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How to solve the problem of mass football?

Editor’s words

In recent years, China’s sports industry has developed rapidly, but there are also many inherent or emerging problems in the new situation: mass sports and competitive sports, national system and market mechanism, Olympic events and non-Olympic events, education system to cultivate sports reserve talents and three-level training system, etc. They are all organically unified whole of sports industry, and these contradictions and relationships must be coordinated and handled. To this end, this newspaper launched the column "Ask about sports", which will discuss these basic issues one after another, hoping to straighten out the relationship and help the transformation of China’s sports system.

A few days ago, the third season of "Who’s the King of Football"-China Folk Football Championship, which was jointly sponsored by the State Sports General Administration, CCTV and the Ministry of Education, was fully launched in 60 cities across the country, which made us glad to see that both the government and the media attached importance to mass football.

Compared with the criticism of the national football around the World Cup, the development of mass football in China has been showing a trend of "rising against the trend" in recent years. Liu Guoyong, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that it is an important support to promote the continuous development of mass football in China to let ordinary people watch and judge the ball love to play football, and the government and society should work together to solve the outstanding problems.

Let ordinary people participate in it.

Zhao Yue, 31, works in Beijing. Before retiring, he was a member of Shenzhen Jianlibao football team. Because there is no football field in Xiaoyueyuan Community where he lives, every weekend, he and his friends spend 20 yuan to play in Fangzhuang Stadium for two hours. Zhao Yue told this reporter: "Now the work is stable, and this way is equivalent to gathering friends."

In the whole country, there are not a few people like Zhao Yue who take playing football as one of their fitness activities. On the other hand, the number of registered players in China is shrinking. A football player described the current situation of mass football in China like this: "Middle-aged people play football, old people watch the ball and young people play basketball. Children who really affect the future development of football are studying at school, and no children play football. "

Li Lianjiang, secretary-general of China Middle School Football Association, believes that exam-oriented education, insufficient teachers, insufficient venues and the safety of the only child are the important factors that cause the low popularity of campus football.

How to regain the enthusiasm of parents, schools and society for football? On the one hand, more activities like "Who is the King of the Ball" football trials should be held to make more people who watch and judge the ball like playing football. "By participating in it, ordinary people, especially teenagers, can correctly understand the cultural function and educational connotation of football and effectively increase the football population." Liu Guoyong said in an interview with this reporter.

More importantly, it is necessary to change the achievement-oriented theory in youth football training and create a relaxed atmosphere. "Foreign children’s playing environment is particularly relaxed, and their families are particularly happy to watch their children play football. They are not required to get any results." Zhao Yue, who trained in winter abroad, believes that the relaxed and happy atmosphere of grassroots football in China is of great benefit to the cultivation of youth football.

Government and private Qi Xin construction site

How many football fields are there in the country? At present, China is conducting a general survey of national sports venues. However, the lack of venues is another difficult problem that affects the development of mass football in China. In the downtown area, many primary and secondary schools don’t have decent football venues. Take Dongcheng District of Beijing as an example. There are only a few standard football fields in more than 200 primary and secondary schools in the whole district. In the residential areas of major cities, the planning and design of football fields is even more difficult to see.

The "more monks than porridge" in public stadiums has limited the development of grassroots football activities. Mr. Chi is a professional architect. The Transformers team led by him has participated in the 30-year-old "Hundred Teams Cup" grassroots football competition in Beijing for the third time this year. Because there is no training ground, they basically don’t arrange training. Mr. Chi told this reporter: "I hope the government will open more school stadiums and build more public welfare stadiums so that children can play the ball without taking a long bus ride."

As the most important football infrastructure, the government should undoubtedly play a major role in the field construction. In the Netherlands, 90% of the central government’s sports budget is invested in grass-roots units, while 100% of the local government’s sports funds are used for amateur sports, and professional teams are not supported. All the venues of grass-roots clubs are provided by the government free of charge.

