Miss Yu Meijing became a prosecutor.

Miss Yu Meijing became a prosecutor.

Recently, domestic brands in various online platforms have collectively organized a group to play, and they have been on the hot search for a long time. On September 14, the domestic brand Yu Meijing finally took the shot.

At the same time, careful netizens found that the "Yu Meijing girl" who held her chin like the doll on Yu Meijing’s packaging has now grown into an excellent prosecutor.

Her name is Yuan Bingling. After graduating from college in 1999, she became a prosecutor in the People’s Procuratorate of Hebei District, Tianjin. She was awarded the honorary titles of "National March 8th Red Flag Bearer" and "National Advanced Individual in Rule of Law Publicity and Education".

She also founded "Sunshine Ice Studio" to guide and escort minors.

According to reports, by November 2021, 186 of the delinquent teenagers who Yuan Bingling and his colleagues were responsible for helping and educating had returned to normal life, and 27 of them were admitted to the university.

When the image of "Yu Meijing Girl" spread all over the country, Yuan Bingling deliberately concealed the fact that she was "Yu Meijing Girl" from primary school to university.

She said: "I had a colorful childhood like a dream, but that was the past." I want to create a better life for more children through my hands. "

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