COFCO Coca-Cola runners finished the race in Leshan in April and look forward to continuing to run into the future in May.

Fangfei April, good spring on earth. On April 22nd, 2023 Leshan Half Marathon and "Running All over Sichuan (Leshan Station)" fired at the Dadu River Square in Leshan. Runners from COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group and more than 14,000 runners walked like flies, showing their passion and vitality with running and speed, and carrying forward the sports spirit of the new era with tenacity and hard work. Two runners from Sichuan Running Group once again ran into the first echelon and finished the marathon of COFCO Coca-Cola’s "Running All over Sichuan" series in April with good results!

The moist spring breeze blows across the track, and the runners start running with passion against the morning light. The figure of "Cola Red" shuttled through the team, and together with many contestants, it merged into a gorgeous streamer, flowing on the ecological avenue of World Heritage. In the live broadcast of "China Tourism TV", the struggling figures of the runners of the Sichuan Tour Group are inspiring and become the focus of the camera, and many wonderful moments are transmitted to thousands of households.

"After the race, we should have a good taste of Leshan’s delicious food, eat alms chicken and serve it with iced coke, and this activity will be smooth." Lily of COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group excitedly communicated with the runners that the scenery along the track is beautiful and the riverside scenery is beautiful. This Leshan Marathon is not only a test and exercise of her own physique, but also a happy journey.

Since March this year, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group has started 12 marathons in Sichuan. As the final run of the marathon in April, it has won the response and participation of many employees. Over the past 24 years, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company has been taking "Healthy China and Beautiful China" as its responsibility, and taking "Volunteer Sichuan and Run Sichuan" as its platform, so that more sports fans can participate in marathon and other sports events, build a sports team of employees, ignite health and vitality through sports, and devote themselves to life and work in a better state.

As a mass event with the participation of the whole people, the significance of the city marathon goes far beyond the sport itself, but it is a carrier to fully display the city civilization, promote consumption and help the high-quality development of the city economy through the event. Next, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company will uphold the corporate image of "being responsible, doing something and caring", paint the urban landscape with love, fulfill its social responsibilities in helping the city’s economic vitality, continue to carry out rich and varied sports activities, and constantly help all kinds of sports events, create a stronger competition atmosphere in the countdown to the opening of the World Universiade, and actively help build a sports power.

Four out of 18 without a double-decker Harden set a new record for himself, but this time he was able to get away with it.

Everyone knows that hip-pulling and Harden are synonymous. As long as they are mentioned, whether they are Harden fans or not, Harden is the first thing that comes to mind. It can be said that Harden’s crotch has become an indispensable performance every day and even in the playoffs. In the key event where Embiid was absent, Harden set a new hip-pulling record, but this time he can get away with it.

In the game with the Nets G4, the 76ers didn’t play like a shit like Embiid, and started 10 points behind, but fortunately, the Nets were not in a state, and the outside of the three-point line was also rotten like mud. Harden broke through sharpness but didn’t have the ability to make small shots and lay-ups in the peak period. He either blocked the shot or couldn’t get in. In the first half, he made 3 of 10 shots and pulled his back to write, leading the team eight points behind.

In the second half, the 76ers played team basketball, which only made the Nets score 15 points. In the meantime, Harden was aggressive but ended up with 5 wins and 1 loss. He only hit a three-pointer and missed the layup. This section was supported by Maxi’s 10 points, Harris’s 6 points and rebounds in the frontcourt.

In the fourth quarter, the Nets once overtaked, and then it was not Harden who stepped forward, but melton and Harris. The former resisted the Nets’ counterattack, while the latter repeatedly succeeded at a critical juncture, including a fatal blow of 2+1, in which one scored 15 points and one scored 8 points, and successfully led the team to 10 points, so that the team won the game. Harden only got 3 points and 5 assists in 3-0.

During the whole game, Harden made 4 of 18 shots, which realized the impression of Hip-pulling in everyone’s mind. He scored 17 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists, but he still failed to shoot many three-pointers. It was really rare. And this kind of play is still that the Nets don’t double-team in the whole game. It shows that Harden has indeed regressed too much. In the past, he had already been scolded.

