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Milan CEO: The Champions League has brought us back to the top teams in Europe, and we are moving in the right direction.

Live on May 20th Recently, Milan CEO Fragni talked about the team’s performance this season in an interview.

Fragni said: "Despite the recent disappointment, I want to emphasize that the Champions League has made us return to the ranks of the best teams in Europe, which is an important goal. This is due to the dedication and commitment of everyone in the club, which makes us very proud. "

"This further confirms that we are moving in the right direction through our performance on the field and following the regulations of the financial department. Now there are more challenges waiting for us to win the Champions League next season and maintain our leading position in Europe. We are determined to meet the challenge with a united and energetic team spirit, and support the coaches, players, everyone in the sports department and the fans. As for me, I am shouting the slogan’ We are Milan’ every day. "


Manchester City goalkeeper Edersen dyed his hair blue to celebrate the team’s winning the Premier League.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time at 23 o’clock this evening, Manchester City will play against Chelsea at home in the 37th round of the Premier League.

Manchester City has locked in the Premier League championship in advance. Edersen, the goalkeeper of the team, dyed his hair blue to celebrate the team’s championship. The official account of Manchester City posted a photo of Edersen on social media and wrote: "Nice hair, Edersen."

(Mu Zi)

Guoping locks 2 gold and 2 silver! Sun Yingsha was upset and regretted going out. Chen Meng played against Manyu Wang?

In the women’s singles competition, Manyu Wang took the lead against Wang Yidi in two table tennis civil wars. Although his training progress was affected by his back injury, his condition was obviously improved under the adjustment of Xinxiang championship, while Wang Yidi remained stable, so the fight between them was bound to be very fierce. In the first game, Wang Yidi won the first game with 11-7, and then Manyu Wang pulled three games in a row with 11-9, 11-9 and 11-6. In the fifth game, he last stand won with 11-5, which was the deciding game. He sealed the victory with 11-4 and finally won with a total score of 4-2. In last week’s WTT Xinxiang Championship, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha launched a fierce confrontation. In the end, Sun Yingsha beat Chen Meng 4-0. Coupled with her recent outstanding performance, she won the WTT Singapore Grand Slam and WTT Macau Championship in succession. Therefore, the outside world is generally optimistic about Chen Meng’s victory. Surprisingly, however, Chen Meng beat Sun Yingsha 4-0 in the game, which surprised many fans. Only one week later, their situation changed dramatically.

[A little information] Bombarded 37+6+4, Wei Shao returned to the peak! Durant Booker is unreasonable, Sun 3

Since the home of the Suns ushered in a good start in the playoffs, the Clippers have gradually lost their competitiveness. Yes, their second master, Paul George, has not yet come back, while Leonard, as a star player, has suffered a knee injury again and has to miss the last few games one after another. In the past two games, the Clippers lost one after another, so that the Suns regained the initiative with a big lead. As the competition in the first round of series continued, the two sides ushered in the key G4 war.

What is worthy of recognition is that without George and Leonard, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, was like a duck to water, and once again played the role of a stadium commander. Just before the G3 War, Wei Shao shot 11 of 23 shots in a single game for 40 minutes, and sent out comprehensive data of 30 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 steals and 1 block, playing the competitive level in the peak period. This time, Wei Shao didn’t disappoint the team, but he still beat four hands with two fists, which made Durant and Booker win the game with a total score of 112-100.

At the beginning of the game, the clippers at home quickly entered the state and got the initiative to lead the score. Powell made 2 of 3 shots and 2 of 2 free throws, sending 7 points, Wei Shao also had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist, and Gordon, who made 3 of 4 shots and sent 8 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist, scored 30-23 in one fell swoop. However, after entering the second quarter, the Clippers fell into a scoring drought, with only 17 points in a single quarter, so that the Sun scored a single quarter score of 25-17, thus achieving a one-point lead.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again, and Sun, who took the lead in the score, could further expand the difference between the two sides. In the competition in the third quarter, it didn’t matter that Wei Shao sent 10 points, Durant also had 12 points, and Booker also unreasonably sent 11 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, leading the team to score 35-31 again, expanding the difference to 5 points. In the final quarter, Wei Shao continued to send out 14 points, still just doing nothing. The Sun made a single score of 29-22 at one go, and won the game with a total score of 112-100, and won the match point with a big score of 3-1 in the series.

