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Wanda plaza started a series of sports activities to make the whole summer wonderful.

Speaking of wanda plaza’s passion for basketball, it has always been a "soft spot". Wanda plaza, which has passed through 12 cities, lasted for two months, which made more children have a new enthusiasm for basketball! In this sports activity, Zheng Haixia, the "first woman in China women’s basketball team", cheered for the teenagers, pushing the atmosphere to the commanding heights instantly.


Speaking of wanda plaza’s love for basketball, we have to start from many years ago. In the Basketball World Cup held in China in 2019, Wanda began to promote and fully implement the "Little Champion" caddy project, which enabled more and more children who love basketball to enter the world stage, helped 12 caddies from Danzhai, Guizhou, and left the most precious memories in the World Cup, helping children to work hard for their dreams.

Mobile game national league

At the same time, in addition to basketball this summer, there is also the most popular project e-sports. In recent years, all kinds of e-sports have appeared in the public’s field of vision. League of Legends in competitive games is the world’s top popular game, which has been in operation for more than ten years and has more than 300 million global monthly active players. The IP industry involves comics, animation, CG, novels, peripherals and other fields. Let countless e-sports players prove themselves through mobile games in the national league and release their strength.

Comprehensive quality improvement

Moreover, in the spent atmosphere of the national movement, wanda plaza also called on the children to "move" by learning cooking by hands. In order to respond to the call of national youth labor education, promote the improvement of children’s comprehensive quality, pay attention to their healthy growth and promote their all-round development.

This time, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the All-China Women’s Federation, and under the strong alliance of wanda plaza, Xinhuanet and Qian Dama Fresh Supermarket, the "Little Apron Project Season 3" flash event was successively held in four squares to cultivate children’s comprehensive ability and make this holiday more exciting.

An offseason is very important for players.

Many people will ask why many players don’t make progress after playing for a season, and why there will be qualitative changes in the offseason, such as great progress or decline.

To put it simply, during the season, there are various flights to participate in the competition, video studies in the middle, and frequent offline activities, so there is no time for systematic training, while all-stars have only a little time, many players go on vacation, and some players can make great progress after training adjustment. Therefore, it is very important to say that the three months of the offseason are all protected and targeted training.

To give an inappropriate example, it’s like a summer vacation when I was a student, which precipitated and supplemented my weaknesses. There will always be some progress when I start school. On the contrary, it’s always not as good as studying secretly during the holidays.

So we will find that many players are practicing hard in the offseason. Look at this year’s rookie Moore, Smith Jr., Ethan and Jay Green, all of whom are practicing hard, while players such as Van fleet, Tommy Tam and Amen are also training, but they are just not exposed.

Rockets players are busy training, and former teammate Garruba is very dissatisfied with the Rockets recently, even saying that the Rockets didn’t put him in the right position. He hoped that the Rockets had given him a chance when he was selected by Thunder, but he didn’t grasp it, so he was given up.

Besides, the Rockets also executed the contract in the third quarter of Garruba before trading. Don’t learn from Wall at the high point of Garruba’s EQ. If the Thunder laid off Garruba, it would be embarrassing. If he has the ability to go anywhere, he will be brilliant. If he doesn’t have the ability to break his mouth, he will finally become a laughing stock. Garruba should read more books to improve his EQ.

Loud warlords! With 12 steals in a single game, leimer is the first person in the five major leagues in the past two years.

Live on May 21st, Leipzig reversed Bayern 3-1 in the current Bundesliga. It is reported that leimer, who joined this summer, has been confirmed to deliver top performance in the face of his new club.

Statistics show that leimer contributed 12 steals in this game and was the only player in the five major leagues to achieve this achievement in the past two seasons.

According to the previous news, leimer has officially signed a contract with Bayern. Romano revealed that leimer will join Bayern Munich as a free agent soon.


The era of artificial intelligence aft super human (9)

One day in 2201, a space carrier was flying from the earth to the moon, and suddenly accelerated and disappeared into space. The spaceship was flying at the speed of light, and it reached the moon in an instant. The spacecraft stopped at the square in the 18th area of the moon, and the hurricane handed the task to the gale and entered the office by himself. The gale, whether a new ship or an old ship, was the role of the vice captain, and of course he had to take responsibility. Gale with artificial intelligence robot team, began to inspect the whole spacecraft, find out the problems so that it can be maintained in time, where else needs to be improved, or materials need to be changed. When we get to the moon, there will be materials, which were originally preserved by the hurricane.

