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What to buy for football: a professional guide helps you find the best choice.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it has a broad mass base, whether as a leisure or professional competition. If you are a football fan, or you just want to play football in your spare time, it is very important to choose a good football. This article will provide you with some professional guides to help you find the best football.

1. Material: The material of football is mainly divided into leather and synthetic materials. Leather football is usually more durable and feels better, but the price is also higher. Synthetic football is cheaper, but it may not be as durable as leather football. You need to choose the right material according to your budget and frequency of use.

2. Size: The size of a football is usually marked by its diameter. Generally speaking, the diameter of a standard match ball is 21.5 cm. However, for beginners, it may be better to choose a bigger football because it can help them control the ball better. If you are an adult or a teenager, you can choose a smaller football.

3. Weight: The weight of football is also very important, because it will affect your performance in the game. Generally speaking, the standard football weighs about 410 grams. If you often train for a long time, then you may need to choose a heavier football.

4. Brand: There are many well-known football brands in the market, such as Adidas, Nike and Puma. These brands of football have certain quality assurance, but also have their own characteristics in design. You can choose a brand according to your personal preference and budget.

5. Price: The price of football varies greatly, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Although the higher the price, the better the quality of football, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a good football. Generally speaking, 100-200 yuan football is enough to meet the needs of most people.

6. Test: Before you buy a football, you’d better try it yourself. You can try a few kicks on different courts to see how the ball feels. In addition, you can also ask your friends to try it and listen to their feedback.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to choose a good football. The key is to choose according to your own needs and budget. I hope the above suggestions can help you.

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A domestic football match was scolded by a hot search. What happened?

Source: China News Network

On the 8th, a topic entry named # Match-fixing in the Final of Guangdong National Games # occupied a high position in Weibo’s hot search for a long time. As of press time, the reading volume of this topic exceeded 140 million, and nearly 9,000 people participated in the discussion.

From the perspective of competitive sports, this game is not a high-level event. If there are no special circumstances, it will not attract so much public attention to a great extent.

However, looking at the comment area, everyone has a hot discussion.

It’s the darkest hour of football in China, except for the 15-year-old boys.This is a sentence left by a netizen in the topic discussion area.

In the eyes of professional football media, there are also problems in this game. “After watching the replay of the game, there is indeed a suspicion of match-fixing, which supports a thorough investigation."

Everyone’s response is filled with the most emotions, which are helplessness and anger. In other words, today, football in China is still at a low ebb, and this game has poked a lot of people who care about football in China.

Let’s get to know the situation of this game first.

The match was held on August 7th, 2022. It was the men’s B Group A final of the 16th Guangdong Sports Games, and was played between Qingyuan team and Guangzhou team. There was no abnormal situation after the start of the game. In the second half, Qingyuan team took the lead 3-1.

But since then, the Qingyuan team seems to be like a "power outage." Goalkeepers and defenders pass the ball at will in the backcourt and are directly intercepted by opponents; When the Guangzhou team launched the attack, the Qingyuan team defender did not seem to stop the football from entering the goal; According to the camera, several Qingyuan team players started the "walking" mode on the court …

In the end, Guangzhou defeated Qingyuan 5-3 to win the championship.

After the video of this game exploded on social media, Dong Lu, a well-known football media person, used "weird 13 minutes" to describe what happened on the field.

While the outside world is discussing the game,The Chinese Football Association officially announced the launch of an investigation into the game.. The announcement said that in this competition, the performance of athletes from both sides on the field was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused the concern of all sectors of society. China Football Association attaches great importance to this and starts the investigation procedure, and will form an investigation team with the participation of the Competition Department, the Discipline Inspection Department and other departments, and will go to Guangzhou for investigation on August 8.

It is not what China football wants to cause a heated discussion in such a way.

This year’s poor World Cup preliminaries once again put the national football team into an "infinite loop", and many fans didn’t know how to face the China football that had been in the trough for a while.

In fact, there has been a lot of news about football in China recently.

The Chinese Super League officially resumed the home and away game system. For professional teams and clubs, the home game was opened for a long time, and when familiar spectators entered the stadium again, it brought more positive signals to the team’s operation.

In the East Asia Cup competition that ended at the end of July, the China Men’s Football Team with "U23 National Team" as the main team won the third place.