As far as things are concerned, Cachao, the core of the Clippers’ title race, is absent. Although they have lost the match point, there are still many remarkable places. Among them, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, made 3 of 6 points and 17 of 29 shots in the 40.5 minutes of this game, sending out the highest score of 37 points and luxury data of 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Unfortunately, Wei Shao handed over 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but the scoring efficiency of his teammates around him was very low. Powell made 4 of 15 shots and sent out 14 points and 4 rebounds, while Gordon only scored 10 points. In addition, only Mann, who came off the bench, had 13 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists.

On the other hand, on the Suns’ side, which won the match point 3-1 away, four players scored in double figures, and two players scored at least 30 points. Durant played 44.5 minutes, made 3 of 4 of 3 points and 9 of 17 shots, and sent out comprehensive data of 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. In addition, Booker also has 30 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. The two handed over 31 points and 30 points one after another, which greatly eased the scoring pressure of the team. At the same time, Aidan also sent 15 points and 13 rebounds, and Paul also had 19 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

The latest Bundesliga standings: Bayern suffered a reversal and fell to the second place, and Dortmund won the summit with 4 goals!

Last night this morning, the Bundesliga was the firstTwonineRound of fierce battles,Bayern away game1-3Lost to Mainz, in a rowTwoUnable to win the round, he lost the top position, Mane scored a goal and Mainz scored in the second half.threeThe ball completes the reversal; Dortmund home4-0Victory over Frankfurt, the top of the standings, Mullen scored twice, Bellingham and Hummels scored separately; Wolfsburg away5-1Beat Bochum, Svahnberg made it alone.threeBall.

Dortmund home4-0Victory over Frankfurt,oneTop the standings by points. First halfNineteenMinutes later, Brandt passed the ball, and Bellingham stopped the ball in the restricted area and turned to shoot. sequenceTwenty-fourMinutes, Adeyemi headed the ferry, Mullen inserted a clever shot to break the door and expand the score; sequenceForty-oneMinutes later, Guerrero made a cross from the left and Hummels scored the first goal of the season. sequenceSixty-sixMinutes later, Adeyemi sent a straight plug, and Mullen scored twice to seal the victory, and finally Dortmund won a big victory.

Bayern away gameone-3Lost to Mainz and lost the top position. First halfTwonineMinutes later, Cancelo made a cross from the left and Mane headed the ball to break the ball shortage. The second halfsixfiveMinutes later, Jae-Sung Lee hit the door and was saved, and Ayok headed the ball to make up the goal to equalize the score; sequenceseventhreeMinutes, Mainz continued to conduct, and barreiro scored a low shot in the restricted area to complete the overtaking; sequencesevensevenMinutes later, Martin scored a goal from the corner of the penalty area to help Mainz seal the victory, and Bayern continued.fourI won’t win a game.

In other competitions, Hoffenheim is at home.one-3Lost to cologne,4 rounds unbeaten was ended; Wolfsburg away 5-1Great victory over Bochum, Svahnberg contributed.2 shots and 1 pass; Bremen away 4-2Ducksch scored a hat trick after defeating Hertha Berlin.

Panasonic’s first home robot, how to standardize the security issues in the intelligent era?

# Panasonic’s first home robot # Panasonic Holdings announced on March 7 that it will release the robot "NICOBO" with biological weakness on May 16. The robot has a rounded shape, can speak short Japanese or talk in sleep, and can fart. The concept adopted is not to use artificial intelligence to help human beings, but to use its imperfection to arouse the smiles and warmth of people around. This is the first time that Panasonic has put home robots on the market, which can be booked in official website.

What does this mean? It means that robots have really entered daily life. Although today’s robots may not be perfect, and there are even many bugs, future robots may erupt by spurt.

Since the emergence of home robots, it shows that robots are being mass-produced, which may promote the development of the robot industry. Just like smart phones in those days, with the marketization, a large number of manufacturers will start to manufacture robots in the future, and robots will become perfect with the large-scale production and the increase of user groups. The era of madness is coming, and it is unstoppable like a scourge!

However, what is worrying is the security problem in the intelligent age.

