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"A Perfect Couple" Entertainment Film+Education Film

I never thought that one day I would watch a Thai drama from beginning to end, and I couldn’t care less about British and American dramas and Japanese and Korean dramas. Where would I want to see Thai dramas? I haven’t even seen two movies. The brush to "A Perfect Couple" was a pure surprise.

This drama seems to be an old-fashioned time-travel story, but the setting is clever, the main line and the secondary line are clear, the love story and the historical story are alternately shown, and the heroine of archaeology has traveled to ancient times, from a careless fat girl to a slim and beautiful woman Karagade, but she is a disgusting evil woman. There is also a fiance who doesn’t even want to look at her and has always misunderstood her murder, that is, the male master Kun P. The story revolves around the two. Due to the ingenious setting and the integration of historical stories and archaeological knowledge, it is said that the degree of historical restoration is very high, coupled with the high value of the male and female protagonists, the main actors’ acting skills are online and the costumes are exquisite, which is worth seeing.

When I clicked "A Perfect Couple", I was attracted by the introduction and stills at first, but I didn’t expect to stop after clicking. I spent the whole weekend sitting on the sofa holding my mobile phone, laughing at my aunt all the time, and occasionally getting up to supervise my little nephew to do his homework and yelling, "Why haven’t you started writing yet?" ! Why is it only two words for a long time? !” . Probably my aunt laughed for so long that she didn’t have the confidence to roar.

Some people say that this is a poison drama. Where is the poison? Probably the most poisonous is the interesting and sweet interaction between the man and the woman. The director used a lot of close-ups to show it. The eyes of the man and the woman are extremely in place. Especially, every eye of the man is expressing his feelings. Coupled with the sweet-talking stunt, with the 360-degree classical face value of both sides, it really took a screen, and probably that’s how my aunt laughed. Forgive me for my lack of language, and this is not the point I want to write.

Some people say that you don’t need IQ to watch Thai dramas, and so does this one. I wonder, are we spoiled by British and American dramas? Do we have to bring IQ when watching dramas? TV plays can also be entertaining and educational. For example, in this film "A Match Made in Heaven", the setting of crossing triggered the collision of different languages, thoughts and behaviors in different times, which provided a good entertainment function. In terms of education, apart from the interspersed historical knowledge, there are also many places worth learning from the characters’ personalities and behaviors in the play. This is also the main reason why I am interested in writing this drama review (this is also the first drama review).

Let’s talk about the family of Kun P, a typical ancient aristocratic family. The male father is an educator and the emperor’s teacher, and he is very elegant. Although according to ancient ethics, he can say nothing, and his wife and children are not allowed to resist. But more often, he is using the tone of discussion, and most of the time he is guiding. For example, when he sees Kun P staring at the hostess anxiously, he will ask, "Why are you worried?" When you find that the man’s personality and attitude have changed, you will ask, "Son, do you feel that you have changed recently? ….. Why? " When the man proposed to marry the woman, he was so happy, but he repeatedly asked his son, "Have you thought it over? Have you thought about it all night? " Similarly, for his wife, although he didn’t agree with her attitude towards Karagade, he never forced her, but looked for opportunities to persuade him again and again, "As a mother, don’t you want to know what your son thinks?" Should you ask your son? "

Let’s talk about the mother of the man, the image of a typical extended family mother, caring for children and disciplining people. Karagade, the hostess, has been worried about her improper words and deeds before (it’s hard for anyone to accept), but when she found out that her son really liked the hostess, she changed her attitude and tried her best to teach her future daughter-in-law. Later, when her son was left out by the hostess, she immediately said: Don’t worry, son, mom will definitely let her marry you. Later, in order to reassure the hostess, she turned to educate her son: What you said before must have hurt his heart. Please explain it to her. Although the female host was severely disciplined several times, as the male host said, he was afraid that the ignorant female host would cause more serious things in the future.

Male host Kun P, the character is upright and introverted man show, commonly known as Jiaojiao. What impressed him deeply was his communication with the hostess several times.

