Football today: Mallorca VS Royal Society Newcastle VS Wolves

Football today: Mallorca VS Royal Society Newcastle VS Wolves

La Liga: Mallorca VS Royal Society

Competition time: Sunday, 23-03-12 at 21: 00.

Analysis of the current situation of the team:

Mallorca has made great progress this season, with a record of nine wins, four draws and eleven losses, ranking tenth in the league. Last season, Mallorca finally finished relegation with difficulty. For a team with weak overall strength, Mallorca’s current league performance is obviously very good, but after all, there are still 14 rounds of the league. If Mallorca can’t maintain a relatively stable competitive state in the subsequent sprint stage, I believe this team still has some integral pressure.

In the last game, Mallorca lost to elche 0-1 at home and suffered two consecutive defeats in the league.Judging from the course of the game, although Mallorca’s data are better than elche’s, after all, elche is under great pressure to score points, and the players obviously put more energy into the game than Mallorca’s players. With the tireless interception of the players, elche basically did not leave Mallorca with too good offensive opportunities, and the players of both sides also spent more time in the competition for ball rights. It was not until the end of the game that elche, It was only with a left-wing corner that Mallorca’s goal was broken, and Mallorca’s luck in this campaign was also a little bad. In injury time, Muric originally tied the big score for Mallorca, but the referee confirmed through video playback that some players in Mallorca were offside before the goal, and finally Muric’s winner was also ruled invalid.

The royal society is in a difficult situation now, with a record of 13 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses, ranking fourth in the league. Although the team still occupies a top four position, in fact, there is only a three-point difference between Real Sociedad and Betis behind it. Once the team continues to be in a downturn, there is also a danger that the fourth place will be left behind by others. Moreover, Real Sociedad lost to Rome in the Europa League before, and it is quite difficult for the team to get out of the trough in the environment of two-track operations.

It is worth mentioning that the royal society seems to be very persistent in controlling the rhythm of the game recently. The reason why the team lost to Rome in the last game was mainly because the team had been trying to get the offensive opportunity through higher possession rate. As a result, Rome easily defeated the royal society by virtue of Mourinho’s trademark quick counterattack and a successful set-piece tactic. After the game, Rome coach Jose Mourinho also said in an interview that the opponents did get the game they wanted, but their team won the desired game result. I don’t know if the coach of Real Sociedad will feel a little annoyed after hearing Mourinho’s remarks. After all, with the lineup of Real Sociedad, it really doesn’t have the tactics to control the field in front of any opponent.

Event analysis:

This season, Mallorca has played against the royal society twice in the league and the King’s Cup. Mallorca has suffered a lot in the hands of the royal society. Although Mallorca is still in a relatively safe league position, considering the recent low morale of players, Mallorca must also find a relatively stable competitive state as soon as possible, and the last four games of Royal Society are hard to win. The defeat of two goals in the first leg of the Europa League makes it difficult for the team to put more energy on the league level. Considering that Mallorca is also a team that plays defense and counterattacks, It is believed that it is difficult for the royal society to get a good attack opportunity. Once Mallorca can withstand the attack pressure of the royal society in the first half, Mallorca will blow the horn of counterattack after the player adjustment in the second half. Perhaps this game will be the best opportunity for Mallorca to complete revenge on the royal society.

Premier League: Newcastle VS Wolves

Competition time: Monday, March 13, 2023, 00: 30.

Analysis of the current situation of the team:

Newcastle’s recent state has declined, with a record of 10 wins, 11 draws and 3 losses, ranking sixth in the league. Because the team is in the devil’s schedule, and several attacking players feel bad, Newcastle has also suffered successive defeats recently. At present, the team has opened a four-point gap with Tottenham, the fourth place. If the team still can’t find the offensive state in the follow-up, I believe it is still difficult for Newcastle to grab a Champions League ticket next season.

In the last game, Newcastle lost 2-0 to Manchester City and suffered a three-game losing streak.Judging from the course of the game, Newcastle’s defensive line on the side is basically useless. Manchester City strikers Forden and Grali have been putting on a series of excellent performances on the side by virtue of their personal abilities. In the case of heavy pressure from Manchester City, Newcastle basically failed to get a good attack opportunity, and the team even got a poor attack after the whole game. It is not difficult to see how passive Newcastle played this game. It can be said that Manchester City only scored two goals, mainly because Guardiola didn’t want to waste too much players’ physical strength. If Manchester City didn’t take the initiative to rotate players in the second half, Newcastle would have suffered a big defeat.

Personally, there are still many defects in Newcastle’s lineup. St. Maximin has a strong ability to fight alone. After coming off the bench in the second half, his personal breakthrough in holding the ball on the wing can still give Newcastle some opportunities to fight back, but this player’s contribution on the defensive end is indeed quite limited. Although guimaraes, as Newcastle’s midfielder, can play a combing role in the offensive and defensive transformation, there are no more key players around guimaraes who can cooperate with him.

At present, Newcastle’s main scoring method is quick counterattack, but once the opponent arranges enough defensive players around guimaraes, it will be difficult for Newcastle to achieve too good results. I believe that after the end of the season, Newcastle will definitely optimize the midfield and frontcourt lineup in depth, and only after the offensive end problem is solved can Newcastle really gain the capital to compete with other league powerhouses.

Wolves’ recent state has obviously picked up, with a record of seven wins, six draws and thirteen losses, ranking 13th in the league. As the team has recently regained its defensive hardness, Wolves have temporarily escaped from the relegation area, but the current league ranking is still far from last season. Considering that Wolves are a resilient team, with the team’s injuries relieved, I believe this team should bring a lot of trouble to its opponents in the remaining games.

In the last five games, Wolves have won two games, drawn one game and lost two games, and their record is acceptable.Perhaps some fans and friends will think that this record can only be regarded as barely passing, but in fact, Wolves’ recent opponents are all good in strength. How many Premier League teams can achieve good results when they encounter Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City in succession? Moreover, Wolves still have five injured players. Considering that this team’s bench lineup is not thick, it is quite difficult to achieve this result in the case of challenging strong enemies one after another.

Event analysis:

For the first time this season, Newcastle shook hands with Wolves 1-1 away. In the last ten meetings, Newcastle won one, six draws and three losses, and failed to take advantage of Wolves. Although the league ranking of Newcastle is much higher than that of Wolves, in fact, the overall strength of Wolves is not much worse than Newcastle. It can even be said that the resilience of Wolves in the strong dialogue is still stronger than Newcastle. Considering that Newcastle still has a certain chance to compete for the fourth place, and Wolves are now close to nothing, it is obvious that the desire of Newcastle players to win this game should be stronger than Wolves. As long as Newcastle can find its offensive state in time, I believe the team is still hopeful to rely on the benefits of home court.


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