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Entertainment talk show | Father loves like a fish

The Across the Furious Sea of Cao Baoping’s trilogy "Burning Heart" was finally released. I watched the premiere in advance, and I was really impressed by the director’s ability to "destroy" the original text. I have read the novel, and the text is actually a relatively traditional story of "revenge by blood relatives". The biggest drama conflict is concentrated between ordinary people and dignitaries. With the director’s position, the directors of Bo Huang, Zhou Xun, Zu Feng, NI YAN, etc. are gathered and filmed along the story line of "Little Hare for the Daughter", which is also a good-looking commercial genre film with high probability. However, I didn’t expect the director to sacrifice the grass snake gray line Dafa. The real core of the story is a scalpel with cold light to stab the "stubborn disease" of parent-child relationship in East Asia, and completed the comprehensive upgrade of the masterpiece Dog Thirteen in 2013: crazier and more extreme. Bo Huang, an actor, summed up his role succinctly: He just loves being a father. After all, the core of "Angry Sea" story is an author’s film that reflects on "dad standard".

In Dog Thirteen, the "dog" is a metaphor for a girl and her father is an "old dog". The dog-like adult world has to export the truth in the name of love: Dad hit you because he loves you. A few years later, in the "angry sea", there was actually an animal running through it, and from the first scene, it was not only itself, but also rich and strong author’s thinking and social metaphor. It was "fish". Lao Jin, played by Bo Huang, is the captain of a fishing boat. He ventures into the high seas to fish all day long, with the purpose of studying in Japan for his divorced daughter Nana. Fish, money, is the "best" love he can give, just like fresh and plump fish. There is a scene in the film in which Nana listens to a guide telling about local customs during the Boys’ Day on May 5th. There is a detail hidden in a very deep place, and it was only after I watched the movie that I checked the information that I suddenly realized. The carp flag is a hollow carp made of cloth or silk, which is generally divided into three colors: red, black and cyan, in which black represents father.

Before the tragedy began, there was such a close-up: a black carp flag fell into the water, soaked and sank. The direction is very clear. It is precisely the father "Laojin" who has been rudely disciplined, restrained and neglected for a long time that really leads Nana to give up her life. The film constantly uses the flashback of Nana’s diary to break the main line of Laojin’s revenge. On the surface, it is to cooperate with the audience to increase the mood, feel the misfortune of the fancy girl and be angry with the bad boy’s anti-social personality. However, if we start with the end, we will find that many lines and details refer to "being a father", and before the answer is revealed, the audience may think that Laojin is a "good father" who bears the burden of humiliation. The most enjoyable scene about "dad power" in the movie is related to "fish". The suspect "bad boy" plans to "escape" to Germany at the airport with the help of his mother. The police are chasing him, and Lao Jin is certainly chasing him. At this time, the coastal city was hit by a storm, and the fish in the sea were swept into the sky by a tornado. The fish fell with the heavy rain, hitting the highway, smashing the car glass and hitting people’s faces. All the characters were crazy. This fish that splashed the sky was the spread and suppression of dad’s power.

It can be said that Cao Baoping has completely constructed the most complicated "deep water area" of commercial genre films: how to show and reflect on patriarchy.

He doesn’t need chicken soup at all, and he doesn’t even need to set some conflicting lines like Dog Thirteen. This time, he almost completed it by plot reversal and character movements. A vengeful father is a black hole of love, staring at a distant child, shuddering at the thought, but it has a real foundation. It is more or less a gray track for East Asian adults to heal their childhood all their lives. The director actually has a way to film these unspeakable cultural and spiritual relationships, and the actors can actually perform, of course, taking risks and being bold. Across the Furious Sea can be released, and the Chinese film in 2023 will have the dignity and dignity of ending this year.


Sweep Meizhou away with one foot in the Super League? The last round of Nantong Zhiyun still needs to go all out

Special correspondent Jiang Hai reports On October 29th, the penultimate round of the Super League in 2023 started at the same time. Nantong Zhiyun, who ranked second in the standings, challenged Meizhou Hakka away. In the end, the team scored 3 points with a score of 4-0. With the last round left in the league, the points rose to the penultimate third, beating Dalian people, and the final round of the game would be successful in relegation.