For the first time, Kun P’s mother suspected that the female host was possessed by a ghost, so she asked him to find out. As a result, the man walked up to the woman, so he came straight to the point and told the truth. "I don’t know why you possessed Karagade, but I advise you to hurry. If you don’t hurry up, you will be scared out of your wits and can’t be born again. I pity you …. What a boy from honest and frank, who provoked his mother to roll her eyes. She is a female ghost. Shouldn’t she secretly investigate first?

The second time, the family went to the temple together, and Karagade tied a strange braid. The man and mother were angry and asked her to go back and comb it again. There are two completely different ways of communication. Mother started from the opposite point of view: "I won’t allow you to tie it like this. It’s too humiliating for you to tie it like this, and it’s also a disgrace to our family. Our big family can’t afford to lose it." If you do, go by yourself! " The man is from the woman’s own point of view: "There is nothing wrong with you, but when you enter the temple like this, you need to accept everyone’s different eyes, which is not good for you at all. I don’t want you to do this." After this, the eyes of the woman changed immediately. I guess it was from this time that the woman began to have a good impression on the man. (P3)

The third time, after arriving at the temple, because everyone suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the second woman, she had a bad attitude towards her, which made her miss her family and cry sadly in the corridor. When the man saw it, he went to comfort him and sincerely advised the woman to look forward. You are so sad and sad, which will only make the deceased family unable to rest in peace. It seems normal, but you should know that at this time, the male host still hates the predecessor of the female host, and on the other hand, he still thinks that the female host is possessed by ghosts. We are naturally easy to care sincerely for the people we like, but few people we don’t like can do it. Just as Karagade once lamented to her servant that her uncle (male father) was very kind to her, even when she behaved badly before, because her uncle was a real "kind and tolerant" person. I think the man inherited this moral character very well.

The fourth time, it was the woman who was punished by the man and mother with rattan for causing trouble. After the punishment, the man personally grinds ginger for healing, brings a gift secretly bought for the woman, and sends it to her. At this time, the man first comforted the woman, and then said a paragraph to the effect that please forgive your mother. She was actually very sad when she hit you. She was afraid that if she didn’t teach you this time, you would get into something more serious next time, hurting yourself or even losing your life. Finally, I advised Karagade to apologize to her mother when she recovered. Because during the punishment, a bunch of people pleaded, including the man, which made it impossible for the man and mother to do it. During the whole process, both mother and fiancee took care of it and gave them a chance to reconcile.

There are several times later when the female host came from modern times with different ideas, and verbally collided with the male host to varying degrees, even in front of the servants in the market. However, even if the male host was very angry, he didn’t put on the ancient set to punish the female host (at that time, the husband could beat his wife with rattan), and more of them were communication and explanation. Even if the heart is full of jealousy and anger, it is just a matter of reason and intimidation.

Besides, Karagade, our hostess, is careless. Most of the time, she is a bit of a woman, but not entirely for the man. The first time the man took her out, she begged the man to take her to the market by the way. After several times, the man strongly refused. Then, the woman got started, yes, I got started. I mean, I grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, begging and coquetry. At first, I thought it was a bit …, but I thought it was normal when I remembered the atmosphere of the modern family. In modern times, the hostess grew up in a loving family. Her grandmother is kind, her mother is strict but there is no lack of love, and the servant is her good partner. She is a happy fruit at home, and she can lie in her grandmother’s arms and ask for it at any time. Children who grow up in such a family are naturally confident and not afraid of not getting it. In addition to coquetry, she will also please the male host at an appropriate time and let the male host calm down; Mainly to the man and let her take herself out to play. And the reason why she can do this directly to the man is probably because the man makes her feel safe and trustworthy.

