bigger football because it can help them control the ball better. If you are an adult or a teenager, you can choose a smaller football.

3. Weight: The weight of football is also very important, because it will affect your performance in the game. Generally speaking, the standard football weighs about 410 grams. If you often train for a long time, then you may need to choose a heavier football.

4. Brand: There are many well-known football brands in the market, such as Adidas, Nike and Puma. These brands of football have certain quality assurance, but also have their own characteristics in design. You can choose a brand according to your personal preference and budget.

5. Price: The price of football varies greatly, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Although the higher the price, the better the quality of football, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a good football. Generally speaking, 100-200 yuan football is enough to meet the needs of most people.

6. Test: Before you buy a football, you’d better try it yourself. You can try a few kicks on different courts to see how the ball feels. In addition, you can also ask your friends to try it and listen to their feedback.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to choose a good football. The key is to choose according to your own needs and budget. I hope the above suggestions can help you.

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Serie A

At 1 am on October 30th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of Serie A in 2023-24, Inter Milan played against Rome at home. In the first half, Charles Hanoglu shot and hit the doorframe; In the second half, Thuram scored the winning goal in the 81st minute, and Augusto hit the crossbar again. In the end, Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0, overtaking Ewan and rising to the top of the standings.

In this game, Roma coach Jose Mourinho was unable to play against his old club because of suspension, but Lu Kaku appeared in the starting lineup of Rome, and he was booed by tens of thousands of Inter fans at Meazza Stadium.

In the 6th minute, Char Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball bounced back after hitting the doorframe. Then Thuram’s barb hit the door and the goalkeeper got it. In the 7th minute, Inter’s left corner kicked into the restricted area, and lautaro’s header was not strong enough, so the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.

In the 15th minute, dumfries made a cross from the right, Thuram’s header hit the defender, and then his stab was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 16th minute, Di Marco’s shot on the left side of the restricted area missed the far post.

In the 24th minute, mkhitaryan received the clearance ball before the top of the arc and volleyed it high. In the 38th minute, dumfries made another cross on the right, and pawar, who was inserted into the restricted area, volleyed his right foot and missed. In the 45th+3rd minute, varela got the chance to volley in the restricted area, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. At the end of the first half, neither team scored.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 48 th minute, Inter Milan’s free kick was hoisted into the penalty area, and Thuram’s header was high.

In the 59th minute, varela crosses the restricted area, Thuram returns the ball in the chest, lautaro volleys with his right foot, and the ball bounces to the ground and is hugged by the goalkeeper. In the 65th minute, Rome won a free kick in front of the penalty area, and chaaraoui took the penalty and hit the wall. Two minutes later, Charles Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the defender and crossed the bottom line in disguise.

In the 76th minute, Aslani took the ball in front of the restricted area. When he saw that no one had come forward to block it, he hit a long-range shot, and the ball slightly missed the post.In the 81st minute, Di Marco crossed the ball on the left side of the frontcourt, and Thuram, who was inserted into the middle of the restricted area, grabbed the ball and scored a goal. Inter Milan led Rome 1-0.

In the 89th minute, Augusto made a cross on the left side of the frontcourt. Thuram’s outflanking shot in the middle missed. In the 90th minute, Augusto made a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the crossbar and popped up.

In the end, the whole game ended and Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0.


In international football, the Japanese football team recently won a brilliant victory, defeating the strong enemy in North America with a remarkable advantage of 4-1, which not only showed their strong strength in both offensive and defensive ends, but also highlighted their tacit teamwork. This victory is not only a recognition of the Japanese team, but also an affirmation and encouragement of the strength of the whole Asian football.

The reason why Japanese football can stand at the peak of world football today is largely due to the profound changes in the youth training system of the Japanese Football Association. They have absorbed the advanced concepts and training methods of international football and cultivated many players with comprehensive skills and strong tactical awareness. On the court, these players built an almost impeccable defense line with their unparalleled teamwork and mutual understanding.

Furthermore, while actively participating in international competitions, the Japan Football Association has also conducted extensive cooperation and exchanges with other football powers. Facing the world-class opponents, Japanese players not only honed their own skills, but also learned valuable experience by analyzing the opponent’s tactical layout, thus constantly improving their own tactical system. It is this international vision and open attitude that makes Japanese football more and more dazzling on the international stage.

As an important representative of Asian football, this leap of Japan is not only their own, but also a remarkable proof of the strength of the whole Asian football. Their success showed the world the rapid progress and unlimited potential of Asian football and won more respect and praise for Asian football.