According to statistics, this is also the 15 games in Harden’s playoff career in which the shooting percentage is less than 25%, and it is also the most done in history. Therefore, Harden is worthy of being the king of the insider. In the past, whenever Harden collapsed, the team basically lost, but this time it was different. The 76ers won the game. Even in the whole series, Harden hit 34% and didn’t lose. As the first team to sweep the opponent out, Harden survived.

And this is what Harden has to do. As Harden said after the game, Harden didn’t care about scoring goals. Harden was ready for all the sacrifices. There were some scorers in the team and there was no need to follow the previous scoring model. Harden sacrificed everything to win his own reasons, as was his tactical position. Although he is powerful, he doesn’t have an assistant. If there is an assistant around, it will become his wish.

I have to mention that after 1991, the 76ers leveled their opponents for the first time. This is also the first time in Embiid’s 7-year playoff career. This is also the record that Harden has been selected for the second round for seven consecutive years, and it is also the longest record that is still in active service. And then 76 people need at least one week’s recuperation time, which provides an excellent recuperation opportunity for Embiid.

Can you accept such a Harden?

Interview | There are not only rain wars in Boston, but also …

The Finish line, composed of royal blue and bright yellow paint, has witnessed countless stories on the third Monday of April every year. Some people shook their arms, some collapsed, some sang proudly, and some shed tears.

For female runners, the Boston Marathon has more historical significance across the times. She was never allowed to compete. After Catherine Stweetzer was caught by the competition supervisor, someone stepped forward to protect her, which set off a craze for female marathon. Now, a female runner runs extremely on this century-old track and writes a glorious and moving story.

In the rain in Boston on April 17th this year,Eritrean female player Nazret Weldu crossed the finish line in sixth place in 2:23:25.. pedalXtep 160X2.0 Yes, the story she wrote is what I want to share with you today.

In 1998, Nazret Weldu, a Sudanese refugee displaced by violent conflict and oppression, and his family finally fled and immigrated to Eritrea, a country that achieved independence only in 1993. She was eight years old that year.

Children in Africa,Exercise from an early age.. At school, Nazret Weldu runs while playing football. 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters are her strengths. At the age of 14, Nazret Weldu won the 400-meter championship in the Nairobiano CA junior championships youth competition. Entering the more competitive adult arena, 18-year-old Weldu won the 1500m championship in Khartoum Meeting CAA, Khartoum.

In 2009, 19-year-old Weldu met his current coach Livingston Abraham Askaba. Under his training, Weldu not only ran on the road, but also participated in cross-country running. The proudest thing was that he won a prize of 5,000 euros in a cross country competition in Spain in 2008. For African athletes, this money was the "ceiling" at that time.

Later,Livingston took Weldu to try middle and long distance, cross-country running, half horse, until the whole horse.. Without him, Weldu may not have the courage and courage to cross the event. In 2019, Weldu began the challenge of the whole horse. And Livingston Abraham also gained another weight from the identity of the coach-husband.

Weldu said that it is not so easy for a person to be a "husband" and a "coach" because "the husband is actually more responsible for companionship, while the coach is to promote and guide athletes". It’s not so easy to switch between being strict and being gentle. There are challenges in any interpersonal relationship, and so do Weldu and Livingston. Fortunately, they walk side by side and make progress little by little in exploration.

Weldu’s professional highlight moment was at the Oregon World Championships in 2022.Wearing Xtep 160X2.0, she broke the world championship record with the top three.She has also become a new creator of Eritrea’s national record. Weldu said that now she simply enjoys the treatment of "national hero".

When Eugene moved to Sydney Marathon, Eritrean residents in Sydney went to see her race, and even found her in various ways after the race and wanted to see her. Her country’s ambassador to Australia also congratulated her after the game.

Weldu revealed the story of his cooperation with Xtep. In May 2022, she first came into contact with Xtep running shoes. "At that time, my coach and I were hesitant. After all, it was a strange brand and I didn’t know what would happen …" But after she chose to try it on, she found that everything was beyond her expectation.There is no difference in foot feeling with the international brand running shoes she wore before.. So,Xtep 160X 2.0 broke the coach’s and her concerns with quality.They chose Xtep’s favorite running shoes and stood on the world championship, the world-class competition track with the highest single level.

From No.59 in the world to No.4 in Oregon, Weldu set a new national record in the world-class competition with extremely high gold content.She described 160X 2.0 as "Very Good" to express Xtep’s trust and support for her.

