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In international football, the Japanese football team recently won a brilliant victory, defeating the strong enemy in North America with a remarkable advantage of 4-1, which not only showed their strong strength in both offensive and defensive ends, but also highlighted their tacit teamwork. This victory is not only a recognition of the Japanese team, but also an affirmation and encouragement of the strength of the whole Asian football.

The reason why Japanese football can stand at the peak of world football today is largely due to the profound changes in the youth training system of the Japanese Football Association. They have absorbed the advanced concepts and training methods of international football and cultivated many players with comprehensive skills and strong tactical awareness. On the court, these players built an almost impeccable defense line with their unparalleled teamwork and mutual understanding.

Furthermore, while actively participating in international competitions, the Japan Football Association has also conducted extensive cooperation and exchanges with other football powers. Facing the world-class opponents, Japanese players not only honed their own skills, but also learned valuable experience by analyzing the opponent’s tactical layout, thus constantly improving their own tactical system. It is this international vision and open attitude that makes Japanese football more and more dazzling on the international stage.

As an important representative of Asian football, this leap of Japan is not only their own, but also a remarkable proof of the strength of the whole Asian football. Their success showed the world the rapid progress and unlimited potential of Asian football and won more respect and praise for Asian football.

However, behind all these achievements, it is the result of the long-term unremitting efforts and exploration of the Japanese Football Association. They constantly reformed and optimized the youth football training system, focused on cultivating players’ basic skills and diversified abilities, and established a scientific and efficient youth training model, which provided a solid cornerstone for the rise of Japanese football.

Behind such dazzling achievements in Japanese football are the contributions of many people who have paid silently. From coaches to club staff, from the parents of players to loyal fans, everyone’s efforts and support are an important part of the glory of Japanese football. To sum up, the Japanese football team’s great victory not only demonstrated their excellent ability and team spirit at both ends of the offensive and defensive, but also further consolidated their position in the world football. The continuous reform and optimization of the Japanese Football Association, coupled with extensive exchanges with international football, have created a team with exquisite skills and mature tactics. Their success is not only the recognition of a single team, but also an affirmation of the strength of the whole Asian football.

There are more than 90 million unmarried women of school age in China, and the "leftover women" are a shame. Family members: they are guilty if they don’t get married

Master’s degree, doctor’s degree and senior management were once regarded as synonymous with social elites. However, once these positions are occupied by women, they seem to contain profound meaning.

Especially those women who are highly educated and enterprising, because of the pursuit of career

Missed best age for marriage, which was considered as "tradition", and some netizens called them "leftover women".

The word "leftover women" has the meaning of being chosen and rejected, which is a kind of malice for unmarried women.

With the progress of society and the improvement of women’s education, more and more women begin to have new requirements for their lives and partners.

Some people think that marriage is no longerThe only need of women. At present, there are more than 90 million single women in China, who have chosen independence and career at this age when they should get married.

However, it is not easy to stick to this choice.

The struggle and helplessness of Chinese leftover women

The documentary "The Leftover Women in China" reveals the struggle and helplessness of intellectual women in China between freedom and secularism.

According to the film, if single intellectual women in China are not married after the age of 27, they will be crowned as "leftover women". In the marriage and love market, such women often become picky.Object.

Although they are single for different reasons, it is similar that they are independent.Career and high education.

Higher knowledge and independent economic foundation make them not rush into marriage. This documentary shows the plight of single women.

The main characters of this documentary are three mature women from big cities. They all have enviable jobs, but they are not married in their late thirties for various reasons.

Under the pressure of society and family, some of them choose to compromise, some choose to resist, and some choose to be silent.

Hua Mei, a young lawyer, came out of the countryside and passedCollege entrance examinationEnter the university, and then work hard in the big city. Her views on marriage are quite different from those of her parents and family.

As the most promising child in the family, she used to be the pride of her parents, but when she was still unmarried in her late thirties, she became a "shame" in the eyes of her family.

Huamei was born in the countryside, and her parents’ ideas are very traditional. Because of limited family conditions and my sister’s poor study, I got married very early. Huamei has become the hope of parents. After being admitted to the university, her parents were really proud. However, with the growth of Huamei’s ageHer family began to urge her to get married.