However, behind all these achievements, it is the result of the long-term unremitting efforts and exploration of the Japanese Football Association. They constantly reformed and optimized the youth football training system, focused on cultivating players’ basic skills and diversified abilities, and established a scientific and efficient youth training model, which provided a solid cornerstone for the rise of Japanese football.

Behind such dazzling achievements in Japanese football are the contributions of many people who have paid silently. From coaches to club staff, from the parents of players to loyal fans, everyone’s efforts and support are an important part of the glory of Japanese football. To sum up, the Japanese football team’s great victory not only demonstrated their excellent ability and team spirit at both ends of the offensive and defensive, but also further consolidated their position in the world football. The continuous reform and optimization of the Japanese Football Association, coupled with extensive exchanges with international football, have created a team with exquisite skills and mature tactics. Their success is not only the recognition of a single team, but also an affirmation of the strength of the whole Asian football.

Sweep Meizhou away with one foot in the Super League? The last round of Nantong Zhiyun still needs to go all out

Special correspondent Jiang Hai reports On October 29th, the penultimate round of the Super League in 2023 started at the same time. Nantong Zhiyun, who ranked second in the standings, challenged Meizhou Hakka away. In the end, the team scored 3 points with a score of 4-0. With the last round left in the league, the points rose to the penultimate third, beating Dalian people, and the final round of the game would be successful in relegation.

After losing to Shanghai Shenhua 0-1 at home in the last round of league tournament, the relegation situation of Nantong Zhiyun was once in jeopardy. In the last two rounds, they will play against Meizhou Hakka and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger away from home. Even if they all win, they also need to look at the face of their relegation opponent Dalian. Moreover, in terms of mutual record with Dalian people, Nantong Zhiyun is the main loser and does not have an advantage. Therefore, as long as Dalian people all win in the last two games, Nantong Zhiyun will get whatever results in the last two rounds.

Therefore, the game against Meizhou Hakka is a "can’t afford to lose" final for Nantong Zhiyun, and the team has suffered five consecutive defeats before, and it is urgent to get points to improve the morale of the team. Fortunately, Nantong Zhiyun started very well, and Jiang Zilei broke the deadlock in the 12th minute of the game. In the following game, Nantong Zhiyun played smoothly: in the 64th minute, Castillo made meritorious deeds, 2-0, expanding the lead; In the 89th minute, Morelato scored a goal, 3-0; In the second minute of stoppage time, Zheng Haogan scored a single goal after breaking the ball and sealed the victory 4-0.

While winning this game, Nantong Zhiyun also gave Meizhou Hakka the first defeat in the last five rounds. At the same time, Nantong Zhiyun also took the fate of relegation into his own hands. Generally speaking, the performance of Nantong Zhiyun team in the Super League this season is not ideal. They need to reflect on their own problems and find a solution to them.

Before the current round against Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun scored 19 points with Dalian People’s Team, but due to the disadvantage of winning and losing, Nantong Zhiyun was in the relegation zone. At the same time of this game against Meizhou Hakka, Dalian people challenged Qingdao Manatee away. Compared with Nantong Zhiyun’s away victory, Dalian people scored two goals in a row when they were 0-2 behind, but they failed to beat their opponents in the away game and only got 1 point. However, Dalian people’s fighting capacity in this game was admirable. However, they lost their relegation advantage to Nantong Zhiyun without getting 3 points from Manatee. After the end of this round of competition, the championship suspense of the Super League has been revealed, leaving only one suspense of relegation. In addition to the relegated Shenzhen team, another relegation team will be created between Nantong Zhiyun and Dalian people. The away win of this game also allows Nantong Zhiyun to temporarily occupy the relegation advantage.

In the final round, Nantong Zhiyun played against Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home, while Dalian people played against Shanghai Harbour, which has won the championship at home. Holding a 2-point lead, for Nantong Zhiyun, the last game must be won. If you can get 3 points, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces, and you can successfully avoid relegation at home. However, if you draw or lose, you need to look at the result of the game between Dalian people and Shanghai Harbour. At present, it can only be said that Nantong Zhiyun has left one foot in the Super League next year, but the team still cannot relax its vigilance until the end of the league.

