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"A Perfect Couple" Entertainment Film+Education Film

I never thought that one day I would watch a Thai drama from beginning to end, and I couldn’t care less about British and American dramas and Japanese and Korean dramas. Where would I want to see Thai dramas? I haven’t even seen two movies. The brush to "A Perfect Couple" was a pure surprise.

This drama seems to be an old-fashioned time-travel story, but the setting is clever, the main line and the secondary line are clear, the love story and the historical story are alternately shown, and the heroine of archaeology has traveled to ancient times, from a careless fat girl to a slim and beautiful woman Karagade, but she is a disgusting evil woman. There is also a fiance who doesn’t even want to look at her and has always misunderstood her murder, that is, the male master Kun P. The story revolves around the two. Due to the ingenious setting and the integration of historical stories and archaeological knowledge, it is said that the degree of historical restoration is very high, coupled with the high value of the male and female protagonists, the main actors’ acting skills are online and the costumes are exquisite, which is worth seeing.

When I clicked "A Perfect Couple", I was attracted by the introduction and stills at first, but I didn’t expect to stop after clicking. I spent the whole weekend sitting on the sofa holding my mobile phone, laughing at my aunt all the time, and occasionally getting up to supervise my little nephew to do his homework and yelling, "Why haven’t you started writing yet?" ! Why is it only two words for a long time? !” . Probably my aunt laughed for so long that she didn’t have the confidence to roar.

Some people say that this is a poison drama. Where is the poison? Probably the most poisonous is the interesting and sweet interaction between the man and the woman. The director used a lot of close-ups to show it. The eyes of the man and the woman are extremely in place. Especially, every eye of the man is expressing his feelings. Coupled with the sweet-talking stunt, with the 360-degree classical face value of both sides, it really took a screen, and probably that’s how my aunt laughed. Forgive me for my lack of language, and this is not the point I want to write.

Some people say that you don’t need IQ to watch Thai dramas, and so does this one. I wonder, are we spoiled by British and American dramas? Do we have to bring IQ when watching dramas? TV plays can also be entertaining and educational. For example, in this film "A Match Made in Heaven", the setting of crossing triggered the collision of different languages, thoughts and behaviors in different times, which provided a good entertainment function. In terms of education, apart from the interspersed historical knowledge, there are also many places worth learning from the characters’ personalities and behaviors in the play. This is also the main reason why I am interested in writing this drama review (this is also the first drama review).

Let’s talk about the family of Kun P, a typical ancient aristocratic family. The male father is an educator and the emperor’s teacher, and he is very elegant. Although according to ancient ethics, he can say nothing, and his wife and children are not allowed to resist. But more often, he is using the tone of discussion, and most of the time he is guiding. For example, when he sees Kun P staring at the hostess anxiously, he will ask, "Why are you worried?" When you find that the man’s personality and attitude have changed, you will ask, "Son, do you feel that you have changed recently? ….. Why? " When the man proposed to marry the woman, he was so happy, but he repeatedly asked his son, "Have you thought it over? Have you thought about it all night? " Similarly, for his wife, although he didn’t agree with her attitude towards Karagade, he never forced her, but looked for opportunities to persuade him again and again, "As a mother, don’t you want to know what your son thinks?" Should you ask your son? "

Let’s talk about the mother of the man, the image of a typical extended family mother, caring for children and disciplining people. Karagade, the hostess, has been worried about her improper words and deeds before (it’s hard for anyone to accept), but when she found out that her son really liked the hostess, she changed her attitude and tried her best to teach her future daughter-in-law. Later, when her son was left out by the hostess, she immediately said: Don’t worry, son, mom will definitely let her marry you. Later, in order to reassure the hostess, she turned to educate her son: What you said before must have hurt his heart. Please explain it to her. Although the female host was severely disciplined several times, as the male host said, he was afraid that the ignorant female host would cause more serious things in the future.

Male host Kun P, the character is upright and introverted man show, commonly known as Jiaojiao. What impressed him deeply was his communication with the hostess several times.

