Yang Yuanqing wants to give a perfect answer sheet.

Yang Yuanqing wants to give a perfect answer sheet.

Whether it is emerging fields such as autonomous driving and meta-universe, or traditional industries such as cultural tourism, education and health, the demand for AI computing power is rising rapidly. The explosion of ChatGPT has pushed the association of "hardcore players" in computing power to the stage.

Recently, Liu Miao, general manager of Lenovo Group’s new computing service, expressed his views on the theme of "Looking at the computing demand and future of AI from ChatGPT". He believed that strong artificial intelligence needs comprehensive consultation, design, development, subscription service and end-to-end solutions. Lenovo can help the AI explosion scene to land by making every effort to build a full-stack solution of AI as a service.

In fact, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, shared his views on the explosive ChatGPT earlier. The general computing infrastructure behind ChatGPT is exactly the strength that Lenovo has laid out for many years. As a leading provider of basic computing power and artificial intelligence computing power, Lenovo will continue to benefit in the future.

The new idea of "pervasive computing power" put forward by Lenovo for the first time is to rely on the new IT architecture of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence", that is, relying on the end in the hands of users, covering a wide range of clouds, and the edge closer to the data generation place, coupled with the high-speed network for transmitting data, to provide ubiquitous pervasive pervasive computing power, so as to promote the application of AI technology in various industries and accelerate the intelligent transformation of China.

In order to help Puhui computing power land efficiently, Lenovo also innovatively put forward four characteristics of new computing power: integration, scene, subscription and greening.

At the same time, by creating a "Qingtian" new engine, Lenovo has successfully completed the transformation from a hardware manufacturer to a 3S full-stack full-cycle service provider, providing full-stack full-cycle products, services and solutions for industry users including computing users, realizing integrated delivery and becoming a new IT partner for users.

Some time ago, Lenovo’s latest server brand "Lenovo Asks for Heaven" further strengthened its complete localization ability from planning to R&D, supply chain and manufacturing, and consolidated the construction of Lenovo’s computing base with the server as the core, helping it to build a digital base with integrated software and hardware, including the technical middle platform and the edge cloud network.

Today, Lenovo has ranked first in the global HPC TOP 500 list for ten consecutive times. Lenovo has built more than 180 of the world’s top 500 high-performance computers. In China, Lenovo also won the number share championship of HPC TOP 100 for eight times, leading the development of computing power in China.

On the whole, in the new computing revolution, Lenovo is stuck through the integration of products, solutions and services, and then meets the AI computing needs of all walks of life. The leading position in the global computing market strongly proves that Lenovo has accumulated enough strength to meet the new explosion of computing power demand.


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