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Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Tottenham Hotspur coach ryan mason quickly stopped the spread of rumors about harry kane’s transfer.

On the afternoon of 20th (Korean time), Tottenham Hotspur, which played the 37th round of Premier League (EPL) in 2022-2023 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, lost 1-3 to brentford. In the 7 th minute of the first half, Tottenham scored the first goal with Kane’s dream free kick, which announced the start, but was knocked down in the second half. In the 5th minute of the second half and 16th minute of the second half, Brian Varmo conceded a goal. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Oliver Skip made a fatal mistake in the defensive camp. In the end, joan visa lost points for the third time.

Tottenham Hotspur’s seventh team’s UEFA Europa League (UECL) playoff (PO) seat is also in jeopardy. Tottenham Hotspur has only one game left, while Aston Villa, the eighth place with the same points, has only two games left. Only if you are lucky can you participate in the European competition. Coach Mei Sen, who attended the press conference after the game, said: "This is the Premier League and we need to prepare for the game. He played very well in the first half and created several chances. Since the second half, his competitive state has declined, giving opponents a chance. Very disappointed, "he said regretfully.

Because Kane waved to the home audience, there were also various speculations. Because Kane was in contact with many big clubs when the transfer period came. When a local reporter asked if it meant farewell, Mei Sen said, "Kane waves to the audience in the last home game of each season. Two years ago, you were sure Kane would leave. As usual, just thank the fans. "

Acting head coach Mei Sen asked the fans to cheer for the last minute miracle. "We need a strong fan who is dedicated to the team. Dedicated players and staff are also needed. "

Lin Liangfeng: Manchester United’s shopping is close to Baosi, and Tenghahe is not a nerd.

Bournemouth 0-1 Manchester United (war communiqué)

Titan sports all-media reporter Lin Liangfeng

Have you seen "A Game-writing protocol"?

With such a literary title, even military fans may not immediately realize its original name: the longest day. Manchester United, and its fans, survived the "longest day" of the season on Saturday. Thanks to casemiro’s volley in the 9th minute, Manchester United walked on thin ice with a score of 1-0. That’s not to mention, they stayed up for another 10 minutes, until Liverpool failed to reverse it, and then put their hanging hearts back.

Manchester United still have two games, both at home. If they don’t lose all, they will definitely overwhelm Liverpool and advance to the Champions League next season. According to Manchester United’s home winning percentage in the Premier League this season (17 games, 13 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, higher than 76%), it seems that the problem is not big, but the future is still full of thorns, and there is no room for carelessness. It was not so much casemiro’s goal that won the opponent, but rather Degea’s effort to make up for it. When visiting West Ham United, Degea’s low-level mistakes led to Manchester United’s first four lives hanging by a thread. Degea was brave after being ashamed, and scored two clean sheets in a row, which not only pushed Manchester United to the door of the Champions League, but also proved that Der goldene Handschuh, which was locked in advance this season, did not get a hollow reputation. At the same time, alysson lost the match at the same time, and the zero-sealed match could not catch up (14-17 after this round).

Tenghahe is too difficult. Up to now, Manchester United has little "skills and tactics" to speak of, relying on hard work, and everyone has made every effort to eat milk. Fans can berate Anthony, Sancho, Marchal and Wehorst for being "too useless", they can berate bruno fernandez and Eriksson for being in a low state, and they can even question that Tenghahe’s on-the-spot scheduling has little effect. However, under the background that the whole team is tired of teachers and soldiers and where Manchester United’s sovereignty is going, Manchester United can still stand the test. There is no collapse of Solskjaer’s agency period, and the depth of Langnik’s agency period is sluggish. Tenghahe is still worthy of recognition.

Tenghahe does have many links that need to be improved, but it is not only "skills and tactics" that can bring a team whose fighting spirit is lax and individual players continue to create negative news into the Champions League. In terms of business ability, can Lonnik’s theoretical knowledge be worse than Tenghahe’s? However, he is disappointing in dealing with the relationship between players and adjusting the style of play to adapt to changes. In the face of losing two away games in a row, the chief striker being absent due to illness, and Liverpool being in hot pursuit, Tenghahe still has enough determination to turn the situation into safety. Anthony and Marchal, who were criticized by public opinion, also handed in their passing lessons at the critical moment.

Rachford was absent for two consecutive games. Rachford has lost his invincible status in the middle of the season since he pulled a strain against Everton. The away goal against Tottenham Hotspur was the only goal he scored after pulling his groin. Against Brighton and West Ham, he had little influence on the game. Tenghahe knew he had to find someone who scored in the next three games. Looking at the whole team, no one can give the fans full confidence. Marchal? He can only run for 60 minutes physically, Sancho? He is still extremely lacking in self-confidence, whether shooting, breaking or passing, which makes fans shout "change quickly!" . Anthony? You don’t know whether he is a god or a ghost. It depends on the weather. Last round, Garnacho came back from injury and scored a goal on the whistle, which vaguely made people see a little hope, but his state was not enough to start.

Bournemouth has been relegated, and under no pressure, playing naturally is more relaxed and frightening than under pressure. This is the moment when Tenghahe has to dig three feet into the ground at the end of his tether. On the occasion of Rachford’s absence, it was the goals of McTominay, Anthony, Dallot and Bruno that helped Manchester United tide over the difficulties. It was casemiro who made a great contribution to the cherry fight.

Yes, Manchester United’s narrow victory is not convincing at all. Reminder: Bournemouth didn’t stop it with all his might. The head coach Gary O ‘Neill rotated five players, among whom Welsh international David Brooks made his first start after nearly 600 days, but the home team almost equalized more than once.

Brooks almost ruined Manchester United’s event. Before the end of the first half, his volley on the edge of the penalty area was lifted off the crossbar by Degea. The most embarrassing scene for Manchester United fans appeared in the middle of the second half. Another Welsh striker, Kiefer Moore, replaced Brooks and took the ball into the penalty area to play one-on-one with Degea. Degea’s gloves didn’t work. But his right foot blocked Moore’s far corner.

Bruno had a chance to make Manchester United’s 3 points safer, but his angry shot was also saved by the opposing goalkeeper Neto. One side wants nothing, the other side is exhausted, 1-0, both teams can accept it. Manchester United now has a match point, and the midweek play-off against Chelsea coincides with the 24th anniversary of Manchester United’s treble season. Manchester City is heading for its own triple crown, which makes Manchester United fans feel somewhat dejected. Chelsea have confirmed that next season’s coach is Pochettino, but will not lead the team immediately, which makes Manchester United fans who have suffered from coaching change breathe a sigh of relief. Chelsea have fallen off a cliff this season, and it is hard to get a goal in many games. In the last two games, the Blues not only beat Bournemouth away, but also scored five goals in total. Manchester United fans will pray that Chelsea have used up all the goals this season. But is Manchester United tough enough to draw at least the Blues, who are not capable of scoring goals, at home?

The season is coming to an end, and the new owner of Manchester United has gradually surfaced. Only Qataris can bring Manchester United back to the championship. At this point, the whole Manchester United team knows what it means to get a point in the next two games. Not a penny, Glazer sold to ratcliffe, waiting for Manchester United, it will be a longer night.