At present, most people know little about intelligence and robots, and they are also full of unknowns about this industry. How to ensure the safety of robots when they go to ordinary people? How to ensure that robots are becoming increasingly intelligent, and how to ensure that personal privacy is not monitored by robots and put on the network? When there is a bug in the robot, how can ordinary people deal with it urgently? Will there be an incident in which robots attack people? The robot was attacked by hackers. Is there an extra spy around? The other is, how to prevent the robot from losing itself? And so on, it is urgent to give relevant specifications.

Without a set of relevant norms, will there be a similar situation of violent online lending brought about by the mobile Internet era in the mixed market?

Among them, privacy is not paid much attention to by everyone. However, at present, many people are deeply affected by privacy leakage. In order not to bring secondary harm to others, here are no examples. However, the fact is that many people are streaking in the Internet age.

Then there is the problem of hacker prevention, and many people may have such problems like mobile phones. However, the difference is that the mobile phone can’t move by itself after all, and the related functions are limited. What we are facing is more information security issues. Robots are different. Robots can move, and there may be robots with emotions in the future. If a highly intelligent robot is cracked by hackers, the consequences are unimaginable, especially for those who have certain international influence.

Therefore, in the era of intelligence, security issues cannot be ignored! Leave a message in the comment area about the possible safety problems caused by robots, in case one of your messages affects the future development of this industry.

Artificial intelligence challenges quantum cryptography

Abstract: Quantum cryptography is a technology that uses the principle of quantum mechanics to realize the secure transmission and encryption of information. It has the advantage of resisting the attacks of traditional computers and quantum computers. However, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, quantum cryptography is also facing new challenges and threats. This paper analyzes the influence and possibility of artificial intelligence technology on quantum cryptography, and discusses the principle and prospect of post-quantum cryptography as a coping strategy.

Step 1 introduce

Information security is one of the important problems facing today’s society, especially in the fields of finance, medical care and military affairs. Information leakage or tampering may cause serious losses and harm. In order to protect information security, the traditional method is to construct encryption algorithm by using difficult problems in mathematics, such as public key encryption algorithm based on large number decomposition or discrete logarithm problem. However, these algorithms are at risk of being cracked or attacked, especially after the emergence of large-scale quantum computers, because of their exponential acceleration advantages, they can effectively solve some difficult problems in classical calculation.

In order to deal with this threat, quantum cryptography came into being. Quantum cryptography is a technology that uses the principle of quantum mechanics to realize the secure transmission and encryption of information. It mainly includes two aspects: one is to encode and transmit information by using single photon or other microscopic particles as carriers; The second is to use Heisenberg uncertainty principle, cloning theorem and other physical laws to ensure information security. The most typical and mature example is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology based on BB84 protocol.

QKD technology can establish a secret key between two remote communication parties (usually called Alice and Bob) that only they know and cannot be obtained or modified by eavesdroppers (usually called Eve). This secret key can be used for one-time encryption (OTP) of other information, thus achieving perfect confidentiality. QKD technology has the following characteristics:

-Safety is based on physical laws rather than mathematical assumptions;

-eavesdroppers can be detected and eliminated;

-Can adapt to any type and length of information;

-Only low-complexity and low-cost equipment is needed;

-Compatible with existing network structures.

Based on the above advantages, QKD technology is considered as an effective means to resist quantum computer attacks, and has been widely studied and applied in laboratories and practical scenes.

However, quantum cryptography is not perfect, and it also faces some challenges and threats. One of the important sources is artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI technology is a branch of computer science that simulates or surpasses human intelligence. It involves many fields such as machine learning, deep learning, neural network, natural language processing, computer vision and so on. AI technology has made rapid development and breakthrough in recent years, and has produced great influence and value in all walks of life.

The influence and possibility of AI technology on quantum cryptography are as follows:

-AI technology can be used to improve the performance and efficiency of quantum cryptography;

-AI technology can be used to analyze the security and reliability of quantum cryptography;

-AI technology can be used to attack or crack quantum cryptography systems;

-AI technology can be used to construct new quantum cryptography protocols or algorithms.

This paper will elaborate these four aspects in detail, and discuss the principle and prospect of post-quantum cryptography as a coping strategy.