Although only four teams participated in the East Asia Cup, this ranking did not satisfy the Chinese people. However, the original intention of sending young players out to increase the experience of the competition and taking this opportunity to upgrade is no problem. In the second round, the national football selection team drew with Japan. The game data still shows that there is a big strength gap between the two sides, but with courage and perseverance, the young players can gain confidence and bring some comfort to the depressed football in China.

When facing the pressure and challenges, face the difficulties and use your own efforts to resist the difficulties. Even if you fail to win the game, you will gain confidence. This may be a more realistic idea, and it is also the most needed for today’s China football.

At present, the official has been involved in the investigation of this controversial competition, but the final result has not yet been released. As for whether it is the "fake ball" mentioned by everyone, we still don’t argue.

A few days ago, the first China Youth Football League started. Wang Dengfeng, deputy director of the China Youth Football League Office and director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said, "Whether more and more children can play football is a key issue facing China football at this stage."

As the future of football in China, youth football plays an important role. Please keep it simple and away from the distractions. Only in this way can we help the development of football in China.

Another prodigy was born! But China football, why just can’t get on?

These days, the video of a 6-year-old Xinjiang child playing football has surprised many netizens on the Internet. Many people exclaimed after reading it: "This is a child prodigy!"!

In this video released by Dong Lu, a famous footballer, a child wearing a blue jersey and white socks almost restored the iconic movements of many world stars. Whether it’s "riding a bicycle" by Da Luo, "crossing a crotch" by Messi or "spike" by Cristiano Ronaldo’s heel, "Tiny" looks like a decent imitation.

What is commendable is that these fake moves are extraordinary in one go in the game, the children’s ball style is gorgeous and sophisticated, and the movement rhythm is coordinated and reasonable. And even if the opponent around him is taller than him, he can’t take the ball from his feet.

The one-minute video has caused many netizens to clap their hands and praise. Many people feel that this action is pleasing to the eye, but they also have some expectations: "The future of China football is hopeful again."

At the beginning of China’s football reform in 1990s, the prosperity of A-A created the first batch of small fans in the professional era, and playing football once became an "outstanding scholar". However, with the deterioration of the domestic football environment at the turn of the century, fewer and fewer children are willing to join football. Even in the early years, the selection of some national name echelons was stretched. This shows the extent to which China’s football talents are barren.

In recent years, with the development of campus football and the resurgence of football in China, many children have re-entered the arena to pursue their football-related dreams. However, how many of these children can really carry the banner of China football in the end? The cultivation of football talents is a systematic project, and the achievements made in the next few years also need to be tested after a long period of precipitation in the future.

A few days ago, the experience of a boy named Chen Yubo caused a lot of sighs among football players. In a program of a satellite TV, the boy of Grade 8 (Grade 2) gave a speech on the stage, trying to find a "way out" for his football dream in front of two family members and students all over the playground.

However, in the short ten-minute clip of the program, Chen Yubo’s mother didn’t let go. She expressed her support for her son to play football to keep fit, but she wouldn’t agree to take the road of professional football unless she was 18 years old. Readers who are familiar with the rules of football should know that this has actually pronounced the disillusionment of Chen Yubo’s dream of professional football.

Whether it is the long-standing concept of "academic priority" or some negative images of China football that affect parents’ determination, there are indeed many people who have various views on football in real life. In fact, regardless of the ups and downs of football in China, China has never lacked children with football dreams and talents. It’s just that these children either miss football for various reasons during their growth, or are forced to give up their football dreams under the pressure of their parents, or they can’t get systematic training, which leads to the tragic fate of "Shang Zhongyong" in the end.

There are many potential stocks in China football. Since Li Huajun, who debuted in the 1980s, generations of young talents have brought endless hope to the fans. Eighteen years ago, a 6-year-old boy named Zhou Zhou was once known as a "football prodigy". That year, China’s men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea historically, which set off a football craze in China. At the award party of the national football team, Zhou Zhou, who was only six years old, performed with his own ball, which attracted the attention of the then national football coach Milu, who praised him as "the future star of China football".

