Panasonic’s first home robot, how to standardize the security issues in the intelligent era?

Panasonic’s first home robot, how to standardize the security issues in the intelligent era?

# Panasonic’s first home robot # Panasonic Holdings announced on March 7 that it will release the robot "NICOBO" with biological weakness on May 16. The robot has a rounded shape, can speak short Japanese or talk in sleep, and can fart. The concept adopted is not to use artificial intelligence to help human beings, but to use its imperfection to arouse the smiles and warmth of people around. This is the first time that Panasonic has put home robots on the market, which can be booked in official website.

What does this mean? It means that robots have really entered daily life. Although today’s robots may not be perfect, and there are even many bugs, future robots may erupt by spurt.

Since the emergence of home robots, it shows that robots are being mass-produced, which may promote the development of the robot industry. Just like smart phones in those days, with the marketization, a large number of manufacturers will start to manufacture robots in the future, and robots will become perfect with the large-scale production and the increase of user groups. The era of madness is coming, and it is unstoppable like a scourge!

However, what is worrying is the security problem in the intelligent age.

At present, most people know little about intelligence and robots, and they are also full of unknowns about this industry. How to ensure the safety of robots when they go to ordinary people? How to ensure that robots are becoming increasingly intelligent, and how to ensure that personal privacy is not monitored by robots and put on the network? When there is a bug in the robot, how can ordinary people deal with it urgently? Will there be an incident in which robots attack people? The robot was attacked by hackers. Is there an extra spy around? The other is, how to prevent the robot from losing itself? And so on, it is urgent to give relevant specifications.

Without a set of relevant norms, will there be a similar situation of violent online lending brought about by the mobile Internet era in the mixed market?

Among them, privacy is not paid much attention to by everyone. However, at present, many people are deeply affected by privacy leakage. In order not to bring secondary harm to others, here are no examples. However, the fact is that many people are streaking in the Internet age.

Then there is the problem of hacker prevention, and many people may have such problems like mobile phones. However, the difference is that the mobile phone can’t move by itself after all, and the related functions are limited. What we are facing is more information security issues. Robots are different. Robots can move, and there may be robots with emotions in the future. If a highly intelligent robot is cracked by hackers, the consequences are unimaginable, especially for those who have certain international influence.

Therefore, in the era of intelligence, security issues cannot be ignored! Leave a message in the comment area about the possible safety problems caused by robots, in case one of your messages affects the future development of this industry.


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