For the first time, Kun P’s mother suspected that the female host was possessed by a ghost, so she asked him to find out. As a result, the man walked up to the woman, so he came straight to the point and told the truth. "I don’t know why you possessed Karagade, but I advise you to hurry. If you don’t hurry up, you will be scared out of your wits and can’t be born again. I pity you …. What a boy from honest and frank, who provoked his mother to roll her eyes. She is a female ghost. Shouldn’t she secretly investigate first?

The second time, the family went to the temple together, and Karagade tied a strange braid. The man and mother were angry and asked her to go back and comb it again. There are two completely different ways of communication. Mother started from the opposite point of view: "I won’t allow you to tie it like this. It’s too humiliating for you to tie it like this, and it’s also a disgrace to our family. Our big family can’t afford to lose it." If you do, go by yourself! " The man is from the woman’s own point of view: "There is nothing wrong with you, but when you enter the temple like this, you need to accept everyone’s different eyes, which is not good for you at all. I don’t want you to do this." After this, the eyes of the woman changed immediately. I guess it was from this time that the woman began to have a good impression on the man. (P3)

The third time, after arriving at the temple, because everyone suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the second woman, she had a bad attitude towards her, which made her miss her family and cry sadly in the corridor. When the man saw it, he went to comfort him and sincerely advised the woman to look forward. You are so sad and sad, which will only make the deceased family unable to rest in peace. It seems normal, but you should know that at this time, the male host still hates the predecessor of the female host, and on the other hand, he still thinks that the female host is possessed by ghosts. We are naturally easy to care sincerely for the people we like, but few people we don’t like can do it. Just as Karagade once lamented to her servant that her uncle (male father) was very kind to her, even when she behaved badly before, because her uncle was a real "kind and tolerant" person. I think the man inherited this moral character very well.

The fourth time, it was the woman who was punished by the man and mother with rattan for causing trouble. After the punishment, the man personally grinds ginger for healing, brings a gift secretly bought for the woman, and sends it to her. At this time, the man first comforted the woman, and then said a paragraph to the effect that please forgive your mother. She was actually very sad when she hit you. She was afraid that if she didn’t teach you this time, you would get into something more serious next time, hurting yourself or even losing your life. Finally, I advised Karagade to apologize to her mother when she recovered. Because during the punishment, a bunch of people pleaded, including the man, which made it impossible for the man and mother to do it. During the whole process, both mother and fiancee took care of it and gave them a chance to reconcile.

There are several times later when the female host came from modern times with different ideas, and verbally collided with the male host to varying degrees, even in front of the servants in the market. However, even if the male host was very angry, he didn’t put on the ancient set to punish the female host (at that time, the husband could beat his wife with rattan), and more of them were communication and explanation. Even if the heart is full of jealousy and anger, it is just a matter of reason and intimidation.

Besides, Karagade, our hostess, is careless. Most of the time, she is a bit of a woman, but not entirely for the man. The first time the man took her out, she begged the man to take her to the market by the way. After several times, the man strongly refused. Then, the woman got started, yes, I got started. I mean, I grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, begging and coquetry. At first, I thought it was a bit …, but I thought it was normal when I remembered the atmosphere of the modern family. In modern times, the hostess grew up in a loving family. Her grandmother is kind, her mother is strict but there is no lack of love, and the servant is her good partner. She is a happy fruit at home, and she can lie in her grandmother’s arms and ask for it at any time. Children who grow up in such a family are naturally confident and not afraid of not getting it. In addition to coquetry, she will also please the male host at an appropriate time and let the male host calm down; Mainly to the man and let her take herself out to play. And the reason why she can do this directly to the man is probably because the man makes her feel safe and trustworthy.