Weldu expressed her feelings for Xtep on social media.

And the story about their mutual trust,From Oregon to Boston.

In April in Boston, the air still hides the coolness that has not completely faded, and the magnolia and cherry blossoms on the roadside bloom generously throughout the tree.Uncertain rain and heartbreaking difficulties make the most well-trained top professional athletes dare not slack off..

Weldu said that when the technical meeting was held the day before the competition, they knew it would be a rainy battle. But she is not worried about it, because she has been wearing Xtep in normal training.She firmly believes that the top performance of running shoes will help her maintain her fighting capacity as always in the rain war..

The hardest time of the battle of Boston came from 35 kilometers. Weldu recalled that the leading first group had already started at that time, and the cold weather was the most difficult for her to adapt to when she was trained in Ethiopia.However, the running shoes under her feet, whether they are non-slip and wear-resistant, give her enough protection and trust.. Let her hold herself steady at the last moment and cross the line in sixth place.

Although it is a little pity for Weldu not to be on the podium, from Eugene and Boston, she has gained the most intimate and professional care and trust from Xtep inside and outside the track.This mutual trust has given her enough motivation and vision for the future.,

"I am very happy to have the help of such a sponsor of a world-class sports brand, and I hope we can have a longer-term cooperation. In the future training, I will do my best and hope that I can stand on the podium of six Grand Slam events and win the championship in two years. "

"In this competition, I defeated my opponent who lost before. I won the first place in the World Championships last year and ran the tenth this time."

Weldu’s story in Boston is inspiring, glorious, trusting and expecting. Along with her story, Xtep has gone through more than 15 years of deep cultivation.On the international track, I wrote an inspirational story of China sports brands speeding up catch-up and achieving transcendence..

Weldu at the 2022 Oregon World Championships

The World Championships is not only the highest level competition of the world’s top high-level players, but also a battleground for international sports brands to display their brand strength. In the past, foreign capital dominated, and there were few opportunities for domestic brands to correct their names.At the Oregon World Championships, Xtep champion running shoes, which made their first appearance on the international track, set a dazzling record in the world series.In the competition with foreign brands, China’s domestic sports brands have gained the top scientific and technological support.

This reflects the continuous improvement of Xtep product strength of domestic brands. Behind this milestone breakthrough is Xtep’s efforts and determination to constantly consolidate the racing genes, constantly invest and hone, and constantly approach international standards in the process of deepening the field of running.

From Oregon to Boston, the most prestigious six Grand Slam events, China’s running shoes continued to exert their strength, winning the best ranking of women in China’s running shoes in the six Grand Slam events, and Xtep became the only China sports brand among the top ten women’s teams. Among all the Boston elite players, the only China sports brand is Xtep. This is not only a manifestation of brand strength, but also a manifestation of national self-confidence.

From emerging in the world to occupying the spire market, in the competition and game with foreign brands, we will accumulate strength step by step and constantly break through.Xtep has achieved its ambition of "Xtep in China, the world’s running shoes" with hard-core achievements.Break the monopoly of foreign capital, gain a foothold in the world stage and stand out.

From Oregon to Boston, the special step of catching up with China’s running shoes on the world track has proved that the brewing pattern of the world’s running shoes is coming.Xtep, which represents the speed of China, is still accelerating and the development momentum is fierce. It is also more confident and emboldened, making China sports brand generate a strong rising force on the world track..

Text:Fusheng /Edit:Chen cheng

Picture:Big bang/ Photography:ck 、CC

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Tianjin women’s volleyball team beat Beijing 3-1! The championship game is getting weaker and weaker, and Wang Baoquan may be able to give it a try.

In the final of Jiashan Division of the National Women’s Volleyball Championship, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team fought Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team again. In the first two meetings, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team won Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team 3-0. When they met again, the outside world was almost optimistic that Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team could beat Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team 3-0 again and win Jiashan Division easily.