Let’s talk about two men and two women. Compared with the "two men" who toss out flowers in most soap operas, they are too quiet and don’t pursue a sense of existence at all. Reung, a man’s best friend, advised the man to care about his fiancee and not let others talk about her at will when people suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the woman, although he had never met the woman at that time. I’m afraid this is why I mentioned the scene above, and the man advised the woman not to tie her hair like that. Later, I met the female host, and they got along many times. Reung likes the female host Karagade, and he has an innate advantage-he looks the same as her boyfriend before crossing. But he didn’t do anything out of line because of this. Instead, he buried his love in his heart. Even if the woman begged him to take him to the temple, he would say, ask Kun P to see if he agrees. As he later said to the hostess: I like you, but I know your fiance Kun P likes you more, so I can’t bear to do anything. The second woman and the second woman are childhood friends with the man, and they are suitable for each other. When she confirmed that the man likes the woman and is only a friend to her, she was more and more sad silently without jealousy and destruction. If one word is used to describe the character of men and women, it is not an exaggeration to use the word "gentleman". (P4)

In short, the three views of the main characters in the whole play are very positive, there is no boring tearing B, and no one is really annoying. Even the villains show the two sides of the characters more or less. From this point of view, the script is very successful. In addition to always using the stalk of "standing unsteadily and falling", let the male and female main limbs contact. However, we can’t blame them. In ancient times, men and women didn’t kiss and fall, so they didn’t have a chance to hug.

As for some students complaining about the slow pace, I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think that the director has handled it with a degree of relaxation. When the man and the woman interact with each other, the camera can’t wait for the time to stop. Isn’t that what it feels like to be in love? For some unimportant scenes, such as the concubine of the man’s father, the camera passes by, showing that there is a woman sitting opposite the man’s mother, who seems to be in a higher position than the servant, paving the way for the following plot. The man said to the woman loyally, "Never marry a small one."

Finally, whether it is entertaining, educational or ornamental, A Match Made in Heaven is a rare masterpiece.

Serie A

At 1 am on October 30th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of Serie A in 2023-24, Inter Milan played against Rome at home. In the first half, Charles Hanoglu shot and hit the doorframe; In the second half, Thuram scored the winning goal in the 81st minute, and Augusto hit the crossbar again. In the end, Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0, overtaking Ewan and rising to the top of the standings.

In this game, Roma coach Jose Mourinho was unable to play against his old club because of suspension, but Lu Kaku appeared in the starting lineup of Rome, and he was booed by tens of thousands of Inter fans at Meazza Stadium.

In the 6th minute, Char Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball bounced back after hitting the doorframe. Then Thuram’s barb hit the door and the goalkeeper got it. In the 7th minute, Inter’s left corner kicked into the restricted area, and lautaro’s header was not strong enough, so the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.

In the 15th minute, dumfries made a cross from the right, Thuram’s header hit the defender, and then his stab was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 16th minute, Di Marco’s shot on the left side of the restricted area missed the far post.

In the 24th minute, mkhitaryan received the clearance ball before the top of the arc and volleyed it high. In the 38th minute, dumfries made another cross on the right, and pawar, who was inserted into the restricted area, volleyed his right foot and missed. In the 45th+3rd minute, varela got the chance to volley in the restricted area, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. At the end of the first half, neither team scored.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 48 th minute, Inter Milan’s free kick was hoisted into the penalty area, and Thuram’s header was high.

In the 59th minute, varela crosses the restricted area, Thuram returns the ball in the chest, lautaro volleys with his right foot, and the ball bounces to the ground and is hugged by the goalkeeper. In the 65th minute, Rome won a free kick in front of the penalty area, and chaaraoui took the penalty and hit the wall. Two minutes later, Charles Hanoglu blasted a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the defender and crossed the bottom line in disguise.

In the 76th minute, Aslani took the ball in front of the restricted area. When he saw that no one had come forward to block it, he hit a long-range shot, and the ball slightly missed the post.In the 81st minute, Di Marco crossed the ball on the left side of the frontcourt, and Thuram, who was inserted into the middle of the restricted area, grabbed the ball and scored a goal. Inter Milan led Rome 1-0.

In the 89th minute, Augusto made a cross on the left side of the frontcourt. Thuram’s outflanking shot in the middle missed. In the 90th minute, Augusto made a long-range shot in front of the restricted area, and the ball hit the crossbar and popped up.

In the end, the whole game ended and Inter Milan beat Rome 1-0.

The attitude is correct and the strength is not good. The national football team lost to Syria 0-1.

