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It’s confirmed 4 million in 10 years, "basic salary James"!

Everyone is watching NBA players sign big contracts now, with an annual salary of $50 million and $250 million for four years. Isn’t it enjoyable?

I’ve never seen so much money in my life. Is it not enough to talk with the crowd and have an addiction?

However, signing such a big contract does not mean that you can get so much money in full.

Earlier, when Jaylen Brown announced that he would renew his contract with the Celtics in advance and get a new contract with an average annual salary of 60.8 million dollars for five years, Andrew Petcash, an NBA salary expert, even settled the account.

Brown has to pay a lot of taxes, including 22.5 million federal taxes, 6 million NBA third-party custody fees, 1.8 million broker fees, 1.4 million federal social insurance health care taxes/medical insurance premiums, 1.8 million athletes taxes, and 2.7 million Massachusetts state taxes.

In the end, Brown earned a net income of $24.5 million a year.

That’s a lot, as long as you don’t spend money indiscriminately and have children hard, it’s no problem to be popular and spicy.

In contrast, NBA players suffer a lot after retirement, and it is not easy to make some money.

That’s the case with Terrence Williams. He brought 17 people together to raise $4 million, which will cost him 10 years.

The thing is this: In order to provide some protection for retired players, the NBA has set up a plan called "NBA Health and Welfare", which is actually medical insurance, and retired NBA players can reimburse medical bills.

However, some retired NBA players took a fancy to the money, and they formed a team of 18 people under the leadership of Williams, and cashed out of the plan by various means.

Before retiring, these 18 former NBA players probably thought that hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars were meaningless, but after retiring, they were profligate and broke at the speed of light, and they still needed money.

It is understood that Williams and his 17 associates have been arrested. He admitted that he submitted forged invoices full of spelling mistakes and inconsistencies with everyone from 2017 to 2021, and reimbursed medical expenses that never occurred.

In this process, Williams not only cheated money himself, but also received a kickback of $346,000 from others.

Among Williams’ associates, there are many names that old fans remember, such as Marbury’s cousin Telfer, Lakers veteran shannon brown, "Big Baby" glen davis, Nets veteran Du Lin and alan anderson, and Grizzly bear expert Tony Allen and others.

According to statistics, the 18 former NBA players defrauded about $4 million from this NBA welfare plan.

As the principal offender, Williams was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment, with compensation and a fine of $3.15 million.

These players earned a total of $343 million while playing in the NBA, and now 18 people are speechless for $4 million.

This Williams was selected by the Nets in the 11th overall pick in the first round in 2009. He played for the Nets, Rockets, Kings and Celtics, and later went to CBA as a foreign aid.

Williams has six children, two of whom are adults, but he will step on the sewing machine for 10 years himself.

As soon as this news came out, many fans felt very embarrassed, because they used Williams as the "basic salary James" in the 2K game, mainly because it was black enough, hard enough, able to buckle and vote, and very comprehensive.

Williams did play against James, and it didn’t hurt too much!

You say Williams is too stupid. He can organize and plan so many people and cheat 4 million from the NBA. But you said he was smart enough. He was caught before he got all the money.

This can not help but remind people of Li Tie, who was recently prosecuted for taking bribes, bribery, unit bribery, bribery of non-state staff and bribery of non-state staff.

Don’t stretch out your hand, you will be caught if you stretch out your hand!

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

There are rumors that Messi will leave Greater Paris at the end of this season. Since Messi and the management of the Paris Club were locked in a fight over Saudi business, Messi began to contact other teams actively, hoping to solve his transfer problem in the shortest time.

Barley is not sitting still, they are still trying to buy $100 million superstar B from Manchester City to replace Messi. In fact, Block B had already made a deal with Manchester City last season, and in the summer window, Block B also expressed its goodwill to Barley and Barcelona. Although he said goodbye to the fans on his own turf and wanted to bury the hatchet with Manchester United, Gua Lao refused to let him leave when the new season was about to start, which resulted in his B seat in Manchester City.

This season, regardless of whether Manchester City can win the Champions League, the B seat will be sent to other teams. If we can win this game, it would be great. In addition, in the Champions League with Real Madrid, B also scored two goals, which was also highly praised by the management of Greater Paris. However, this Manchester City midfielder needs at least 1 million pounds.

Substitute Messi also performed well. He can pass the ball and shoot, scoring for himself and creating opportunities for his teammates. And B is also in its prime, which is of great help to the lower back of Paris. But Luo Teng, a legendary Parisian, also commented on the prospect of the B seat in a TV interview. Luo Teng said, "If he’s after the money, he won’t wait long. For Qatar’s management, it is not important to form a team. What matters is whether you can sign a superstar. They like Silva and Bernardo. However, they did not change the position of B to the running-in of the team. "

It can be seen that Luo Teng is well aware of the problems that Greater Paris is facing now. They only want to introduce stars at a high price, but they don’t have a clear plan. If it is really B who is sent to Greater Paris, I’m afraid some sacrifices will be made.

Yang Yuanqing wants to give a perfect answer sheet.

Whether it is emerging fields such as autonomous driving and meta-universe, or traditional industries such as cultural tourism, education and health, the demand for AI computing power is rising rapidly. The explosion of ChatGPT has pushed the association of "hardcore players" in computing power to the stage.

Recently, Liu Miao, general manager of Lenovo Group’s new computing service, expressed his views on the theme of "Looking at the computing demand and future of AI from ChatGPT". He believed that strong artificial intelligence needs comprehensive consultation, design, development, subscription service and end-to-end solutions. Lenovo can help the AI explosion scene to land by making every effort to build a full-stack solution of AI as a service.

In fact, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, shared his views on the explosive ChatGPT earlier. The general computing infrastructure behind ChatGPT is exactly the strength that Lenovo has laid out for many years. As a leading provider of basic computing power and artificial intelligence computing power, Lenovo will continue to benefit in the future.

The new idea of "pervasive computing power" put forward by Lenovo for the first time is to rely on the new IT architecture of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence", that is, relying on the end in the hands of users, covering a wide range of clouds, and the edge closer to the data generation place, coupled with the high-speed network for transmitting data, to provide ubiquitous pervasive pervasive computing power, so as to promote the application of AI technology in various industries and accelerate the intelligent transformation of China.

In order to help Puhui computing power land efficiently, Lenovo also innovatively put forward four characteristics of new computing power: integration, scene, subscription and greening.

At the same time, by creating a "Qingtian" new engine, Lenovo has successfully completed the transformation from a hardware manufacturer to a 3S full-stack full-cycle service provider, providing full-stack full-cycle products, services and solutions for industry users including computing users, realizing integrated delivery and becoming a new IT partner for users.

Some time ago, Lenovo’s latest server brand "Lenovo Asks for Heaven" further strengthened its complete localization ability from planning to R&D, supply chain and manufacturing, and consolidated the construction of Lenovo’s computing base with the server as the core, helping it to build a digital base with integrated software and hardware, including the technical middle platform and the edge cloud network.

Today, Lenovo has ranked first in the global HPC TOP 500 list for ten consecutive times. Lenovo has built more than 180 of the world’s top 500 high-performance computers. In China, Lenovo also won the number share championship of HPC TOP 100 for eight times, leading the development of computing power in China.

On the whole, in the new computing revolution, Lenovo is stuck through the integration of products, solutions and services, and then meets the AI computing needs of all walks of life. The leading position in the global computing market strongly proves that Lenovo has accumulated enough strength to meet the new explosion of computing power demand.