Fireworks products | magical face changing, HUAHUO brings new experience!

Fireworks products | magical face changing, HUAHUO brings new experience!


Throughout the ages, all kinds of things, beautiful faces show thousands of families.

As early as ancient times, people explored "face exchange", such as painting face, face-changing, etc., and imitated people’s various appearances, identities, expressions and behaviors by changing faces. "Face exchange" is more like an image symbol that gives people a specific impression and establishes a new way of communication between people through the shaping of symbols.

Iteration of face changing technology

History of Face Swapping

With the development of digital technology, face exchange technology has gone through four stages, from the earliest manual drawing to computer drawing, and now to artificial intelligence synthesis.

1. Traditional makeup technique of changing face in kind

Early face painting, face changing and face changing are an extension of physical makeup. Physical face-changing means that makeup artists/face-changing artists reconstruct various facial features with two-dimensional or three-dimensional structures through materials such as pigments, hair, gypsum and silica gel on the basis of human faces, thus reshaping a new image.

The Dressing Process of Facial Deformity in Miracle Boy

2. Digital image face changing

In the pre-digital era, face exchange technology will change faces by editing film to make complex foreground and background relationships. The common face-changing special effects since the silent film era include "replacement shooting" techniques such as stopping and re-shooting, masking and overprinting. With the development of computer vision and graphics technology, face changing has realized the operation and editing of each digital image.

The Fast and the Furious Paul Walker Brothers body double+Motion Capture+Digital Synthesis

3. Three-dimensional dynamic catching and face changing

In the digital age, the development of face recognition technology and motion capture technology has brought about three-dimensional face-changing technique, which is a face-changing technique based on the mapping relationship between real face and CG(Computer Graphics) face in movies.

"Rejuvenation" Expression Capture+Face Mapping

4. AI deep face change

In the era of artificial intelligence, AI deep face-changing surgery has entered the public’s field of vision. AI deep face changing technique is an automatic face changing technique which combines deep learning model with computer vision model and is applied to face image generation. It is a face recognition and replacement recombination technique migrated from the field of identity pattern recognition.

Gemini Man’s Character Data Processing+Facial Recognition+Motion Capture+Artificial Intelligence.


Development and application of face changing technology

Technological Innovation and Application

Based on the development of face recognition, motion capture, portrait synthesis, artificial intelligence and other technologies, HUAHUO has also introduced many new application forms in the exhibition industry.

Looking back on the research and development path of HUAHUO, from the interactive screen of big head stickers, to the user portrait screen, portrait synthesis screen, role exchange screen, virtual dressing screen and green screen keying system, to the latest research on real-time face changing, audio video face changing, 50 years at a time, mouth-to-mouth "speaking", virtual digital people, live face changing, etc., HUAHUO has made great achievements in portrait recognition, processing, extraction, matching and display technology.

, duration 00:08

HUAHUO’s "Face Changing with Audio Video" is under research and testing.

Advantages of HUAHUO’s face changing technology

Support PC and mobile multi-platforms.

Support the face-changing interaction of different characters, including but not limited to cross-ethnic, cross-gender, cross-age, cross-ethnic and cross-dimensional roles.

Support multi-application scenarios, including but not limited to science museum, enterprise museum, experience store, library, tourist attractions, commercial space and other scenarios.

It has the advantages of detail improvement, accurate synthesis, expression control, face following, smooth experience and high resolution.

HUAHUO image database

Image dimensions: 2D, 3D

Image attributes: cross-ethnic, cross-gender, cross-age, cross-ethnic, cross-occupation, cross-dimensional, etc.

HUAHUO face changing technology case

HUAHUO face-changing technology supports multi-scene applications, including but not limited to Kebo Pavilion, enterprise pavilion, experience store, library, tourist attractions, commercial space and other scenes.

Application scenario: experience store

, duration 00:14

Application scenario: library

, duration 00:25

Application scenario: museum

, duration 00:33

Application scenario: Science and Technology Museum

, duration 00:38

Application scenario: tourist attractions

The technology world is updated and iterated, and the face-changing technology has brought new cultural experiences to the public. HUAHUO pays attention to innovative research and development of products and user experience, and there will be more products for the public in the future. Welcome everyone to support and pay attention, and come to visit and experience ~


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