An offseason is very important for players.

An offseason is very important for players.

Many people will ask why many players don’t make progress after playing for a season, and why there will be qualitative changes in the offseason, such as great progress or decline.

To put it simply, during the season, there are various flights to participate in the competition, video studies in the middle, and frequent offline activities, so there is no time for systematic training, while all-stars have only a little time, many players go on vacation, and some players can make great progress after training adjustment. Therefore, it is very important to say that the three months of the offseason are all protected and targeted training.

To give an inappropriate example, it’s like a summer vacation when I was a student, which precipitated and supplemented my weaknesses. There will always be some progress when I start school. On the contrary, it’s always not as good as studying secretly during the holidays.

So we will find that many players are practicing hard in the offseason. Look at this year’s rookie Moore, Smith Jr., Ethan and Jay Green, all of whom are practicing hard, while players such as Van fleet, Tommy Tam and Amen are also training, but they are just not exposed.

Rockets players are busy training, and former teammate Garruba is very dissatisfied with the Rockets recently, even saying that the Rockets didn’t put him in the right position. He hoped that the Rockets had given him a chance when he was selected by Thunder, but he didn’t grasp it, so he was given up.

Besides, the Rockets also executed the contract in the third quarter of Garruba before trading. Don’t learn from Wall at the high point of Garruba’s EQ. If the Thunder laid off Garruba, it would be embarrassing. If he has the ability to go anywhere, he will be brilliant. If he doesn’t have the ability to break his mouth, he will finally become a laughing stock. Garruba should read more books to improve his EQ.


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