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Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

) AZ Alkmar fans tried to violence the families of the opposing players, which made the fans frown. On 19th (Korean time), Alkmar was defeated by Pablo Fonal at the last moment of the second half of the UEFA Europa League semi-final in the 2022/23 season at AFAS Stadium in Alkmar, the Netherlands, and finally lost 0-1. Alkmar entered the UEFA Cup finals in the 1980/81 season, and then entered the finals again after 42 years. However, Alkmar, who lost 1-2 away on the 12th, failed to advance to the finals with a total score of 1-3 in the first and second matches. In addition, in the match of the day, in addition to the result, the excessive behavior of the polar fans in Alkmar also made the players and many fans angry. The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: "This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players. According to the report, Alkmar hooligans made West Ham United more likely to win with Fonal’s goal in stoppage time in the second half, and they used violence against friends, family members and staff of West Ham players who were sitting in the stands watching the game. Henderson said: "The hooligans sat behind the stadium and attacked the friends, family members and coaching staff of the players who were cheering. Several West Ham players, including Sports director mark noble, immediately rushed to the stands to protect them from thugs wearing black clothes and winter clothes. Then he said, "In the case of captain Declan Rice and Gerald Bowen,Also witnessed the scene of a war of words with the audience, Alkmar hooligans seemed to be throwing things at the side where they were standing. "At that time, Lucas Machta, Alan creswell, Macher Antonio and others who were running to stop Alkmar fans were stopped by security guards, and the West Ham United coaching staff had seen the scene of accusing those who did not stop them correctly. Pascal Zhan Sen, CEO of Alkmar and born in London, criticized this scene in an interview after the game, calling it "a shame that happened on our pitch", while Joojo Cole, a legendary British Premier League sports commentator, said: "This is absurd in modern football. It must be banned for life ",emphasizing the need for severe punishment. Meanwhile, Anderson said that Alkmar fans had already clashed with West Ham United fans before the game. The media said: "Before the kick-off, there was a clash between West Ham fans and Alkmar fans, and they were in chaos in the street. The video shared on SNS also captured a person being attacked by a group using a bicycle as a weapon, which explained the situation at that time.

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

There are rumors that Messi will leave Greater Paris at the end of this season. Since Messi and the management of the Paris Club were locked in a fight over Saudi business, Messi began to contact other teams actively, hoping to solve his transfer problem in the shortest time.

Barley is not sitting still, they are still trying to buy $100 million superstar B from Manchester City to replace Messi. In fact, Block B had already made a deal with Manchester City last season, and in the summer window, Block B also expressed its goodwill to Barley and Barcelona. Although he said goodbye to the fans on his own turf and wanted to bury the hatchet with Manchester United, Gua Lao refused to let him leave when the new season was about to start, which resulted in his B seat in Manchester City.

This season, regardless of whether Manchester City can win the Champions League, the B seat will be sent to other teams. If we can win this game, it would be great. In addition, in the Champions League with Real Madrid, B also scored two goals, which was also highly praised by the management of Greater Paris. However, this Manchester City midfielder needs at least 1 million pounds.

Substitute Messi also performed well. He can pass the ball and shoot, scoring for himself and creating opportunities for his teammates. And B is also in its prime, which is of great help to the lower back of Paris. But Luo Teng, a legendary Parisian, also commented on the prospect of the B seat in a TV interview. Luo Teng said, "If he’s after the money, he won’t wait long. For Qatar’s management, it is not important to form a team. What matters is whether you can sign a superstar. They like Silva and Bernardo. However, they did not change the position of B to the running-in of the team. "

It can be seen that Luo Teng is well aware of the problems that Greater Paris is facing now. They only want to introduce stars at a high price, but they don’t have a clear plan. If it is really B who is sent to Greater Paris, I’m afraid some sacrifices will be made.

COFCO Coca-Cola runners finished the race in Leshan in April and look forward to continuing to run into the future in May.

Fangfei April, good spring on earth. On April 22nd, 2023 Leshan Half Marathon and "Running All over Sichuan (Leshan Station)" fired at the Dadu River Square in Leshan. Runners from COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group and more than 14,000 runners walked like flies, showing their passion and vitality with running and speed, and carrying forward the sports spirit of the new era with tenacity and hard work. Two runners from Sichuan Running Group once again ran into the first echelon and finished the marathon of COFCO Coca-Cola’s "Running All over Sichuan" series in April with good results!