After the game, David, coach of Nantong Zhiyun team, said: "As we expected, today is a difficult game. The opponents will not let you win the game easily. They played with the strongest lineup. We also carried out the counter-attack tactics arranged before the game well, and it is also very important that we didn’t concede a goal today. The opponent is a very strong team, so these three points are also very valuable to us. Our players have been fighting like warriors. In the last game, we need to fulfill our promises to our fans, win the game, and achieve the goal of relegation. For fans, it is too little to say thank you, and they are supporting us both at home and away. "

As far as Dalian people are concerned, the team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Even if the team beats Shanghai Harbour at home in the last round, it may not be able to avoid relegation. While Nantong Zhiyun has the initiative, he still has to go all out in the face of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, who has nothing to ask for. As the "only seedling" of Jiangsu football in the Super League, Nantong Zhiyun’s game this season has gone through a rough time. Now it can regain its relegation advantage. The team should go all out to draw a satisfactory end to this season with a home victory, and at the same time let Jiangsu football remain in the top leagues in China.

A domestic football match was scolded by a hot search. What happened?

Source: China News Network

On the 8th, a topic entry named # Match-fixing in the Final of Guangdong National Games # occupied a high position in Weibo’s hot search for a long time. As of press time, the reading volume of this topic exceeded 140 million, and nearly 9,000 people participated in the discussion.

From the perspective of competitive sports, this game is not a high-level event. If there are no special circumstances, it will not attract so much public attention to a great extent.

However, looking at the comment area, everyone has a hot discussion.

It’s the darkest hour of football in China, except for the 15-year-old boys.This is a sentence left by a netizen in the topic discussion area.

In the eyes of professional football media, there are also problems in this game. “After watching the replay of the game, there is indeed a suspicion of match-fixing, which supports a thorough investigation."

Everyone’s response is filled with the most emotions, which are helplessness and anger. In other words, today, football in China is still at a low ebb, and this game has poked a lot of people who care about football in China.

Let’s get to know the situation of this game first.

The match was held on August 7th, 2022. It was the men’s B Group A final of the 16th Guangdong Sports Games, and was played between Qingyuan team and Guangzhou team. There was no abnormal situation after the start of the game. In the second half, Qingyuan team took the lead 3-1.

But since then, the Qingyuan team seems to be like a "power outage." Goalkeepers and defenders pass the ball at will in the backcourt and are directly intercepted by opponents; When the Guangzhou team launched the attack, the Qingyuan team defender did not seem to stop the football from entering the goal; According to the camera, several Qingyuan team players started the "walking" mode on the court …

In the end, Guangzhou defeated Qingyuan 5-3 to win the championship.

After the video of this game exploded on social media, Dong Lu, a well-known football media person, used "weird 13 minutes" to describe what happened on the field.

While the outside world is discussing the game,The Chinese Football Association officially announced the launch of an investigation into the game.. The announcement said that in this competition, the performance of athletes from both sides on the field was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused the concern of all sectors of society. China Football Association attaches great importance to this and starts the investigation procedure, and will form an investigation team with the participation of the Competition Department, the Discipline Inspection Department and other departments, and will go to Guangzhou for investigation on August 8.

It is not what China football wants to cause a heated discussion in such a way.

This year’s poor World Cup preliminaries once again put the national football team into an "infinite loop", and many fans didn’t know how to face the China football that had been in the trough for a while.

In fact, there has been a lot of news about football in China recently.

The Chinese Super League officially resumed the home and away game system. For professional teams and clubs, the home game was opened for a long time, and when familiar spectators entered the stadium again, it brought more positive signals to the team’s operation.

In the East Asia Cup competition that ended at the end of July, the China Men’s Football Team with "U23 National Team" as the main team won the third place.

Although only four teams participated in the East Asia Cup, this ranking did not satisfy the Chinese people. However, the original intention of sending young players out to increase the experience of the competition and taking this opportunity to upgrade is no problem. In the second round, the national football selection team drew with Japan. The game data still shows that there is a big strength gap between the two sides, but with courage and perseverance, the young players can gain confidence and bring some comfort to the depressed football in China.

When facing the pressure and challenges, face the difficulties and use your own efforts to resist the difficulties. Even if you fail to win the game, you will gain confidence. This may be a more realistic idea, and it is also the most needed for today’s China football.

At present, the official has been involved in the investigation of this controversial competition, but the final result has not yet been released. As for whether it is the "fake ball" mentioned by everyone, we still don’t argue.

A few days ago, the first China Youth Football League started. Wang Dengfeng, deputy director of the China Youth Football League Office and director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said, "Whether more and more children can play football is a key issue facing China football at this stage."

As the future of football in China, youth football plays an important role. Please keep it simple and away from the distractions. Only in this way can we help the development of football in China.

The attitude is correct and the strength is not good. The national football team lost to Syria 0-1.

Extremely popular journalist Xu Ping.