Liu Guoyong said that the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Sports General Administration proposed that during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, 500 standard track and field venues will be built in county-level cities without football fields, and at the same time, some non-standard, local materials and multi-functional ball venues will be built in communities in conjunction with local governments. In addition, the government is also thinking about how to guide social forces and private capital to participate in it, and incorporate the problem of people’s difficulty in playing football into the national future planning.

Train a large number of grass-roots football coaches

To develop mass football well, in the final analysis, a large number of grass-roots football coaches are needed.

It is understood that at present, the phenomenon of structural lack of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools in China is more common in all parts of the country, and there is a shortage of football coaches specializing in teaching children. In some primary and secondary schools, football coaches are mainly guest appearances by physical education teachers. "Teacher training is not simply finished in three or five days. If you don’t study repeatedly, it won’t work." Li Xianzhong, a coach who once coached Guangzhou R&F team, told this reporter that the income level of grass-roots coaches is too low and they need to learn many professional abilities, which has caused the scarcity of grass-roots coaches in youth football in China.

Spain, which once created the revolution of passing and controlling, is worth learning in training grass-roots coaches. Twenty years ago, Spain, which lost the World Cup, began to make detailed and feasible long-term plans to revitalize Spanish football, the most important of which was to train coaches on a large scale throughout the country. According to UEFA statistics, there are as many as 15,000 coaches in Spain who have UEFA A-level and professional-level certificates.

Liu Guoyong suggested that an amateur football league system should be established to connect with youth campus football and domestic leagues. At the same time, a social sports instructor system should be established in the football field to train more grassroots football coaches with professional skills.

In addition, the state can build a large number of football coaches with comprehensive professional skills through overseas study and training of retired players. They can not only find good seeds at the grassroots level, help them complete basic skills, personal skills training and technical and tactical training, but also guide the masses to reduce unnecessary injuries in football activities and play football scientifically, healthily and happily.

Another prodigy was born! But China football, why just can’t get on?

These days, the video of a 6-year-old Xinjiang child playing football has surprised many netizens on the Internet. Many people exclaimed after reading it: "This is a child prodigy!"!

In this video released by Dong Lu, a famous footballer, a child wearing a blue jersey and white socks almost restored the iconic movements of many world stars. Whether it’s "riding a bicycle" by Da Luo, "crossing a crotch" by Messi or "spike" by Cristiano Ronaldo’s heel, "Tiny" looks like a decent imitation.

What is commendable is that these fake moves are extraordinary in one go in the game, the children’s ball style is gorgeous and sophisticated, and the movement rhythm is coordinated and reasonable. And even if the opponent around him is taller than him, he can’t take the ball from his feet.

The one-minute video has caused many netizens to clap their hands and praise. Many people feel that this action is pleasing to the eye, but they also have some expectations: "The future of China football is hopeful again."

At the beginning of China’s football reform in 1990s, the prosperity of A-A created the first batch of small fans in the professional era, and playing football once became an "outstanding scholar". However, with the deterioration of the domestic football environment at the turn of the century, fewer and fewer children are willing to join football. Even in the early years, the selection of some national name echelons was stretched. This shows the extent to which China’s football talents are barren.

In recent years, with the development of campus football and the resurgence of football in China, many children have re-entered the arena to pursue their football-related dreams. However, how many of these children can really carry the banner of China football in the end? The cultivation of football talents is a systematic project, and the achievements made in the next few years also need to be tested after a long period of precipitation in the future.

A few days ago, the experience of a boy named Chen Yubo caused a lot of sighs among football players. In a program of a satellite TV, the boy of Grade 8 (Grade 2) gave a speech on the stage, trying to find a "way out" for his football dream in front of two family members and students all over the playground.

However, in the short ten-minute clip of the program, Chen Yubo’s mother didn’t let go. She expressed her support for her son to play football to keep fit, but she wouldn’t agree to take the road of professional football unless she was 18 years old. Readers who are familiar with the rules of football should know that this has actually pronounced the disillusionment of Chen Yubo’s dream of professional football.

