Revealing the heavy eyebrows and renewing the contract at a sky-high price: the new plan of KD Lakers in attendance super library is announced

Revealing the heavy eyebrows and renewing the contract at a sky-high price: the new plan of KD Lakers in attendance super library is announced

On August 5th, Beijing time, the Lakers and Brother Thick Eyebrows signed a three-year contract renewal with an average salary record of $186 million. Why did the Lakers dare to give Brother Thick Eyebrows such a high salary contract in advance? Brother Thick Eyebrows’ injuries in recent years have no effect on his market value? The 30-year-old Brother Thick Eyebrows has suffered a lot of injuries in recent years, but he is still the inside pillar that the Lakers trust. This time, both parties get what they need. Brother Thick Eyebrow’s future career has been guaranteed, and Hu Manpower will be the pillar of the insider in the next five years.

The average salary of Brother Thick Eyebrows’ new contract reached a new high of $62 million, ranking first in history, followed by Jaylen Brown’s $60.7 million, Lillard’s $59.9 million and Booker and Downs’ $58.7 million.

During his 11-year NBA career, Thick Eyebrows played an average of 60 games in a single season. If this attendance rate is maintained, in the new contract, the single salary of heavy eyebrows will exceed 1 million US dollars. Playing a game to earn 1 million dollars seems to be a really good treatment. Of course, such an algorithm excludes playoff games. It is said that Brother Thick Eyebrow has more injuries, but in fact, since the 2016-17 season, Brother Thick Eyebrow has played 400 regular-season games, including 394 Embiid, 387 Curry, 62 Owen and 345 Durant.

Brother Thick Eyebrows’ attendance rate is higher than Curry’s and Durant’s. Besides, the Lakers are confident that Brother Thick Eyebrows will improve his attendance in the future. They brought in jaxson Hayes in the offseason, and there are plans to let Hayes play center and Brother Thick Eyebrows play power forward at a certain time. The Lakers also plan to bring in another center to share the pressure for Brother Thick Eyebrows.

The Lakers are optimistic that Davis’ worst injury is over. Last season, from late December to late January, Davis missed 20 games because of pressure on his right foot. For preventive reasons, Davis missed only three more games in back-to-back games. In addition, 30-year-old Davis did not suffer from any other serious injuries.

With James still on the list, the Lakers will never hand over the torch to Davis. But the Lakers also believe that Brother Thick Eyebrows is a good partner for James. The Lakers’ plan for the next few years is clear. They will continue to partner James and Davis and build a championship lineup around James and Davis.

The Lakers introduced Wei Shao before, and as a result, the team’s record declined. Last season, the Lakers sent Wei Shao away and the Lakers reached the Western Conference finals. Since then, the Lakers have come to the conclusion that they should pay attention to continuity rather than chasing the third star. This is the Lakers’ championship plan. This summer, the Lakers didn’t bring in a third star, but renewed their contracts with Reeves, Ba Cun Bases, Russell and Thick Eyebrows, and brought in warriors such as Vincent, Taurean Prince and Reddish.

When Brother Thick Eyebrows and James both stayed healthy and brought a strong support lineup, the Lakers won the championship in 2020 and reached the Western Conference finals last season.

"As a Laker, I think highly of anthony davis," Lakers general manager Pelinka said at the Las Vegas Summer League last month. "He helped our team win the championship. He is an incredible captain and leader. Last season, you saw how he was willing to lead our team to the Western Conference finals with a serious foot injury. We just like to make him a member of our team. "

The Lakers could have bought themselves time to see if Davis could really stay healthy, but the Lakers gave Brother Thick Eyebrows more respect and renewed his contract ahead of schedule now. Brother Thick Eyebrows actually deserves this contract. He averaged 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 3.1 blocked shots and 1.4 steals in the playoffs last season. His rebounds and blocked shots are among the best in the playoffs. He is the cornerstone of the Lakers’ defense.


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