The moist spring breeze blows across the track, and the runners start running with passion against the morning light. The figure of "Cola Red" shuttled through the team, and together with many contestants, it merged into a gorgeous streamer, flowing on the ecological avenue of World Heritage. In the live broadcast of "China Tourism TV", the struggling figures of the runners of the Sichuan Tour Group are inspiring and become the focus of the camera, and many wonderful moments are transmitted to thousands of households.

"After the race, we should have a good taste of Leshan’s delicious food, eat alms chicken and serve it with iced coke, and this activity will be smooth." Lily of COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group excitedly communicated with the runners that the scenery along the track is beautiful and the riverside scenery is beautiful. This Leshan Marathon is not only a test and exercise of her own physique, but also a happy journey.

Since March this year, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group has started 12 marathons in Sichuan. As the final run of the marathon in April, it has won the response and participation of many employees. Over the past 24 years, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company has been taking "Healthy China and Beautiful China" as its responsibility, and taking "Volunteer Sichuan and Run Sichuan" as its platform, so that more sports fans can participate in marathon and other sports events, build a sports team of employees, ignite health and vitality through sports, and devote themselves to life and work in a better state.

As a mass event with the participation of the whole people, the significance of the city marathon goes far beyond the sport itself, but it is a carrier to fully display the city civilization, promote consumption and help the high-quality development of the city economy through the event. Next, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company will uphold the corporate image of "being responsible, doing something and caring", paint the urban landscape with love, fulfill its social responsibilities in helping the city’s economic vitality, continue to carry out rich and varied sports activities, and constantly help all kinds of sports events, create a stronger competition atmosphere in the countdown to the opening of the World Universiade, and actively help build a sports power.

Interview | There are not only rain wars in Boston, but also …

The Finish line, composed of royal blue and bright yellow paint, has witnessed countless stories on the third Monday of April every year. Some people shook their arms, some collapsed, some sang proudly, and some shed tears.

For female runners, the Boston Marathon has more historical significance across the times. She was never allowed to compete. After Catherine Stweetzer was caught by the competition supervisor, someone stepped forward to protect her, which set off a craze for female marathon. Now, a female runner runs extremely on this century-old track and writes a glorious and moving story.

In the rain in Boston on April 17th this year,Eritrean female player Nazret Weldu crossed the finish line in sixth place in 2:23:25.. pedalXtep 160X2.0 Yes, the story she wrote is what I want to share with you today.

In 1998, Nazret Weldu, a Sudanese refugee displaced by violent conflict and oppression, and his family finally fled and immigrated to Eritrea, a country that achieved independence only in 1993. She was eight years old that year.

Children in Africa,Exercise from an early age.. At school, Nazret Weldu runs while playing football. 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters are her strengths. At the age of 14, Nazret Weldu won the 400-meter championship in the Nairobiano CA junior championships youth competition. Entering the more competitive adult arena, 18-year-old Weldu won the 1500m championship in Khartoum Meeting CAA, Khartoum.

In 2009, 19-year-old Weldu met his current coach Livingston Abraham Askaba. Under his training, Weldu not only ran on the road, but also participated in cross-country running. The proudest thing was that he won a prize of 5,000 euros in a cross country competition in Spain in 2008. For African athletes, this money was the "ceiling" at that time.

Later,Livingston took Weldu to try middle and long distance, cross-country running, half horse, until the whole horse.. Without him, Weldu may not have the courage and courage to cross the event. In 2019, Weldu began the challenge of the whole horse. And Livingston Abraham also gained another weight from the identity of the coach-husband.

Weldu said that it is not so easy for a person to be a "husband" and a "coach" because "the husband is actually more responsible for companionship, while the coach is to promote and guide athletes". It’s not so easy to switch between being strict and being gentle. There are challenges in any interpersonal relationship, and so do Weldu and Livingston. Fortunately, they walk side by side and make progress little by little in exploration.

Weldu’s professional highlight moment was at the Oregon World Championships in 2022.Wearing Xtep 160X2.0, she broke the world championship record with the top three.She has also become a new creator of Eritrea’s national record. Weldu said that now she simply enjoys the treatment of "national hero".

