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Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

) AZ Alkmar fans tried to violence the families of the opposing players, which made the fans frown. On 19th (Korean time), Alkmar was defeated by Pablo Fonal at the last moment of the second half of the UEFA Europa League semi-final in the 2022/23 season at AFAS Stadium in Alkmar, the Netherlands, and finally lost 0-1. Alkmar entered the UEFA Cup finals in the 1980/81 season, and then entered the finals again after 42 years. However, Alkmar, who lost 1-2 away on the 12th, failed to advance to the finals with a total score of 1-3 in the first and second matches. In addition, in the match of the day, in addition to the result, the excessive behavior of the polar fans in Alkmar also made the players and many fans angry. The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: "This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players. According to the report, Alkmar hooligans made West Ham United more likely to win with Fonal’s goal in stoppage time in the second half, and they used violence against friends, family members and staff of West Ham players who were sitting in the stands watching the game. Henderson said: "The hooligans sat behind the stadium and attacked the friends, family members and coaching staff of the players who were cheering. Several West Ham players, including Sports director mark noble, immediately rushed to the stands to protect them from thugs wearing black clothes and winter clothes. Then he said, "In the case of captain Declan Rice and Gerald Bowen,Also witnessed the scene of a war of words with the audience, Alkmar hooligans seemed to be throwing things at the side where they were standing. "At that time, Lucas Machta, Alan creswell, Macher Antonio and others who were running to stop Alkmar fans were stopped by security guards, and the West Ham United coaching staff had seen the scene of accusing those who did not stop them correctly. Pascal Zhan Sen, CEO of Alkmar and born in London, criticized this scene in an interview after the game, calling it "a shame that happened on our pitch", while Joojo Cole, a legendary British Premier League sports commentator, said: "This is absurd in modern football. It must be banned for life ",emphasizing the need for severe punishment. Meanwhile, Anderson said that Alkmar fans had already clashed with West Ham United fans before the game. The media said: "Before the kick-off, there was a clash between West Ham fans and Alkmar fans, and they were in chaos in the street. The video shared on SNS also captured a person being attacked by a group using a bicycle as a weapon, which explained the situation at that time.

Real Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Real Madrid dynasty! C Ronaldo goes far to Apennine.

In 2009, florentino was elected as the president of Real Madrid for the second time. So far, Real Madrid has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in the Champions League, and has won three Champions League big-ear trophies. The rookie coach Zidane is expected to lead the team to score twice in the Champions League. In the 2017-18 season, Real Madrid was in full swing at this time, with two gods, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema. However, in the Champions League group stage, they accidentally capsized and were painfully relegated to the second place in the group by Tottenham Hotspur of the Premier League.

In the knockout stage, Harry Kane was very arrogant and kicked over Real Madrid’s trophy cabinet, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor performance was also criticized by the media. Cristiano Ronaldo, who refused to admit defeat, silently lifted the trophy cabinet and then went back to the gym to practice crazily to keep himself in the best condition. In the quarter-final of the Champions League, although Cristiano Ronaldo was closely watched by Juventus defenders most of the time, it did not prevent Cristiano Ronaldo from scoring an earth-shattering barb shot. This goal will also make Juve’s high-level clothing, laying the groundwork for the cooperation between them in the future.

Zidane on the coach’s bench was also shocked. In his peak period, he could not score such a barbed goal, and Real Madrid also successfully entered the Champions League final. Real Madrid’s promotion this time can be described as impeccable. In the quarter-finals, Paris, the French champion, Juventus, the Serie A champion, and Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga champion, were eliminated in the semi-finals. In the Champions League, it was smooth, but in La Liga, Real Madrid was full of twists and turns. The league title and the King’s Cup of Spain were both won by Barcelona, so only one Champions League trophy was left for Real Madrid.

The 2017-18 Champions League final started in Kiev Olympic Stadium. In the first half, Liverpool’s top star Salah was injured in the infield. In the second half, Liverpool goalkeeper carius made a serious mistake in giving gifts and Benzema scored. Although Manet lightning equalized the score, Bell, who came up as a substitute, killed him, scored a goal with a C Ronaldo barb, and then used a long-range shot to win the next city. Bell scored twice to help Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1, staged the miracle of winning the Champions League three times in a row, and it was also the fourth time for Real Madrid to win this event in five years. It’s not easy to say that the Real Madrid dynasty has come to an end. C Ronaldo, who is full of honor, made a major decision to change his life, that is, to join Juventus Club in Serie A, because there is no Serie A championship trophy in his trophy showcase.

