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Another prodigy was born! But China football, why just can’t get on?

These days, the video of a 6-year-old Xinjiang child playing football has surprised many netizens on the Internet. Many people exclaimed after reading it: "This is a child prodigy!"!

In this video released by Dong Lu, a famous footballer, a child wearing a blue jersey and white socks almost restored the iconic movements of many world stars. Whether it’s "riding a bicycle" by Da Luo, "crossing a crotch" by Messi or "spike" by Cristiano Ronaldo’s heel, "Tiny" looks like a decent imitation.

What is commendable is that these fake moves are extraordinary in one go in the game, the children’s ball style is gorgeous and sophisticated, and the movement rhythm is coordinated and reasonable. And even if the opponent around him is taller than him, he can’t take the ball from his feet.

The one-minute video has caused many netizens to clap their hands and praise. Many people feel that this action is pleasing to the eye, but they also have some expectations: "The future of China football is hopeful again."

At the beginning of China’s football reform in 1990s, the prosperity of A-A created the first batch of small fans in the professional era, and playing football once became an "outstanding scholar". However, with the deterioration of the domestic football environment at the turn of the century, fewer and fewer children are willing to join football. Even in the early years, the selection of some national name echelons was stretched. This shows the extent to which China’s football talents are barren.

In recent years, with the development of campus football and the resurgence of football in China, many children have re-entered the arena to pursue their football-related dreams. However, how many of these children can really carry the banner of China football in the end? The cultivation of football talents is a systematic project, and the achievements made in the next few years also need to be tested after a long period of precipitation in the future.

A few days ago, the experience of a boy named Chen Yubo caused a lot of sighs among football players. In a program of a satellite TV, the boy of Grade 8 (Grade 2) gave a speech on the stage, trying to find a "way out" for his football dream in front of two family members and students all over the playground.

However, in the short ten-minute clip of the program, Chen Yubo’s mother didn’t let go. She expressed her support for her son to play football to keep fit, but she wouldn’t agree to take the road of professional football unless she was 18 years old. Readers who are familiar with the rules of football should know that this has actually pronounced the disillusionment of Chen Yubo’s dream of professional football.

Whether it is the long-standing concept of "academic priority" or some negative images of China football that affect parents’ determination, there are indeed many people who have various views on football in real life. In fact, regardless of the ups and downs of football in China, China has never lacked children with football dreams and talents. It’s just that these children either miss football for various reasons during their growth, or are forced to give up their football dreams under the pressure of their parents, or they can’t get systematic training, which leads to the tragic fate of "Shang Zhongyong" in the end.

There are many potential stocks in China football. Since Li Huajun, who debuted in the 1980s, generations of young talents have brought endless hope to the fans. Eighteen years ago, a 6-year-old boy named Zhou Zhou was once known as a "football prodigy". That year, China’s men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea historically, which set off a football craze in China. At the award party of the national football team, Zhou Zhou, who was only six years old, performed with his own ball, which attracted the attention of the then national football coach Milu, who praised him as "the future star of China football".

Looking through the reports of that year, we learned that Zhou began to practice at the age of 2, and by the age of 6, he could dribble 2000 balls in 20 minutes. However, this child, regarded by Milu as "the successor of China football", failed to go further in the praise, which was quite disappointing.

Then, from time to time, there will be a "prodigy" of China football. Why can’t you get on?

Although football is a team event, even talented players can’t achieve the whole team on their own; What’s more, everyone’s growth path and background are different, and it’s a pity that he didn’t become the "Optimus Prime" of China football. For example, the "short-lived" of the week is not only due to the choice on the road to growth, but also closely related to the impetuous football environment of that era.

After the national football team successfully entered the World Cup in China and South Korea, Japanese football ushered in a decade of darkness. In that chaotic football era, some officials, international players and even referees were involved in fake gambling and eventually went to jail; Many clubs are in arrears, their management is chaotic, and no one cares about the training of young football talents … When China football reached its lowest point, no one even cared about the broadcast, which eventually greatly reduced the trust of the whole society.

In 2012, the black storm in China football came to an end. Under the background of vigorously developing campus football in recent years, with a series of reform measures, the healthy and positive image of China football is gradually being reshaped. However, the training system of football talents in China is still difficult to be reasonable and mature; The concept of "playing football is equal to doing nothing" in parents’ minds is still deeply rooted; A few years ago, the "Jinyuan storm" has just been contained, and I don’t know when the price will really return to value …

All these problems have become an unavoidable obstacle for football teenagers to pursue their dreams. The emergence of football superstars is closely related to the current football environment and youth training system, in addition to their amazing talent, their own efforts and the support of their families.