When Eugene moved to Sydney Marathon, Eritrean residents in Sydney went to see her race, and even found her in various ways after the race and wanted to see her. Her country’s ambassador to Australia also congratulated her after the game.

Weldu revealed the story of his cooperation with Xtep. In May 2022, she first came into contact with Xtep running shoes. "At that time, my coach and I were hesitant. After all, it was a strange brand and I didn’t know what would happen …" But after she chose to try it on, she found that everything was beyond her expectation.There is no difference in foot feeling with the international brand running shoes she wore before.. So,Xtep 160X 2.0 broke the coach’s and her concerns with quality.They chose Xtep’s favorite running shoes and stood on the world championship, the world-class competition track with the highest single level.

From No.59 in the world to No.4 in Oregon, Weldu set a new national record in the world-class competition with extremely high gold content.She described 160X 2.0 as "Very Good" to express Xtep’s trust and support for her.

Weldu expressed her feelings for Xtep on social media.

And the story about their mutual trust,From Oregon to Boston.

In April in Boston, the air still hides the coolness that has not completely faded, and the magnolia and cherry blossoms on the roadside bloom generously throughout the tree.Uncertain rain and heartbreaking difficulties make the most well-trained top professional athletes dare not slack off..

Weldu said that when the technical meeting was held the day before the competition, they knew it would be a rainy battle. But she is not worried about it, because she has been wearing Xtep in normal training.She firmly believes that the top performance of running shoes will help her maintain her fighting capacity as always in the rain war..

The hardest time of the battle of Boston came from 35 kilometers. Weldu recalled that the leading first group had already started at that time, and the cold weather was the most difficult for her to adapt to when she was trained in Ethiopia.However, the running shoes under her feet, whether they are non-slip and wear-resistant, give her enough protection and trust.. Let her hold herself steady at the last moment and cross the line in sixth place.

Although it is a little pity for Weldu not to be on the podium, from Eugene and Boston, she has gained the most intimate and professional care and trust from Xtep inside and outside the track.This mutual trust has given her enough motivation and vision for the future.,

"I am very happy to have the help of such a sponsor of a world-class sports brand, and I hope we can have a longer-term cooperation. In the future training, I will do my best and hope that I can stand on the podium of six Grand Slam events and win the championship in two years. "

"In this competition, I defeated my opponent who lost before. I won the first place in the World Championships last year and ran the tenth this time."

Weldu’s story in Boston is inspiring, glorious, trusting and expecting. Along with her story, Xtep has gone through more than 15 years of deep cultivation.On the international track, I wrote an inspirational story of China sports brands speeding up catch-up and achieving transcendence..

Weldu at the 2022 Oregon World Championships

The World Championships is not only the highest level competition of the world’s top high-level players, but also a battleground for international sports brands to display their brand strength. In the past, foreign capital dominated, and there were few opportunities for domestic brands to correct their names.At the Oregon World Championships, Xtep champion running shoes, which made their first appearance on the international track, set a dazzling record in the world series.In the competition with foreign brands, China’s domestic sports brands have gained the top scientific and technological support.

This reflects the continuous improvement of Xtep product strength of domestic brands. Behind this milestone breakthrough is Xtep’s efforts and determination to constantly consolidate the racing genes, constantly invest and hone, and constantly approach international standards in the process of deepening the field of running.

From Oregon to Boston, the most prestigious six Grand Slam events, China’s running shoes continued to exert their strength, winning the best ranking of women in China’s running shoes in the six Grand Slam events, and Xtep became the only China sports brand among the top ten women’s teams. Among all the Boston elite players, the only China sports brand is Xtep. This is not only a manifestation of brand strength, but also a manifestation of national self-confidence.

From emerging in the world to occupying the spire market, in the competition and game with foreign brands, we will accumulate strength step by step and constantly break through.Xtep has achieved its ambition of "Xtep in China, the world’s running shoes" with hard-core achievements.Break the monopoly of foreign capital, gain a foothold in the world stage and stand out.

From Oregon to Boston, the special step of catching up with China’s running shoes on the world track has proved that the brewing pattern of the world’s running shoes is coming.Xtep, which represents the speed of China, is still accelerating and the development momentum is fierce. It is also more confident and emboldened, making China sports brand generate a strong rising force on the world track..