Looking through the reports of that year, we learned that Zhou began to practice at the age of 2, and by the age of 6, he could dribble 2000 balls in 20 minutes. However, this child, regarded by Milu as "the successor of China football", failed to go further in the praise, which was quite disappointing.

Then, from time to time, there will be a "prodigy" of China football. Why can’t you get on?

Although football is a team event, even talented players can’t achieve the whole team on their own; What’s more, everyone’s growth path and background are different, and it’s a pity that he didn’t become the "Optimus Prime" of China football. For example, the "short-lived" of the week is not only due to the choice on the road to growth, but also closely related to the impetuous football environment of that era.

After the national football team successfully entered the World Cup in China and South Korea, Japanese football ushered in a decade of darkness. In that chaotic football era, some officials, international players and even referees were involved in fake gambling and eventually went to jail; Many clubs are in arrears, their management is chaotic, and no one cares about the training of young football talents … When China football reached its lowest point, no one even cared about the broadcast, which eventually greatly reduced the trust of the whole society.

In 2012, the black storm in China football came to an end. Under the background of vigorously developing campus football in recent years, with a series of reform measures, the healthy and positive image of China football is gradually being reshaped. However, the training system of football talents in China is still difficult to be reasonable and mature; The concept of "playing football is equal to doing nothing" in parents’ minds is still deeply rooted; A few years ago, the "Jinyuan storm" has just been contained, and I don’t know when the price will really return to value …

All these problems have become an unavoidable obstacle for football teenagers to pursue their dreams. The emergence of football superstars is closely related to the current football environment and youth training system, in addition to their amazing talent, their own efforts and the support of their families.

Fortunately, Chen Yubo’s experience has attracted the attention of the football circle, and some insiders have given pertinent suggestions on his situation. Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club also sent him a trial invitation. After the program was broadcast, Chen Yubo’s parents also showed concessions to their children’s desire to play football.

Although the little boy in Xinjiang is only 6 years old, I sincerely hope that he will not have to experience the pain and struggle of Chen Yubo in the future and enjoy the happiness brought by football more purely.

Fortunately, the little boy not only changed his family’s views with his performance on the field, but more importantly, he also had a father who loved football but had to give up because his family stopped him, and silently supported him behind his back.

The father said that every boy has his own football dream and hopes that his son can realize it together with his own dream on the pitch, but only if he can be healthy and happy. If he can really embark on a career path one day, he hopes to win glory for his country.

I still remember the "Six Questions" issued by Liu Jianhong, a commentator of CCTV at that time, after the national football team defeated the World Cup qualifiers. In his view, it’s not a matter of a few players but everyone’s, so don’t complain. "If you were a parent, would you let your children play football?" and "In fact, it is very simple to change football in China. In fact, you still play football yourself."

I believe that with the change of social concept and the further emergence of talents, China football will still go up. (Xing Rui)

Revealing the two negative selection teams of the American men’s basketball team: the rotation of the training match is exposed. Cunningham is responsible for imitating Dancsics

Following the "long-standing tradition", the American men’s basketball team lost to a group of young players who made their mark in the NBA in the training match on Friday local time.

Cole ridiculed losing to the selection team is a tradition.

This is the second day of the training camp in Las Vegas. In two 10-minute training matches, the American men’s basketball team lost to the sparring selection team, with a total score of 39-47. The specific statistics of the training match were not released to the media, but journalists were allowed to enter the gymnasium of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to watch the match. Piston champion Cunningham dominated two training matches and almost defeated all the defenders who defended him. Jay Green, the second runner-up of the Rockets, also performed well. In addition, Jay Williams and Durham were prominent, and their bodies troubled the American men’s basketball team.

"Young people did their thing and showed us everything," said halliburton, the defender of the American men’s basketball team. Center Jia Lun-Jackson smiled and admitted: "We lost."

"This is a long tradition of the American men’s basketball team," teased head coach Steve Cole. "Everyone knows the story of Grant Hill in 1992. In 2019, the last World Cup, the selection team also defeated the American men’s basketball team, which is the key point. You want excellent talents to join and challenge you. This is what the selection team did on this day. "

In fact, Hill, the current general manager of the American men’s basketball team, was a member of the American college students’ selection team in 1992. At that time, they beat the Dream One team with Jordan in training camp, and they became the only team to beat the Dream One team.