On the evening of September 12th, 2023, the 2023 International Football Friendly Tournament was held at the Phoenix Mountain Professional Football Stadium in Chengdu. Compared with the Malaysian team, the China men’s soccer team had a good attitude, but the strength was not enough for them to score goals. In the end, it lost to the Syrian team 0-1, which was the first time that the national football team lost to its opponent in the warm-up match.

In the last World War I with Malaysia, the national football team scored a goal first, and with the help of Lin Liangming’s long-range shot from the front of the restricted area, it drew 1-1 with its opponent. At the last moment of the game, the national football team needlessly dropped the ball in the backcourt, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the fans on the scene and sent a burst of boos, thinking that they were "not enterprising".

In this game, the attitude of the national football team has been greatly improved, and it has done its best at both ends of attack and defense. At the press conference before the game, jankovic and Wu Lei both expressed their hope for the fans to fight for the next victory.

yan junling

Compared with Malaysia, which ranks 136th in the world, Syria, which ranks 94th, is stronger, and the national football team is not sure of winning. In the first half, the two sides drew 0-0. Yi bian fought again, and the two sides continued to fall into a dogfight. In the 58th minute, Kruma suddenly shot an arrow in the back. Although Yan Junling flew to save the ball at the first time, the ball went straight into the net in a dead corner, leaving China behind 0-1. In fact, before this, the Syrian team had scored a goal, but after the intervention of VAR, it was ruled that the offside goal was invalid.

After the score fell behind, the national football team’s offensive became more prosperous, but it was still unable to score goals. In the end, the national football team had to accept the result of failure. At the press conference after the match, jankovic, the head coach of the national football team, commented on the match: After the match with Malaysia, I asked the players to improve their pace and energy. Today is bad luck, we didn’t win the game, and of course we fought very hard. We tried many changes and worked hard in the end. We can’t say that we didn’t have a chance in the end, but we were unlucky and didn’t score in the end.

In response to a reporter’s choice of goalkeeper, jankovic said that he can only say congratulations on Syria’s world wave, which neither Yan Junling nor Wang Dalei could reach there. Jankovic also said that it was a competitive game and collected useful information for the future. Congratulations to the Syrian team, which also fought hard and won the away game. We must have struggled to lose at home, and now we can only look on the positive side and continue to work hard.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency data map)

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003Rasmus VS Atletico Madrid

In the past, las palmas played against Atletico Madrid for nearly 10 times, and achieved 1 win and 9 losses, and his past performance was obviously at a disadvantage. In terms of recent situation, las palmas’s recent performance is acceptable, and the team has won 2 consecutive victories; However, Atletico Madrid’s recent state is relatively stable. Although it has fought on two fronts, it has achieved good results. Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. Comprehensive analysis: Atletico Madrid has recently won six consecutive victories, averaging two goals per game, and the offensive end is full of firepower. They have won 9 of the last 10 games against las palmas, and they have an overwhelming advantage. In this game, Atletico Madrid is highly likely to continue the momentum of victory.

Direction: main and negative

Score: 0-2/1-3

Number of goals: 23 goals

002Lecce city VS Leeds United

Optimistic: Shengping

Age: 20 11 21

Total goal: 2.3 goals

004Paris Saint-Germain VS Montpellier

Optimistic: win/let win the game and make it even.

Age: 20 30 31

Total goal: 3.4 goals

005Porto VS Lille, esto

Be optimistic: win/let win

Age: 30 31 41

Total goal: 4.5 goals

How to solve the problem of mass football?

Editor’s words

In recent years, China’s sports industry has developed rapidly, but there are also many inherent or emerging problems in the new situation: mass sports and competitive sports, national system and market mechanism, Olympic events and non-Olympic events, education system to cultivate sports reserve talents and three-level training system, etc. They are all organically unified whole of sports industry, and these contradictions and relationships must be coordinated and handled. To this end, this newspaper launched the column "Ask about sports", which will discuss these basic issues one after another, hoping to straighten out the relationship and help the transformation of China’s sports system.

A few days ago, the third season of "Who’s the King of Football"-China Folk Football Championship, which was jointly sponsored by the State Sports General Administration, CCTV and the Ministry of Education, was fully launched in 60 cities across the country, which made us glad to see that both the government and the media attached importance to mass football.

Compared with the criticism of the national football around the World Cup, the development of mass football in China has been showing a trend of "rising against the trend" in recent years. Liu Guoyong, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that it is an important support to promote the continuous development of mass football in China to let ordinary people watch and judge the ball love to play football, and the government and society should work together to solve the outstanding problems.

Let ordinary people participate in it.