Text:Fusheng /Edit:Chen cheng

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4: 0 promotion! Harris 25+12, Harden 17+8+11, and the 76ers eliminated the Nets at 96: 88.

At 1: 00 a.m. Beijing time on April 23rd, the fourth game between the 76th ers and the Nets in the first round of the playoffs began, and its starting lineup was Harden, Maxi, Harris, Tucker and Reid. The Nets started with Ding Weidi, bridges, Smith, Johnson and claxton.

In the first quarter, Harris hit 2 points from the middle distance, Ding Weidi scored 3 points with an arrow from the outside line, and then started to hit with a knife and a long-range shot of 3 points. Reed caught the ball at the basket and smashed it into the basket for 2 points. claxton also easily put in 2 points from the inside, Ding Weidi scored 2 points from two free throws, and the Nets led by 6 points at 10: 4. Both sides came and went, killing the wind and water. At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led by 7 points at 29: 22.

In the second quarter, Maxi shot 2 points, Niang scored 2 points against the defense, Maxi stole a dragon and put 2 points in the basket, and the 76ers scored 6 points in a row to catch up with 28: 29, a difference of 1 point. Finney Smith hit a long-range 3-point shot, and the Nets finally scored. The two sides chased each other and were passionate about killing. At the end of the first half, the 76ers were 8 points behind at 40: 48.

In the first half, statistics from both sides: 76ers Harris scored 11 points, 7 rebounds and 1 steal, Harden scored 11 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, and Maxi scored 6 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal; Nets claxton scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, Ding Weidi scored 11 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists, Johnson scored 8 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists, and bridges scored 3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

In the third quarter, Harris made up 2 points by throwing and grabbing, Smith stole and killed Taishan at the basket, and added 2 points by dunking. Then he only knew how to bow and shoot a big eagle and scored 3 points. One person scored 5 points in a row, and the Nets led to 11 points at 53: 42. Harden retreated and scored 3 points. The two sides fell into the attack mode. After three quarters of fighting, the 76ers overtook 3 points at 66: 63!

The fourth quarter is the decisive moment for both sides! Bridges leaned back and scored 2 points, and Harden scored 1 point in two free throws for breaking through the projectile. Today, the beard is really iron! Melton’s big heart on the outside scored 3 points and secured the net, which was awesome in Karachi. The 76ers led by 5 points at 70: 65. The last quarter of the two sides were still inextricably tied, and the score was very anxious. Finally, the killing game ended, and the 76 ers eliminated the Nets at 96: 88, and advanced to the second round with a big score of 4: 0!

Nets: Ding Weidi scored 20 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 blocked shot, claxton scored 19 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 blocked shots, Johnson scored 11 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, Smith scored 8 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 blocked shot, bridges scored 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists and Kokuri scored 6 points and 3 rebounds.

Sixers: Harris scored 25 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block, Maxi scored 16 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals, Harden scored 17 points, 8 rebounds, 11 assists, 1 steal and 1 block, Reid scored 10 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block, and melton scored 15 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists.

Shougang giant tower has been targeted again, it’s not, Qiu Biao wants to make direct moves, and Xinjiang has become a destiny.

Qiu Biao also took a fancy to Shougang’s inside giant tower, because his playing time in the team was compressed very badly.. Especially after Leiden became the head coach of Shougang team, it was difficult for him to meet the launching conditions of fast-break tactics because of his shortcomings in moving speed, which made his sense of existence even lower. Although his contract with Shougang will expire in 2025, Shougang will not rule out that they will directly buy out Li Muhao’s contract in order to make their tactics break through the limit at this stage. After all, the success of their reform this season has made Shougang see new hope! However, who is Qiu Biao’s favorite inside tower? Next, let’s take a look with the basketball brother!

I believe all the fans want to know this answer, because at the end of this season, Shougang obviously gave up its ancestral tactics for many years, that is, "defensive counterattack tactics", and instead started a fast break with its opponents. As Yang Ming said, the transmission ball of Shougang’s lineup attack was obviously more reasonable, which made them more difficult to deal with. No, just in the "Beijing-Liaoning War" G2, they have repeatedly approached the score to less than five points. Under this tactic, Li Muhao, which is tall and relatively slow, is obviously further marginalized. However, Fan Ziming, his former partner, relies on his flexible position and accurate investment to regain his reuse under the latest fast-break system in Leiden.