Halliburton was a member of the American selection team in 2021, and he also defeated the American men’s basketball team in the training match, which eventually won the Olympic gold medal.

Rotation exposure of American men’s basketball training match

Therefore, it is not the time to press the panic button. The first warm-up match between the American men’s basketball team and the world opponents will be staged on August 9, Beijing time, and they will face Puerto Rico. Before that, the American men’s basketball team is expected to have another training match with the selection team on Sunday, Beijing time. "The next day, you will become more active," said Ingram, the striker of the American men’s basketball team.

It is reported that reporters were allowed to enter the first match between the American men’s basketball team and the selection team. The source told The Athletic that the starting lineup of the American men’s basketball team in the training match was brunson, Ingram, bridges, Cameron Johnson and little Jia Lun Jackson.

Cole refused to disclose the starting lineup, saying that "they have not yet got a clear idea of what the starting lineup is like". Cole also said that he asked his assistants to write down their desired starting lineup at a meeting before training, and got about 10 lineups, which shows that everything is still uncertain.

According to the training match, the second lineup of American men’s basketball team at present is Edwards, Reeves, halliburton, Bankero and Portis. Kessler and Hart were the last two players to be replaced. On the American men’s basketball team, Edwards and halliburton performed well, brunson made several impressive passes, and Reeves hit a three-pointer. Besides, the American men’s basketball team did not perform well in open three-pointers, and the rebound was obviously inferior to the selection team.

Cunningham was asked to imitate Dancsics.

Cunningham, the top-ranked Pistons, has fully recovered from his tibial surgery last December. He only played 12 games for Pistons last season. "He looks great, the injury is obviously over, and I am glad to see him healthy. He is a player who can really control the game in the point guard position by virtue of his body and physical fitness." Cole praised.

Cole revealed that he asked Cunningham to imitate Luca (Dancsics) as much as possible in high pick-and-roll and ball control. Dancsics’s Slovenian national team will play a warm-up match with the United States next week. However, Dancsics injured his knee in the warm-up match against Greece on Saturday, and he is not sure whether he can warm up with the United States.

Cunningham said that the purpose of his decision to join the selection team was "to gain experience, stay with the best players in the league and learn". He also said that he was not surprised by the challenge posed by the selection team to the American men’s basketball team. "That’s why we’re here."

Ingram also praised: "I saw Durham and Cunningham’s chemical reaction was very good, and Durham’s rebounding performance was outstanding. We have done something offensively, but defensively, we need to do better in rebounding. "

Wanda plaza started a series of sports activities to make the whole summer wonderful.

Speaking of wanda plaza’s passion for basketball, it has always been a "soft spot". Wanda plaza, which has passed through 12 cities, lasted for two months, which made more children have a new enthusiasm for basketball! In this sports activity, Zheng Haixia, the "first woman in China women’s basketball team", cheered for the teenagers, pushing the atmosphere to the commanding heights instantly.


Speaking of wanda plaza’s love for basketball, we have to start from many years ago. In the Basketball World Cup held in China in 2019, Wanda began to promote and fully implement the "Little Champion" caddy project, which enabled more and more children who love basketball to enter the world stage, helped 12 caddies from Danzhai, Guizhou, and left the most precious memories in the World Cup, helping children to work hard for their dreams.

Mobile game national league

At the same time, in addition to basketball this summer, there is also the most popular project e-sports. In recent years, all kinds of e-sports have appeared in the public’s field of vision. League of Legends in competitive games is the world’s top popular game, which has been in operation for more than ten years and has more than 300 million global monthly active players. The IP industry involves comics, animation, CG, novels, peripherals and other fields. Let countless e-sports players prove themselves through mobile games in the national league and release their strength.

Comprehensive quality improvement

Moreover, in the spent atmosphere of the national movement, wanda plaza also called on the children to "move" by learning cooking by hands. In order to respond to the call of national youth labor education, promote the improvement of children’s comprehensive quality, pay attention to their healthy growth and promote their all-round development.

This time, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the All-China Women’s Federation, and under the strong alliance of wanda plaza, Xinhuanet and Qian Dama Fresh Supermarket, the "Little Apron Project Season 3" flash event was successively held in four squares to cultivate children’s comprehensive ability and make this holiday more exciting.