As soon as the game started, the performance of Tianjin women’s volleyball team was unexpected. It played back and forth with Beijing women’s volleyball team. Beijing women’s volleyball team even pressed Tianjin women’s volleyball team to play, and Beijing women’s volleyball team finally won the first game with 25-21. In the second game, the two teams were still relatively deadlocked at the beginning. Tianjin women’s volleyball team made a strong effort in the game, opened the difference and won the second game with 25-16; In the third game, the second team started again, but Tianjin women’s volleyball team made great efforts in the second half and won the third game with 25-20. In the fourth game, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team stopped the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team at the beginning, but after the time-out, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team quickly overtook and opened the difference, and finally won the fourth game with 25-17, defeated the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team with 3-1 and advanced to the finals.

Looking at the championship, Tianjin women’s volleyball team is getting worse and worse compared with Beijing women’s volleyball team. They could easily beat Beijing women’s volleyball team 3-0 before, but they played harder and harder in the later stage of the championship. Why? In fact, it can be said that the shortcomings exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team in the championship have not been improved, and Wang Baoquan seems to have no way, which makes other teams keep marking time under the condition of continuous progress. As the saying goes, if they don’t advance against the current, they will retreat. Tianjin women’s volleyball team naturally becomes more and more weak at the end of the championship, and it is more and more difficult to play the leading edge at the beginning.

And what are the problems exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team? Why can’t Wang Baoquan solve it? In fact, the short board of Tianjin women’s volleyball team is obvious, that is, the pass and the attack are not balanced. Because WangYiZhu doesn’t pick up the pass, Chen Boya has to take care of the attack in six rounds. Yang Yi is an important part of the Tianjin women’s volleyball team’s pass system, but when Chen Boya picks up the pass in six rounds, the attack is obviously affected, while Yang Yi’s pass is stable, but the attack is quite bad. In addition, her appearance on the court has caused the lack of attack at the No.2 position of Tianjin women’s volleyball team.

And why did Wang Baoquan fail to solve the problems exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team after so many games? The reason is that his hands don’t have many cards available. Except WangYiZhu, Chen Boya, Yang Yi and Liu Meijun, Dong Mingxiao and Liu Xin obviously can’t meet the requirements of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team. Dong Mingxiao didn’t pass, and the attack was not particularly strong. What about Liu Xin? In the few minutes before playing, although she took on a pass, she didn’t catch it well, and she didn’t have outstanding offensive strength. She was not as good as Chen Boya and others, and Wang Baoquan was somewhat conservative in ranking and disposal, and she didn’t dare to let WangYiZhu take a pass, nor did she dare to let Yang Yi change to a free man, which made the Tianjin women’s volleyball team fall into great difficulties.

For Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, it is difficult to make up for the shortcomings exposed by routine employment, and it is also difficult to improve in a short time by relying on the players’ self-improvement. Perhaps Wang Baoquan can give it a go and let Yang Yi play as a free agent, and WangYiZhu and Chen Bo Jacob will take a pass in three rounds, which may have unexpected results.

The 16th Track and Field Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute ended successfully.

On the afternoon of April 20th, the 16th Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute came to a successful conclusion. Executive Director and President Cui Zhilin, Vice President Wu Zhongyuan, Vice President Wang Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union Wang Xiaohui, Deputy Secretary and Vice President Rolling and Vice President Wang Lixiao attended. The heads of relevant functional departments of our school and teachers and students of secondary colleges attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was presided over by Qin Xiaomei, Director of the Academic Affairs Office.

Wu Zhongyuan made a closing speech. He said that with the active cooperation of teachers, students and staff, the Games successfully completed all the competition tasks, and achieved a double harvest of sports achievements and spiritual civilization. Our school fully implemented the Party’s education policy, conscientiously implemented the guiding ideology of "health first", and effectively improved the students’ physical health level. All the athletes were brave and tenacious, struggling hard, and three of them broke the school’s highest records and two of them broke the school sports meeting records, which showed the competitive sports level of our school. The competition of sports events is not only the competition of physical fitness and skills, but also the competition of perseverance and willpower. I hope everyone will continue to carry forward their indomitable will, tenacious fighting style, triumphant spirit and spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance on the field, devote themselves to study and work, and write a new chapter in the reform and development of education and teaching in our school with high morale, brand-new attitude and full passion. It is hoped that the Institute of Physical Education will continue to explore new paradigms of physical education and teaching, so that teachers and students can actively participate in physical exercise, develop good exercise habits, and contribute their youth to creating a positive, healthy and upward campus cultural atmosphere of western translation. This sports meeting has not only cultivated young students’ strong and resolute will, self-surpassing quality and confidence in meeting challenges, but also helped to cultivate their sense of competition, spirit of cooperation and concept of fairness.

