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NBA shock deal! Harden teamed up with Alphabet to join the Nets. Cai Chongxin: I am ready for 2 billion.

The Nets are plotting a shocking deal. They plan to target the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks’ two superstars, james harden and Brother Alphabet. Nets owner Cai Chongxin made it clear that as long as these two top players are willing to join, he will spare no effort to build a team with championship strength.

According to Chris honey, an insider in NBA, the Nets intend to make a big deal with the 76ers. The main framework of this transaction is for the Nets to send Da Qiao and Thomas in exchange for Harden of the 76ers, which will enable the Nets to successfully complete the reorganization of the lineup while ensuring their competitiveness, and also plan to recruit Alphabet.

Harden, as the league’s scoring king and assists king, has rich playoff experience, and his joining will undoubtedly significantly improve the combat effectiveness of the Nets. Brother Alphabet has become one of the top players in the league with his all-round performance and super leadership. The combination of the two will undoubtedly bring unprecedented strength and influence to the Nets.

Cai Chongxin said in an interview: "We are already preparing for the arrival of Harden and Brother Alphabet. I firmly believe that their joining will make the Nets the most powerful contenders for the championship in the new season." He added: "I have prepared 2 billion dollars. As long as they are willing to come, I will do my best to build a team with the strength to compete for the championship." The key to the deal is whether the 76ers are willing to let Harden go. However, considering Harden’s performance in the playoffs and his position in the team, the 76ers are likely to choose to trade him to seek broader development space and more instant fighting power. In addition, the contract status of the letter brother is also worthy of attention. Although he has signed a long-term contract with the Bucks, his contact with the Nets indicates that he may be open to the future development direction of the team. In this potential transaction, the Nets will undoubtedly become a big winner. The combination of Harden and Brother Alphabet will make the Nets have the strength to hit the championship. Moreover, despite paying a certain draft, the Nets got the young players Middleton and Jay Claude of the Bucks through the exchange of Dan Newhouse, which also made the team’s future development more sustainable.

Generally speaking, if this potential transaction can be realized, it will bring unprecedented strength and influence to the Nets. The combination of Harden and Brother Alphabet will undoubtedly become a beautiful landscape in the league and bring more exciting games to the fans. Let’s wait and see if this deal can come true and how it will affect the championship battle in the new season.

Bye, Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

bye-byeLittle Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

The Rockets made a 4-for-1 deal for Turner, sending Potter and two first-round signings away.

The NBA summer is always full of variables and surprises, and many teams will seek reinforcement in the free market or change their lineup through transactions. This summer, the teams in the west are constantly moving. The Lakers, Warriors, Suns, Lone Rangers and other teams are constantly strengthening their own strength, trying to compete for the hegemony of the west next season. In contrast, the teams in the east seem a little unremarkable, except for some small moves made by several strong teams, there is no big change. The most regrettable thing is that the Nets, which once owned the epic three giants, are now in trouble. The three giants have disintegrated and the team has lost hope of winning the championship. So, under such circumstances, which other teams will make some big moves in the summer?

According to the US media "Fadeaway World", the Rockets and Pacers plan to discuss a 4-for-1 deal offer this summer. If the negotiations go smoothly, two-time league blocked shot Wang Turner is expected to parachute into Houston. What is the specific plan of this transaction? Why did the Rockets and Pacers make such a decision? How does this transaction affect both parties? Let’s analyze it together.

The Rockets sent Potter Jr. and two first-round signings away.

The Rockets experienced a catastrophic collapse last season. They not only lost their core players such as Harden, Wei Shao and Gordon, but also suffered from injuries and epidemics, and finally ended the season with the worst record in the league. The Rockets won No.4 rookie Amen Thompson and No.16 rookie jabari Smith in this year’s draft. They also signed champion point guard Van fleet and veteran Hayes in the free market, trying to rebuild the team. However, in this process, the Rockets are also facing some problems and difficulties. One of the biggest problems is their point guard Potter Jr.

Porter Jr. was a surprise choice that the Rockets got from the Cavaliers in the middle of last season. He showed great talent and potential in the Rockets, averaging 16.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.1 steals, shooting 44.2% from the field and 36.8% from three points. He not only has excellent scoring ability and organizational ability, but also has good defensive consciousness and physical fitness. He once scored an astonishing 50 points and 11 assists against Bucks, becoming the second youngest 50+10 player in NBA history. He is also considered as one of the cores of the Rockets’ future reconstruction.

