Wang Bo killed people and made an iron order. The Guangdong men’s basketball team fought in Guangsha, and Du Feng no longer concealed his strength

Wang Bo killed people and made an iron order. The Guangdong men’s basketball team fought in Guangsha, and Du Feng no longer concealed his strength

Wang Bo made an iron order to kill people, and the Guangdong men’s basketball team fought against Guangsha. Du Feng no longer hid his strength. With the end of the second round of the match between Guangdong and Guangsha, Guangsha won the final victory. After the game, Wang Bo, head coach of Guangsha, accepted relevant interviews, and his team played tenaciously when many main players were injured.

The implication of this sentence is that our team is not yet complete. After Zhu Junlong and other main players return, Guangsha will show more powerful strength. Similarly, Du Feng was interviewed after the game, and admitted that his team was stuck in the offensive stage, and his team’s mentality changed because of the unsatisfactory attack, which needed to be adjusted in the next game. So judging from the objective strength of the two teams, Guangsha is not a vegetable chicken, but a giant of CBA all the year round.

In addition, Sun Minghui and Hu Jinqiu in Guangsha have played their due role. The 41-point data scored by two people together is very eye-catching. In contrast, no one in Guangdong scored more than 20 points, and the shooting rate was extremely poor, so it was not unexpected to lose. Du Runwang, Zhao Rui and others, the team’s usual three-point players, have a poor projection in this game. It is also in the atmosphere of individual and collective disorder that the Guangdong team announced its defeat. In the first game, Guangsha felt vulnerable, but under the Jedi counterattack, Guangdong still suffered. Facts have proved that although Guangsha can’t be the main force, it can be seen that Guangsha plays very hard.

However, although Guangdong has suffered a failure, it still has a potential advantage, that is, the home court. In this way, the team can have a better rest. Judging from the basic set of the Guangdong team, the Guangdong problem is still not big. Just … Du Feng may have to make some minor changes under the deployment of troops. For example, give Hamilton more tactical position. For another example, let Yi Jianlian hit the basket more, and don’t just float outside and shoot three points. Moreover, the Guangdong team’s foreign aid selectivity is still relatively high. Once it is found that Brooks is not playing well on the court, Du Feng should let Shabazz take over in time.

Especially when Yi Jianlian’s feel and play are not particularly good, Guangdong should cooperate both inside and outside, not just throwing three-pointers on the outside. Although his age was there, Shabazz also had the nickname Wolf King of Timberwolves. It is a good tactic to let Shabazz and Zhao Rui hit the inside of Guangsha team with more balls and find more opportunities to cause Hu Jinqiu’s foul. In addition, in the away game, if the team is behind, Du Feng should not just stand on the sidelines and scold the players.

Originally, in the progress of the playoffs, young players were more stressed and nervous, fearing that they would not make a shot. When Du Feng gave pressure, the probability of making mistakes in their busy work was even greater. The game has come to a life-and-death battle between the two teams, and Du Feng still has a lot of adjustments to make.


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