Whether it is the long-standing concept of "academic priority" or some negative images of China football that affect parents’ determination, there are indeed many people who have various views on football in real life. In fact, regardless of the ups and downs of football in China, China has never lacked children with football dreams and talents. It’s just that these children either miss football for various reasons during their growth, or are forced to give up their football dreams under the pressure of their parents, or they can’t get systematic training, which leads to the tragic fate of "Shang Zhongyong" in the end.

There are many potential stocks in China football. Since Li Huajun, who debuted in the 1980s, generations of young talents have brought endless hope to the fans. Eighteen years ago, a 6-year-old boy named Zhou Zhou was once known as a "football prodigy". That year, China’s men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea historically, which set off a football craze in China. At the award party of the national football team, Zhou Zhou, who was only six years old, performed with his own ball, which attracted the attention of the then national football coach Milu, who praised him as "the future star of China football".

Looking through the reports of that year, we learned that Zhou began to practice at the age of 2, and by the age of 6, he could dribble 2000 balls in 20 minutes. However, this child, regarded by Milu as "the successor of China football", failed to go further in the praise, which was quite disappointing.

Then, from time to time, there will be a "prodigy" of China football. Why can’t you get on?

Although football is a team event, even talented players can’t achieve the whole team on their own; What’s more, everyone’s growth path and background are different, and it’s a pity that he didn’t become the "Optimus Prime" of China football. For example, the "short-lived" of the week is not only due to the choice on the road to growth, but also closely related to the impetuous football environment of that era.

After the national football team successfully entered the World Cup in China and South Korea, Japanese football ushered in a decade of darkness. In that chaotic football era, some officials, international players and even referees were involved in fake gambling and eventually went to jail; Many clubs are in arrears, their management is chaotic, and no one cares about the training of young football talents … When China football reached its lowest point, no one even cared about the broadcast, which eventually greatly reduced the trust of the whole society.

In 2012, the black storm in China football came to an end. Under the background of vigorously developing campus football in recent years, with a series of reform measures, the healthy and positive image of China football is gradually being reshaped. However, the training system of football talents in China is still difficult to be reasonable and mature; The concept of "playing football is equal to doing nothing" in parents’ minds is still deeply rooted; A few years ago, the "Jinyuan storm" has just been contained, and I don’t know when the price will really return to value …

All these problems have become an unavoidable obstacle for football teenagers to pursue their dreams. The emergence of football superstars is closely related to the current football environment and youth training system, in addition to their amazing talent, their own efforts and the support of their families.

Fortunately, Chen Yubo’s experience has attracted the attention of the football circle, and some insiders have given pertinent suggestions on his situation. Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club also sent him a trial invitation. After the program was broadcast, Chen Yubo’s parents also showed concessions to their children’s desire to play football.

Although the little boy in Xinjiang is only 6 years old, I sincerely hope that he will not have to experience the pain and struggle of Chen Yubo in the future and enjoy the happiness brought by football more purely.

Fortunately, the little boy not only changed his family’s views with his performance on the field, but more importantly, he also had a father who loved football but had to give up because his family stopped him, and silently supported him behind his back.

The father said that every boy has his own football dream and hopes that his son can realize it together with his own dream on the pitch, but only if he can be healthy and happy. If he can really embark on a career path one day, he hopes to win glory for his country.

I still remember the "Six Questions" issued by Liu Jianhong, a commentator of CCTV at that time, after the national football team defeated the World Cup qualifiers. In his view, it’s not a matter of a few players but everyone’s, so don’t complain. "If you were a parent, would you let your children play football?" and "In fact, it is very simple to change football in China. In fact, you still play football yourself."

I believe that with the change of social concept and the further emergence of talents, China football will still go up. (Xing Rui)

170 million in 3 years! 110 million in 4 years! Lake human body lost money during the competition, name note: crazy gamble.

Although looking at the salary paid by the Lakers last season and the final results, their performance was not very good. However, with several deals in the middle of the season, the Lakers still got a lot of very good resources, and at the same time cleared out several big contract players with big problems. However, they also faced problems in the off-season, and now they have to pay nearly $40 million in luxury tax. In this case, they also need to supplement the projection ability of the outside line.

