Mourinho still can’t hold it! Lazio laughed at the late suspension of two Serie A games and four fears.

Mourinho still can’t hold it! Lazio laughed at the late suspension of two Serie A games and four fears.

Mourinho, the magic bird, finally couldn’t bear it. The two late suspensions in Serie A finally fell on Mourinho. The red card was caused by the match between Rome and Cremonese. Because Mourinho and Serra clashed on the sidelines, both of them "hit back" verbally. The magic bird was forced to fight back. At that time, after the referee saw it, he gave Murray the third red card this season without asking the reason. It can be seen that the referee of Serie A took care of Mourinho, and then Rome appealed at the first time and the ban was suspended. Therefore, Mourinho was lucky enough to stand on the sidelines and point out the army in the battle between Rome and Juventus, and finally won the battle with a 1-0 victory.

However, after studying, Serie A officials finally decided to punish Mourinho for two games, which will take effect immediately. This is a heavy blow to Rome, but for Lazio, their direct rival for the fourth place, they are very happy. Rome’s Devil’s Tournament has a total of five games, and the results of these five games have basically fixed the final performance of Mourinho and Rome this season. Now, in five games, Mourinho has won two consecutive victories and won Juventus 1-0. 2-0 victory over Real Sociedad, which ranked fourth in La Liga (the first leg of the Europa League), will be followed by a direct dialogue with Lazio. Whoever wins or loses is of great significance to Serie A’s fourth round.

At present, Napoli, the leader of Serie A, has 65 points, which is 15 points better than Milando, which ranks second. It is only a matter of time before winning the championship in advance. The Champions League seat has been reduced by one place, and the remaining three places will be fought by five teams, with 50 points for Inter Milan in the second and 48 points for Lazio in the third. The fourth Rome scored 47 points; The fifth AC Milan scored 47 points; Atlanta in the sixth place scored 42 points, Inter Milan, who played one more game, was only 8 points away from Atlanta in the sixth place, and the difference between the third and fifth places was only 1 point. The victory of one game was too important for these five teams to compete for the fourth place. As we all know, Rome, the magic bird Mourinho, was lost by the referee’s special "care" last season. Can it not be repeated again? Welcome everyone to chat in the comment area!


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