How can universities improve the employment quality of big data artificial intelligence students through school-enterprise cooperation/laboratory construction?

How can universities improve the employment quality of big data artificial intelligence students through school-enterprise cooperation/laboratory construction?

How to set up relevant majors and guide employment in combination with market demand for talent training in colleges and universities has always been a hot topic in the employment work of colleges and universities. The eternal principle is that the establishment of colleges and universities cannot be too far away from the market demand. The best way to combine them is that colleges and universities are forward-looking and can take a step ahead of the market, cultivate future talents and serve the future market.

At present, the problems encountered by colleges and universities are that, in the talent training mode, when setting up the talent training mode, colleges and universities often ignore the real employment demand of the market, pay too much attention to theoretical teaching, and ignore the cultivation of students’ practical ability and project thinking in the face of real business projects, resulting in students unable to find jobs that match their career plans in the real job market, and enterprises cannot find digital talent reserves with real practical ability.

How to break the dilemma of colleges and universities? Based on more than ten years of practical experience in the data intelligence industry, Teddy Intelligent Technology focuses on the direction of big data and artificial intelligence, and summarizes the following methods to improve the employment quality of colleges and universities and help students get rid of the difficult employment situation.

First, establish a big data laboratory

The general goal of laboratory construction is to build a one-stop teaching service platform, and the concept of one-stop teaching service platform is put forward on the basis of a deep understanding of discipline construction and existing problems in colleges and universities. Around all aspects of discipline construction, we provide a complete product system from the aspects of specialty setting, curriculum setting, teacher training, teaching resources, experimental environment, students’ practical training and employment and entrepreneurship, so as to meet the needs of different stages of discipline construction and talent training in colleges and universities.

University big data laboratory

Big Data Lab provides teaching and training resources, teaching and training platforms, and provides teaching services.

While cultivating students’ practical ability, it also provides integrated data analysis and application solutions from modeling to application for scientific research, empowering scientific research applications in universities and helping teachers to quickly apply scientific research results.

Second, strengthen the strength of the teaching staff

University teachers have been focusing on teaching and research in professional fields for a long time. In the face of emerging industries such as big data and artificial intelligence, it is inevitable that they will be out of touch with the actual situation of the industry. Faced with this situation, colleges and universities can actively cooperate with enterprises, organize professional teacher training courses jointly with enterprises, organize teaching teams to go deep into the front line of enterprise business, and lay a solid foundation for teachers to prepare lessons efficiently and teach related professional courses smoothly through the teaching method of combining cutting-edge theoretical knowledge with relevant real cases, which ultimately improves teachers’ engineering practice ability and teaching level, and promotes professional teaching reform.

Teacher training

In 2023, Teddy Intelligent Technology organized eight special trainings for teachers, including:

1, data acquisition and processing in actual combat (Python)

2, business data analysis (Excel+Power BI)

3. Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Python)

4. Online public opinion and sentiment analysis (Python)

5, PyTorch and artificial intelligence actual combat,

6, computer vision application actual combat (PyTorch),

7, computer vision application actual combat (TensorFlow),

8, natural language processing actual combat (TensorFlow)

The significance of school-enterprise cooperation lies in the win-win situation between schools and enterprises, helping students to go out better. Guided by the demand for industrial talents and aiming at the training of practical talents, schools and enterprises make full use of their respective superior resources to carry out multi-faceted cooperation and jointly build a big data practice base. On the one hand, it provides students with a good practice environment and training projects. At the same time, enterprise engineers and university teachers jointly carry out the practice of training projects to improve students’ overall practice level and social competitiveness, and ensure the specifications and quality of big data-related personnel training. Through the benign interaction between universities and enterprises, we will create good conditions for students’ internship and employment, and ensure students’ internship and employment. In the stage of students’ professional internship, students will "go out" and really participate in the project practice of enterprises, understand how to use big data knowledge to solve specific problems in specific business applications, provide students with practical application ability and accumulate industry project experience. Really participate in the practice of enterprises, further understand the industry norms of enterprises, and enhance practical ability.

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