Zhao Yue, 31, works in Beijing. Before retiring, he was a member of Shenzhen Jianlibao football team. Because there is no football field in Xiaoyueyuan Community where he lives, every weekend, he and his friends spend 20 yuan to play in Fangzhuang Stadium for two hours. Zhao Yue told this reporter: "Now the work is stable, and this way is equivalent to gathering friends."

In the whole country, there are not a few people like Zhao Yue who take playing football as one of their fitness activities. On the other hand, the number of registered players in China is shrinking. A football player described the current situation of mass football in China like this: "Middle-aged people play football, old people watch the ball and young people play basketball. Children who really affect the future development of football are studying at school, and no children play football. "

Li Lianjiang, secretary-general of China Middle School Football Association, believes that exam-oriented education, insufficient teachers, insufficient venues and the safety of the only child are the important factors that cause the low popularity of campus football.

How to regain the enthusiasm of parents, schools and society for football? On the one hand, more activities like "Who is the King of the Ball" football trials should be held to make more people who watch and judge the ball like playing football. "By participating in it, ordinary people, especially teenagers, can correctly understand the cultural function and educational connotation of football and effectively increase the football population." Liu Guoyong said in an interview with this reporter.

More importantly, it is necessary to change the achievement-oriented theory in youth football training and create a relaxed atmosphere. "Foreign children’s playing environment is particularly relaxed, and their families are particularly happy to watch their children play football. They are not required to get any results." Zhao Yue, who trained in winter abroad, believes that the relaxed and happy atmosphere of grassroots football in China is of great benefit to the cultivation of youth football.

Government and private Qi Xin construction site

How many football fields are there in the country? At present, China is conducting a general survey of national sports venues. However, the lack of venues is another difficult problem that affects the development of mass football in China. In the downtown area, many primary and secondary schools don’t have decent football venues. Take Dongcheng District of Beijing as an example. There are only a few standard football fields in more than 200 primary and secondary schools in the whole district. In the residential areas of major cities, the planning and design of football fields is even more difficult to see.

The "more monks than porridge" in public stadiums has limited the development of grassroots football activities. Mr. Chi is a professional architect. The Transformers team led by him has participated in the 30-year-old "Hundred Teams Cup" grassroots football competition in Beijing for the third time this year. Because there is no training ground, they basically don’t arrange training. Mr. Chi told this reporter: "I hope the government will open more school stadiums and build more public welfare stadiums so that children can play the ball without taking a long bus ride."

As the most important football infrastructure, the government should undoubtedly play a major role in the field construction. In the Netherlands, 90% of the central government’s sports budget is invested in grass-roots units, while 100% of the local government’s sports funds are used for amateur sports, and professional teams are not supported. All the venues of grass-roots clubs are provided by the government free of charge.

Liu Guoyong said that the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Sports General Administration proposed that during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, 500 standard track and field venues will be built in county-level cities without football fields, and at the same time, some non-standard, local materials and multi-functional ball venues will be built in communities in conjunction with local governments. In addition, the government is also thinking about how to guide social forces and private capital to participate in it, and incorporate the problem of people’s difficulty in playing football into the national future planning.

Train a large number of grass-roots football coaches

To develop mass football well, in the final analysis, a large number of grass-roots football coaches are needed.

It is understood that at present, the phenomenon of structural lack of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools in China is more common in all parts of the country, and there is a shortage of football coaches specializing in teaching children. In some primary and secondary schools, football coaches are mainly guest appearances by physical education teachers. "Teacher training is not simply finished in three or five days. If you don’t study repeatedly, it won’t work." Li Xianzhong, a coach who once coached Guangzhou R&F team, told this reporter that the income level of grass-roots coaches is too low and they need to learn many professional abilities, which has caused the scarcity of grass-roots coaches in youth football in China.

Spain, which once created the revolution of passing and controlling, is worth learning in training grass-roots coaches. Twenty years ago, Spain, which lost the World Cup, began to make detailed and feasible long-term plans to revitalize Spanish football, the most important of which was to train coaches on a large scale throughout the country. According to UEFA statistics, there are as many as 15,000 coaches in Spain who have UEFA A-level and professional-level certificates.

Liu Guoyong suggested that an amateur football league system should be established to connect with youth campus football and domestic leagues. At the same time, a social sports instructor system should be established in the football field to train more grassroots football coaches with professional skills.

In addition, the state can build a large number of football coaches with comprehensive professional skills through overseas study and training of retired players. They can not only find good seeds at the grassroots level, help them complete basic skills, personal skills training and technical and tactical training, but also guide the masses to reduce unnecessary injuries in football activities and play football scientifically, healthily and happily.