After losing to Shanghai Shenhua 0-1 at home in the last round of league tournament, the relegation situation of Nantong Zhiyun was once in jeopardy. In the last two rounds, they will play against Meizhou Hakka and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger away from home. Even if they all win, they also need to look at the face of their relegation opponent Dalian. Moreover, in terms of mutual record with Dalian people, Nantong Zhiyun is the main loser and does not have an advantage. Therefore, as long as Dalian people all win in the last two games, Nantong Zhiyun will get whatever results in the last two rounds.

Therefore, the game against Meizhou Hakka is a "can’t afford to lose" final for Nantong Zhiyun, and the team has suffered five consecutive defeats before, and it is urgent to get points to improve the morale of the team. Fortunately, Nantong Zhiyun started very well, and Jiang Zilei broke the deadlock in the 12th minute of the game. In the following game, Nantong Zhiyun played smoothly: in the 64th minute, Castillo made meritorious deeds, 2-0, expanding the lead; In the 89th minute, Morelato scored a goal, 3-0; In the second minute of stoppage time, Zheng Haogan scored a single goal after breaking the ball and sealed the victory 4-0.

While winning this game, Nantong Zhiyun also gave Meizhou Hakka the first defeat in the last five rounds. At the same time, Nantong Zhiyun also took the fate of relegation into his own hands. Generally speaking, the performance of Nantong Zhiyun team in the Super League this season is not ideal. They need to reflect on their own problems and find a solution to them.

Before the current round against Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun scored 19 points with Dalian People’s Team, but due to the disadvantage of winning and losing, Nantong Zhiyun was in the relegation zone. At the same time of this game against Meizhou Hakka, Dalian people challenged Qingdao Manatee away. Compared with Nantong Zhiyun’s away victory, Dalian people scored two goals in a row when they were 0-2 behind, but they failed to beat their opponents in the away game and only got 1 point. However, Dalian people’s fighting capacity in this game was admirable. However, they lost their relegation advantage to Nantong Zhiyun without getting 3 points from Manatee. After the end of this round of competition, the championship suspense of the Super League has been revealed, leaving only one suspense of relegation. In addition to the relegated Shenzhen team, another relegation team will be created between Nantong Zhiyun and Dalian people. The away win of this game also allows Nantong Zhiyun to temporarily occupy the relegation advantage.

In the final round, Nantong Zhiyun played against Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home, while Dalian people played against Shanghai Harbour, which has won the championship at home. Holding a 2-point lead, for Nantong Zhiyun, the last game must be won. If you can get 3 points, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces, and you can successfully avoid relegation at home. However, if you draw or lose, you need to look at the result of the game between Dalian people and Shanghai Harbour. At present, it can only be said that Nantong Zhiyun has left one foot in the Super League next year, but the team still cannot relax its vigilance until the end of the league.

After the game, David, coach of Nantong Zhiyun team, said: "As we expected, today is a difficult game. The opponents will not let you win the game easily. They played with the strongest lineup. We also carried out the counter-attack tactics arranged before the game well, and it is also very important that we didn’t concede a goal today. The opponent is a very strong team, so these three points are also very valuable to us. Our players have been fighting like warriors. In the last game, we need to fulfill our promises to our fans, win the game, and achieve the goal of relegation. For fans, it is too little to say thank you, and they are supporting us both at home and away. "

As far as Dalian people are concerned, the team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Even if the team beats Shanghai Harbour at home in the last round, it may not be able to avoid relegation. While Nantong Zhiyun has the initiative, he still has to go all out in the face of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, who has nothing to ask for. As the "only seedling" of Jiangsu football in the Super League, Nantong Zhiyun’s game this season has gone through a rough time. Now it can regain its relegation advantage. The team should go all out to draw a satisfactory end to this season with a home victory, and at the same time let Jiangsu football remain in the top leagues in China.

How to solve the problem of mass football?