The referee Ma Qing announced the results of the competition. In the total score of Group A, School of Information Engineering won the first place in Group A with 225 points, English College won the second place with 159 points, and International Business School won the third place with 131 points. In the total score ranking of men’s team in Group A, the School of Information Engineering won the first place with 135 points, the English School won the second place with 96.5 points, and the International Business School won the third place with 79 points. In the total score ranking of women’s teams in Group A, the School of Information Engineering won the first place with 90 points, the School of Education won the second place with 72 points, and the School of English also won the third place with 62.5 points. In the total score ranking of Group B, the 21-level undergraduate of the Institute of Physical Education won the first place with 195.5 points, the class 1 of the 22-level undergraduate of the Institute of Physical Education won the second place with 121.5 points, and the 21-level junior college of the Institute of Physical Education won the third place with 121 points. In the total score of the teaching staff, the Education Branch ranks first, the Gaofan Branch ranks second, and the Cultural Branch ranks third with the government branch.

Wang Xiaohui announced the winners of the sports meeting. English College, International Business School and Education College won the Sports Ethics Award; The school’s trade union, the Ministry of Education, the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Information Engineering, the International Business School and the Youth League Committee won the Excellent Organization Award; Advanced Institute of Translation, Asia-Europe Institute of Language and Culture, School of Art and Design, School of Nursing and Rehabilitation, School of Literature and Media won the Spiritual Civilization Award; Logistics Group and Institute of Physical Education won special contribution awards. The leaders of our school presented awards to the winning athletes and groups and took photos as a souvenir.

After Cui Zhilin announced that "the 16th Track and Field Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute was successfully concluded", the sports event was successfully concluded.

Cui Zhilin, executive director and president, announced the successful conclusion of the 16th Games.

Wu Zhongyuan, Vice President, made a closing speech.

Wang Xiaohui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, announced the winners of the Games.

Qin Xiaomei, Director of Academic Affairs Office, presided over the closing ceremony.

The referee Ma Qing announced the results of the competition.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six men’s team scores in Group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six women’s team scores in Group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six total scores of group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top three total scores of group B.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six total scores of faculty and staff groups.

School leaders present awards to winners of outstanding organization awards.

School leaders presented awards to the winners of the Spiritual Civilization Award.

School leaders presented prizes for sports ethics and fashion awards.

take a group photo

Guoping locks 2 gold and 2 silver! Sun Yingsha was upset and regretted going out. Chen Meng played against Manyu Wang?

In the women’s singles competition, Manyu Wang took the lead against Wang Yidi in two table tennis civil wars. Although his training progress was affected by his back injury, his condition was obviously improved under the adjustment of Xinxiang championship, while Wang Yidi remained stable, so the fight between them was bound to be very fierce. In the first game, Wang Yidi won the first game with 11-7, and then Manyu Wang pulled three games in a row with 11-9, 11-9 and 11-6. In the fifth game, he last stand won with 11-5, which was the deciding game. He sealed the victory with 11-4 and finally won with a total score of 4-2. In last week’s WTT Xinxiang Championship, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha launched a fierce confrontation. In the end, Sun Yingsha beat Chen Meng 4-0. Coupled with her recent outstanding performance, she won the WTT Singapore Grand Slam and WTT Macau Championship in succession. Therefore, the outside world is generally optimistic about Chen Meng’s victory. Surprisingly, however, Chen Meng beat Sun Yingsha 4-0 in the game, which surprised many fans. Only one week later, their situation changed dramatically.

Who is the worst player in the Warriors playoffs? The data will be clear!

Who is the worst player in the Warriors playoffs? The data will be clear!

-Curry: averaging 29.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists, shooting 48.8% from the field and 33.3% from three points.

-Thompson: averaging 21.0 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists, shooting 46.9% from the field and 41.7% from three points.

-Wiggins: 19.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game, shooting 45.7% from the field and 18.8% from three points.

-Poole: averaging 10.5 points, 2.0 rebounds and 2.0 assists, shooting 29.4% from the field and 25.0% from three points.