Milan CEO: The Champions League has brought us back to the top teams in Europe, and we are moving in the right direction.

Live on May 20th Recently, Milan CEO Fragni talked about the team’s performance this season in an interview.

Fragni said: "Despite the recent disappointment, I want to emphasize that the Champions League has made us return to the ranks of the best teams in Europe, which is an important goal. This is due to the dedication and commitment of everyone in the club, which makes us very proud. "

"This further confirms that we are moving in the right direction through our performance on the field and following the regulations of the financial department. Now there are more challenges waiting for us to win the Champions League next season and maintain our leading position in Europe. We are determined to meet the challenge with a united and energetic team spirit, and support the coaches, players, everyone in the sports department and the fans. As for me, I am shouting the slogan’ We are Milan’ every day. "


Bo Yu said sports: Premier League Manchester United may sign strikers this summer, and Kane and Hojlund are both targets.

Julie Ehlts is back. For more than a year, fans of the American women’s national team have been hoping to hear these words, but she-as the team’s two substitute appearances-only returned to USWNT in the truest and least implied sense of these words.

Angel City Football Club has signed a one-year contract with Ehlts, which gives her a chance to prove that she deserves a place in the World Cup squad. Since signing the contract, she has appeared three times, and has the opportunity to participate in at least six more competitions through the NWSL regular season and the NWSL Challenge Cup, and then USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski is expected to announce his World Cup list, about one month before the start of the competition in late July.

Can drones still play football? This school’s science and technology sports festival is comparable to a small air show.

Chao journalist Zhu Jia correspondent Pan Xuhong

Not long ago, at the closing ceremony of the "Xiangying" Science and Technology Sports Festival in Ningbo No.2 Middle School, students from Ningbo Economic and Trade School and students from Ningbo No.2 Middle School held a unique inter-school UAV football match.

The UAV soccer tournament is the finale of Ningbo No.2 Middle School Science and Technology Sports Festival. During the three-week science and technology sports festival, the school held special activities such as science and technology model show, rocket model making competition, aviation theme science exhibition, aviation science lecture and competitions of ball games, cycling and orienteering, which allowed students to enjoy a feast of science and technology sports.

In addition to the on-site teachers and students, 4,496 students from Xide Middle School in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which is more than 2,000 kilometers away from Ningbo, watched the competition through live broadcast. Students from Ningbo No.2 Middle School, Ningbo Economic and Trade School and Xide Middle School watched the closing ceremony online and offline at the same time, sharing the joy of sports and technology.

"We optimize and upgrade the content of the Science and Technology Sports Festival every year. This year, we hope to share high-quality resources and benefit more foreign students." Ye Huiliang, Party branch secretary of Ningbo No.2 Middle School, said that the Science and Technology Sports Festival is one of the most popular campus activities for students. This year, the school has set up a new drone football match, which has also radiated characteristic education to the two places.

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Head coach Eric Tenghah is angry to be the candidate of Premier League coach of the year.

The British media "The Sun" reported on the 19th: "Manchester United fans are angry that head coach Eric Tenghah has become the candidate of the Premier League coach of the year.

The British media "The Sun" reported on the 19th (Korea time): "Manchester United fans are angry that head coach Eric Tenghah has become the candidate of the Premier League coach of the year.
The Premier League Secretariat recently announced the nomination of the Premier League manager of the year this season. He includes Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, manager Dejevi Brighton, manager Unai emeri Aston Villa, manager Sean Guardiola of Manchester City, manager Eddie Howe of Newcastle United and manager marco silva Fulham.
They are excellent coaches this season. However, Manchester United fans are very angry about not including head coach Tenghahe. Head coach Tenghahe took charge of Manchester United in crisis, successfully won the Carling Cup, and is currently ranked fourth, working hard for the promotion of the Champions League next season.
A Manchester United fan said: "Is there no head coach Eric Tenghah?" Also won the trophy, it is possible to finish the season in the top four. The whole season has passed a tight schedule without a win. Before the season, how many people forgot that Manchester United would finish the season in sixth and seventh place? "He said.
Another Manchester United fan said: "The season is not over yet. It is unfair and unacceptable to have no head coach Eric Teng Hach, including Kyle Silva.
A fan said: "I should have entered a sensitive candidate." He didn’t start well. After the first two games, he even ranked 20th. But he showed a good state and won the director award twice this month. He should be a candidate.