Editor’s words

In recent years, China’s sports industry has developed rapidly, but there are also many inherent or emerging problems in the new situation: mass sports and competitive sports, national system and market mechanism, Olympic events and non-Olympic events, education system to cultivate sports reserve talents and three-level training system, etc. They are all organically unified whole of sports industry, and these contradictions and relationships must be coordinated and handled. To this end, this newspaper launched the column "Ask about sports", which will discuss these basic issues one after another, hoping to straighten out the relationship and help the transformation of China’s sports system.

A few days ago, the third season of "Who’s the King of Football"-China Folk Football Championship, which was jointly sponsored by the State Sports General Administration, CCTV and the Ministry of Education, was fully launched in 60 cities across the country, which made us glad to see that both the government and the media attached importance to mass football.

Compared with the criticism of the national football around the World Cup, the development of mass football in China has been showing a trend of "rising against the trend" in recent years. Liu Guoyong, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that it is an important support to promote the continuous development of mass football in China to let ordinary people watch and judge the ball love to play football, and the government and society should work together to solve the outstanding problems.

Let ordinary people participate in it.

Zhao Yue, 31, works in Beijing. Before retiring, he was a member of Shenzhen Jianlibao football team. Because there is no football field in Xiaoyueyuan Community where he lives, every weekend, he and his friends spend 20 yuan to play in Fangzhuang Stadium for two hours. Zhao Yue told this reporter: "Now the work is stable, and this way is equivalent to gathering friends."

In the whole country, there are not a few people like Zhao Yue who take playing football as one of their fitness activities. On the other hand, the number of registered players in China is shrinking. A football player described the current situation of mass football in China like this: "Middle-aged people play football, old people watch the ball and young people play basketball. Children who really affect the future development of football are studying at school, and no children play football. "

Li Lianjiang, secretary-general of China Middle School Football Association, believes that exam-oriented education, insufficient teachers, insufficient venues and the safety of the only child are the important factors that cause the low popularity of campus football.

How to regain the enthusiasm of parents, schools and society for football? On the one hand, more activities like "Who is the King of the Ball" football trials should be held to make more people who watch and judge the ball like playing football. "By participating in it, ordinary people, especially teenagers, can correctly understand the cultural function and educational connotation of football and effectively increase the football population." Liu Guoyong said in an interview with this reporter.

More importantly, it is necessary to change the achievement-oriented theory in youth football training and create a relaxed atmosphere. "Foreign children’s playing environment is particularly relaxed, and their families are particularly happy to watch their children play football. They are not required to get any results." Zhao Yue, who trained in winter abroad, believes that the relaxed and happy atmosphere of grassroots football in China is of great benefit to the cultivation of youth football.

Government and private Qi Xin construction site

How many football fields are there in the country? At present, China is conducting a general survey of national sports venues. However, the lack of venues is another difficult problem that affects the development of mass football in China. In the downtown area, many primary and secondary schools don’t have decent football venues. Take Dongcheng District of Beijing as an example. There are only a few standard football fields in more than 200 primary and secondary schools in the whole district. In the residential areas of major cities, the planning and design of football fields is even more difficult to see.

The "more monks than porridge" in public stadiums has limited the development of grassroots football activities. Mr. Chi is a professional architect. The Transformers team led by him has participated in the 30-year-old "Hundred Teams Cup" grassroots football competition in Beijing for the third time this year. Because there is no training ground, they basically don’t arrange training. Mr. Chi told this reporter: "I hope the government will open more school stadiums and build more public welfare stadiums so that children can play the ball without taking a long bus ride."

As the most important football infrastructure, the government should undoubtedly play a major role in the field construction. In the Netherlands, 90% of the central government’s sports budget is invested in grass-roots units, while 100% of the local government’s sports funds are used for amateur sports, and professional teams are not supported. All the venues of grass-roots clubs are provided by the government free of charge.

Liu Guoyong said that the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Sports General Administration proposed that during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, 500 standard track and field venues will be built in county-level cities without football fields, and at the same time, some non-standard, local materials and multi-functional ball venues will be built in communities in conjunction with local governments. In addition, the government is also thinking about how to guide social forces and private capital to participate in it, and incorporate the problem of people’s difficulty in playing football into the national future planning.

Train a large number of grass-roots football coaches

To develop mass football well, in the final analysis, a large number of grass-roots football coaches are needed.

It is understood that at present, the phenomenon of structural lack of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools in China is more common in all parts of the country, and there is a shortage of football coaches specializing in teaching children. In some primary and secondary schools, football coaches are mainly guest appearances by physical education teachers. "Teacher training is not simply finished in three or five days. If you don’t study repeatedly, it won’t work." Li Xianzhong, a coach who once coached Guangzhou R&F team, told this reporter that the income level of grass-roots coaches is too low and they need to learn many professional abilities, which has caused the scarcity of grass-roots coaches in youth football in China.

Spain, which once created the revolution of passing and controlling, is worth learning in training grass-roots coaches. Twenty years ago, Spain, which lost the World Cup, began to make detailed and feasible long-term plans to revitalize Spanish football, the most important of which was to train coaches on a large scale throughout the country. According to UEFA statistics, there are as many as 15,000 coaches in Spain who have UEFA A-level and professional-level certificates.

Liu Guoyong suggested that an amateur football league system should be established to connect with youth campus football and domestic leagues. At the same time, a social sports instructor system should be established in the football field to train more grassroots football coaches with professional skills.

In addition, the state can build a large number of football coaches with comprehensive professional skills through overseas study and training of retired players. They can not only find good seeds at the grassroots level, help them complete basic skills, personal skills training and technical and tactical training, but also guide the masses to reduce unnecessary injuries in football activities and play football scientifically, healthily and happily.

Guo Jingjing made a hot search because of her father-in-law’s move, which led to a hot discussion on the whole network: too domineering.

Not long ago, diving queen Guo Jingjing once again caused heated discussion. Dressed in a plain white and black dress with a gentle smile, she appeared at the Hong Kong Book Fair and told stories to children. Huo Qigang, her husband, sat under the stage with three children, silently cheering for his beloved wife, and her long-lost father-in-law Huo Zhenting also appeared at the scene to support her daughter-in-law.

This story made me think deeply. Guo Jingjing, a girl from a third-tier city and an ordinary worker’s family, has won the respect of the Huo family since she entered the Hong Kong giant Huo family ten years ago. The Hong Kong media praised her as "a clean stream among the giants". She has been questioned by outsiders, asking whether she is worthy of the giants. However, she responded very firmly: "There are many giants and only one world champion." This self-confidence made her have a happy marriage that all women envy.

However, many people live in their own "besieged city" and fall into a low-level struggle in love, career and interpersonal relationships. Why is there this difference? Have we ever fallen into a sense of "unworthiness"?

One visitor, Xiao Fang, who is under 30, has been divorced twice. She has a decent appearance, a stable job and a household registration in this city, but she has suffered many setbacks in marriage and love. She told me: "Teacher, I don’t know why every time I find a marriage partner, I am either lazy or like drinking, and what’s more annoying is that I still cheat." I really can’t stand living with such people, so I have to divorce.

The case of Big and Small S v. Gesci opened today, demanding compensation of NT$ 4 million. The defendant was unwilling.

On September 18th, Beijing time, according to media reports, the case of Big and Small S suing Gersiqi was opened today, and the merger of Big and Small S demanded compensation of NT$ 4 million. Gersiqi himself felt very aggrieved about the prosecution of Big and Small S, and expressed his bitterness.

Gesiqi told the reporter, "I shared it with you in good faith. He just shared the things in the past interview with you, and the defendant received a subpoena." Moreover, Gusky himself also said that he really didn’t understand why Big and Small S only sued themselves, but not Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan and Huang Zijiao.

However, Gesiqi’s mentality is still very good. He said that although he was sued, he had to face it calmly, and he didn’t have any accusations about the size of S. It seems that Gesiqi is still relatively calm.

However, some netizens added that, in fact, Big S sued Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei, but Little S didn’t participate in this matter, but many netizens said that Big S was a sign of bullying the soft and fearing the hard.

After all, compared with Huang Zijiao, Gesiqi is at best a online celebrity and an ordinary entertainment paparazzi. There is no such connection as Huang Zijiao, so it is really much easier to sue Gesiqi than to sue Huang Zijiao.

However, some netizens said that the size S is "if you have no money, you will make money by going to court." "There is a lack of money anyway." Some netizens ridiculed that "the only star in history who lives exclusively by suing others."

However, since Gesiqi was involved in this lawsuit, he had to respond to the lawsuit, and he really talked about others on the Internet. In fact, this is not the first person to sue Gesiqi, and the Taiwan Province singer skinny had already said that he would sue him.

Of course, as a paparazzi, Gesiqi is not afraid to sue anyway. Isn’t that what paparazzi eat? If they are afraid of the defendant, how dare they continue to break the news on the Internet? This is not at all emboldened, and there are many S-traffic. Gesiqi can also eat wave traffic.

However, NT$ 4 million is not a small sum. I don’t know whether Gesiqi can eat or not. Of course, it is not certain that the size S will win. Gesiqi still has a way to defend himself. He is a professional.

In fact, Gersiqi had never told Wang Xiaofei less before, but instead, he and Wang Xiaofei became friends in the end, and they often stayed together. This may be that the enemy of the enemy is his friend.

No matter now, Gersiqi and Wang Xiaofei have become defendants in big S, which is something they have in common. In fact, Gesiqi also revealed in the live broadcast that he still has a lot of material in his hand, and he will break the news as soon as the lawsuit is finished.

This may be his delaying tactic, thinking that it can scare the big and small S not to sue him any more, but now it seems that the big and small S are not scared by this remark of Gesiqi, but they have sent him to court anyway.

Now Gesiqi and Wang Xiaofei are completely on the same front, but Wang Xiaofei is rich after all. I don’t know how much Gesiqi, the paparazzi, has to pay for it. We will wait and see what the final outcome of the lawsuit is and who will win.

NBA shock deal! Harden teamed up with Alphabet to join the Nets. Cai Chongxin: I am ready for 2 billion.

The Nets are plotting a shocking deal. They plan to target the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks’ two superstars, james harden and Brother Alphabet. Nets owner Cai Chongxin made it clear that as long as these two top players are willing to join, he will spare no effort to build a team with championship strength.

According to Chris honey, an insider in NBA, the Nets intend to make a big deal with the 76ers. The main framework of this transaction is for the Nets to send Da Qiao and Thomas in exchange for Harden of the 76ers, which will enable the Nets to successfully complete the reorganization of the lineup while ensuring their competitiveness, and also plan to recruit Alphabet.

Harden, as the league’s scoring king and assists king, has rich playoff experience, and his joining will undoubtedly significantly improve the combat effectiveness of the Nets. Brother Alphabet has become one of the top players in the league with his all-round performance and super leadership. The combination of the two will undoubtedly bring unprecedented strength and influence to the Nets.

Cai Chongxin said in an interview: "We are already preparing for the arrival of Harden and Brother Alphabet. I firmly believe that their joining will make the Nets the most powerful contenders for the championship in the new season." He added: "I have prepared 2 billion dollars. As long as they are willing to come, I will do my best to build a team with the strength to compete for the championship." The key to the deal is whether the 76ers are willing to let Harden go. However, considering Harden’s performance in the playoffs and his position in the team, the 76ers are likely to choose to trade him to seek broader development space and more instant fighting power. In addition, the contract status of the letter brother is also worthy of attention. Although he has signed a long-term contract with the Bucks, his contact with the Nets indicates that he may be open to the future development direction of the team. In this potential transaction, the Nets will undoubtedly become a big winner. The combination of Harden and Brother Alphabet will make the Nets have the strength to hit the championship. Moreover, despite paying a certain draft, the Nets got the young players Middleton and Jay Claude of the Bucks through the exchange of Dan Newhouse, which also made the team’s future development more sustainable.

Generally speaking, if this potential transaction can be realized, it will bring unprecedented strength and influence to the Nets. The combination of Harden and Brother Alphabet will undoubtedly become a beautiful landscape in the league and bring more exciting games to the fans. Let’s wait and see if this deal can come true and how it will affect the championship battle in the new season.

Cow! Team note: After the first point guard signed with the Lakers in 2023, he has been practicing hard in the training hall.

Cow! Team note: 2023The first point guard inAfter signing with the Lakers, I have been practicing hard in the training hall.

Lakers’ new star Shifino: Can he be the successor of James and Davis?

The Lakers are one of the most successful teams in NBA history. They have 17 championship trophies and countless legendary players. However, last season, the Lakers did not continue their glory. They were eliminated by the Nuggets in the Western Conference finals, which made many fans feel disappointed and sorry. However, Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, was not discouraged. During the offseason, he carried out a series of operations, and introduced a number of new AIDS with potential and strength for the team, the most striking of which was Wei Xifino, the first controller in this draft. Can Shifino be the successor of James and Davis? Let’s look at his story and performance.

The Lakers’ offseason operation: sending Wei Shao away for Russell and others

In the summer of 2021, the Lakers made a sensational deal. They traded Kuzma, harel, caruso and others for the Rockets superstar Westbrook. Many people think that this deal will enable the Lakers to form a frightening trio and compete with other teams for the championship. However, the fact is not so beautiful. Westbrook did not play his own level in the Lakers, and there was a lack of chemical reaction and tacit understanding between him and James and Davis. Westbrook’s inefficient scoring, high mistakes and poor defense put the Lakers in trouble.

Before last season’s trading deadline, Pelinka realized the seriousness of the problem. He persuaded his boss Jenny Bass to give up the "Big Three" model and sent Westbrook away in exchange for Russell, Beasley and Vanderbilt of the Timberwolves. The deal seems to be losing money, but it has enabled the Lakers to find their own style and rhythm. Russell, Beasley, Vanderbilt and others are young and promising players who can play and run. They can provide more flexibility and depth for the Lakers. With the help of the new aid, after that, the Lakers played the best record of 18 wins and 9 losses in the West.

The Lakers’ way to the playoffs: reaching the western conference finals as the seventh seed

The Lakers finished seventh in the West at the end of the regular season and had to play in the play-offs. In the play-offs, the Lakers first beat the Warriors 103-100 to qualify for the playoffs. Then he defeated the Grizzlies 110-106 and won the seventh seed in the West. In the playoffs, the Lakers first encountered such a strong enemy as Sun, but with the brave performance of James and Davis, they eliminated Sun 4-2. Then they met a strong team like Jazz, but they beat Jazz 4-3 by relying on the excellent performances of Russell and Beasley. In the end, the Lakers reached the Western Conference finals and met the champion team Nuggets. In this series, although the Lakers tried their best, they still couldn’t stop the strength of the Nuggets and lost 2-4.

Although it didn’t win the championship, Pelinka didn’t feel much lost. Instead, it continued to build a competitive team around James and Davis. He believes that the Lakers have proved their strength and potential, and as long as they remain healthy and stable, they will have the opportunity to attack the championship again. Therefore, we can see that Pelinka’s shot is steady, accurate and firm, which has well reinforced the team’s lineup.

The Lakers’ new quote: Shifino becomes the biggest highlight.

As soon as the door of the free market was opened, Zijin Army signed a contract for Prince, Reddish, Hayes and Vincent and brought them back to Los Angeles. These people are not famous, but their fighting capacity is very good. Prince, Reddish, Hayes and Vincent can provide the team with high-quality defense, excellent athletic ability, and increase the average height of the Lakers. These players can give the Lakers more choices and changes in all positions.

In addition, in the draft in 2023, Pelinka also made some gains, making good use of the draft pick in his hand, and took off the first-choice Wei Xifino and the sports prince Lewis. These two rookies are players with great potential and talent, and they can bring more vitality and creativity to the Lakers. One of the most striking is Shifino, who is regarded as the most perfect point guard in this draft.

According to the report of Dan Vaiko, a reporter from the Lakers and the team, insiders revealed that after signing with the Lakers for 17.88 million yuan in four years, Shifino has been working hard in the training hall to improve his outside projection. In addition, Reddish, Lewis and Hayes are among them. Although he struggled a little in the summer league, Shifino is a talented new star and a courageous and confident dual-energy defender. Judging from the game, he is good at stopping jump shots and moving passes, has an innate competitive attitude, and can defend multiple positions on the outside. If Shifino can quickly adapt to the strength of the NBA, then he will undoubtedly become an important member of the Zijin Army in the future.