-Green: averaging 6.0 points, 6.5 rebounds and 8.0 assists, shooting 36.4% from the field and shooting 33.3% from three points.

Although Green’s playing action is controversial, his role for the Warriors is irreplaceable, and Poole’s performance is indeed a bit poor, especially in G2, where he made 1 of 7 shots and scored only 4 points. Anyway, I signed a big contract of 140 million yuan for four years. Is this the playoff?

Pu’ er’s confrontation is poor, and he can’t kill casually in the playoffs like the regular season, so he can only wave on the outside, and he doesn’t like defense. A player like Pu’ er at most makes him lose face in the SF Bureau, and sending him to play at other times is like suicide.

Nowadays, it’s too easy for players to get a top salary. After playing as a substitute for one year, the average score is less than 20 points, so they will get a top salary, and a substitute will get a top salary. What do you think?

Guoping 2 will rank third in the same ranking! Wang Chuqin divided 840,000 bonuses among four people, and the truth about Chen Meng’s loss of the crown was released.

The table tennis WTT Macau Championship has ended. Wang Chuqin and Manyu Wang won the men’s singles and women’s singles respectively, while Malone and Chen Meng both won the runner-up. However, they got a lot of points, surpassing Zhang Benzhi and Wang Yidi respectively, and rose to the third place in the singles world.

Last week’s Xinxiang Championship, Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Manyu Wang and Chen Meng all missed the final, and now four people are competing for the men’s singles and women’s singles titles. In the women’s singles final, Chen Meng won first and then lost, and finally 2-4 was reversed by Manyu Wang, and she missed the championship again. Then in the men’s singles final, Wang Chuqin, who was in a hot state, was unstoppable, and finally swept Malone 4-0 and won the championship easily. Liu Guoliang witnessed it on the spot.

According to the regulations of the Macau Championship, the winner can earn 1,000 points and 240,000 yuan, and the runner-up can also get 180,000 yuan and 700 points.

In this way, Manyu Wang and Wang Chuqin continued to consolidate their second position in the world singles, while Malone and Chen Meng got good news at the same time. Among them, Malone’s score rose from 3,890 to 4,500, surpassing Zhang Benzhihe to third place, and Guoping swept the top three in the men’s singles world. In addition, Chen Meng’s score rose from 5,155 to 5,765, surpassing Wang Yidi to the third place.

Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Manyu Wang and Chen Meng earned a lot of points, as well as a bonus. Wang Chuqin and Manyu Wang both won the championship at the same time, with a prize of $25,000 and an extra bonus of $10,000, about RMB 240,000. In addition, Malone and Chen Meng also have a bonus of 180,000 yuan, and the four people add up to a total bonus of 840,000 yuan.

However, the four of them need to hand over 40% of the bonus to Guoping, while 20% is used to pay taxes, and the remaining 40% of the bonus is their own, so there are not many in the end.

After the game, fans also discussed the performance of the two finals, including Chen Meng who swept Sun Yingsha in the semi-final, but was reversed by Manyu Wang in the final. Naturally, there are certain reasons.

Among them, Liu Guozheng, a former national player who served as a commentator on the live broadcast platform, praised Manyu Wang for playing hard and being able to withstand the pressure. At the same time, it showed that Chen Meng’s current state fluctuated greatly, and the momentum in the face of Manyu Wang gradually collapsed, making it difficult to compete with Manyu Wang in the future.

According to the schedule, the next important task of Guoping is the World Table Tennis Championships. Chen Meng, Manyu Wang and Sun Yingsha are the most capable players to win the women’s singles championship. In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin and Ma Long are the most competitive.

Expert analysis shows that it takes 1-2 weeks for the knee of the Emperor to recover: Kai Ying may be able to come back if he is dragged into the seventh round G2.

Philadelphia 76ers swept the Brooklyn Nets 4-0 to advance to the second round, and Philadelphia became the first team to advance to the second round this season, which was the first time that their team swept the Bucks in the second round in 1985. Moreover, Embiid, the core of this game, is still absent. It seems that Harden still has good leadership ability.

After the game, Rivers talked about Embiid’s injury in an interview: He felt a little pain in the back of his knee, and his knee was obviously swollen. We had an MRI examination, and there was no problem through MRI. The results of this examination were not very good.