Manchester City goalkeeper Edersen dyed his hair blue to celebrate the team’s winning the Premier League.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time at 23 o’clock this evening, Manchester City will play against Chelsea at home in the 37th round of the Premier League.

Manchester City has locked in the Premier League championship in advance. Edersen, the goalkeeper of the team, dyed his hair blue to celebrate the team’s championship. The official account of Manchester City posted a photo of Edersen on social media and wrote: "Nice hair, Edersen."

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Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

There are rumors that Messi will leave Greater Paris at the end of this season. Since Messi and the management of the Paris Club were locked in a fight over Saudi business, Messi began to contact other teams actively, hoping to solve his transfer problem in the shortest time.

Barley is not sitting still, they are still trying to buy $100 million superstar B from Manchester City to replace Messi. In fact, Block B had already made a deal with Manchester City last season, and in the summer window, Block B also expressed its goodwill to Barley and Barcelona. Although he said goodbye to the fans on his own turf and wanted to bury the hatchet with Manchester United, Gua Lao refused to let him leave when the new season was about to start, which resulted in his B seat in Manchester City.

This season, regardless of whether Manchester City can win the Champions League, the B seat will be sent to other teams. If we can win this game, it would be great. In addition, in the Champions League with Real Madrid, B also scored two goals, which was also highly praised by the management of Greater Paris. However, this Manchester City midfielder needs at least 1 million pounds.

Substitute Messi also performed well. He can pass the ball and shoot, scoring for himself and creating opportunities for his teammates. And B is also in its prime, which is of great help to the lower back of Paris. But Luo Teng, a legendary Parisian, also commented on the prospect of the B seat in a TV interview. Luo Teng said, "If he’s after the money, he won’t wait long. For Qatar’s management, it is not important to form a team. What matters is whether you can sign a superstar. They like Silva and Bernardo. However, they did not change the position of B to the running-in of the team. "

It can be seen that Luo Teng is well aware of the problems that Greater Paris is facing now. They only want to introduce stars at a high price, but they don’t have a clear plan. If it is really B who is sent to Greater Paris, I’m afraid some sacrifices will be made.

Loud warlords! With 12 steals in a single game, leimer is the first person in the five major leagues in the past two years.

Live on May 21st, Leipzig reversed Bayern 3-1 in the current Bundesliga. It is reported that leimer, who joined this summer, has been confirmed to deliver top performance in the face of his new club.

Statistics show that leimer contributed 12 steals in this game and was the only player in the five major leagues to achieve this achievement in the past two seasons.

According to the previous news, leimer has officially signed a contract with Bayern. Romano revealed that leimer will join Bayern Munich as a free agent soon.


Hit the playoffs next season? Rockets change coaches+hopefully sign Harden back. Nearly 60 million space is expected to be a big fish.

On April 22, 2023, Beijing time, according to Shams, the Raptors have finished coach Nick Nass. Then Woj reported that Nass would be the main candidate for the new coach of the Rockets. In addition to Nass, the second interview of the Rockets coach included Uduka and vogel. No matter which coach of these three becomes the new coach of the Rockets, it will bring great changes to this young team.

In addition to the position of head coach, Woj also talked about Harden’s future in the program. He said that Harden’s future depends on whether they can succeed in the playoffs this year and whether Philadelphia is willing to provide Harden with a long-term big contract. If not, Harden is more willing to return to the Rockets!

If the Rockets sign a contract with one of the three coaches and can sign Harden back to the team, then the team will have excellent coaches and meritorious veterans to lead the team forward. In addition, at present, the young players of the team have played well, and Jay Green, jabari Smith, Shen Jing and Ethan all have good development prospects. This team is really likely to become a potential team in the new season.

And the most important thing is that the Rockets still have a chance to win the first prize next season, and there is still a salary space of nearly 60 million dollars. This kind of Rockets is really worth looking forward to. Perhaps starting from next season, the reconstruction of the Rockets will be completely completed, and they will start to compete for the playoffs and even higher honors!