Josh Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting the plaintiff to attend Zhuang Shen’s party but left with Jackson.

Live broadcast on August 5 th According to the US media Sportico report, Josh Jackson, a former NBA player and No.4 show in 2017, was recently involved in a civil lawsuit.

In a civil case filed in the U.S. District Court last month, a woman accused Jackson of sexually assaulting her after meeting her at the Super Bowl party in new york in 2022. At present, no one has been charged with any crime because of the incident.

The identity of the plaintiff in this incident was hidden in court documents.She claimed that she first went to the party because she was interested in NBA player Andre drummond.. Drummond is the co-organizer of the party, but has nothing to do with the woman’s accusation. She finally left with Jackson and later agreed to meet him at his hotel in the early morning, because she believed that drummond was with him.

When she arrived at Jackson’s hotel room, she was already drunk.At this time, Jackson made improper demands on her and offered her $1,500, boasting that there was still $12 million in his bank account.. The plaintiff said that she refused Jackson’s request and fell asleep in the bed in her room. The plaintiff claimed that,Jackson tried to force sex with her to wake her up..

According to the lawsuit, later that day, Jackson’s companion at the party sent a threatening message to the plaintiff, accusing her of stealing Jackson’s watch. A few hours later, two "burly women" (also listed as defendants) broke into her apartment, attacked and robbed her, claiming that they had come to take back Jackson’s watch. They were later charged with theft and trespassing.

Josh Jackson played for Suns, Grizzlies, Pistons and Kings, averaging 11.3 points, 4 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game.

American men’s basketball team loses sparring, making it awkward. Cunningham plays Dancsics and dominates the audience.

As the Olympic Games will be held in Paris next summer, many active American basketball superstars are unwilling to spend too much energy in the upcoming basketball World Cup in Asia this summer. Looking at the lineup of the United States team in this tournament, the younger generation of Edwards and Ingram are already the most famous players, which is a lot dimmer than the 2019 China Basketball World Cup.

Yesterday, the American men’s basketball team was assembled, and today, the first match with the American men’s basketball team was completed, and the result was not satisfactory. According to American media reports, the sparring team led by Cunningham finally defeated the home team of the American men’s basketball team 47-39 in this 20-minute team training match. It is reported that Cunningham played well in the game, Jay Green was efficient in Zhuo Qun, and Durham also dominated the rebound with his figure advantage.

However, for such a result, coach Cole, who is about to lead the American men’s basketball team to the World Cup, is not worried. "This is a long-standing tradition of the American men’s basketball team. Everyone knows what grant hill and Bob Hurley did in 1992. In 2019, the last World Cup, the sparring team also kicked the ass of the team. This is the point. You want the best players to join the sparring team to challenge you, which is exactly what the sparring team did today. " Cole said in an interview.

Besides Cunningham, this year’s American men’s basketball team also includes young players like Jay Green, Holmgren, Trey Murphy and Keegan Murray. It is worth mentioning that Halliburton, who is about to represent the United States in the World Cup, also led a team to defeat the United States team that won the Tokyo Olympic gold medal in training camp in 2021.

One of the most concerned issues about this American national team is what kind of starting lineup Cole will have. According to reports, in order to keep it as secret as possible, the first five minutes of the training match were not open to the American media. Besides, the reporters didn’t get any personal data about the players in this training match. However, sources inside the team revealed that Cole’s five starters in this training match were Ingram, bridges, jaren jackson Jr., Bronson and Cameron Johnson. Cole said in an interview that the lineup used in the training match has nothing to do with the final start.

Interestingly, Cole had clear requirements for the way the United States selected sparring teams before the game. During the dialogue, he expressed the hope that Cunningham could imitate Dancsics’s core play of holding the ball, and launch more tactics through high-position pick-and-roll. Thus, the Slovenian men’s basketball team led by Dancsics has become the number one imaginary enemy in Cole’s mind.

Business blows each other! Iverson regrets not having a ring, O ‘Neill: You are the best ever.

In the 2001 finals, Iverson fought alone and finally lost to the powerful Lakers, which is the closest Iverson’s career to the championship.

Recalling that year, Iverson expressed regret through social media and said, "The only reason I don’t have a ring is the strongest big player ever." He also uploaded a photo of O ‘Neill to show his respect for O ‘Neill.