The probability that Embiid will come back in the second round is only 50% at most, and we are ready for Embiid to miss the second round. (Embiid suffered a sprained knee in G3)

Evan jeffries, a medical expert, analyzed Embiid’s injury. Embiid suffered the same knee sprain in the past playoffs, and it will take him about 1-2 weeks to recover.

The opponent in the second round of Philadelphia will be the winner of Eagle VS Green Kay. At present, Green Kay leads the Eagle 2-1. The two teams played G4 on April 24th. Embiid has rested for two days since he was injured on April 21st, Beijing time.

Once the match between Eagle and Green Kay is dragged into the tiebreak and the seventh game is played on April 30th, Beijing time, then the first game of the second round needs to be played on May 2nd, Beijing time. Embiid rested for 13 days on May 4th, Beijing time, which is close to 1-2 weeks of recovery time, and at worst, he will come back in G3.

Therefore, whether Embiid can come back in the second round depends on whether the Hawks can play more games with Green Kaiduo. Philadelphia fans certainly hope that these two teams can enter the tiebreaker.

The Philadelphia coaching staff has begun to prepare Paul Reid to become the team’s new inside main force. Reid also said in the interview that he is ready and he will support the inside in the absence of Embiid.

Text/Yan Xiaobai’s Basketball Dream

4: 0 promotion! Harris 25+12, Harden 17+8+11, and the 76ers eliminated the Nets at 96: 88.

At 1: 00 a.m. Beijing time on April 23rd, the fourth game between the 76th ers and the Nets in the first round of the playoffs began, and its starting lineup was Harden, Maxi, Harris, Tucker and Reid. The Nets started with Ding Weidi, bridges, Smith, Johnson and claxton.

In the first quarter, Harris hit 2 points from the middle distance, Ding Weidi scored 3 points with an arrow from the outside line, and then started to hit with a knife and a long-range shot of 3 points. Reed caught the ball at the basket and smashed it into the basket for 2 points. claxton also easily put in 2 points from the inside, Ding Weidi scored 2 points from two free throws, and the Nets led by 6 points at 10: 4. Both sides came and went, killing the wind and water. At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led by 7 points at 29: 22.

In the second quarter, Maxi shot 2 points, Niang scored 2 points against the defense, Maxi stole a dragon and put 2 points in the basket, and the 76ers scored 6 points in a row to catch up with 28: 29, a difference of 1 point. Finney Smith hit a long-range 3-point shot, and the Nets finally scored. The two sides chased each other and were passionate about killing. At the end of the first half, the 76ers were 8 points behind at 40: 48.

In the first half, statistics from both sides: 76ers Harris scored 11 points, 7 rebounds and 1 steal, Harden scored 11 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, and Maxi scored 6 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal; Nets claxton scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, Ding Weidi scored 11 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists, Johnson scored 8 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists, and bridges scored 3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

In the third quarter, Harris made up 2 points by throwing and grabbing, Smith stole and killed Taishan at the basket, and added 2 points by dunking. Then he only knew how to bow and shoot a big eagle and scored 3 points. One person scored 5 points in a row, and the Nets led to 11 points at 53: 42. Harden retreated and scored 3 points. The two sides fell into the attack mode. After three quarters of fighting, the 76ers overtook 3 points at 66: 63!

The fourth quarter is the decisive moment for both sides! Bridges leaned back and scored 2 points, and Harden scored 1 point in two free throws for breaking through the projectile. Today, the beard is really iron! Melton’s big heart on the outside scored 3 points and secured the net, which was awesome in Karachi. The 76ers led by 5 points at 70: 65. The last quarter of the two sides were still inextricably tied, and the score was very anxious. Finally, the killing game ended, and the 76 ers eliminated the Nets at 96: 88, and advanced to the second round with a big score of 4: 0!

Nets: Ding Weidi scored 20 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 blocked shot, claxton scored 19 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 blocked shots, Johnson scored 11 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, Smith scored 8 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 blocked shot, bridges scored 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists and Kokuri scored 6 points and 3 rebounds.

Sixers: Harris scored 25 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block, Maxi scored 16 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals, Harden scored 17 points, 8 rebounds, 11 assists, 1 steal and 1 block, Reid scored 10 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block, and melton scored 15 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists.