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Yangtze Normal University 2023 Track and Field Games

Spring is infinitely good, and sports are just in time. In this April when everything is unfolding, the track and field games of Yangtze Normal University will come as scheduled. Here, youth and passion will bloom, and happiness and honor will be harvested here. Those wonderful opening performances and high-energy moments that should not be missed will be followed by Xiaobian.

Opening ceremony | Exquisite story

Party teams of various colleges

Unique and interesting performances, young and beautiful teachers and teenagers, full of energy, lit the audience.

school of literature

School of Politics and History

Marxist college

institute of finance and economics

school of management

College of Foreign Languages

Teacher education college

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Materials Science and Engineering

school of chemistry and chemical engineering

School of Green Wisdom Environment

School of civil engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

College of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering

School of Robotics Engineering

College of modern agriculture and bioengineering

Institute of media

conservatory of music

academy of fine arts

School of Physical Education and Health Sciences

international college

Faculty representative

National flag team | solemn witness

Listen! The majestic "March of Athletes" has been played; Look! The solemn national flag team is slowly coming. The flag bearer is full of energy and spirit, which symbolizes the spirit of the school’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and also indicates that the school will strive for a more brilliant tomorrow step by step!

Athletes | endless fire

Field race | and distance contest

high jump

Find the rhythm slowly, speed up, leap, and leap sideways; The top span lifts the hips, the legs swing horizontally, the back is crossed, and the body is turned upside down.

long jump

Every place measured by a ruler guides the direction of future efforts, and every footprint on the sand carries the memory of sweat.


Strength is concentrated in the arm, the shot put draws a beautiful arc in the air, and the boiling blood in the athlete’s heart will take the shot put to a farther place.

Track race | Race against time

short-distance run

Meniscus-like back, accumulated strength, only waiting for a gunshot, kicking out, the wind blowing through the hair tips, let sweat spill all over the playground, let lactic acid accumulate all over the body, and let love never stop.

long-distance run

Gather all your blood and race against the spring breeze. As long as you surpass yourself, you are the brightest light on the runway.

Relay run

This is an ordinary baton. The contrast between red and white depicts their justice and fortitude. It is held in your hands, cold turns into enthusiasm, and fortitude melts into softness. I hope you can run bravely on the field when you hold it!

Referee | All my fairness and justice will be given to you.

The license plate on the chest is the symbol of their duties, and the figure of struggle is the embodiment of their principles. They push forward one game after another with serious sportsmanship.

Audience | I’m right behind you

They are the most solid backing of the players and always wait for the triumph of their heroes with the highest enthusiasm.

Tears and setbacks blend, sweat and laughter embrace; Youth and sunshine are side by side, passion and shouting are accompanied. At the closing ceremony, the flags of the colleges were flying and the smiles were overflowing, showing the youthful dreams! This is the charm of sports, which brings us healthy and happy bodies and gives us the strength to struggle and persist. The annual sports meeting reviews the students’ strong physique and will, and shows the students’ positive spirit. I believe that the sports meeting in the coming year will be more exciting, and I believe that everyone will work hard every day in the future and live up to their youth!

Editor: Zhou Xinxin

Editor: Yin Hanfei

Audit: Lian Yitong

Source: Lin Bin, Zhang Yangyang

Shougang giant tower has been targeted again, it’s not, Qiu Biao wants to make direct moves, and Xinjiang has become a destiny.

Qiu Biao also took a fancy to Shougang’s inside giant tower, because his playing time in the team was compressed very badly.. Especially after Leiden became the head coach of Shougang team, it was difficult for him to meet the launching conditions of fast-break tactics because of his shortcomings in moving speed, which made his sense of existence even lower. Although his contract with Shougang will expire in 2025, Shougang will not rule out that they will directly buy out Li Muhao’s contract in order to make their tactics break through the limit at this stage. After all, the success of their reform this season has made Shougang see new hope! However, who is Qiu Biao’s favorite inside tower? Next, let’s take a look with the basketball brother!

I believe all the fans want to know this answer, because at the end of this season, Shougang obviously gave up its ancestral tactics for many years, that is, "defensive counterattack tactics", and instead started a fast break with its opponents. As Yang Ming said, the transmission ball of Shougang’s lineup attack was obviously more reasonable, which made them more difficult to deal with. No, just in the "Beijing-Liaoning War" G2, they have repeatedly approached the score to less than five points. Under this tactic, Li Muhao, which is tall and relatively slow, is obviously further marginalized. However, Fan Ziming, his former partner, relies on his flexible position and accurate investment to regain his reuse under the latest fast-break system in Leiden.

If Li Muhao stays in Shougang, he will be further marginalized, and it is very likely that he will be completely bought out of the contract. At that time, there is only one road left for him, and that is to leave the team. Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team will never give up this excellent opportunity to sign. Because the inside has obviously become the biggest shortcoming of Xinjiang team, although they have the blessing of foreign aid Farr in the inside, clemons can only be pushed to the bench when he plays. This also makes Qiu Biao encounter more difficulties in arranging troops. If their insiders can give strength at a critical moment, the overall performance of the Xinjiang team will certainly be able to go up a storey still higher!

Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team must consider introducing new "inside reinforcements"! As for making qi zhou change his mind again? Judging from the current situation, this will not be much greater than the chance of winning the 10 million prize in the sports lottery. Since this is the case, Qiu Biao must try his best to reinforce the inside of the Xinjiang team again. However, when he looked around the whole CBA League, only Li Muhao of Shougang Team had the possibility of leaving the team. Because his playing style and Leiden’s fast-break style are a little difficult to integrate, which makes his position in the team further marginalized. When a group of excellent strikers such as Zeng Fanbo and Qiu Tian rise successfully, Li Muhao’s sense of existence will become even lower!

And when Li Muhao plays, the chances of young players of Shougang will be further compressed, which is very unfavorable for the growth of these young players. And in this offseason, Zhang Yunsong will also find 4-5 outstanding young players from the "Young Eagle Project" to fill the first team. In addition to the back line, it is very likely that there will be new outstanding teenagers in their inside. Since this is the case, it does not rule out that Li Muhao will completely fall out of the rotation. After all, there is a big gap between his performance on the court and that of Fan Ziming, which makes him likely to be further marginalized in the team. Maybe he will apply for active trading himself, which will enable both sides to fulfill each other.

When he joined the Xinjiang team, Qiu Biao could also offer clemons and Li Muhao a partner at the critical moment of scoring. At the same time, Abdul Salamu, arslan, Kirin and others are doing a good job in the pick-and-roll cooperation with them, and their play on the field will definitely play a more powerful role. Although there is a big gap between him and Farr in terms of overall play in the inside. However, he can help the team to build more advantages in the inside through his own efforts, which makes Qiu Biao feel more at ease and boldly sacrifice clemons, a small foreign aid, to enhance their deterrence on the offensive end. When necessary, Qiu Biao can also sacrifice Farr and Qiu Biao at the same time in order to improve their defensive strength!

But if you want to ask here, can Qiu Biao and others really successfully capture Li Muhao, a giant inside tower, in this offseason? In the basketball brother’s view, this may be true! After all, Shougang team is upgrading its main lineup, so they will definitely put more energy into the cultivation and exploration of young players. Not to mention, Li Muhao also has a power outage problem with Leiden’s tactical system. Since this is the case, it is very likely that he will be traded by Shougang team so that they can introduce new reinforcements again. After all, Shougang’s hard work in the playoffs has made Zhang Yunsong see more possibilities! Therefore, the optimization of the lineup is inevitable, which makes Li Muhao’s departure inevitable. # Hundreds of teams #