O’ Neill also responded through social media: "You don’t need this. You are already one of the best players in history and the number one candidate for the Hall of Fame. There is no doubt about it."

Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Tottenham Hotspur coach ryan mason quickly stopped the spread of rumors about harry kane’s transfer.

On the afternoon of 20th (Korean time), Tottenham Hotspur, which played the 37th round of Premier League (EPL) in 2022-2023 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, lost 1-3 to brentford. In the 7 th minute of the first half, Tottenham scored the first goal with Kane’s dream free kick, which announced the start, but was knocked down in the second half. In the 5th minute of the second half and 16th minute of the second half, Brian Varmo conceded a goal. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Oliver Skip made a fatal mistake in the defensive camp. In the end, joan visa lost points for the third time.

Tottenham Hotspur’s seventh team’s UEFA Europa League (UECL) playoff (PO) seat is also in jeopardy. Tottenham Hotspur has only one game left, while Aston Villa, the eighth place with the same points, has only two games left. Only if you are lucky can you participate in the European competition. Coach Mei Sen, who attended the press conference after the game, said: "This is the Premier League and we need to prepare for the game. He played very well in the first half and created several chances. Since the second half, his competitive state has declined, giving opponents a chance. Very disappointed, "he said regretfully.

Because Kane waved to the home audience, there were also various speculations. Because Kane was in contact with many big clubs when the transfer period came. When a local reporter asked if it meant farewell, Mei Sen said, "Kane waves to the audience in the last home game of each season. Two years ago, you were sure Kane would leave. As usual, just thank the fans. "

Acting head coach Mei Sen asked the fans to cheer for the last minute miracle. "We need a strong fan who is dedicated to the team. Dedicated players and staff are also needed. "

2-1,60,000 people carnival! Argentine World Cup got off to a good start, reversing the Asian champion, and China men’s soccer team went to the theatre.

On the morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the U20 World Cup being held in Argentina ushered in the first round of the group match. Uzbekistan, the new Asian champion, faced the host country Argentina and finally suffered a 1-2 reversal. 60,000 fans at the scene celebrated Argentina’s opening of the World Youth Championship.

Because Indonesia refused to participate in Israel, FIFA cancelled Indonesia’s right to host the U20 World Cup. In the end, Argentina won the qualification after actively bidding. After being eliminated in South America, it automatically got a seat for the competition because of its host status.

In the history of the World Youth Championship, Argentina won the most cups with six times. The latest coronation dates back to 2007, and it also hosted the tournament in 2001.

Uzbekistan is different. It only participated in the World Youth Championship five times. The last time was in 2015. In March this year, it won the U20 Asian Cup, which was the first time in the history of the team. At the same time, it advanced to the World Youth Championship finals again after a lapse of eight years.

However, Uzbekistan won the next signing, with the host Argentina in the same group, as well as New Zealand, the dominant team in Oceania, and it was not difficult to qualify. Now, in the first round of the group match, Uzbekistan suffered a 1-2 reversal and did not get points. Coupled with New Zealand’s first round victory over Guatemala, Uzbekistan’s qualifying situation is very bad.

In addition to Uzbekistan, teams representing Asia also participated in the competition, including Japan for the 11th time, South Korea for the 16th time and Iraq for the 5th time. However, South Korea is the only Asian team in the fourth round, and it is more difficult for Japan and Iraq to qualify than Uzbekistan. The opponents in the same group are England, France, Uruguay and Senegal.

At the U20 Asian Cup, China men’s soccer team was eliminated from the top four by South Korea and continued to be a spectator. It was also impossible to return to the World Youth Championship for 18 consecutive years. The last time was Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin and Hao Junmin in 2005.

The specific review of the game-

In the 23rd minute, Muhammenov volleyed at a small angle and hit the inside of the column and bounced into the net. The referee indicated that the goal was valid and Uzbekistan led 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Bayless headed the goal in the restricted area, and the goalkeeper of Uzbekistan flew to the net, still unable to stop the ball from getting into the net. Argentina equalized the score 1-1.

In the 41st minute, carboni shot into the net in the restricted area, helping Argentina to overtake the score 2-1.