In a word, the Lakers carried out a series of operations during the offseason, and introduced a number of new AIDS with potential and strength for the team. One of the most anticipated is Shifino, who is regarded as the successor of James and Davis. Can Shifino be the successor of James and Davis? This is a difficult question to answer, because he hasn’t proved himself in the official NBA game. However, judging from his talent and potential, he has great possibilities. Shifino is a point guard with excellent physical fitness, athletic ability, field vision and leadership, and he can play his own advantages in the Lakers system. He can partner with James and Davis to provide more offensive options and changes for the team. He can also take on the important task of the team and lead the team to victory when James and Davis are resting or injured.

Of course, Shifino is not perfect, and he still has a lot to improve. For example, his outside projection is not stable and accurate enough, his defense is not tough and focused enough, and his experience is not rich and mature enough. All these require him to keep learning and making progress in training and competition in order to adapt himself to the rhythm and intensity of NBA. Shifino also needs to be psychologically prepared, because as a new star of the Lakers, he will face great pressure and expectation, and he needs to have enough self-confidence and toughness to play his level at the critical moment.

In a word, Shifino is a player with great potential and talent, and he can bring more vitality and creativity to the Lakers. If he can quickly adapt to the strength of the NBA, then he will undoubtedly become an important member of the Zijin Army in the future. We are looking forward to seeing more exciting and fierce competitions in the new season.

Official announcement! The Lakers officially renewed their thick eyebrows with an annual salary of 62 million to crush James!

On August 5th, Beijing time, the new NBA season is getting closer and closer, and more and more teams are starting to adjust their lineups. Among them, the Lakers’ management has made the biggest move, not only renewing the contracts of Russell, Bacamura and other powerful experts, but also throwing away the NBA’s highest annual salary contract to keep Davis. The details are as follows:

Earlier today, according to ESPN reporter Woj, an insider in the league revealed that agent Ricky Paul informed the Lakers that center Anthony Davis had reached a three-year contract with a maximum salary of 186 million. The new contract will take effect in the 2025-26 season and end after the 2027-28 season.

Subsequently, the famous Woj introduced that the reason why the Lakers offered Davis such a huge super contract. The main reason is that I believe that the team-building model based on the dual-core of James and Davis can help the Lakers hit the championship trophy in a short time. Therefore, even if the Lakers offer Davis a contract with an average annual salary of $62 million, the Lakers are sure to make a profit.

In particular, Davis’ next contracts are: the annual salary for the 2023-24 season is 40.6 million, and the 2024-25 season is a player option, worth 43.22 million. In other words, this time, the two sides successfully renewed their contracts, and Davis was destined to die for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Davis played for the Lakers last season. In 2022-23, he averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2 blocks, and his shooting percentage was as high as 56.3%, among which his shooting percentage once again reached a career high.

I remember being traded by the 76ers. Briggs: I wore a sun hat to force a smile.

Briggs grew up in Philadelphia, and his mother was a 76-man high-rise. At that time, he predicted that the draft pick was just around the 10th pick. As expected, Briggs was selected by the 76ers, and now he is very happy. Unexpectedly, the 76ers suddenly reached an agreement with the Sun to exchange Briggs for the 16th overall pick, Zhaire Smith, and the first-round draft pick in the future.

167 million, renew the Lakers! It’s time to take over James’ scepter, and you are the one who decides the upper limit of the Lakers.

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First, Vanderbilt’s team option worth $4.7 million for next season was implemented, then Prince was signed with a one-year contract of $4.5 million, Vincent was captured with $33 million for three years, and Bacamura was brought back to the team lineup with $51 million for three years. Then, he reached a four-year contract with Reeves for $56 million, signed Reddish and Hayes with two consecutive two-year basic salary contracts, and left Russell with a two-year contract for $37 million. Pelinka’s operation in this offseason was perfect, and he almost completed the formation of next season’s lineup in the first time after the free agent market opened. 167 million, renewing the contract with the Lakers, the core of Zijin Army’s championship, you should be prepared in terms of mentality.

