1-2! The Royal Society ended its 24-game losing streak and captured the Nou Camp, adding to Barcelona’s championship celebration.

1-2! The Royal Society ended its 24-game losing streak and captured the Nou Camp, adding to Barcelona’s championship celebration.

Barcelona, which has not performed well in the European War this season, has shown great dominance in La Liga. After winning the Gated derby against the Spaniards in the last round, they have locked in the league championship four rounds ahead of schedule. In the 35th round, Barcelona returned to Camp Nou to face the royal society and will hold a cup-winning ceremony after winning the championship. Harvey certainly hopes to use a victory to make the Camp Nou championship celebration a sea of joy. However, in order to qualify for the Champions League next season, Real Sociedad, which is temporarily ranked fourth in La Liga standings, will definitely go all out to beat the champion of Xinke League. Whether it can be blocked in the Nou Camp as expected has become a topic of concern to many fans!After the start of the game, Real Sociedad used two counter-attacks after successful steals to break the goal guarded by Ter stegen twice, and Levan scored a goal to save face at the last minute. In the end, Real Sociedad defeated Barcelona 2-1 away, ending the embarrassing record of La Liga’s 24-time visit to Camp Nou!

In order to win the Royal Society at home, Barcelona coach Xavi, without any reservation, laid out the team’s best 4-3-3 formation, Ter stegen continued to guard the goal for the team, Alba, Christensen, Comte and Balde formed a four-back, De Jong, busquets and Casey played in the midfield, and lewandowski, Dembele and Rafinha attacked the trident.

After the start of the game, Barcelona continued its style of passing and controlling, while Real Sociedad, who fought away from home, played a defensive counterattack honestly and gave the home team a blow in the fifth minute.Sollott, after stealing Conde in midfield, quickly took the ball into the penalty area, attracted Barcelona’s defensive attention, and then passed the ball to merino, who was unmarked in front of the door, who pushed the goal and helped Real Sociedad get a 1-0 lead.

The backward Barcelona then launched a more violent attack. In the 15th minute, Levan directly picked the back pass near the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Dembele’s header was blocked by the Royal Society goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Casey’s shot was cleared by the opposing player on the goal line.

After holding Barcelona’s onslaught, Real Sociedad also completed two threatening attacks in the 28th and 30th minutes, but neither of them was able to break through the fingers of Ter stegen. Fortunately, they also held Barcelona’s onslaught before the half-time and returned to the dressing room with the advantage of one goal.

After the start of the second half, Barcelona continued to besiege the Royal Society. In the 58th minute, after shaking off the defenders in the restricted area of Denbele, a shot failed to hit the target. This attack by Barcelona once again exposed the biggest shortcoming of the French striker’s poor shooting.

Fati, who came off the bench in the 69th minute, also missed an excellent goal opportunity. After Alba’s long-range shot was blocked by the defender, it was refracted in front of Fati. Unfortunately, Messi’s successor did not touch the ball, which once again disappointed the fans.The royal society that escaped,In the 72nd minute, the suspense was completely killed. After Derong was robbed, the royal society quickly countered.Sollott scored a single goal to expand the lead to 2 goals. Although Levin pulled back a goal at the last minute, it still could not prevent the team from losing 1-2.

Although Barcelona lost to Real Sociedad at home in this game, it does not affect them to celebrate winning the league title this season. For them, they have set their sights on the transfer market after the end of the season. The top management of Camp Nou definitely hopes to sign strong support and strive to prove themselves again in the Champions League next season!


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