Although the Lakers need to complete a lot of work in this offseason, the management of the Lakers can be said to be very good as a whole from the current situation. Now for them, besides the continuous negotiations with James, the most important thing is to renew Anthony Davis’ contract and consider whether to renew Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current situation of the whole free market, the Lakers may not have a better choice. After all, after renewing the contract with Rivers, the salary space of the Lakers is still stretched.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst talked about the prospect of Lakers striker Anthony Davis renewing his contract in advance when he participated in the program today.

"This (early contract renewal) is not in a hurry. Anthony Davis will not make a decision before August 5, but I do think the Lakers will provide some form of offer this week, or at least show their intention to make an offer." Brian Windhorst said.

According to previous reports, Davis expects to complete the contract renewal in advance at the beginning of the new season training camp, and the contract salary can reach up to 170 million US dollars for three years. Of course, many well-known journalists in the industry think that this will be a big gamble for the Lakers.

In addition, ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith talked about Dangelo Russell in the program.

Smith said: "I think his value is underestimated. Listen, Dangelo Russell can fight. Dangelo Russell, let me explain your performance in Patrick Beverly Podcast. You are underestimated. You deserve a contract of more than two years and 36 million dollars. In fact, I think you should at least get a contract with an annual salary of 25 million to 27 million US dollars. "

At present, many insiders predict that Russell may want to get a four-year contract of $110 million. As the fans said, in this age of salary explosion, the annual salary of around $25 million is really not too much.

Of course, fortunately, for the Lakers, as long as a few long-term renewal contracts are settled now, the Lakers should maintain a relatively good standing in the next few seasons, and at the same time be able to maintain the current lineup. You know, after successfully completing the integration of this lineup last season, the Lakers didn’t go through much running-in. If the potential of this existing lineup can be successfully released, then the Lakers are still very hopeful to win a more competitive position next season.

I don’t know what your golfers think about this.

On the verge of relegation, the Premier League-Leeds United was reversed by West Ham 1-3, 2 points behind the relegation zone Everton.

Live on May 21st, in the 37th round of Premier League, West Ham United played Leeds United at home. In the first half, Rodrigo volleyed the goal and Rice equalized. In the second half, Bowen made great achievements, and Lancini sealed the victory. Finally, West Ham reversed Leeds United 3-1. Leeds is still in the third lowest relegation zone with 31 points, 2 points away from Everton, the fourth lowest.

In the 17th minute, mckenney kicked out the foul ball vigorously, and the front point was completely missed. After that, Rodrigo volleyed the goal with his left foot, and Leeds United led 1-0.

In the 31st minute, Bowen made a cross from the right to the back point, Rice outflanked and scored easily, and West Ham equalized 1-1. This is Rice’s fifth goal in all competitions this season. ↓

In the 72nd minute, Ings sent an assist, Bowen skillfully shot the far corner into the net from the outside instep of his left foot, VAR checked to make sure there was no offside, and West Ham 2-1 overtook ↓

In the 94th minute, Paquita made a cross from Tianxiu near the baseline, and Lancini outflanked the goal. VAR ruled that Paquita was not offside, and West Ham sealed the victory 3-1.

At the end of the game, West Ham beat Leeds United 3-1. Leeds United are still in the penultimate relegation zone, 2 points away from Everton.

The replacement of Aziz in the three towns of Wuhan has come out! Sang Qiu Wang returns to join Zhongjia.

According to a few days ago, the Serbian media Politika reported that Pesici, the center of Serbian Red Star Belgrade, was going to play for the Super League, and the team he played for was Wuhan Sanzhen, the double champion of the Super League. According to the media, Wuhan Sanzhen Team will introduce Pesici on loan this summer, with a lease fee of 550,000 euros and a contract of one year, and the lease agreement also contains a buyout clause.

Pesici’s full Chinese name ~ alexander pesic, born on May 21st, 1992, is a Serbian football player, with a height of 190cm! Weight 87 kg, front (middle) front on the court! Right-footed, now playing for Red Star Belgrade.