Let’s talk about two men and two women. Compared with the "two men" who toss out flowers in most soap operas, they are too quiet and don’t pursue a sense of existence at all. Reung, a man’s best friend, advised the man to care about his fiancee and not let others talk about her at will when people suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the woman, although he had never met the woman at that time. I’m afraid this is why I mentioned the scene above, and the man advised the woman not to tie her hair like that. Later, I met the female host, and they got along many times. Reung likes the female host Karagade, and he has an innate advantage-he looks the same as her boyfriend before crossing. But he didn’t do anything out of line because of this. Instead, he buried his love in his heart. Even if the woman begged him to take him to the temple, he would say, ask Kun P to see if he agrees. As he later said to the hostess: I like you, but I know your fiance Kun P likes you more, so I can’t bear to do anything. The second woman and the second woman are childhood friends with the man, and they are suitable for each other. When she confirmed that the man likes the woman and is only a friend to her, she was more and more sad silently without jealousy and destruction. If one word is used to describe the character of men and women, it is not an exaggeration to use the word "gentleman". (P4)

In short, the three views of the main characters in the whole play are very positive, there is no boring tearing B, and no one is really annoying. Even the villains show the two sides of the characters more or less. From this point of view, the script is very successful. In addition to always using the stalk of "standing unsteadily and falling", let the male and female main limbs contact. However, we can’t blame them. In ancient times, men and women didn’t kiss and fall, so they didn’t have a chance to hug.

As for some students complaining about the slow pace, I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think that the director has handled it with a degree of relaxation. When the man and the woman interact with each other, the camera can’t wait for the time to stop. Isn’t that what it feels like to be in love? For some unimportant scenes, such as the concubine of the man’s father, the camera passes by, showing that there is a woman sitting opposite the man’s mother, who seems to be in a higher position than the servant, paving the way for the following plot. The man said to the woman loyally, "Never marry a small one."

Finally, whether it is entertaining, educational or ornamental, A Match Made in Heaven is a rare masterpiece.

The case of Big and Small S v. Gesci opened today, demanding compensation of NT$ 4 million. The defendant was unwilling.

On September 18th, Beijing time, according to media reports, the case of Big and Small S suing Gersiqi was opened today, and the merger of Big and Small S demanded compensation of NT$ 4 million. Gersiqi himself felt very aggrieved about the prosecution of Big and Small S, and expressed his bitterness.

Gesiqi told the reporter, "I shared it with you in good faith. He just shared the things in the past interview with you, and the defendant received a subpoena." Moreover, Gusky himself also said that he really didn’t understand why Big and Small S only sued themselves, but not Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan and Huang Zijiao.

However, Gesiqi’s mentality is still very good. He said that although he was sued, he had to face it calmly, and he didn’t have any accusations about the size of S. It seems that Gesiqi is still relatively calm.

However, some netizens added that, in fact, Big S sued Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei, but Little S didn’t participate in this matter, but many netizens said that Big S was a sign of bullying the soft and fearing the hard.

After all, compared with Huang Zijiao, Gesiqi is at best a online celebrity and an ordinary entertainment paparazzi. There is no such connection as Huang Zijiao, so it is really much easier to sue Gesiqi than to sue Huang Zijiao.

However, some netizens said that the size S is "if you have no money, you will make money by going to court." "There is a lack of money anyway." Some netizens ridiculed that "the only star in history who lives exclusively by suing others."

However, since Gesiqi was involved in this lawsuit, he had to respond to the lawsuit, and he really talked about others on the Internet. In fact, this is not the first person to sue Gesiqi, and the Taiwan Province singer skinny had already said that he would sue him.

Of course, as a paparazzi, Gesiqi is not afraid to sue anyway. Isn’t that what paparazzi eat? If they are afraid of the defendant, how dare they continue to break the news on the Internet? This is not at all emboldened, and there are many S-traffic. Gesiqi can also eat wave traffic.

However, NT$ 4 million is not a small sum. I don’t know whether Gesiqi can eat or not. Of course, it is not certain that the size S will win. Gesiqi still has a way to defend himself. He is a professional.

In fact, Gersiqi had never told Wang Xiaofei less before, but instead, he and Wang Xiaofei became friends in the end, and they often stayed together. This may be that the enemy of the enemy is his friend.