Extremely popular journalist Xu Ping.

On the evening of September 12th, 2023, the 2023 International Football Friendly Tournament was held at the Phoenix Mountain Professional Football Stadium in Chengdu. Compared with the Malaysian team, the China men’s soccer team had a good attitude, but the strength was not enough for them to score goals. In the end, it lost to the Syrian team 0-1, which was the first time that the national football team lost to its opponent in the warm-up match.

In the last World War I with Malaysia, the national football team scored a goal first, and with the help of Lin Liangming’s long-range shot from the front of the restricted area, it drew 1-1 with its opponent. At the last moment of the game, the national football team needlessly dropped the ball in the backcourt, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the fans on the scene and sent a burst of boos, thinking that they were "not enterprising".

In this game, the attitude of the national football team has been greatly improved, and it has done its best at both ends of attack and defense. At the press conference before the game, jankovic and Wu Lei both expressed their hope for the fans to fight for the next victory.

yan junling

Compared with Malaysia, which ranks 136th in the world, Syria, which ranks 94th, is stronger, and the national football team is not sure of winning. In the first half, the two sides drew 0-0. Yi bian fought again, and the two sides continued to fall into a dogfight. In the 58th minute, Kruma suddenly shot an arrow in the back. Although Yan Junling flew to save the ball at the first time, the ball went straight into the net in a dead corner, leaving China behind 0-1. In fact, before this, the Syrian team had scored a goal, but after the intervention of VAR, it was ruled that the offside goal was invalid.

After the score fell behind, the national football team’s offensive became more prosperous, but it was still unable to score goals. In the end, the national football team had to accept the result of failure. At the press conference after the match, jankovic, the head coach of the national football team, commented on the match: After the match with Malaysia, I asked the players to improve their pace and energy. Today is bad luck, we didn’t win the game, and of course we fought very hard. We tried many changes and worked hard in the end. We can’t say that we didn’t have a chance in the end, but we were unlucky and didn’t score in the end.

In response to a reporter’s choice of goalkeeper, jankovic said that he can only say congratulations on Syria’s world wave, which neither Yan Junling nor Wang Dalei could reach there. Jankovic also said that it was a competitive game and collected useful information for the future. Congratulations to the Syrian team, which also fought hard and won the away game. We must have struggled to lose at home, and now we can only look on the positive side and continue to work hard.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency data map)

(Source: Jimu News)

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FIBA OPEN 3X3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Triple Basketball Open Finals ended successfully.

On the evening of September 17th, after two days of fierce competition, the FIBA Open 3×3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Three-Man Basketball Open Finals ended successfully at the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon). V10 Junda showed good strength in the championship competition, and beat Beijing Jianyou in overtime to win the championship in Beijing. In October, the two teams will join hands in the national finals held in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and compete with teams from other seven provinces (cities) for the national championship.

Group photo at the finals

Meng Qianghua, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Sports Bureau, Fang Liang, General Manager of FIBA China District, Wu Xiaojun, Director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, Sun Guohua, Chairman of Beijing Basketball Association, Tian Zhenqing, Chairman of Beijing Sports Group, Chao Geng, Secretary and Chairman of Yanjing Beer Party Committee, Jin Yan, General Manager of Beijing Basketball Club, Zong Feng, Director of BRTV Sports Leisure Channel, Min Lulei, Head Coach of Beijing Basketball Club, and heads of all offices and centers of Beijing Sports Bureau.

Finals award ceremony

Champion V10 Junda

Meng Qianghua, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Sports Bureau, Chao Geng, Party Secretary and Chairman of Yanjing Beer, and Min Lulei, head coach of Beijing Basketball Club, came to present the championship trophy and certificate to V10 Junda, who won the championship.

Runner-up Beijing Jianyou

Fang Liang, general manager of FIBA China District, and Wu Xiaojun, director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, presented championship trophies and certificates to Beijing Jianyou, the runner-up.

Third runner-up TOJOY

Sun Guohua, Chairman of Beijing Basketball Association, and Cheng Shujie, Deputy General Manager of Beijing National Speed Skating Hall Management Co., Ltd. presented the TOJOY Award for the third place.