Huamei’s sister’s children have all run away, but Huamei hasn’t found a suitable partner yet, which makes her parents very anxious. Therefore, although Huamei has an enviable job andhigh incomeHowever, it has become "inferior" in the eyes of parents just because it is unmarried. In the eyes of family members, not getting married is tantamount to violating social morality and is a manifestation of unfilial. These shackles in the name of family ties made Huamei breathless and gradually became a "sinner" in the eyes of her family. The attitude of her parents and her sister’s harsh words constantly hurt the heart of this strong and independent girl since childhood. Facing the camera, Huamei couldn’t help but burst into tears. The original warm home has become a jungle full of thorns. Every time she goes home, she feels pain, so she can only choose to escape.

If you don’t know this clearly, marriage will be very difficult, and even if you are barely together, there will be various contradictions.

The third protagonist of this documentary is a rural girl named Gaiqi. She is in her thirties and has been in love several times, but she has not found a suitable partner. Gaiqi was born in the countryside, with a heavy family burden, but through her own efforts, she became an assistant professor at the Film Academy, with independent economy and comfortable life. However, she has been under the weight of family problems and responsibilities.

Three different roles and three different lives fully show the living conditions of older women. Social pair"leftover women"Not friends.

Ok. China is a society that pays attention to tradition. Up to now, almost no one can exist without society. Getting married and having children is not only the expectation of parents for their children, but also the sustenance for the future. bigMost children are also dependent on their parents in their later years.. Being without children is a very serious problem for China people, so many people advocate having more children and more happiness. This means that if you want to stay single, you must fight against the vast majority of people in society and years of tradition.

As long as you are over twenty-five or even just in your early twenties, you will continue to have relatives and friends to introduce yourself. If you are single and don’t accept the kindness of others, you will be accused or even insulted by others. In the movieIn If You Are the One,The stewardess played by Shu Qi is single and independent, but she will still be ridiculed by others and even intimidated by her family. For older single women, being single is an urgent problem to be solved.

In the documentary, Wang Manni in Nothing But Thirty has a decent job and a high income, but he still hopes to improve his living standard by getting married. Although she didn’t succeed with her blind date in the end, she was very anxious about being single and eager to marry herself quickly. The discussion of the problem of leftover women in countless movies and TV plays proves how unfriendly society is to older single women.

At the end of the documentary,The three protagonists mentioned have all made their own choices.. Hua Mei, a female lawyer, chose to study abroad to avoid disputes with her family, which made her unable to live a normal life. Her stubborn father supported her this time and gave her some comfort. Radio anchor Xiaomin didn’t want to put up with her mother’s strength any more, and began to reflect on her own problems, hoping that her mother would let her decide her own life. Although her resistance aroused her mother’s strong dissatisfaction, and even they had a fierce argument, she bravely took the first step, hoping to firmly maintain her own opinions in the future.

For children, the excessive intervention of parents will lead them to rely too much on their parents to form independent ideas. The most important sign of maturity is the sense of independence. If you are all children, how can you expect them to become other people’s parents in the future? However, with Huamei,Xiao Min’s difference is that Gaiqi finally chose to compromise.. In order to relieve the family pressure, Gaiqi married herself in a year. Her husband’s family is also from the countryside. Although she is younger than her, Gaiqi said that she has already owed too much foreign debt for her parents. Getting married can relieve her pressure. However, her husband’s family disliked her age and told her not to tell her real age to her relatives and friends. However, after one year of marriage, Gaiqi gave birth to a child, and now her family of three is full of vitality because of the arrival of the child. At this time, who can say that Gaiqi is unhappy and lives an ordinary and happy life like most ordinary people?

This documentary tells us that the three protagonists are struggling for the survival of single women in their lives. Although single life is free, it is also under great pressure. Among these pressures, family is the most important source, and being able to make parents accept their single status is the biggest challenge for leftover women.

Netizens generally believe that being single does not mean failure. On the contrary, Yong

Dare to choose single can reflect the courage of modern independent women. Single women deserve more respect and protection. The more developed the society and the higher the economic level, the less people depend on their families. Therefore, social elites such as high-end people and entertainment stars are more likely to become the "hardest hit areas" for leftover women. They can live independently very well and even avoid a lot of interpersonal troubles.

For them, it is not important to choose whether to raise children. They enjoy the freedom and convenience brought by being single. If marriage can’t bring happiness and make their lives better, then why choose marriage?

Faye Yu, 52-year-old independent woman.Still remain single and don’t regard marriage as an inevitable choice. She is very satisfied with her current single status and thinks that it has brought more freedom and a wonderful life.