No matter now, Gersiqi and Wang Xiaofei have become defendants in big S, which is something they have in common. In fact, Gesiqi also revealed in the live broadcast that he still has a lot of material in his hand, and he will break the news as soon as the lawsuit is finished.

This may be his delaying tactic, thinking that it can scare the big and small S not to sue him any more, but now it seems that the big and small S are not scared by this remark of Gesiqi, but they have sent him to court anyway.

Now Gesiqi and Wang Xiaofei are completely on the same front, but Wang Xiaofei is rich after all. I don’t know how much Gesiqi, the paparazzi, has to pay for it. We will wait and see what the final outcome of the lawsuit is and who will win.

Reinforce! US media: 2 for 2 trading exposure, Rockets and Grizzlies can achieve mutual win.

After the Houston Rockets welcomed the new coach, the young players also took the initiative to devote themselves to training, with very little rest time. In addition, under the leadership of Tommy Tam and Van Jordan, Jay Green, Shen Jing, Porter, Whitmore and Amen Thompson also improved their athletic ability, and the projection rhythm also changed. According to the current strength, the team has a chance to enter the playoffs, but it depends not only on the team’s state, but also on the opponent’s state.

However, the team still hasn’t given up the opportunity to continue to strengthen. According to a sports reporter in Hugh City, the Rockets and Grizzlies discussed a 2-for-2 trading plan. Let’s take a look at the specific situation.

The Rockets sent out Porter Jr. and the first-round draft pick in 2025, and won Adams+Conchal of the Grizzlies.

For the Rockets, the team’s goal next season is to enter the playoffs. If it can’t enter the playoffs, it will have a great impact on the team. So what is the bargaining chip? First of all, Adams is strong, with good low-post back-hooking skills, good steals in the center, high quality cover and good rebounding skills. He can score 8.6 points, 11.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.1 blocks per game in 27 minutes, while Conchar is 1.96 meters tall. He is a dual-energy defender with excellent shooting ability and good defensive ability. On the whole, this transaction is not a loss for the team.

For the Grizzlies, the team also wants to achieve a better record next season. Although it has been reinforced since the off-season, this transaction is not bad for the team. First of all, Porter Jr. not only has good strength, but also is young. He scored 19.6 points +5.3 rebounds +5.7 assists in the season, and there is a lot of room for growth in the future. This transaction has also been signed in the first round, so the team can further complete the reinforcement work.

What do you think of this transaction? Welcome to discuss it in the comments section!

Premier League-Arsenal’s 0-1 losing streak in Nottingham Forest sent Manchester City to win the championship ahead of schedule.

At 0: 30am Beijing time on May 21st, in the 37th round of Premier League, Arsenal played Nottingham Forest away. In the first half, Odegard’s passing mistake led to Awoniyi’s goal, and Arsenal temporarily scored 0-1 at Nottingham Forest at half time; In the second half, Arsenal occupied the absolute advantage in possession of the ball but failed to equalize the score. In the end, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest and sent Manchester City to win the league championship in advance.

At the beginning of the game, in the 6th minute, Gibbs White’s right cross was blocked from the baseline, and then the Nottingham Forest corner kick was cleared. In the 11th minute, Arsenal made a short pass in the frontcourt, and Jesus received Trossat’s direct ball to follow up and hit the door. navas got the ball. In the 17th minute, Arsenal had a right corner kick, and Jesus headed home from a small angle, and the ball was a little higher.

In the 20th minute, Nottingham Forest scored a goal first! Odegard missed the ball in the middle of the field, Nottingham Forest counterattacked, and Avonii hit the goal after receiving the direct ball into the restricted area, and Arsenal fell behind 0-1.

In the 22nd minute, Thomas sent a straight plug, and Jesus followed the ball and kicked the door too straight, and the ball was taken by the goalkeeper. In the 25th minute, Awoniyi elbowed Gabriel in defense, and the referee showed him a yellow card. In the 27th minute, Arsenal got another corner kick, and Trossat took the pass from Saka and volleyed the ball wide.

In the 29th minute, Jesus broke through to the vicinity of the restricted area with the ball in the frontcourt, and his shot was slightly higher after passing the defenders. In the 35th minute, Zaka’s midfield pass was intercepted by Danilo, and Awoniyi’s frontcourt catch was blocked by the goalkeeper, and then the referee also blew the offside penalty. Four minutes in stoppage time in the first half, Nyahart was shown a yellow card in stoppage time, and then an Arsenal corner kicked off, and Trossat scored a volley to kick the anti-aircraft gun.

At the end of the first half, Arsenal were temporarily 0-1 behind Nottingham Forest.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 48th minute, Yates passed the ball on the right, and Felipe’s follow-up shot in the penalty area was saved by Ramsdale. In the 54th minute, Jesus fell to the ground after contacting the defender in the attack. The referee didn’t say that Jesus complained that the referee got a yellow card. In the 60th minute, Ben White picked the right, and Saka’s small angle shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

In the 61st minute, Arsenal’s corner kick was not far from being cleared, and jorginho’s long-range shot at the top of the arc was cleared. In the 63rd minute, Arsenal changed players, Zaka and Ki viol went off, and Thirny and Nkitiya were replaced. In the 67th minute, Thomas’ passing mistake was intercepted by Gibbs, who followed up with a small angle and hit the side net.

The 71st minute. Lodi got the ball from the left in the frontcourt and then shot it from a long distance, and the ball was slightly off. In the 78th minute, Gabriel and Gibbs-White had an argument after contact, and the referee showed them yellow cards respectively. In the 84th minute, Thirny’s cross from the left in the frontcourt was not far from the restricted area, and Fabio Vieira followed up and the cross was taken by navas.

In the 89th minute, Gibbs-White got the ball from the left in the frontcourt and then broke into the restricted area, then kicked the door, and the ball was just being taken by Ramsdale. In the second half, the stoppage time was 7 minutes. In the 92nd minute, jorginho made the ball, and Gabriel sent the ball through the midfield. Unfortunately, no one answered. In the 95th minute, Odegard took a long shot directly from the right side of the frontcourt, and the ball missed a little. In the 97th minute, Nottingham Forest goalkeeper navas was injured and was replaced by Hennessy.

In the end, Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1 away, locked in the second place ahead of schedule and sent Manchester City to win the Premier League title ahead of schedule.

Tianjin women’s volleyball team beat Beijing 3-1! The championship game is getting weaker and weaker, and Wang Baoquan may be able to give it a try.

In the final of Jiashan Division of the National Women’s Volleyball Championship, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team fought Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team again. In the first two meetings, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team won Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team 3-0. When they met again, the outside world was almost optimistic that Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team could beat Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team 3-0 again and win Jiashan Division easily.

As soon as the game started, the performance of Tianjin women’s volleyball team was unexpected. It played back and forth with Beijing women’s volleyball team. Beijing women’s volleyball team even pressed Tianjin women’s volleyball team to play, and Beijing women’s volleyball team finally won the first game with 25-21. In the second game, the two teams were still relatively deadlocked at the beginning. Tianjin women’s volleyball team made a strong effort in the game, opened the difference and won the second game with 25-16; In the third game, the second team started again, but Tianjin women’s volleyball team made great efforts in the second half and won the third game with 25-20. In the fourth game, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team stopped the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team at the beginning, but after the time-out, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team quickly overtook and opened the difference, and finally won the fourth game with 25-17, defeated the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team with 3-1 and advanced to the finals.

Looking at the championship, Tianjin women’s volleyball team is getting worse and worse compared with Beijing women’s volleyball team. They could easily beat Beijing women’s volleyball team 3-0 before, but they played harder and harder in the later stage of the championship. Why? In fact, it can be said that the shortcomings exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team in the championship have not been improved, and Wang Baoquan seems to have no way, which makes other teams keep marking time under the condition of continuous progress. As the saying goes, if they don’t advance against the current, they will retreat. Tianjin women’s volleyball team naturally becomes more and more weak at the end of the championship, and it is more and more difficult to play the leading edge at the beginning.