Dian jun Shi Wang zhong Shu ke

Shen Changliang, deputy general manager of Yanjing Beer, and Liu Xiaojuan, director of BRTV sports and leisure channel, presented awards to the lion king who won the fourth place in Chinese Mathematics.

About the race

FIBA OPEN 3X3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Three-person Basketball Open is a professional basketball folk competition sponsored by Yanjing Beer, hosted by FIBA China District, and hosted by Beijing Sports Industry Association and Beijing Basketball Association. It is an important measure in the process of building a sports event with the whole crowd and the whole sports cycle.

Yanjing zhizao block

The competition started on August 19th and took the form of "5+1", which attracted more than 100 teams and 500 players to participate after five races in Shougang Park, Olympic Sports Center, Yizhuang, Changying and Wukesong, and the Beijing Finals in the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon). Six events, one carnival, Yanjing Beer followed the whole process, and set up "Yanjing Beer Cabin", Yanjing Cheerleading Team and interesting question-and-answer session at the scene to provide the audience with a carefree watching experience and cheer for the players who shed sweat and passion on the field.

Changshuang clink glasses,Celebrate the moment of winning the championship with passion

Champion battle scene

Cheer with passion and witness the glorious moment. Under the attention of the audience, V10 Junda and Beijing Jianyou launched a fierce competition and staged a "championship battle". Strong confrontation, the two teams tied the score in regular time. In overtime, V10 Junda adhered to the spirit of Yanjing V10′ s "Excellence Pursuit", forged ahead and made unremitting efforts, taking the lead in winning the game with 2 points, being crowned as "Beijing Finals Champion" and winning glory for the division.

Yanjing chaoren punch card scene

The whole city is burning and the whole people love it. During the final, Yanjing Beer built a Yanjing Beer Drying District and a basketball carnival for the audience and surrounding consumers in the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon), which integrates four experiences of "taking photos and punching cards, interesting challenges, watching games and drinking and surrounding welfare". Yanjing Beer connects sports fans, players and young consumers in series, making young people feel the double happiness of basketball and beer, and clinking glasses with every young person who loves sports to celebrate the joy of winning the championship.

Sports have you.,Set off a frenzy of national sports love

As a "double-Olympic State-owned enterprise" sponsoring the Beijing Summer Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Yanjing has been actively practicing its social responsibilities and making contributions to the development of sports in China.

Yanjing U8 advocates the spirit of "sports have you"

Adhering to the corporate mission and initial intention of "brewing beauty for life", Yanjing Beer takes "having your culture" as the brand concept center, constantly spreading and emphasizing the value connotation of "enterprising breakthrough". This competition perfectly matches Yanjing’s brand values of "sports have you" with the sportsmanship of courageously striving for the first place, being aggressive and being inclusive. 

In the future, Yanjing Beer will continue to advocate the spirit of "sports have you", deepen sports marketing, create a new consumption scene of "sports events+beer", and set off a frenzy of national sports love. The sportsmanship of "Higher, Faster and Stronger" is deeply rooted in the corporate genes, and Yanjing Beer will encourage innovation with a sense of brand mission and responsibility, and make continuous progress towards a more open, higher standard and higher level.

The top five in NBA average salary history: thick eyebrows 6200 Wan Chao Brown topped the list and Lillard Bookdowns was shortlisted.

On August 5th, Beijing time, along with the famous Woj report, Brother Thick Eyebrows agreed to renew the contract with the Lakers’ super maximum salary of $186 million for three years, and his average salary of $62 million rose to the first place in history, surpassing the previous contract of $304 million renewed by Jay Brown for five years, with an average salary of $60.7 million. As for Lillard, Booker and Downs, they rank 3-5 in the history of average salary.

