American men’s basketball team loses sparring, making it awkward. Cunningham plays Dancsics and dominates the audience.

American men’s basketball team loses sparring, making it awkward. Cunningham plays Dancsics and dominates the audience.

As the Olympic Games will be held in Paris next summer, many active American basketball superstars are unwilling to spend too much energy in the upcoming basketball World Cup in Asia this summer. Looking at the lineup of the United States team in this tournament, the younger generation of Edwards and Ingram are already the most famous players, which is a lot dimmer than the 2019 China Basketball World Cup.

Yesterday, the American men’s basketball team was assembled, and today, the first match with the American men’s basketball team was completed, and the result was not satisfactory. According to American media reports, the sparring team led by Cunningham finally defeated the home team of the American men’s basketball team 47-39 in this 20-minute team training match. It is reported that Cunningham played well in the game, Jay Green was efficient in Zhuo Qun, and Durham also dominated the rebound with his figure advantage.

However, for such a result, coach Cole, who is about to lead the American men’s basketball team to the World Cup, is not worried. "This is a long-standing tradition of the American men’s basketball team. Everyone knows what grant hill and Bob Hurley did in 1992. In 2019, the last World Cup, the sparring team also kicked the ass of the team. This is the point. You want the best players to join the sparring team to challenge you, which is exactly what the sparring team did today. " Cole said in an interview.

Besides Cunningham, this year’s American men’s basketball team also includes young players like Jay Green, Holmgren, Trey Murphy and Keegan Murray. It is worth mentioning that Halliburton, who is about to represent the United States in the World Cup, also led a team to defeat the United States team that won the Tokyo Olympic gold medal in training camp in 2021.

One of the most concerned issues about this American national team is what kind of starting lineup Cole will have. According to reports, in order to keep it as secret as possible, the first five minutes of the training match were not open to the American media. Besides, the reporters didn’t get any personal data about the players in this training match. However, sources inside the team revealed that Cole’s five starters in this training match were Ingram, bridges, jaren jackson Jr., Bronson and Cameron Johnson. Cole said in an interview that the lineup used in the training match has nothing to do with the final start.

Interestingly, Cole had clear requirements for the way the United States selected sparring teams before the game. During the dialogue, he expressed the hope that Cunningham could imitate Dancsics’s core play of holding the ball, and launch more tactics through high-position pick-and-roll. Thus, the Slovenian men’s basketball team led by Dancsics has become the number one imaginary enemy in Cole’s mind.


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