Women with both talents and looks like Faye Yu often have strong independence and tenacity.

Grid. Age is not the decisive factor of a person’s lifestyle. Some people may choose to get married at the age of 20, while others may still be elegant single women at the age of 60. Marriage is not the only choice in life. With the increasing tolerance of society, the concept of "leftover women" may no longer be regarded as the object of discrimination or attack in the future.

The higher the civilization of society, the more diversified people’s lifestyles will be. Marriage is only one option among many lifestyles. Choosing not to marry does not mean that our life will not be happy. With the continuous improvement of the social system and the convenience of medical care, the problem of providing for the aged will no longer become a pressure. individualThe accumulation and efforts are the same.Can bring a quality life.

When secular standards gradually disappear, feelings may become more pure, and human happiness index is expected to continue to improve.

China Football Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report from 2023 to 2028

Content structure Content composition Key research contents Research purpose and value Development environment analysis
(PEST) Policy environment analysis

Summary and interpretation of key standards

Summary of policies and plans of the whole country and 31 provinces and cities

Detailed explanation of key policies in China and 31 provinces and cities

Policy impact analysis

Grasp policy trends, sort out policy opportunities and tap policy value;

Identify the economic cycle, grasp the economic trend and follow the trend;

Pay attention to the change of demand, tap market opportunities and grasp the development direction;

Sort out the transformation of technological achievements, tap technological breakthroughs, and explore technological development trends.

Economic environment analysis

Analysis of macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, industrial added value, fixed assets investment, social zero elimination, CPI, PPI and money supply.

Macroeconomic forecast

Correlation analysis between macro-economy and industry

Social environment analysis

Analysis of the background of human environment related to the development of the industry, such as population size and structure, income and expenditure of residents, consumption habits and labor costs.

Social environmental impact analysis

Technical environment analysis

Production process/flow

Key technology analysis

Development and application of new technologies, new processes and new materials

Investment in scientific research (R&D strength and intensity)

Achievements of scientific research innovation (patents, transformation of scientific research achievements, etc.)

Technical environmental impact analysis

China market insight Domestic development course and characteristics

The development process of domestic industry is combed

Analysis of Industry Economic Characteristics (Supply and Demand/Competition/Profit/Growth)

Analysis of Industry Market Characteristics (Periodic/Seasonal/Regional)

Grasp the development characteristics of the industry as a whole and fully understand the characteristics of existing market players;

Understand the supply and demand situation and profit level of the industry, and master the effective demand gap and profit space;

Understand user characteristics and demand preferences, and grasp the direction of product/service optimization;

Insight into the market competition pattern and hot spots, avoid competition in the red sea and open up the blue ocean market;

Master the business strategy of leading enterprises and optimize and adjust strategic planning;

Understand the regional market situation and tap regional development opportunities;

Understand the industry business model and transformation and upgrading trends, and help enterprises to better optimize and adjust business models and innovate marketing methods.

Panoramic analysis of big data of domestic enterprises

Analysis of market subject and enterprise admission mode

Analysis of enterprise development characteristics (number of enterprises/registered capital distribution/regional distribution/type distribution/enterprise science and technology creation/enterprise business risk/enterprise financing layout)

Comparison of enterprise characteristics in 31 provinces and cities (capital layout comparison/science and technology strength comparison/business risk comparison)

Analysis of domestic market supply situation

Analysis of product/service supply capacity (capacity/production line/production base/product & service characteristics/product & technology self-sufficiency rate, etc.)

Analysis of product/service supply level (capacity utilization rate/output/output value/product & service category quantity, etc.)

Analysis of domestic market demand

Analysis of product/service market penetration rate

Analysis of industry market saturation

Industry demand scale analysis (shipment/sales/user & customer scale/sales, etc.)

Supply and demand balance and market analysis

Supply and demand balance analysis

Market trend analysis and prediction (price level and price index changes)

Scale calculation

Measurement of Industry Market Size/Capacity

Analysis of industry management benefit

Analysis of industry revenue

Analysis of industry profit level

Analysis of industry cost control

Insight into user/customer characteristics

Basic characteristics of users (age distribution/gender distribution/income structure/regional distribution/education distribution, etc.)

Basic characteristics of government and enterprise customers (customer regional distribution/customer type distribution/customer value distribution, etc.)

