FIBA OPEN 3X3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Triple Basketball Open Finals ended successfully.

FIBA OPEN 3X3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Triple Basketball Open Finals ended successfully.

On the evening of September 17th, after two days of fierce competition, the FIBA Open 3×3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Three-Man Basketball Open Finals ended successfully at the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon). V10 Junda showed good strength in the championship competition, and beat Beijing Jianyou in overtime to win the championship in Beijing. In October, the two teams will join hands in the national finals held in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and compete with teams from other seven provinces (cities) for the national championship.

Group photo at the finals

Meng Qianghua, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Sports Bureau, Fang Liang, General Manager of FIBA China District, Wu Xiaojun, Director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, Sun Guohua, Chairman of Beijing Basketball Association, Tian Zhenqing, Chairman of Beijing Sports Group, Chao Geng, Secretary and Chairman of Yanjing Beer Party Committee, Jin Yan, General Manager of Beijing Basketball Club, Zong Feng, Director of BRTV Sports Leisure Channel, Min Lulei, Head Coach of Beijing Basketball Club, and heads of all offices and centers of Beijing Sports Bureau.

Finals award ceremony

Champion V10 Junda

Meng Qianghua, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Sports Bureau, Chao Geng, Party Secretary and Chairman of Yanjing Beer, and Min Lulei, head coach of Beijing Basketball Club, came to present the championship trophy and certificate to V10 Junda, who won the championship.

Runner-up Beijing Jianyou

Fang Liang, general manager of FIBA China District, and Wu Xiaojun, director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, presented championship trophies and certificates to Beijing Jianyou, the runner-up.

Third runner-up TOJOY

Sun Guohua, Chairman of Beijing Basketball Association, and Cheng Shujie, Deputy General Manager of Beijing National Speed Skating Hall Management Co., Ltd. presented the TOJOY Award for the third place.

Dian jun Shi Wang zhong Shu ke

Shen Changliang, deputy general manager of Yanjing Beer, and Liu Xiaojuan, director of BRTV sports and leisure channel, presented awards to the lion king who won the fourth place in Chinese Mathematics.

About the race

FIBA OPEN 3X3 Yanjing Beer Cup Beijing Three-person Basketball Open is a professional basketball folk competition sponsored by Yanjing Beer, hosted by FIBA China District, and hosted by Beijing Sports Industry Association and Beijing Basketball Association. It is an important measure in the process of building a sports event with the whole crowd and the whole sports cycle.

Yanjing zhizao block

The competition started on August 19th and took the form of "5+1", which attracted more than 100 teams and 500 players to participate after five races in Shougang Park, Olympic Sports Center, Yizhuang, Changying and Wukesong, and the Beijing Finals in the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon). Six events, one carnival, Yanjing Beer followed the whole process, and set up "Yanjing Beer Cabin", Yanjing Cheerleading Team and interesting question-and-answer session at the scene to provide the audience with a carefree watching experience and cheer for the players who shed sweat and passion on the field.

Changshuang clink glasses,Celebrate the moment of winning the championship with passion

Champion battle scene

Cheer with passion and witness the glorious moment. Under the attention of the audience, V10 Junda and Beijing Jianyou launched a fierce competition and staged a "championship battle". Strong confrontation, the two teams tied the score in regular time. In overtime, V10 Junda adhered to the spirit of Yanjing V10′ s "Excellence Pursuit", forged ahead and made unremitting efforts, taking the lead in winning the game with 2 points, being crowned as "Beijing Finals Champion" and winning glory for the division.

Yanjing chaoren punch card scene

The whole city is burning and the whole people love it. During the final, Yanjing Beer built a Yanjing Beer Drying District and a basketball carnival for the audience and surrounding consumers in the National Speed Skating Hall (Ice Ribbon), which integrates four experiences of "taking photos and punching cards, interesting challenges, watching games and drinking and surrounding welfare". Yanjing Beer connects sports fans, players and young consumers in series, making young people feel the double happiness of basketball and beer, and clinking glasses with every young person who loves sports to celebrate the joy of winning the championship.

Sports have you.,Set off a frenzy of national sports love

As a "double-Olympic State-owned enterprise" sponsoring the Beijing Summer Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Yanjing has been actively practicing its social responsibilities and making contributions to the development of sports in China.

Yanjing U8 advocates the spirit of "sports have you"

Adhering to the corporate mission and initial intention of "brewing beauty for life", Yanjing Beer takes "having your culture" as the brand concept center, constantly spreading and emphasizing the value connotation of "enterprising breakthrough". This competition perfectly matches Yanjing’s brand values of "sports have you" with the sportsmanship of courageously striving for the first place, being aggressive and being inclusive. 

In the future, Yanjing Beer will continue to advocate the spirit of "sports have you", deepen sports marketing, create a new consumption scene of "sports events+beer", and set off a frenzy of national sports love. The sportsmanship of "Higher, Faster and Stronger" is deeply rooted in the corporate genes, and Yanjing Beer will encourage innovation with a sense of brand mission and responsibility, and make continuous progress towards a more open, higher standard and higher level.


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