However, in this summer, there was little news about Porter Jr., and his brilliance was completely concealed by players such as Amen Thompson and Whitmore. Uduka, the new coach of the Rockets, has an ambiguous attitude towards Porter Jr. Unlike Jay Green, jabari Smith Jr. and Tarry Ethan, Porter Jr. has never been praised by Uduka. He is about to lose his starting position in the new season, which is definitely not a taste psychologically. Coupled with his "thorny" attribute, Uduka’s lack of confidence in him is understandable. According to "Houston Chronicle" reporter Fagan, it’s not that the Rockets management doesn’t want to send Potter away, especially after getting Van fleet and Amen Thompson, but his rookie bonus period has ended, and other teams who want him have to bear an annual salary of $15.86 million, which is not attractive.

Therefore, the Rockets decided to use Potter as a bargaining chip in exchange for a player who can improve the team’s strength. Their goal is the Pacers center Turner. In order to get Turner, the Rockets paid the price of Potter Jr. and two first-round signings.

These two first-round signings are the first-round signings of the Nets in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Although the Nets are currently one of the strongest teams in the league, their strength may drop sharply after four or six years, and these two first-round signings may also become very valuable. The Rockets made a big bet to get Turner.

Behind the scenes of NBA draft: the stage for shaping basketball stars

The NBA draft is a symbolic annual event in the basketball world. It can not only tap new talents for all teams in the league, but also serve as a springboard for many young basketball players to realize their dreams.

1. Student athlete declaration

The NBA draft process begins with the declaration of student athletes. College students and international players can choose to submit their own draft applications within a specific time limit.

2. Draft combination ranking

According to the record of last season and the results of the lottery, the team got the selection order of the draft. The drawing of the top draft is a concerned link, and all teams are eager to draw the top draft pick.

3. Player evaluation

The league will organize a pre-draft camp for coaches and managers of each team to evaluate the draft participants. The contents of the evaluation include ball skill test, physical assessment, interview, etc.

4. draft conference

The NBA draft is usually held in June every year, which is the climax of the whole draft process. All teams participating in the draft will choose new players in two rounds according to a predetermined order.

first inning

In the first draft, the rookie selected by the team will get a guaranteed contract. These players are usually regarded as the elite of this new talent.

The contract of the players in the second round is not guaranteed, and the team and the players need to negotiate further.

5. Rookie Contract and Training Camp

After signing contracts with their teams, the selected players will participate in summer leagues and training camps to start their basketball career in the NBA.

The NBA draft is a bridge between the league and young basketball players. It is a place full of hopes and dreams, and it is also a key link for the team’s future development. Through this carefully planned and organized process, NBA not only shaped the new star of basketball, but also further promoted the globalization process of basketball.

Reinforce! US media: 2 for 2 trading exposure, Rockets and Grizzlies can achieve mutual win.

After the Houston Rockets welcomed the new coach, the young players also took the initiative to devote themselves to training, with very little rest time. In addition, under the leadership of Tommy Tam and Van Jordan, Jay Green, Shen Jing, Porter, Whitmore and Amen Thompson also improved their athletic ability, and the projection rhythm also changed. According to the current strength, the team has a chance to enter the playoffs, but it depends not only on the team’s state, but also on the opponent’s state.

However, the team still hasn’t given up the opportunity to continue to strengthen. According to a sports reporter in Hugh City, the Rockets and Grizzlies discussed a 2-for-2 trading plan. Let’s take a look at the specific situation.

The Rockets sent out Porter Jr. and the first-round draft pick in 2025, and won Adams+Conchal of the Grizzlies.

For the Rockets, the team’s goal next season is to enter the playoffs. If it can’t enter the playoffs, it will have a great impact on the team. So what is the bargaining chip? First of all, Adams is strong, with good low-post back-hooking skills, good steals in the center, high quality cover and good rebounding skills. He can score 8.6 points, 11.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.1 blocks per game in 27 minutes, while Conchar is 1.96 meters tall. He is a dual-energy defender with excellent shooting ability and good defensive ability. On the whole, this transaction is not a loss for the team.

For the Grizzlies, the team also wants to achieve a better record next season. Although it has been reinforced since the off-season, this transaction is not bad for the team. First of all, Porter Jr. not only has good strength, but also is young. He scored 19.6 points +5.3 rebounds +5.7 assists in the season, and there is a lot of room for growth in the future. This transaction has also been signed in the first round, so the team can further complete the reinforcement work.