Consumer/customer consumption & demand characteristics (purchase method/purchase channel/purchase time/product & service price preference/product & service performance characteristics preference, etc.)

Analysis of domestic market competition

Market competition layout (competitor’s entry process/regional distribution heat map/competitor’s strategic layout, etc.)

Analysis of market competition pattern (distribution of competitive clusters/competitive echelon & level/market share ratio of enterprises/ranking of enterprises/competitive situation, etc.)

Analysis of Key Factors (KSF) for the Success of Leading Enterprises

Market concentration analysis

Five forces model analysis

International market participation (internationalization motivation/international market entry mode/internationalization strategy, etc.)

Present situation and trend of domestic alternative layout

Regional market analysis

Analysis of regional layout (resource layout/enterprise distribution heat map/production pattern/demand pattern)

Analysis of regional cluster development (regional cluster development trend/industrial park construction, etc.)

Competitiveness evaluation and strategic position analysis of 31 provinces and cities

Market analysis of key regions (development environment/development status/competition status/development trend)

Analysis of business model and transformation and upgrading path

Business model analysis

Analysis of transformation and upgrading development path (informatization/digitalization/intelligence/low-carbon life, etc.)

Structural optimization and dynamic tracking of transformation and upgrading layout

Insight into capital market Investment and financing analysis

Venture capital financing analysis (scale/round distribution/regional distribution/subdivision distribution, etc.)

Analysis of listing financing (scale/plate distribution/regional distribution/subdivision distribution, etc.)

Analysis on the Use/Investment of Financing Funds

Understand the investment market dynamics and the investment layout of the head office, and grasp the future investment layout direction;

Understand the dynamics of financing market, strengthen financing strategy and improve financing ability;

Understand the capital operation of enterprises and grasp the capital operation strategy.

Analysis of merger and reorganization

Motivation analysis of merger and reorganization

Summary and interpretation of representative events of merger and reorganization

Case analysis of merger and reorganization

Prediction of merger and reorganization trend

Enterprise case study Layout carding and case analysis of benchmarking enterprises

The business layout of the representative enterprises studied is combed and compared.

Development course and basic information of benchmarking enterprises

Business structure and operation of benchmarking enterprises

Benchmarking enterprise supply layout (product/brand/service type and quantity; Production situation)

Benchmarking enterprise sales layout (distribution of sales/service outlets; Sales situation)

Business development and innovation of benchmarking enterprises (R&D innovation/industrial chain extension, etc.)

Investment and financing trends and other development trends of benchmarking enterprises

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Benchmarking Enterprises’ Development


Understand the business development and business layout trends of leading/benchmarking enterprises in the industry, and learn from the business strategies of high-quality enterprises;

Benchmarking industry benchmarking enterprises sort out the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise development and adjust the competitive strategy and rhythm in time.

Opportunity analysis of investment value and suggestions on investment strategy Evaluation of investment value and analysis of investment opportunities

Analysis of Market Entry and Exit Barriers

Early warning and prevention of investment risk

Comprehensive evaluation of investment value

Investment opportunity analysis (weak links in industrial chain/sub-sectors/regional markets/gaps, etc.)

Investment strategy and suggestions for sustainable development

Investment strategies and suggestions (existing enterprises/new entrants/investment institutions, etc.)

Suggestions on sustainable development (internal enterprises/industry norms/government supervision, etc.)

170 million in 3 years! 110 million in 4 years! Lake human body lost money during the competition, name note: crazy gamble.

Although looking at the salary paid by the Lakers last season and the final results, their performance was not very good. However, with several deals in the middle of the season, the Lakers still got a lot of very good resources, and at the same time cleared out several big contract players with big problems. However, they also faced problems in the off-season, and now they have to pay nearly $40 million in luxury tax. In this case, they also need to supplement the projection ability of the outside line.

Although the Lakers need to complete a lot of work in this offseason, the management of the Lakers can be said to be very good as a whole from the current situation. Now for them, besides the continuous negotiations with James, the most important thing is to renew Anthony Davis’ contract and consider whether to renew Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current situation of the whole free market, the Lakers may not have a better choice. After all, after renewing the contract with Rivers, the salary space of the Lakers is still stretched.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst talked about the prospect of Lakers striker Anthony Davis renewing his contract in advance when he participated in the program today.

"This (early contract renewal) is not in a hurry. Anthony Davis will not make a decision before August 5, but I do think the Lakers will provide some form of offer this week, or at least show their intention to make an offer." Brian Windhorst said.