The top five contracts in NBA average salary history are as follows:

1. Brother Thick Eyebrows, 62 million dollars.

2. Jay Brown’s $60.7 million.

3. Lillard $59.9 million.

4. Booker’s $58.7 million

5. Downs $58.7 million.

Brother Thick Eyebrows and the Lakers reached a three-year super-maximum-salary contract extension of $186 million. His contract will last until 2028, with a total of more than $270 million left in five years, as follows:

2023-24 season: $40.6 million

2024-25 season: $43.2 million

2025-26 season: $57.6 million

2026-27 season: $62.2 million

2027-28 season: $66.8 million

Brother Thick Eyebrows will earn more than $60 million a year in the next two years, especially in the 2027-28 season, his annual salary is as high as $66.8 million, and his average salary is $62 million, which is also the first in NBA history to set a new record.

Ranked second in the history of average salary is Jay Brown, who had previously renewed his contract with the Celtics for five years with $304 million. He created the largest single contract amount record in NBA history and the first contract with $300 million in history, and his average salary was the second in history with $59.9 million.

In 2022, Lillard reached a two-year contract with a maximum salary of US$ 121 million, and he still has four years left in the contract, with the average salary reaching US$ 59.9 million, the second highest in history. As for Booker and Downs, the average salary is $58.7 million, which is also the top five in history.

Skip: Thick eyebrows are Top10 in the league when they are healthy and progressive, but I guess he can only do that in a quarter of the games.

Live broadcast, August 5 th According to Woj, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Anthony Davis and the Lakers reached a three-year, 186-million-dollar contract extension in advance, which will last until 2028.

Skip even commented: "So the Lakers have signed the next 256 games with Davis until 2028. When he is healthy and motivated, he is a Top10 player in the league. But how many of these 256 games can he stay healthy and motivated? Optimistic, 64 games, a quarter. "

An offseason is very important for players.

Many people will ask why many players don’t make progress after playing for a season, and why there will be qualitative changes in the offseason, such as great progress or decline.

To put it simply, during the season, there are various flights to participate in the competition, video studies in the middle, and frequent offline activities, so there is no time for systematic training, while all-stars have only a little time, many players go on vacation, and some players can make great progress after training adjustment. Therefore, it is very important to say that the three months of the offseason are all protected and targeted training.

To give an inappropriate example, it’s like a summer vacation when I was a student, which precipitated and supplemented my weaknesses. There will always be some progress when I start school. On the contrary, it’s always not as good as studying secretly during the holidays.

So we will find that many players are practicing hard in the offseason. Look at this year’s rookie Moore, Smith Jr., Ethan and Jay Green, all of whom are practicing hard, while players such as Van fleet, Tommy Tam and Amen are also training, but they are just not exposed.

Rockets players are busy training, and former teammate Garruba is very dissatisfied with the Rockets recently, even saying that the Rockets didn’t put him in the right position. He hoped that the Rockets had given him a chance when he was selected by Thunder, but he didn’t grasp it, so he was given up.

Besides, the Rockets also executed the contract in the third quarter of Garruba before trading. Don’t learn from Wall at the high point of Garruba’s EQ. If the Thunder laid off Garruba, it would be embarrassing. If he has the ability to go anywhere, he will be brilliant. If he doesn’t have the ability to break his mouth, he will finally become a laughing stock. Garruba should read more books to improve his EQ.

Revealing the heavy eyebrows and renewing the contract at a sky-high price: the new plan of KD Lakers in attendance super library is announced

On August 5th, Beijing time, the Lakers and Brother Thick Eyebrows signed a three-year contract renewal with an average salary record of $186 million. Why did the Lakers dare to give Brother Thick Eyebrows such a high salary contract in advance? Brother Thick Eyebrows’ injuries in recent years have no effect on his market value? The 30-year-old Brother Thick Eyebrows has suffered a lot of injuries in recent years, but he is still the inside pillar that the Lakers trust. This time, both parties get what they need. Brother Thick Eyebrow’s future career has been guaranteed, and Hu Manpower will be the pillar of the insider in the next five years.

The average salary of Brother Thick Eyebrows’ new contract reached a new high of $62 million, ranking first in history, followed by Jaylen Brown’s $60.7 million, Lillard’s $59.9 million and Booker and Downs’ $58.7 million.