What do you think of this transaction? Welcome to discuss it in the comments section!

The gunner still lost the game with 82% possession rate. Arsenal vs Forest: shooting 6-11, shooting 2-3.

Live on May 21st, this round of Premier League Nottingham Forest beat Arsenal 1-0 at home. The following is a comparison of the specific data of this game between the two sides:

Nottingham forest vs arsenal

Shooting: 6-11

Straight shot: 2-3

Ball control rate: 18%-82%

Passing success rate: 50%-89%

Foul: 11-12

Yellow card: 3-2

Corner kick: 3-6

(Chenpi is not orange)

The 16th Track and Field Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute ended successfully.

On the afternoon of April 20th, the 16th Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute came to a successful conclusion. Executive Director and President Cui Zhilin, Vice President Wu Zhongyuan, Vice President Wang Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union Wang Xiaohui, Deputy Secretary and Vice President Rolling and Vice President Wang Lixiao attended. The heads of relevant functional departments of our school and teachers and students of secondary colleges attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was presided over by Qin Xiaomei, Director of the Academic Affairs Office.

Wu Zhongyuan made a closing speech. He said that with the active cooperation of teachers, students and staff, the Games successfully completed all the competition tasks, and achieved a double harvest of sports achievements and spiritual civilization. Our school fully implemented the Party’s education policy, conscientiously implemented the guiding ideology of "health first", and effectively improved the students’ physical health level. All the athletes were brave and tenacious, struggling hard, and three of them broke the school’s highest records and two of them broke the school sports meeting records, which showed the competitive sports level of our school. The competition of sports events is not only the competition of physical fitness and skills, but also the competition of perseverance and willpower. I hope everyone will continue to carry forward their indomitable will, tenacious fighting style, triumphant spirit and spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance on the field, devote themselves to study and work, and write a new chapter in the reform and development of education and teaching in our school with high morale, brand-new attitude and full passion. It is hoped that the Institute of Physical Education will continue to explore new paradigms of physical education and teaching, so that teachers and students can actively participate in physical exercise, develop good exercise habits, and contribute their youth to creating a positive, healthy and upward campus cultural atmosphere of western translation. This sports meeting has not only cultivated young students’ strong and resolute will, self-surpassing quality and confidence in meeting challenges, but also helped to cultivate their sense of competition, spirit of cooperation and concept of fairness.

The referee Ma Qing announced the results of the competition. In the total score of Group A, School of Information Engineering won the first place in Group A with 225 points, English College won the second place with 159 points, and International Business School won the third place with 131 points. In the total score ranking of men’s team in Group A, the School of Information Engineering won the first place with 135 points, the English School won the second place with 96.5 points, and the International Business School won the third place with 79 points. In the total score ranking of women’s teams in Group A, the School of Information Engineering won the first place with 90 points, the School of Education won the second place with 72 points, and the School of English also won the third place with 62.5 points. In the total score ranking of Group B, the 21-level undergraduate of the Institute of Physical Education won the first place with 195.5 points, the class 1 of the 22-level undergraduate of the Institute of Physical Education won the second place with 121.5 points, and the 21-level junior college of the Institute of Physical Education won the third place with 121 points. In the total score of the teaching staff, the Education Branch ranks first, the Gaofan Branch ranks second, and the Cultural Branch ranks third with the government branch.

Wang Xiaohui announced the winners of the sports meeting. English College, International Business School and Education College won the Sports Ethics Award; The school’s trade union, the Ministry of Education, the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Information Engineering, the International Business School and the Youth League Committee won the Excellent Organization Award; Advanced Institute of Translation, Asia-Europe Institute of Language and Culture, School of Art and Design, School of Nursing and Rehabilitation, School of Literature and Media won the Spiritual Civilization Award; Logistics Group and Institute of Physical Education won special contribution awards. The leaders of our school presented awards to the winning athletes and groups and took photos as a souvenir.

After Cui Zhilin announced that "the 16th Track and Field Games of Xi ‘an Translation Institute was successfully concluded", the sports event was successfully concluded.

Cui Zhilin, executive director and president, announced the successful conclusion of the 16th Games.

Wu Zhongyuan, Vice President, made a closing speech.