According to previous reports, Davis expects to complete the contract renewal in advance at the beginning of the new season training camp, and the contract salary can reach up to 170 million US dollars for three years. Of course, many well-known journalists in the industry think that this will be a big gamble for the Lakers.

In addition, ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith talked about Dangelo Russell in the program.

Smith said: "I think his value is underestimated. Listen, Dangelo Russell can fight. Dangelo Russell, let me explain your performance in Patrick Beverly Podcast. You are underestimated. You deserve a contract of more than two years and 36 million dollars. In fact, I think you should at least get a contract with an annual salary of 25 million to 27 million US dollars. "

At present, many insiders predict that Russell may want to get a four-year contract of $110 million. As the fans said, in this age of salary explosion, the annual salary of around $25 million is really not too much.

Of course, fortunately, for the Lakers, as long as a few long-term renewal contracts are settled now, the Lakers should maintain a relatively good standing in the next few seasons, and at the same time be able to maintain the current lineup. You know, after successfully completing the integration of this lineup last season, the Lakers didn’t go through much running-in. If the potential of this existing lineup can be successfully released, then the Lakers are still very hopeful to win a more competitive position next season.

I don’t know what your golfers think about this.

It’s confirmed 4 million in 10 years, "basic salary James"!

Everyone is watching NBA players sign big contracts now, with an annual salary of $50 million and $250 million for four years. Isn’t it enjoyable?

I’ve never seen so much money in my life. Is it not enough to talk with the crowd and have an addiction?

However, signing such a big contract does not mean that you can get so much money in full.

Earlier, when Jaylen Brown announced that he would renew his contract with the Celtics in advance and get a new contract with an average annual salary of 60.8 million dollars for five years, Andrew Petcash, an NBA salary expert, even settled the account.

Brown has to pay a lot of taxes, including 22.5 million federal taxes, 6 million NBA third-party custody fees, 1.8 million broker fees, 1.4 million federal social insurance health care taxes/medical insurance premiums, 1.8 million athletes taxes, and 2.7 million Massachusetts state taxes.

In the end, Brown earned a net income of $24.5 million a year.

That’s a lot, as long as you don’t spend money indiscriminately and have children hard, it’s no problem to be popular and spicy.

In contrast, NBA players suffer a lot after retirement, and it is not easy to make some money.

That’s the case with Terrence Williams. He brought 17 people together to raise $4 million, which will cost him 10 years.

The thing is this: In order to provide some protection for retired players, the NBA has set up a plan called "NBA Health and Welfare", which is actually medical insurance, and retired NBA players can reimburse medical bills.

However, some retired NBA players took a fancy to the money, and they formed a team of 18 people under the leadership of Williams, and cashed out of the plan by various means.

Before retiring, these 18 former NBA players probably thought that hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars were meaningless, but after retiring, they were profligate and broke at the speed of light, and they still needed money.

It is understood that Williams and his 17 associates have been arrested. He admitted that he submitted forged invoices full of spelling mistakes and inconsistencies with everyone from 2017 to 2021, and reimbursed medical expenses that never occurred.

In this process, Williams not only cheated money himself, but also received a kickback of $346,000 from others.

Among Williams’ associates, there are many names that old fans remember, such as Marbury’s cousin Telfer, Lakers veteran shannon brown, "Big Baby" glen davis, Nets veteran Du Lin and alan anderson, and Grizzly bear expert Tony Allen and others.

According to statistics, the 18 former NBA players defrauded about $4 million from this NBA welfare plan.

As the principal offender, Williams was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment, with compensation and a fine of $3.15 million.

These players earned a total of $343 million while playing in the NBA, and now 18 people are speechless for $4 million.

This Williams was selected by the Nets in the 11th overall pick in the first round in 2009. He played for the Nets, Rockets, Kings and Celtics, and later went to CBA as a foreign aid.

Williams has six children, two of whom are adults, but he will step on the sewing machine for 10 years himself.

As soon as this news came out, many fans felt very embarrassed, because they used Williams as the "basic salary James" in the 2K game, mainly because it was black enough, hard enough, able to buckle and vote, and very comprehensive.

Williams did play against James, and it didn’t hurt too much!

You say Williams is too stupid. He can organize and plan so many people and cheat 4 million from the NBA. But you said he was smart enough. He was caught before he got all the money.