Fortunately, Chen Yubo’s experience has attracted the attention of the football circle, and some insiders have given pertinent suggestions on his situation. Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club also sent him a trial invitation. After the program was broadcast, Chen Yubo’s parents also showed concessions to their children’s desire to play football.

Although the little boy in Xinjiang is only 6 years old, I sincerely hope that he will not have to experience the pain and struggle of Chen Yubo in the future and enjoy the happiness brought by football more purely.

Fortunately, the little boy not only changed his family’s views with his performance on the field, but more importantly, he also had a father who loved football but had to give up because his family stopped him, and silently supported him behind his back.

The father said that every boy has his own football dream and hopes that his son can realize it together with his own dream on the pitch, but only if he can be healthy and happy. If he can really embark on a career path one day, he hopes to win glory for his country.

I still remember the "Six Questions" issued by Liu Jianhong, a commentator of CCTV at that time, after the national football team defeated the World Cup qualifiers. In his view, it’s not a matter of a few players but everyone’s, so don’t complain. "If you were a parent, would you let your children play football?" and "In fact, it is very simple to change football in China. In fact, you still play football yourself."

I believe that with the change of social concept and the further emergence of talents, China football will still go up. (Xing Rui)

Go their separate ways! Paris superstar transfer officially approved! The next home of 180 million stars surfaced

For Paris Saint-Germain, their performance has once again disappointed the fans this season. No matter in the league or in the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain has not shown enough competitiveness. For such a superstar-studded team, it is undoubtedly rather shabby to only win a French League championship trophy after the season. For the team investors, their investment has not been rewarded in the time since they joined the team. After the end of the season, they will change their thinking again, and the team is bound to have a considerable adjustment.

Especially for the MNM combination on the forward line, it is inevitable that they will go their separate ways at the end of this season. As the most expensive player among the three players, Mbappé has always been regarded as the mainstay of the team. Even when the team is about to be completely rebuilt, Mbappé is still regarded as the core player in the future. However, judging from the current situation, "running water is intentional, and falling flowers are ruthless." Mbappé is not satisfied with his present situation in the team. On the one hand, the right to participate in the team management promised by the team when it renewed its contract with him was not fully fulfilled, and Mbappé did not get much say in the team transfer and affairs management. On the other hand, in these seasons when he played for Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappé never went any further than the Golden Globe Award because of his outstanding performance in the club. For the star who aims to catch up with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he has fallen behind too much in the initial stage.

In this case, the transfer to leave the team has been taken into consideration by Tim Bapena. In his view, if he can join a team with better overall strength, he is expected to get his hands on the Golden Globe Award soon. However, it is reported that after the end of this season, Paris Saint-Germain has no intention of letting him leave the team, so Mbappé’s idea cannot be fulfilled for the time being. The most likely time for Tim to leave the team will be after the end of next season. At that time, Real Madrid will still be the most likely next home for the 180 million euro star.

Look at Neymar again. Since last season, Neymar’s transfer has almost turned into a soap opera. Paris Saint-Germain has always been very determined to sell the Brazilian star, but it has never won an ideal offer. The main reason is that Neymar’s salary exceeds 30 million euros, which makes almost all teams flinch. According to French media, in order to make Neymar leave, Paris Saint-Germain is ready to make substantial concessions: on the one hand, they are willing to significantly reduce the transfer fee requirements; On the other hand, if the transfer finally takes place, they are willing to compensate Neymar for part of his salary. It is reported that some top teams from the Premier League have been paying close attention to the situation in Neymar. Not surprisingly, before the end of this season, Paris Saint-Germain will receive some substantial offers.

Finally, let’s look at Messi. Objectively speaking, in the second season of playing for Paris Saint-Germain, Messi finally found a feeling. From the personal data, Messi’s performance is almost impeccable. However, at the end of the season, he had a rift with the team for some reasons, which announced in advance that the fate between the two sides was over. According to the Daily Sports Daily, Barcelona is still the most promising team to sign Messi. Laporta has communicated with Messi several times, and made tentative contract quotations for Messi. As the two sides are full of interest in re-cooperation, it is believed that it is very likely that Messi will finally wear the Barcelona jersey again. In addition, there is news that this transfer has made decisive progress, that is, La Liga has officially approved the transfer of the Paris superstar. As long as Messi and Barcelona reach an agreement on personal treatment, the transfer will officially take place. (The picture is from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.)

De Jong: I have a good relationship with laporta. I wonder if Messi will return.

Live on May 20 th, De Rong recently accepted an interview with the Dutch media Ziggo Sport and talked about his career in Barcelona and winning the La Liga championship for the first time.