During his 11-year NBA career, Thick Eyebrows played an average of 60 games in a single season. If this attendance rate is maintained, in the new contract, the single salary of heavy eyebrows will exceed 1 million US dollars. Playing a game to earn 1 million dollars seems to be a really good treatment. Of course, such an algorithm excludes playoff games. It is said that Brother Thick Eyebrow has more injuries, but in fact, since the 2016-17 season, Brother Thick Eyebrow has played 400 regular-season games, including 394 Embiid, 387 Curry, 62 Owen and 345 Durant.

Brother Thick Eyebrows’ attendance rate is higher than Curry’s and Durant’s. Besides, the Lakers are confident that Brother Thick Eyebrows will improve his attendance in the future. They brought in jaxson Hayes in the offseason, and there are plans to let Hayes play center and Brother Thick Eyebrows play power forward at a certain time. The Lakers also plan to bring in another center to share the pressure for Brother Thick Eyebrows.

The Lakers are optimistic that Davis’ worst injury is over. Last season, from late December to late January, Davis missed 20 games because of pressure on his right foot. For preventive reasons, Davis missed only three more games in back-to-back games. In addition, 30-year-old Davis did not suffer from any other serious injuries.

With James still on the list, the Lakers will never hand over the torch to Davis. But the Lakers also believe that Brother Thick Eyebrows is a good partner for James. The Lakers’ plan for the next few years is clear. They will continue to partner James and Davis and build a championship lineup around James and Davis.

The Lakers introduced Wei Shao before, and as a result, the team’s record declined. Last season, the Lakers sent Wei Shao away and the Lakers reached the Western Conference finals. Since then, the Lakers have come to the conclusion that they should pay attention to continuity rather than chasing the third star. This is the Lakers’ championship plan. This summer, the Lakers didn’t bring in a third star, but renewed their contracts with Reeves, Ba Cun Bases, Russell and Thick Eyebrows, and brought in warriors such as Vincent, Taurean Prince and Reddish.

When Brother Thick Eyebrows and James both stayed healthy and brought a strong support lineup, the Lakers won the championship in 2020 and reached the Western Conference finals last season.

"As a Laker, I think highly of anthony davis," Lakers general manager Pelinka said at the Las Vegas Summer League last month. "He helped our team win the championship. He is an incredible captain and leader. Last season, you saw how he was willing to lead our team to the Western Conference finals with a serious foot injury. We just like to make him a member of our team. "

The Lakers could have bought themselves time to see if Davis could really stay healthy, but the Lakers gave Brother Thick Eyebrows more respect and renewed his contract ahead of schedule now. Brother Thick Eyebrows actually deserves this contract. He averaged 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 3.1 blocked shots and 1.4 steals in the playoffs last season. His rebounds and blocked shots are among the best in the playoffs. He is the cornerstone of the Lakers’ defense.

How did the Super Big Three sweep the basketball world? Reveal the dream alliance of Kobe Bryant, James and Durant.

Three legends of basketball: Kobe Bryant, lebron james and kevin durant, whose names have been engraved in the history of basketball. So, what will happen if these three superstars get together one day? Undoubtedly, this will be one of the most shocking moments in basketball, and the birth of a basketball dream team composed of geniuses.

When we talk about how to build the ideal lineup of Kobe, James and Durant, we must remember the strengths and characteristics of each player. Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard with excellent scoring ability and competitive consciousness. His footwork skills and excellent shooting ability make him one of the greatest scorers in history. James is an all-around player. He has excellent physical condition and can play a role in any position on the court. With excellent basketball IQ and organizational ability, he can become the leader and core of the team. Durant, on the other hand, is a versatile man with amazing scoring ability and excellent shooting skills, and at the same time, he can make important contributions to rebounding and defensive end.

First of all, we need to find a suitable coach for this dream team. This coach must have a good tactical concept and management ability, and can give full play to the potential of the Big Three. He needs to find a balance, not only to ensure that each player has the opportunity to shine, but also to ensure the tacit cooperation of the whole team. At the same time, he also needs to be good at controlling the atmosphere of the team and avoid infighting and individualism.