This can not help but remind people of Li Tie, who was recently prosecuted for taking bribes, bribery, unit bribery, bribery of non-state staff and bribery of non-state staff.

Don’t stretch out your hand, you will be caught if you stretch out your hand!

Mingsu: I have a generation gap with Kobe! James and I are close in character!

According to the report on August 3rd, some famous NBA players who lost the official 75th National Congress were interviewed recently, and compared with James and Kobe, who were both teammates. He said that he has a generation gap with Kobe and is close to James.

This celebrity has been teammates with James and Kobe for many years, so his mentality is actually different. When he was a teammate with Kobe, he was still a giant and very strong player, so he wouldn’t give Kobe too much face. The celebrity said that most of their contradictions came from the generation gap, and another reason was that he had never been a teammate with Chaoju before.

He also talked about some of Kobe’s locker room behaviors. In fact, there is nothing unexpected. Everyone knows Kobe’s character. He said that Kobe will not talk to any teammates, and he may not even give a speech. Even if teammates greet him and greet him, Kobe will just ignore him and pass by. Kobe doesn’t like teammates to joke, but this celebrity likes to joke.

What about James? He is very close to the people, and is close to this famous character, at least in his eyes. The celebrity said that he and James are like twins, always joking and enjoying themselves. They will enjoy playing together, but they can still dominate the game.

In the past few days, different players have compared the personalities of James and Kobe or James and Jordan, or James’ personality, including Russell, Heywood, Pippen Jr. and Suede. James’s character is very close to the people and can be happy with his teammates. Kobe or Jordan’s character is withdrawn and overbearing, like a boss. They can all succeed, but obviously James is more popular with his teammates, followed by Jordan, and then Kobe is at the bottom.

General manager Pei 10 operates to build the best lineup? The US media is still worried about the poor record: try 3 for 1 bogdan.

The Los Angeles Lakers just renewed Anthony Davis with a maximum salary of 186 million yuan for three years. It is said that Ricky Paul called thick eyebrows and said, "The Lakers are willing to renew their contracts in advance and you will give them a maximum salary." AD immediately agreed cheerfully. In the next five years, the salary of thick eyebrows will be as high as 270 million, and Ricky Paul will earn a large commission.

Pelinka, vice president of Lakers operations, completed 10 operations this summer:

1. Renew the contract with 186 million yuan in advance in three years;

2. Renew Reeves for 54.2 million yuan in four years;

3. Renew Bacunlei with 51 million yuan in three years;

4. Renew Russell for 36 million yuan in two years;

5. Signed Vincent for 33 million in three years;

6.1 years, 4.5 million signed Prince;

7. Signed Reddish for 4.6 million in two years;

8. signed Hayes for 4.5 million in two years;

On September 17th, Shifino was selected; (17.89 million in four years)

Lewis was signed on October 40; (4 years, 7.69 million)

StatMuse, a data media, thinks that Pelinka’s operation has created the strongest lineup of the Lakers, and ESPN also predicts that the Lakers will win at least 46.5 wins and rank in the top five in the Western Conference next season without playing the play-offs.

However, NBA Analysis, an American media, doesn’t think so. They think that the Lakers may trade before the trading deadline next season. The record of the Lakers is not necessarily good. What will happen next season is still unknown. Ham is not satisfactory. He may not know how to use multiple front lines. Bogdan Bogdanovic may be traded before the deadline.

The trade plan is that the Lakers send Vincent, Vanderbilt and Prince to get bogdan and bogdan.He scored in double figures in all six seasons of his career. Last season, he averaged 27.9 minutes per game, scored 14 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 0.8 steals, hit 44.7% and hit 40.6% from three points. He was an excellent organizer and broke up with San.

Bogdan is a killer in the international arena. He was the scoring champion in the 19 th World Cup, with 183 points in 8 games.The shooting percentage is 55.6%, and the three-point shooting percentage is 53%. He can effectively reduce the scoring pressure of Zhan Mei.

The prerequisite for bogdan’s deal is that the Lakers have a poor record before the deadline for next season’s deal, otherwise such a deal should not be made.

Text/Yan Xiaobai’s Basketball Dream

Bye, Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

bye-byeLittle Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

The Rockets made a 4-for-1 deal for Turner, sending Potter and two first-round signings away.