And what are the problems exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team? Why can’t Wang Baoquan solve it? In fact, the short board of Tianjin women’s volleyball team is obvious, that is, the pass and the attack are not balanced. Because WangYiZhu doesn’t pick up the pass, Chen Boya has to take care of the attack in six rounds. Yang Yi is an important part of the Tianjin women’s volleyball team’s pass system, but when Chen Boya picks up the pass in six rounds, the attack is obviously affected, while Yang Yi’s pass is stable, but the attack is quite bad. In addition, her appearance on the court has caused the lack of attack at the No.2 position of Tianjin women’s volleyball team.

And why did Wang Baoquan fail to solve the problems exposed by Tianjin women’s volleyball team after so many games? The reason is that his hands don’t have many cards available. Except WangYiZhu, Chen Boya, Yang Yi and Liu Meijun, Dong Mingxiao and Liu Xin obviously can’t meet the requirements of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team. Dong Mingxiao didn’t pass, and the attack was not particularly strong. What about Liu Xin? In the few minutes before playing, although she took on a pass, she didn’t catch it well, and she didn’t have outstanding offensive strength. She was not as good as Chen Boya and others, and Wang Baoquan was somewhat conservative in ranking and disposal, and she didn’t dare to let WangYiZhu take a pass, nor did she dare to let Yang Yi change to a free man, which made the Tianjin women’s volleyball team fall into great difficulties.

For Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, it is difficult to make up for the shortcomings exposed by routine employment, and it is also difficult to improve in a short time by relying on the players’ self-improvement. Perhaps Wang Baoquan can give it a go and let Yang Yi play as a free agent, and WangYiZhu and Chen Bo Jacob will take a pass in three rounds, which may have unexpected results.

Season reimbursement! The performance of the Champions League is sluggish! Neymar touched the bottom line of Paris or was forcibly retired.

On Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain was shaved by Bayern and stopped in the last 16 of the Champions League. Then, Brazilian star Neymar entered the injury list because of ankle surgery. Just yesterday, Paris officially announced that Neymar would be absent for three to four months, which is basically equivalent to the season reimbursement. Now, for Barrichelli, only the French League and the French Cup can compete, and these two tasks will fall on Messi and Mbappé.

It is said that Neymar’s injury will undoubtedly arouse the dissatisfaction of the top management in Paris. His original contribution to the Champions League is insufficient. Now, no matter how high he hangs a war-free card and holds a high salary, there is no equivalent performance on the court. Any club would not be satisfied with this. According to French media reports, the Paris high-level officials no longer want to care about Neymar’s injury. They just want to end their cooperation with Brazilians this summer.

Neymar, 31, has not yet entered the decline of his career, but he has become a complete glass man. After six seasons in Ligue 1, he suffered four season reimbursement, during which he was absent for a total of one year and three months. In addition, Neymar has hidden dangers of injuries, big and small, and always needs uninterrupted rest. He can be called the first patient in the Paris team. Such physical conditions are completely incompatible with his record transfer fee.

Although Neymar has been doing well in Ligue 1 and the French Cup, Paris Saint-Germain can win the domestic championship every year, but this is just the icing on the cake. Even without Neymar, Greater Paris can still win the domestic championship. At the beginning, Paris bought Neymar from Barcelona at a sky-high transfer fee of 222 million, and the biggest expectation was to let him lead the team to win the Champions League.

As a result, we have all seen that Neymar has been in a slump in the Champions League for the past six years. Most importantly, he only scored three goals in the knockout stages of the Champions League in six seasons, and Neymar was almost invisible in the key battles with other giants. Neymar’s poor performance has undoubtedly touched the scales of Balinese, who are determined to stabilize Europe. This injury is only the trigger to push Paris to clean up Neymar’s departure.