2. AI technology improves the performance of quantum cryptography system.

Although quantum cryptography has perfect confidentiality in theory, there are still many limitations and difficulties in practical operation. For example:

-Single photon signals are easily disturbed or lost due to factors such as fiber loss or spatial attenuation;

-Due to factors such as equipment error or environmental noise, single photon detection is easy to produce error code or false positive;

-Single photon transmission is easily disturbed or manipulated due to channel instability or eavesdropper attacks;

-Because the key generation rate is limited by signal strength, bit error rate, eavesdropping detection rate and other factors, it is difficult for single photon encryption to achieve high efficiency.

These problems lead to a lot of post-processing operations such as error correction, privacy amplification and information renegotiation in the process of quantum key distribution. These operations not only increase the communication time and cost, but also reduce the communication quality and security.

In this respect, AI technology can exert its powerful data processing ability and adaptive learning ability, and help optimize and improve the performance and efficiency of quantum cryptography system. Specifically, AI technology can be applied to the following aspects:

-AI technology can be used to predict and adjust the intensity and polarization of single photon signals to adapt to different channel conditions and requirements;

-AI technology can be used to identify and eliminate the error code and false positive of single photon detection, so as to improve the speed and quality of key generation;

-AI technology can be used to detect and resist the interference and manipulation of single photon transmission to ensure the security and integrity of the key;

-AI technology can be used to optimize and simplify the post-processing operation of single photon encryption to reduce communication time and cost.

In these ways, AI technology can make the quantum cryptography system more stable, efficient, reliable and safe.

3. AI technology to analyze the security of quantum cryptography system

Although the quantum cryptography system guarantees perfect confidentiality in theory based on physical laws, there are still many security risks in actual operation. For example:

-Due to factors such as imperfect equipment or inaccurate model, there may be loopholes or defects in quantum cryptographic protocols or algorithms;

-Due to unreasonable parameter selection or inaccurate estimation, the quantum cryptography system may be over-optimized or over-conservative;

-Due to insufficient experimental data or inappropriate analysis methods, there may be misjudgments or missed judgments in quantum cryptography systems;

-Because eavesdroppers have more powerful computing power or attack means, quantum cryptography system may be at risk of being cracked or attacked.

These problems lead to strict and complex security analysis and evaluation of quantum cryptography system in practical application. These analyses and evaluations not only need a lot of theoretical knowledge and empirical judgment, but also need a lot of computing resources and time.

In this respect, AI technology can play its powerful data mining ability and intelligent reasoning ability, and help analyze and evaluate the security and reliability of quantum cryptography system. Specifically, AI technology can be applied to the following aspects:

-AI technology can be used to find and repair the loopholes or defects of quantum cryptography protocols or algorithms, so as to improve the robustness and adaptability of the system;

-AI technology can be used to optimize and adjust the parameter selection and estimation of quantum cryptography system to achieve the best security performance ratio;

-AI technology can be used to verify and improve the experimental data and analysis methods of quantum cryptography system to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the system;

-AI technology can be used to predict and prevent the cracking or attack risk of quantum cryptography system to ensure the security and integrity of the system.

In these ways, AI technology can make the quantum cryptography system more credible, controllable, reliable and secure.

4. AI technology attacks or cracks quantum cryptography systems.

Although quantum cryptography system has the advantage of resisting the attacks of traditional computers and quantum computers, it does not mean that it is absolutely safe. In fact, with the progress of science and technology, eavesdroppers may also have more powerful computing power or attack means, thus posing a threat to the quantum cryptography system. For example:

-The eavesdropper may take advantage of factors such as imperfect equipment or inaccurate model to carry out classic attacks such as side channel attack, man-in-the-middle attack and playback attack;

-The eavesdropper may use the single photon signal itself or other relevant information (such as time, frequency, phase, etc.) to carry out quantum attacks such as optical measurement attacks, coherent state attacks, and nonstandard fundamental attacks;

-The eavesdropper may use the interaction or coupling between the single photon signal and the environment (such as scattering, absorption, diffraction, etc.) to carry out physical attacks such as fault injection attack and environmental noise analysis;

Eavesdroppers may use the entanglement or correlation between a single photon signal and other microscopic particles (such as Bell state and GHZ state) to carry out quantum entanglement attacks such as entanglement uncertainty attack, entanglement stealing attack and entanglement amplification attack.