Wang Xiaohui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, announced the winners of the Games.

Qin Xiaomei, Director of Academic Affairs Office, presided over the closing ceremony.

The referee Ma Qing announced the results of the competition.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six men’s team scores in Group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six women’s team scores in Group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six total scores of group A.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top three total scores of group B.

School leaders awarded prizes to the top six total scores of faculty and staff groups.

School leaders present awards to winners of outstanding organization awards.

School leaders presented awards to the winners of the Spiritual Civilization Award.

School leaders presented prizes for sports ethics and fashion awards.

take a group photo

C Luo Sun Zhao issued a document: Focus on results rather than obstacles Georgina disgusting boast Ailang: the most beautiful leg in the universe.

On March 12th, Beijing time, Cristiano Ronaldo released photos of himself training in the gym, and his girlfriend Georgina also praised her lover and sprinkled a wave of dog food.

In the last round of the league, Riyadh lost to Jeddah United. Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score, and suffered the first defeat in the league since joining his new club. After the game, he tried to throw the captain’s armband and angrily kicked the mineral water bottle, which also caused a lot of controversy.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly recovered his composure and signed autographs for fans from afar. Back to the training ground, I also continued to carry forward my positive and hard-working spirit and took photos of myself in the training room in social media.

Although he is 38 years old, I have to say that Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical fitness is still quite excellent, especially his thighs, which are still extremely strong and powerful. At the same time, he is also writing a document and writing: "Pay attention to the results, not the obstacles!"

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina not only shared photos of Cristiano Ronaldo, but also wrote: "The most beautiful legs in the universe, love." I have to say, Qiao Mei is really boastful and disgusting enough for this dog food!

Data Port released its 2022 annual results: the net profit was about 115 million yuan, which provided computing power to widely support the development of artificial intelligence, AIGC and other field

21st century business herald reporter Guo Meiting reports from Guangzhou.

On the evening of March 10th, Shanghai Dataport Co., Ltd., a data center service provider, disclosed its 2022 annual report.

The report shows that the operating income of Data Port in this period is 1.455 billion yuan, up 16.88% year-on-year, mainly due to the increase in operating income generated by delivered projects; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 115 million yuan, down 5.45% year-on-year, which was due to the large-scale data center put into operation in the early stage, resulting in a large short-term increase in fixed assets and their depreciation; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was 94,580,500 yuan, down 13.69% year-on-year, mainly due to the depreciation of fixed assets and the increase in operating costs after the project delivery; The basic earnings per share is 0.35 yuan. The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 0.44 yuan for every 10 shares, and transfer 4 shares to all shareholders for every 10 shares with capital reserve.

From the perspective of overall business, the report shows that the data port has been built and operated in the hub nodes of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, from Wulanchabu and Zhangbei in the north to Shenzhen and Heyuan in Guangdong in the south. By December 31, 2022, the operating IT megawatt reached 371MW, which was converted into about 74,200 standard cabinets of 5 KW, which can support large enterprises. With the increasing business demand of end customers, the data center cabinets that the company has put into operation are gradually powered on.

In 2022, Data Port further increased R&D investment, with R&D expense of 67.8553 million yuan, an increase of 27.67% compared with the previous year, which was mainly used to set up a number of key technical improvement projects, such as active data center cooling system, data center high cooling efficiency system, data center integrated centralized management and control system, distributed information security operation and maintenance management platform based on big data, and computer room intelligent operation and maintenance control platform.

According to the financial report, the data port is currently facing risks such as high customer concentration and intensified market competition. In the next three to five years, the company will speed up the layout, build a wholesale data center with its own resources, continue to improve service quality and profitability based on the current layout of East China, North China and South China, and explore open market mergers and acquisitions to achieve outreach development; At the same time, consolidate the main business of data center hosting and actively expand services such as hybrid cloud and private cloud suitable for different needs of customers; Continue to cooperate with head cloud computing operators, with government and enterprises, operators, head Internet enterprises, financial enterprises, etc.

In addition, DataPort said that it will build a green and low-carbon data center. On the one hand, it will enhance the fineness of operation and maintenance management and improve energy efficiency by adopting various new energy-saving technologies, and make the PUE value as close as possible to "1"; On the other hand, by participating in green energy trading, developing distributed clean energy projects and other channel combinations, the proportion of clean energy will be increased, and finally carbon neutrality will be achieved.