In terms of tactical arrangement, this team needs to pay attention to the core competence of players. Kobe Bryant and Durant can take turns as scorers and make full use of their scoring ability to attack the opponent’s defense. James can be a point guard or a small forward. He can lead the team to attack, organize the attack rhythm, and become the team’s scoring point when necessary. Such a combination will bring great defensive pressure to any opponent.

Rebound is a key basketball tactic, so this team needs strong rebounding ability. Kobe Bryant and Durant can shoot from outside, while James can compete for offensive and defensive rebounds. The height and jumping ability of the three men can win more second attack opportunities for the team and limit the opponent’s attack efficiency.

Defense is also an important part of winning. Kobe Bryant is one of the best defensive players among the three players, and his sideline defense and interception ability have caused great trouble to his opponents. Durant is famous for his wingspan and blocking ability, which can provide defensive support for the team on the back line and inside. And James’s physical quality makes him an all-around defender, who can lock the key players of his opponent. Their defensive ability will greatly strengthen the team’s resistance in the restricted area and effectively limit the opponent’s score.

Teamwork is also the key to the success of this team. Kobe, James and Durant are the core of the team on the court, but they must learn to cooperate with each other and work together for the success of the team. This means that they need to develop a tacit way of passing and distributing the ball, be good at finding the best attack opportunity and trust each other at critical moments. At the same time, they also need to learn to cooperate closely on the defensive end, support each other and form a joint force.

In terms of leadership, James is undoubtedly the core of this team. He has demonstrated excellent leadership and decision-making ability in his past career. As an experienced player, he can lead the team to cope with all kinds of difficulties and pressures and make correct decisions at critical moments. At the same time, Kobe Bryant and Durant are also very competitive and fighting spirit players. Their leading role will complement James and give the team more motivation.

This team composed of Kobe Bryant, James and Durant will become one of the most dominant teams in basketball history. Their skills, leadership and competitiveness enable them to face any challenge and achieve great success. Whether on the offensive end or the defensive end, they can’t be ignored, and they will bring endless threats and pressures to any opponent.

Of course, we can’t deny that the rise of this team will have a far-reaching impact on the whole basketball world. They will attract the attention of the whole world and become idols and role models in the eyes of fans. At the same time, it will also inspire more young players’ dreams and pursuits, and encourage them to make unremitting efforts and pursue Excellence.

In a word, the combination of Kobe Bryant, James and Durant will be one of the strongest three giants in basketball history. Their skills, leadership and teamwork will create a unique basketball legend. No matter on the offensive end, defensive end or teamwork, they have unparalleled ability. Let’s wait and see and witness the arrival of this legendary moment!

The 2023 cross-strait college basketball game is about to start!

August 3 rd

2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Match

The press conference was held in Xiamen.

Liu Yudong, member of China Basketball Hall of Fame and chairman of Fujian Basketball Association, Huang Yuanxin, vice chairman of Fujian Basketball Association, Chen Lan, deputy director of Xiamen Sports Bureau, and Chen Qi, general manager of Xiamen Sports Group attended the conference.

2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Match

Will be in26 August-1 September

existXiamen, Putian, Shaxian and Nan ‘anhold

College students’ basketball match across the Taiwan Strait

Founded in 2006.

As a traditional competition of universities on both sides of the strait

Carry out for both sides of the Taiwan Strait

Sports cultural exchange has built a platform.

Become a beautiful business card for cross-strait youth exchanges.

Eight mainland teams were invited to this tournament: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ningbo University, China University of Mining and Technology, Huaqiao University and Xiamen University, and eight Taiwan Province teams: Jianxing University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Province Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Sports University, Culture University, Taiwan Province University of Arts, Yishou University and Kaohsiung Normal University.

Take basketball as the carrier and sports as the medium.

The competition aims to promote the youth on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Cultural exchange and high-level competitive sports exchange

Enhance mutual understanding between young people on both sides of the strait.

This competition has been retained.

Characteristics of inviting high-level universities to participate in the competition in previous years

In addition, it has increasedCross-strait basketball forum,

Carnival, basketball charity, etcactive plate

Migu Sports will broadcast the whole event.

Stay tuned ~