In recent two or three years, Pesici has played for Macabies in Tel Aviv, Fati Hekkala Guluk in Turkey and FC in Seoul. Earlier, he also played in Saudi Arabia, Serie A and Ligue 1. It can be said that Pesici has rich football experience! This season, he made 30 appearances for Red Star, scoring 11 goals and 3 assists in 28 starts, which is not bad!

At present, Wuhan Sanzhen team has gone through two rounds of Super League, with 1 draw and 1 loss, and they are all at home, only scoring one goal, and the attack power is too bad! The team’s performance is worrying (fans)! And also injured three generals! In particular, Aziz, a new foreign aid, was injured in the first round. I believe the club will also make alternative plans for this! It is also expected by the club to find a replacement for Aziz! Therefore, it is not groundless for Serbian media to say that Wuhan Sanzhen team is renting Pesici! In particular, Pesici and Marcand are very similar in style, and both are good at height and weight! Big man (190 cm), very good at holding and protecting the ball! It’s great to grab a header! Moreover, I have also played in the AFC Champions League with the Seoul team in South Korea!

In addition, it was broadcast live yesterday. The official announcement of Jinan Xingzhou Club in Zhongjia announced that Sang Yifei, a meritorious player who played for Wuhan Sanzhen Team last year, officially joined the team! And as the team captain!

Sang Yifei, who is 34 years old, can be described as a meritorious old player of Wuhan Sanzhen Team! I have made great contributions to the team’s Chongchao in that year! After the end of last season, Sang Yifei bid farewell to the Wuhan Sanzhen team and planned to retire! For the better development of the club, the team should be younger, so the team cleans some older players! Sang Yifei is impressively listed. At the beginning of April this year, the club official announced that Sang Yifei had left the team.

However, Sang Yifei, who left three towns in Wuhan in mid-April this year, revealed in social media that he would decide to come back after four months of retirement. The original text of the attached social media is as follows:

"I have already retired, leaving the pitch for 4 months, and suddenly being a player is quite uncomfortable! Oil the machine first, and thank my grandson! The veteran will continue to fight! "

Sang Yifei is an excellent player with skill, fast speed and outstanding ball control ability under his feet! Thank him for his contribution to the Wuhan three towns team! I hope he can continue to play his advantages in the new team and help the team make achievements! Finally, I wish him good luck!

Synergy between neuroscience and artificial intelligence

The synergy between neuroscience and artificial intelligence can be explained from the following aspects:


1 neuroscience research provides inspiration and guidance for artificial intelligence

Neuroscience research can reveal the mechanism of information processing in the brain, which can inspire the algorithm design of artificial intelligence. For example, neuroscience research shows that the ability of human visual system to recognize objects is related to characteristics such as color, texture and shape, and this information can be applied to the algorithm design of computer vision.

Artificial intelligence can simulate the information processing mechanism of the brain.

Artificial intelligence can simulate the information processing mechanism of the brain, so as to better understand and simulate human cognitive ability. For example, the deep learning model can realize the cognitive ability of human visual system by learning a large amount of data, and can be applied to image recognition, speech recognition and other fields.

Artificial intelligence can provide tools and methods to study the brain.

Artificial intelligence can provide some tools and methods to study the brain. For example, brain-computer interface technology can control external devices by monitoring brain activity, and these technologies can be applied to neuroscience research to understand the information processing mechanism of the brain when performing specific tasks.

Neuroscience and artificial intelligence can jointly promote the development of medicine

The synergy between neuroscience and artificial intelligence can be applied to the medical field. For example, neural network can help diagnose and treat some nervous system diseases. In addition, the combination of neuroscience and artificial intelligence can also help to study the relationship between the brain and mental illness, thus promoting the treatment and prevention of mental illness.

artificial intelligence

To sum up, the synergy between neuroscience and artificial intelligence can promote and develop each other, bringing new opportunities and challenges for scientific research and application.