The NBA summer is always full of variables and surprises, and many teams will seek reinforcement in the free market or change their lineup through transactions. This summer, the teams in the west are constantly moving. The Lakers, Warriors, Suns, Lone Rangers and other teams are constantly strengthening their own strength, trying to compete for the hegemony of the west next season. In contrast, the teams in the east seem a little unremarkable, except for some small moves made by several strong teams, there is no big change. The most regrettable thing is that the Nets, which once owned the epic three giants, are now in trouble. The three giants have disintegrated and the team has lost hope of winning the championship. So, under such circumstances, which other teams will make some big moves in the summer?

According to the US media "Fadeaway World", the Rockets and Pacers plan to discuss a 4-for-1 deal offer this summer. If the negotiations go smoothly, two-time league blocked shot Wang Turner is expected to parachute into Houston. What is the specific plan of this transaction? Why did the Rockets and Pacers make such a decision? How does this transaction affect both parties? Let’s analyze it together.

The Rockets sent Potter Jr. and two first-round signings away.

The Rockets experienced a catastrophic collapse last season. They not only lost their core players such as Harden, Wei Shao and Gordon, but also suffered from injuries and epidemics, and finally ended the season with the worst record in the league. The Rockets won No.4 rookie Amen Thompson and No.16 rookie jabari Smith in this year’s draft. They also signed champion point guard Van fleet and veteran Hayes in the free market, trying to rebuild the team. However, in this process, the Rockets are also facing some problems and difficulties. One of the biggest problems is their point guard Potter Jr.

Porter Jr. was a surprise choice that the Rockets got from the Cavaliers in the middle of last season. He showed great talent and potential in the Rockets, averaging 16.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.1 steals, shooting 44.2% from the field and 36.8% from three points. He not only has excellent scoring ability and organizational ability, but also has good defensive consciousness and physical fitness. He once scored an astonishing 50 points and 11 assists against Bucks, becoming the second youngest 50+10 player in NBA history. He is also considered as one of the cores of the Rockets’ future reconstruction.

However, in this summer, there was little news about Porter Jr., and his brilliance was completely concealed by players such as Amen Thompson and Whitmore. Uduka, the new coach of the Rockets, has an ambiguous attitude towards Porter Jr. Unlike Jay Green, jabari Smith Jr. and Tarry Ethan, Porter Jr. has never been praised by Uduka. He is about to lose his starting position in the new season, which is definitely not a taste psychologically. Coupled with his "thorny" attribute, Uduka’s lack of confidence in him is understandable. According to "Houston Chronicle" reporter Fagan, it’s not that the Rockets management doesn’t want to send Potter away, especially after getting Van fleet and Amen Thompson, but his rookie bonus period has ended, and other teams who want him have to bear an annual salary of $15.86 million, which is not attractive.

Therefore, the Rockets decided to use Potter as a bargaining chip in exchange for a player who can improve the team’s strength. Their goal is the Pacers center Turner. In order to get Turner, the Rockets paid the price of Potter Jr. and two first-round signings.

These two first-round signings are the first-round signings of the Nets in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Although the Nets are currently one of the strongest teams in the league, their strength may drop sharply after four or six years, and these two first-round signings may also become very valuable. The Rockets made a big bet to get Turner.

Larsa Pippen: I know my relationship will embarrass Jordan and Pippen …

Larsa Pippen: I know that my relationship will embarrass Jordan and Pippen. I can understand that.

Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen participated in the program "Whine Down with Jana Kramer", in which Larsa said that she didn’t spend much time with her boyfriend’s father Michael Jordan.

"I think it may be a little embarrassing for them, my predecessor and Jordan, but I understand that I am not crazy. I understand that this is different for them. I was not part of the bull dynasty. I was at school. Before I was with Scott, I was not friends with Jordan. Many people would think that I was with Marcus (Jordan’s son) to stab my predecessor, but it had nothing to do with it."

# Basketball doesn’t cool down in summer #

The gunner still lost the game with 82% possession rate. Arsenal vs Forest: shooting 6-11, shooting 2-3.

Live on May 21st, this round of Premier League Nottingham Forest beat Arsenal 1-0 at home. The following is a comparison of the specific data of this game between the two sides:

Nottingham forest vs arsenal

Shooting: 6-11

Straight shot: 2-3

Ball control rate: 18%-82%

Passing success rate: 50%-89%

Foul: 11-12

Yellow card: 3-2

Corner kick: 3-6

(Chenpi is not orange)