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Although Pelinka’s performance in the free agent market is amazing, and the Lakers’ core lineup for next season has already been formed, for the Lakers’ management, they still have work to finish. In addition to investigating the introduction of a base salary center, the Lakers need to solve the contract renewal problem of Anthony Davis in this offseason. The latter has five years and 190 million US dollars left in the last two seasons. Considering that Chong Mei has the player option in this contract, the last year can be regarded as Chong Mei’s contract year to a certain extent. If he does not reach an early contract renewal with the Lakers, Chong Mei is eligible to jump out of the contract after the end of next season and become a completely free agent to test the free agent market.

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With the passage of time, the renewal of thick eyebrows has also been put on the agenda. According to the calculation of NBA salary expert Bob Max, under the existing labor agreement, Thick Eyebrow is eligible to sign a contract with the Lakers for a maximum of three years and 167 million US dollars. Previously, it was reported that once the renewal window was opened, the Lakers would provide Thick Eyebrow with a renewal quotation contract. ESPN reporter Windhorst revealed in the program that the Lakers’ management has reached an agreement on renewing the contract of Thick Eyebrow, and they will provide a contract for Thick Eyebrow in the next period of time to lock the future of Thick Eyebrow in advance. Obviously, it is very important for the Lakers, who are determined to compete for the championship, to let all the cores in their array deal with the contract issue and enter the new season.

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A few months ago, there may be some doubt that the Lakers will renew the contract, but since the trade deadline, it is basically certain that the Lakers will renew the contract. No one has ever questioned the performance of thick eyebrows on the court and his influence on both ends of offense and defense. What fans spit out most about thick eyebrows is nothing more than his inability to stand on the court healthily. However, since the trading deadline, James has been absent for a month, and Russell has been absent for about half a month because of ankle and hip injuries. On the other hand, Thick Eyebrow has been absent for the rest of the games except for two back-to-back games due to team restrictions.

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You are not mistaken. In the final stage, except for two back-to-back games, including 29 regular-season games, play-offs and playoffs, Thick Eyebrows played 46 games in a row, which is a small record that not many people pay attention to. During the period, Thick Eyebrows had some worrying moments. He fell to the ground and sprained his ankle, but in the end, Thick Eyebrows stood up strongly and said that the Lakers entered the playoffs with Thick Eyebrows, and there was no problem. At this stage, thick eyebrows are the undisputed boss of the Lakers. Since the health problem has been guaranteed to some extent, the thick eyebrows are definitely a superstar who deserves the highest salary. As far as the ability of the stadium is concerned, few people in the whole league can stabilize the thick eyebrows. Considering that Jay Brown, the second-in-command players with average playoff performance, can get a super top salary, there is no reason not to take a big contract.

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The Lakers also know that once Thick Eyebrow enters the free agent market, there are many teams willing to give him a top salary, and James doesn’t know when to retire now. In case James announces his retirement at the end of next season, without James, and other factors, the Lakers can’t guarantee that Thick Eyebrow will stay and offer him a three-year contract renewal with a top salary of $167 million in advance, which will be the decision of the Lakers management without thinking. Thick eyebrows are not only the core of the Lakers’ future leaders, but the most important thing is that he needs to carry the banner of the Lakers’ leaders now and really stand in front of James instead of hiding behind him.

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Next season, the overall lineup of the Lakers is excellent, comprehensive and full of thickness. However, the Lakers want to compete for the championship, and the core is still thick eyebrows. Aside from the regular season, in the playoffs, thick eyebrows can no longer play well or badly on the offensive end. Although he can only influence the outcome by defense, no superstar can play continuously on the offensive end like him. In my opinion, the problem of heavy eyebrows still lies in the mentality. He needs to face himself in the mentality, face up to the fact that he is the boss of the Lakers, just like he did in the Pelican period, and put himself in front of James in the mentality.

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2023-8-3 Tea Sect of Popular Science Education

Master of tea Sect

The 76ers announced that veteran center Monterey harel had undergone an MRI examination, and the results showed that his right knee suffered from anterior cruciate ligament tear and medial meniscus tear.

Harel, 29, played 59 games for the 76ers last season, averaging 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds. His backup center role was replaced by Paul Reid.

The 76ers renewed harel’s contract last month, and also renewed Paul Reid and signed Muhammad Bamba.