If Li Muhao stays in Shougang, he will be further marginalized, and it is very likely that he will be completely bought out of the contract. At that time, there is only one road left for him, and that is to leave the team. Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team will never give up this excellent opportunity to sign. Because the inside has obviously become the biggest shortcoming of Xinjiang team, although they have the blessing of foreign aid Farr in the inside, clemons can only be pushed to the bench when he plays. This also makes Qiu Biao encounter more difficulties in arranging troops. If their insiders can give strength at a critical moment, the overall performance of the Xinjiang team will certainly be able to go up a storey still higher!

Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team must consider introducing new "inside reinforcements"! As for making qi zhou change his mind again? Judging from the current situation, this will not be much greater than the chance of winning the 10 million prize in the sports lottery. Since this is the case, Qiu Biao must try his best to reinforce the inside of the Xinjiang team again. However, when he looked around the whole CBA League, only Li Muhao of Shougang Team had the possibility of leaving the team. Because his playing style and Leiden’s fast-break style are a little difficult to integrate, which makes his position in the team further marginalized. When a group of excellent strikers such as Zeng Fanbo and Qiu Tian rise successfully, Li Muhao’s sense of existence will become even lower!

And when Li Muhao plays, the chances of young players of Shougang will be further compressed, which is very unfavorable for the growth of these young players. And in this offseason, Zhang Yunsong will also find 4-5 outstanding young players from the "Young Eagle Project" to fill the first team. In addition to the back line, it is very likely that there will be new outstanding teenagers in their inside. Since this is the case, it does not rule out that Li Muhao will completely fall out of the rotation. After all, there is a big gap between his performance on the court and that of Fan Ziming, which makes him likely to be further marginalized in the team. Maybe he will apply for active trading himself, which will enable both sides to fulfill each other.

When he joined the Xinjiang team, Qiu Biao could also offer clemons and Li Muhao a partner at the critical moment of scoring. At the same time, Abdul Salamu, arslan, Kirin and others are doing a good job in the pick-and-roll cooperation with them, and their play on the field will definitely play a more powerful role. Although there is a big gap between him and Farr in terms of overall play in the inside. However, he can help the team to build more advantages in the inside through his own efforts, which makes Qiu Biao feel more at ease and boldly sacrifice clemons, a small foreign aid, to enhance their deterrence on the offensive end. When necessary, Qiu Biao can also sacrifice Farr and Qiu Biao at the same time in order to improve their defensive strength!

But if you want to ask here, can Qiu Biao and others really successfully capture Li Muhao, a giant inside tower, in this offseason? In the basketball brother’s view, this may be true! After all, Shougang team is upgrading its main lineup, so they will definitely put more energy into the cultivation and exploration of young players. Not to mention, Li Muhao also has a power outage problem with Leiden’s tactical system. Since this is the case, it is very likely that he will be traded by Shougang team so that they can introduce new reinforcements again. After all, Shougang’s hard work in the playoffs has made Zhang Yunsong see more possibilities! Therefore, the optimization of the lineup is inevitable, which makes Li Muhao’s departure inevitable. # Hundreds of teams #

The replacement of Aziz in the three towns of Wuhan has come out! Sang Qiu Wang returns to join Zhongjia.

According to a few days ago, the Serbian media Politika reported that Pesici, the center of Serbian Red Star Belgrade, was going to play for the Super League, and the team he played for was Wuhan Sanzhen, the double champion of the Super League. According to the media, Wuhan Sanzhen Team will introduce Pesici on loan this summer, with a lease fee of 550,000 euros and a contract of one year, and the lease agreement also contains a buyout clause.

Pesici’s full Chinese name ~ alexander pesic, born on May 21st, 1992, is a Serbian football player, with a height of 190cm! Weight 87 kg, front (middle) front on the court! Right-footed, now playing for Red Star Belgrade.