De Jong said: "In my fourth season with the team, I finally won the league title. Of course, I hoped that it was not the first time I won the championship. "

"I mean, we weren’t good enough before. Fortunately, we are good enough this year. Now we must ensure that we continue to become better and win more honors. "

"I have a good relationship with the chairman. I have never had a bad relationship with him. Of course, the team had some problems in the summer, but I had a good relationship with him. "

"laporta will hug you and shake your hand. We are in Spain, and people here will certainly be more emotional, especially when good things happen."

"I think in principle, every line of the team can be reinforced, but every team hopes so. Every team always wants to reinforce in every position."

"It’s hard for me to say this because I don’t know what the club can do. Because usually, you want players who can really improve the team, but they all have contracts with other clubs. "

"Some players spend a lot of money, so yes, it depends on the resources of the club."

Speaking of Messi, De Jong said: "He is a fantastic player. It would be great if he could come back, but I don’t know if this will happen. There are many rumors about Messi. As you and I think, you often hear about him, but at present I really don’t know more about it than you. "

Liu Shanshan retired, and the club presented commemorative jerseys. Why did no one care about the retirement of the men’s soccer team in China?

Nowadays, football in China has entered the ice age. Even the current Football Association President Chen Xiaoyuan and the former head coach of the national team, Li Tie, all went in to get a box lunch. It can be seen how bad football in China is. It is not an exaggeration to describe it with mud that can’t help the wall. It is mainly reflected in the men’s football team in China. Nowadays, many veterans have retired, and no one cares. On the contrary, the China women’s football team Liu Shanshan retired, and the club attached great importance to it and gave away jerseys. Why is the gap so big?

Nowadays, when the men’s soccer team in China is generally not optimistic, some veterans are disheartened, and they choose to retire. This is their best choice. Unlike a few years ago, they can still persevere. If they persist for one more year, they can earn tens of millions more. Now, unlike in previous years, many young players can’t find jobs, let alone veterans. Why is there such a big difference in the retirement treatment of men’s and women’s football teams in China?

There will be many players retiring from the men’s soccer team in China this year. Now, there are known players such as Feng Xiaoting, Yang Xu and Song Zhenyu. The retirement of these players has entered the countdown, and there will be more players retiring in the future. However, the club has not held a retirement ceremony for these players, or even mentioned it officially. This kind of treatment is too bad! On the contrary, Liu Shanshan, a famous female football player in China, retired and the club held a grand retirement ceremony. What contribution did she make?

Liu Shanshan became famous earlier. She was selected for the national team for the first time at the age of 21. In the 2015 World Cup, she made five appearances on behalf of China to help the team advance to the quarter-finals. In the 2019 World Cup in France, she made four appearances, which is an indispensable main force of the national team. She joined the Wuhan women’s football team in 2020. In the past three years, she helped the team win the women’s super three consecutive championships as the main force, and there was an FA Cup champion. Is an important contributor to the team, it is like this, in a women’s super competition, the club held a grand retirement ceremony for her, and also presented her with the No.33 jersey, which is also envied by many China men’s soccer players.

Huang Qiang thinks that although the treatment of China men’s soccer team is dozens of times more than that of China women’s soccer team, a very ordinary China men’s soccer player can get millions of annual salary, even tens of millions, but China women’s soccer team is only tens of thousands a year. By comparison, the gap is still very big, but in the hearts of China fans, the gap is still very big. China men’s soccer team is often scolded. On the contrary, China women’s soccer team continues to win glory for the country and is loved by fans. From retirement, we can see that they are very different. Many players of China Men’s Football Team retired without any interest, even the club didn’t send a blessing, as if there was no such person. On the contrary, Liu Shanshan, a China women’s football team, retired, and the club held a very grand retirement ceremony for her and presented her with the No.33 commemorative jersey. What do you think?

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C Luo Sun Zhao issued a document: Focus on results rather than obstacles Georgina disgusting boast Ailang: the most beautiful leg in the universe.

On March 12th, Beijing time, Cristiano Ronaldo released photos of himself training in the gym, and his girlfriend Georgina also praised her lover and sprinkled a wave of dog food.

In the last round of the league, Riyadh lost to Jeddah United. Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score, and suffered the first defeat in the league since joining his new club. After the game, he tried to throw the captain’s armband and angrily kicked the mineral water bottle, which also caused a lot of controversy.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly recovered his composure and signed autographs for fans from afar. Back to the training ground, I also continued to carry forward my positive and hard-working spirit and took photos of myself in the training room in social media.

Although he is 38 years old, I have to say that Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical fitness is still quite excellent, especially his thighs, which are still extremely strong and powerful. At the same time, he is also writing a document and writing: "Pay attention to the results, not the obstacles!"

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina not only shared photos of Cristiano Ronaldo, but also wrote: "The most beautiful legs in the universe, love." I have to say, Qiao Mei is really boastful and disgusting enough for this dog food!