Is Azar, who scored 7 goals in 73 appearances in 4 years and 120 million euros, the worst signing for Real Madrid?

Is Azar, who scored 7 goals in 73 appearances in 4 years and 120 million euros, the worst signing for Real Madrid?

In the summer of 2019, Azar, the king of the ball from London, moved from Chelsea in London to Real Madrid, and Real Madrid spent 120 million euros to introduce him. However, Azar’s transfer to Real Madrid did not help Real Madrid win more honors as expected.

As a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from the team, Azar, who thought that he had killed the quartet in the Premier League, could also come to La Liga to reduce his dimension. I didn’t expect the star to appear a little acclimatized when he came to La Liga. What people didn’t expect was that this wave of acclimatization lasted for 4 years. Azar has been plagued by injuries since he came to Real Madrid. It can be said that he spent more time in his hospital bed than on the court after Real Madrid. Sometimes, just after coming back from injury, he was replaced because of injury before playing a game.

Azar, who was not injured by a flying shovel in Chelsea, came to Madrid and became a glass man. Even if he became a glass man, his goal efficiency in Real Madrid was not as good as before. He couldn’t prove himself because of his limited playing time. He only scored 7 goals in 74 games for Real Madrid in 4 years, and he scored only 4 poor goals in La Liga. It is worth mentioning that his goal number in La Liga is not as good as that of Lei Wu.

After coming to Real Madrid, his value also ushered in a cliff-like decline. At the peak of Chelsea, Azar’s value reached 150 million euros, but now his value is only 750W W. I don’t think cliff-like decline can describe this decline speed, this decline speed. It’s faster than a meteorite falling.

At the peak of his career, Azar called him the third man in football. Whether shooting, dribbling or passing people, he was the top player in football. He also brought Chelsea two Premier League trophies and two Europa League trophies.

Chelsea fans are naturally very fond of this club meritorious player, while Real Madrid fans are naturally disgusted with this giant Buddha. At the beginning, when Real Madrid fans spoke out about Azar, Chelsea fans also spoke for Azar. When Azar’s injuries were reported again and again, the support of Chelsea fans seemed to be somewhat powerless.

Of course, Real Madrid fans don’t like this famous star not only because of his glass properties and mediocre performance, but also because of his professional attitude. Being fat and eating hamburgers are all labels of Azar, so he also has the title of Burger King.

It is impossible for Azar, who is now 32 years old, to return to the top again. Azar’s contract with Real Madrid will expire in June next year. Real Madrid wants to send away the giant Buddha, but Azar himself said that he will fulfill his contract with Real Madrid and he wants to contribute to Real Madrid. We also look forward to whether Azar can really show his due strength during the last year of the contract. Now even if Azar wants to leave the team, it is estimated that no team will take over. After all, he has to accept that he is lying in a hospital bed for a long time with a high salary, even a local team like Paris can’t afford it.


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