In recent two or three years, Pesici has played for Macabies in Tel Aviv, Fati Hekkala Guluk in Turkey and FC in Seoul. Earlier, he also played in Saudi Arabia, Serie A and Ligue 1. It can be said that Pesici has rich football experience! This season, he made 30 appearances for Red Star, scoring 11 goals and 3 assists in 28 starts, which is not bad!

At present, Wuhan Sanzhen team has gone through two rounds of Super League, with 1 draw and 1 loss, and they are all at home, only scoring one goal, and the attack power is too bad! The team’s performance is worrying (fans)! And also injured three generals! In particular, Aziz, a new foreign aid, was injured in the first round. I believe the club will also make alternative plans for this! It is also expected by the club to find a replacement for Aziz! Therefore, it is not groundless for Serbian media to say that Wuhan Sanzhen team is renting Pesici! In particular, Pesici and Marcand are very similar in style, and both are good at height and weight! Big man (190 cm), very good at holding and protecting the ball! It’s great to grab a header! Moreover, I have also played in the AFC Champions League with the Seoul team in South Korea!

In addition, it was broadcast live yesterday. The official announcement of Jinan Xingzhou Club in Zhongjia announced that Sang Yifei, a meritorious player who played for Wuhan Sanzhen Team last year, officially joined the team! And as the team captain!

Sang Yifei, who is 34 years old, can be described as a meritorious old player of Wuhan Sanzhen Team! I have made great contributions to the team’s Chongchao in that year! After the end of last season, Sang Yifei bid farewell to the Wuhan Sanzhen team and planned to retire! For the better development of the club, the team should be younger, so the team cleans some older players! Sang Yifei is impressively listed. At the beginning of April this year, the club official announced that Sang Yifei had left the team.

However, Sang Yifei, who left three towns in Wuhan in mid-April this year, revealed in social media that he would decide to come back after four months of retirement. The original text of the attached social media is as follows:

"I have already retired, leaving the pitch for 4 months, and suddenly being a player is quite uncomfortable! Oil the machine first, and thank my grandson! The veteran will continue to fight! "

Sang Yifei is an excellent player with skill, fast speed and outstanding ball control ability under his feet! Thank him for his contribution to the Wuhan three towns team! I hope he can continue to play his advantages in the new team and help the team make achievements! Finally, I wish him good luck!

How does AI change hair style? A few simple steps will teach you

How does AI change hair style? In modern society, it is no longer necessary to go to a beauty salon or barber shop in person for things like changing your hair style. Now there are many virtual hairstyles software that can help you try different hairstyles at home. Now, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, we can use AI to help us change our hair styles more easily. In this article, we will introduce how to use AI to change hair style.

How does AI change hair style? A few simple steps will teach you

First, you need to choose a virtual hairstyle software. There are many such applications on the market, such as "one-click matting" software. You can search for software in the app store or search engine and download it. After opening the software, select the "hair change" function in the picture special effects.

You need to upload a photo of yourself. This photo should be a clear front photo, preferably without a hat or headscarf. Upload the photos to the software, and then choose the hairstyle that suits you. You can change both the hair color and the hairstyle. You can choose different hairstyles according to your preferences and styles. In this step, you need to consider your face, hair quality, workplace and other factors, and choose a hairstyle that suits you and conforms to the fashion trend.

Once you choose a hairstyle, the software will superimpose the effect of the selected hairstyle on your photo to make you look like you have changed your hairstyle. If you are not satisfied, you can choose another hairstyle again until you find a hairstyle that suits you. Click "Save" when you are satisfied.

To sum up, AI hair changing is a very useful technology. It can help us better understand which hairstyle suits us best, thus saving us time and money. If you want to change your hair style, you may wish to try this tool. I hope this article can help you make better use of AI to change your hair style.

In the spring of educating intelligent hardware, children will no longer have troubles in their studies.

Times have changed, and educational intelligent hardware is on the home court. The China Education Intelligent Hardware Industry Report 2022 was released by the Multi-whale Education Research Institute. It is estimated that the market size of educational intelligent hardware will reach 100 billion yuan in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 26%. At present, the educational intelligent hardware market bred by the development of new technologies and new formats is pregnant with many development opportunities. Traditional educational hardware has opened a big gap with new educational intelligent hardware brands. Therefore, it is particularly important to sort out the logic and seize the growth opportunity at present.

Behind the increasing sound volume of educational intelligent hardware, all macro and micro changes are boosting forces. At the macro environment level, under the background of "reducing burdens and increasing efficiency", the education of intelligent hardware has rekindled, and everyone wants to get a piece from a big cake.

On the policy soil, the seeds of the educational intelligent hardware market broke ground and began to sprout. Driven by technology and influenced by COVID-19 epidemic, it has set a clear direction for market development. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, home office activated the imagination of online learning and online office. As a result, educational hardware that can complement and extend the learning scene came into being. Lifetime e-home intelligent tutor successfully explored the differentiated hardware product form and application scene of online classes at home.

It is obvious that the rise of emerging categories will lead the future growth of educational intelligent hardware. According to Tencent Research Institute’s Insight Report on the Trend of Educational Intelligent Hardware in China in 2021, from 2018 to 2024, the market size of traditional products will increase from 21.4 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan, and the market size of emerging products will soar from 2.6 billion yuan to 55.3 billion yuan. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies has brought more empowerment to education. The popularity of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything, and the progress and maturity of 5G, AI and AR/VR/MR technologies have further promoted this trend.

It is not difficult to find the rise of educational intelligent hardware, but the difficulty lies in: the soil has changed and the scene has changed. How to seize the opportunity and solve the problem determines whether the brand can break through from the field. In the past, the brand’s service mode was mostly based on hardware function upgrade, massive learning resources and teaching courses, and the application scenarios were relatively fixed. The new players have a deep accumulation in algorithm, content and technology, equipped with matching scenes, covering more accurate pain points and teaching service solutions, responding to long-term demands for teaching results. "Gold mine to be excavated" is the basic logic for major brands to enter the educational intelligent hardware market. For example, some brands have cut into the unresolved demands in the market, so they have iterated out new categories.

As a leading enterprise in educational informatization, Lifetime E-Ben began to expand its educational business in 2004 and started with hardware products in the early days. Later, products such as educational software and home learning terminals were gradually added. In terms of product building, Lifelong E-Ben has continuously enriched the information application ecology based on education. In recent years, it has continuously introduced brand-new intelligent tutoring machines and intelligent classroom products, innovated software and hardware research and development, and continued to exert its strength in the traditional category of tutoring machines. A life-long e-smart tutoring machine around the scene of studying at home has become a representative of learning hardware under the trend of online classes, and has been favored and endorsed by Olympic champion Song Nina.

The changes of educational intelligent hardware not only show the integration of learning scenes, but also the change of learning methods under the background of educational informationization in China. Facing the coming of market spring, Lifetime E-book with leading technology and excellent quality is now ready.

Tesla Robotics learns to screw in the factory and can assemble and copy itself in the future.

On August 19, 2021, Tesla first announced the humanoid robot project plan Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus, on AI Day.

On September 30, 2022, Tesla demonstrated the development platform of humanoid robot and the latest generation prototype at 2022 AI DAY. After six months’ research and development, the robot displayed this time has the basic movement and application abilities such as walking, carrying, identifying objects and watering flowers. Musk said that the development direction of Optimus is mass production, low cost and high reliability, and the price will not be higher than 20,000 US dollars. It is expected to be mass-produced and listed in 3-5 years, and its application will help human economic production get rid of population restrictions.

On March 1, 2023, Tesla showed the latest video about the humanoid robot Optimus on Investor Day 2023. This version of Optimus can walk around and screw. Musk also revealed that there are many Optimus robots in his laboratory. Musk pointed out that Optimus used Tesla’s expertise in manufacturing, and the actuators, battery packs and other key components of Optimus were customized by Tesla.

The configuration parameters of Optimus prototype are more suitable for mass production than the original design expectation: 1) specifications: height 173cm, weight 73kg, main material is plastic; 2) Power supply system: power consumption is 100W (sitting posture)/500W (walking posture), capacity is 2.3kWh, rated voltage is 52V, and it can use an integrated battery pack for a whole day; 3) Power system: 28 structural actuators (greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of mass production compared with the original 40) and 50 basic degrees of freedom (trunk 28*1+ hand 11 * 2); 4)AI system: the same SOC chip and FSD fully automatic driver assistance system as Tesla.