These attacks may lead to the leakage or tampering of the key of quantum cryptography system, thus reducing or destroying the security and integrity of the system.

In this respect, AI technology can exert its powerful computing power and attack ability to help eavesdroppers attack or crack quantum cryptography systems. Specifically, AI technology can be applied to the following aspects:

-AI technology can be used to simulate and analyze the equipment, model, parameters, data and other information of quantum cryptography system, so as to find the loopholes or defects of the system;

-AI technology can be used to design and implement classical attacks, quantum attacks, physical attacks, quantum entanglement attacks and other attacks of quantum cryptography systems;

-AI technology can be used to collect and process single photon signals or other related information of quantum cryptography system to extract or tamper with key information;

-AI technology can be used to forge and cover up post-processing operations such as eavesdropping detection or error correction of quantum cryptography systems to avoid being discovered or confronted.

In these ways, AI technology can make eavesdroppers more hidden, efficient, powerful and dangerous. 5. AI technology to construct a new quantum cryptography protocol or algorithm.

Although there are various protocols or algorithms in quantum cryptography system, it still has great development space and potential. For example:

-Quantum cryptography system can use more physical resources or mechanisms, such as multiphoton signals, high-dimensional space, continuous variables, nonlinear effects, etc., to improve the performance and security of the system;

-Quantum cryptography system can use more mathematical tools or methods, such as coding theory, information theory, complexity theory, random number generation, etc., to improve the robustness and adaptability of the system;

-Quantum cryptography system can make use of more application scenarios or requirements, such as network communication, distributed computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc., to improve the practicability and value of the system;

-Quantum cryptography systems can use more security objectives or standards, such as unconditional security, provable security, post-quantum security, information theory security, etc., to improve the credibility and controllability of the system.

All these aspects need to be innovated and explored to construct new quantum cryptography protocols or algorithms.

In this respect, AI technology can exert its powerful creativity and learning ability, and help to construct new quantum cryptography protocols or algorithms. Specifically, AI technology can be applied to the following aspects:

-AI technology can be used to simulate and optimize the physical resources or mechanisms of quantum cryptography systems to discover new quantum signals or quantum effects;

-AI technology can be used to design and verify mathematical tools or methods of quantum cryptography, so as to discover new coding schemes or information metrics;

-AI technology can be used to adapt to and meet the application scenarios or requirements of quantum cryptography systems to discover new communication modes or computing tasks;

-AI technology can be used to evaluate and improve the security objectives or standards of quantum cryptography systems, so as to discover new security certificates or security guarantees.

In these ways, AI technology can make the quantum cryptography system more diverse, advanced, practical and reliable.

6. Conclusion

This paper discusses the relationship and function between AI technology and quantum cryptography from four aspects. First of all, AI technology can improve the performance and efficiency of quantum cryptography system; Secondly, AI technology can analyze and evaluate the security and reliability of quantum cryptography system. Thirdly, AI technology can attack or crack quantum cryptography systems; Finally, AI technology can construct new quantum cryptography protocols or algorithms. All these aspects show that AI technology has important and extensive application value and development potential in the field of quantum cryptography.

Of course, this paper only gives a preliminary and brief introduction to this subject, and does not involve more details and problems. For example:

-Is there some basic principle or law between AI technology and quantum cryptography?

-Is there any interaction or restriction between AI technology and quantum cryptography?

What are the similarities and differences between AI technology and other types of encryption systems (such as classic, hybrid, post-quantum, etc.)?

These problems are worthy of further study and exploration.

Peninsula Sports Premier League: Ferguson once said that he would buy me out, and he was very sad when I left Manchester United.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Campbell went to back in the game, but again, before she was injured again, she could only accumulate so much motivation. This time, this kind of injury is not common in athletes, and the defender’s posterior tibial tendon is broken. Surgery is usually given to those whose arch falls or their feet are flat, aiming at helping patients to recover their walking ability, rather than pursuing sports career. On the day of her surgery, her surgeon admitted that he had only performed the required surgery and had only succeeded once in his career.

Although I heard that she might never play football again, the Droheda native was determined to come back, and she struggled. "So I’m in a blockade, and I’m alone, which may be the biggest blow to me. I struggled a lot with anxiety and spirit, thinking, "Can I really do this? Like, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This is where her support network proved to be crucial. "But if it weren’t for the people around me, I don’t think I would still be playing games. I mean, you need good people around you, whether it’s your family, your friends, your teammates, your employees, such as medical staff. You need good people around you every day, because they are the last people you see, not your family. If you don’t have these, then you will struggle, but thankfully, I have good people around me.

Fireworks products | magical face changing, HUAHUO brings new experience!


Throughout the ages, all kinds of things, beautiful faces show thousands of families.

As early as ancient times, people explored "face exchange", such as painting face, face-changing, etc., and imitated people’s various appearances, identities, expressions and behaviors by changing faces. "Face exchange" is more like an image symbol that gives people a specific impression and establishes a new way of communication between people through the shaping of symbols.

Iteration of face changing technology

History of Face Swapping

With the development of digital technology, face exchange technology has gone through four stages, from the earliest manual drawing to computer drawing, and now to artificial intelligence synthesis.

1. Traditional makeup technique of changing face in kind

Early face painting, face changing and face changing are an extension of physical makeup. Physical face-changing means that makeup artists/face-changing artists reconstruct various facial features with two-dimensional or three-dimensional structures through materials such as pigments, hair, gypsum and silica gel on the basis of human faces, thus reshaping a new image.

The Dressing Process of Facial Deformity in Miracle Boy

2. Digital image face changing

In the pre-digital era, face exchange technology will change faces by editing film to make complex foreground and background relationships. The common face-changing special effects since the silent film era include "replacement shooting" techniques such as stopping and re-shooting, masking and overprinting. With the development of computer vision and graphics technology, face changing has realized the operation and editing of each digital image.

The Fast and the Furious Paul Walker Brothers body double+Motion Capture+Digital Synthesis

3. Three-dimensional dynamic catching and face changing

In the digital age, the development of face recognition technology and motion capture technology has brought about three-dimensional face-changing technique, which is a face-changing technique based on the mapping relationship between real face and CG(Computer Graphics) face in movies.

"Rejuvenation" Expression Capture+Face Mapping

4. AI deep face change

In the era of artificial intelligence, AI deep face-changing surgery has entered the public’s field of vision. AI deep face changing technique is an automatic face changing technique which combines deep learning model with computer vision model and is applied to face image generation. It is a face recognition and replacement recombination technique migrated from the field of identity pattern recognition.

Gemini Man’s Character Data Processing+Facial Recognition+Motion Capture+Artificial Intelligence.


Development and application of face changing technology

Technological Innovation and Application

Based on the development of face recognition, motion capture, portrait synthesis, artificial intelligence and other technologies, HUAHUO has also introduced many new application forms in the exhibition industry.

Looking back on the research and development path of HUAHUO, from the interactive screen of big head stickers, to the user portrait screen, portrait synthesis screen, role exchange screen, virtual dressing screen and green screen keying system, to the latest research on real-time face changing, audio video face changing, 50 years at a time, mouth-to-mouth "speaking", virtual digital people, live face changing, etc., HUAHUO has made great achievements in portrait recognition, processing, extraction, matching and display technology.

, duration 00:08

HUAHUO’s "Face Changing with Audio Video" is under research and testing.

Advantages of HUAHUO’s face changing technology

Support PC and mobile multi-platforms.

Support the face-changing interaction of different characters, including but not limited to cross-ethnic, cross-gender, cross-age, cross-ethnic and cross-dimensional roles.

Support multi-application scenarios, including but not limited to science museum, enterprise museum, experience store, library, tourist attractions, commercial space and other scenarios.

It has the advantages of detail improvement, accurate synthesis, expression control, face following, smooth experience and high resolution.

HUAHUO image database

Image dimensions: 2D, 3D

Image attributes: cross-ethnic, cross-gender, cross-age, cross-ethnic, cross-occupation, cross-dimensional, etc.

HUAHUO face changing technology case

HUAHUO face-changing technology supports multi-scene applications, including but not limited to Kebo Pavilion, enterprise pavilion, experience store, library, tourist attractions, commercial space and other scenes.

Application scenario: experience store

, duration 00:14

Application scenario: library

, duration 00:25

Application scenario: museum

, duration 00:33

Application scenario: Science and Technology Museum

, duration 00:38

Application scenario: tourist attractions

The technology world is updated and iterated, and the face-changing technology has brought new cultural experiences to the public. HUAHUO pays attention to innovative research and development of products and user experience, and there will be more products for the public in the future. Welcome everyone to support and pay attention, and come to visit and experience ~

Exploring Smart Factory: How to Improve the Efficiency and Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry

Smart factory refers to a modern factory that uses advanced technologies and means such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data to achieve the goals of production process optimization, efficiency improvement, quality improvement and cost reduction through digital, intelligent and automated production methods and management modes. The construction of smart factory is one of the important directions of digital transformation of manufacturing industry, and it is also the inevitable trend of future factory development.

Advantages of smart factory

Smart factory adopts brand-new production mode and management mode, which has the following advantages.

Improve production efficiency

The smart factory has realized the digitalization and intelligence of the whole process, and the production planning, material management, production control, quality inspection and other links have all realized automation and intelligence, which greatly improved the production efficiency. Smart factories can further improve production efficiency and quality through big data analysis and optimization.

Production cost reduction

The smart factory adopts technologies such as automation equipment and robots, which realizes the automation and robotization of the production process and greatly reduces the production cost. Smart factories can further reduce production costs through the optimization and coordination of production processes.

Product quality improvement

Smart factory adopts intelligent production mode and detection technology, which can monitor and detect every link in the production process in real time to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Smart factories can further improve product quality and reliability through big data analysis and optimization.

Production flexibility and customization

Smart factory adopts flexible production methods and intelligent production equipment, which can quickly respond to market demand and realize flexible production and customized production. Smart factories can also further improve production flexibility and customization capabilities through big data analysis and optimization.

Application Scenarios of Smart Factory

Smart factories have a wide range of application scenarios, covering all fields of manufacturing. Here are a few typical application scenarios.

Automated production line: Smart factories can adopt automated production lines to realize unmanned production and automated management. This can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and also reduce the impact of employees’ work intensity and human factors on product quality.

Networked equipment management: Smart factories can realize networked management of equipment through Internet of Things technology, thus realizing real-time monitoring, maintenance and maintenance of equipment status. This can avoid equipment failure or shutdown and improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Data analysis and prediction: Smart factories can adopt big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to optimize and improve the production process through the analysis and prediction of production data. For example, the supply of raw materials and production plan can be predicted, so as to adjust the production speed and output of the production line and improve production efficiency and capacity utilization.

Intelligent logistics and warehousing management: Smart factories can realize the intelligence and automation of logistics and warehousing management through the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology. For example, the automatic transportation of goods can be realized by intelligent logistics vehicles and drones, and the automatic storage and management of goods can be realized by RFID tags and intelligent shelves.

As the first batch of digital industrial Internet technology group enterprises in China, Zhidian focuses on realizing digital transformation for enterprises. By building an industrial Internet digital platform and integrating procurement, production, sales, logistics, warehousing, management and all aspects of business, not only can energy management be visualized, online and integrated, but also the efficiency of the overall enterprise organization can be significantly improved, which is manifested in the improvement of internal process efficiency, resource or asset utilization rate and operational agility. Improving the efficiency of internal processes can speed up the decision-making process and reduce the waste caused by waiting for decision-making instructions.

With the help of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, the digital platform of Zhidian Industry solves the problem of data islands existing in the informatization process of manufacturing enterprises and realizes the whole process management of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Through the analysis and application of all-factor industrial big data, the original production process of the enterprise is optimized and improved to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce labor costs. This whole digital management mode no longer depends on the skills and experience of workers, but also reduces the possibility of mistakes, greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, and greatly shortens the production cycle of products.

In general, the application scenarios of smart factories are very extensive, covering almost all aspects of the factory. By applying the technology and concept of smart factory, enterprises can improve production efficiency and quality, reduce production costs and improve the safety of factories, thus enhancing their competitiveness and market share.

In the future, with the development of new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, smart factories will become more intelligent, efficient and flexible, and become an important driving force for industrial upgrading and transformation.