The material mentioned here is the strongest, and diamond is strong enough when you know it. Our material is stronger than diamond, because flying at the speed of light has no solid body, which will be torn by particles and dark matter in space. Even if human spacecraft reach the speed of light, they dare not fly at the speed of light, because the material of their spacecraft is too general. If there is a collision at high speed, either you are smashed or others are smashed. Therefore, people on earth never dare to fly too fast, why do robots dare, because hurricanes have led robot teams to look for the strongest materials everywhere in these years. The spacecraft has been reinforced, and the calculation and analysis of robots are faster and more accurate than people, so the robot spacecraft dares to fly at super high speed.

If your spaceship is not so strong before, you can choose to drive slowly and go around when you meet something. However, in the future superluminal flight, if the intelligent identification is not advanced or the spacecraft is strong in the unknown environment, you will not dare to fly fast, because you can’t hide at the critical moment. If you have used the strongest material in the universe, you can use the strongest material to make a spaceship, and you can fly at will, because anything hits you, and someone else will break it. If you don’t have the strongest material, you will be torn and broken. Even an American superman can’t fly at the speed of light. At that speed, he can only go up in smoke.

The technology of flying at the speed of light is not only difficult to break through, but also dare not to fly at the speed of light without conditions, just like a carriage running too fast will eventually fall apart. If the horse doesn’t look at the road, it will not only kill itself, but also the people in the car will be injured. But driving at high speed in space, even if you are watching the road, you can’t avoid it, so you have to hit it, so who is harder in the universe is the key. Without absolute strength and firmness, you can only fly slowly. What the gale needs to check is to see if there are any torn places, because when the spacecraft is driving at high speed, the strongest place will face forward, the flank will be worse, and the most critical technology will be placed in the strongest cockpit.

Hurricane returned to the office and drew his own drawings as a large space carrier. There must be ship-borne spacecraft, space planes, hurricanes and others in a hurry, and it will be great to build this big guy in a short time. It is bigger than the "Luan Bird Series". The most important thing is not technology, but materials. It is not easy to collect so many materials in a short time. The gale has been tested for a long time, but fortunately, the artificial intelligence robots are very powerful, and the carpet search, inspection and detection are completed. The spaceship flew a short circle at low altitude on the moon. No problem, I flew back to the 18 th section of the moon. So the wind and the hurricane, two people, started the next stage of work.

Is to create a carrier-based spacecraft in space, two people with an elite team, do their job, artificial intelligence robot, the calculation is very accurate, calculate how many steel plates, how many rivets, and even when it can be completed. This is all the robot can calculate. This is the efficiency of artificial intelligence. According to the previous style, hurricanes and squalls have built three more spaceships, but compared with Hurricane, they are still small. This spaceship built on the earth is named Hurricane No.1, and the previous one is called Hurricane. This hurricane intends to name the carrier-based aircraft Hurricane, and the gale is very excited.

In this way, the whole team will know that the gale will rise in the artificial intelligence robot team, because only the leader’s name is named the name of the ship, and now the name of the gale is going to be named the ship-borne spacecraft. Naturally, I’m excited. Thank you, boss, said Feng Feng. Thank you for being one of our own. You gave me my life. The hurricane patted the gale and the gale smiled. If it weren’t for Lao Zi, your life would have been gone. Hurricane said yes, now we don’t care about you and me, whether we are human or we are robots, we can’t be separated.

Looking at all the elite teams of hurricanes, none of them can laugh and joke, that is, the advanced robots with human thinking in hurricanes and squalls. At this time, the two have become Super Humans, and they are also the leaders of Super Humans. If there is no danger in the future, people on earth may still exist, but it is hard to say if aliens come. So who else can continue to replace human beings except artificial intelligence robots? Maybe carbon-based life can’t rule the universe at all.

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1, but for Asian teams, South America is more difficult to be upset than European teams.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’s 64 games, the most impressive game, is not necessarily the final, but the Argentine 1-2 reversal by Saudi Arabia. First of all, Argentina was considered a favourite to win the championship before the game. Many people thought that they would make it to the final, but who would have thought that they stumbled in the first game. Secondly, Saudi Arabia has always been a wimp in the World Cup, and often suffered humiliation by big scores. This time, it is really unexpected that they can hold their heads high in Argentina.

In fact, there is a precedent for Argentina being upset in the World Cup. As early as the 1990 World Cup, Argentina lost to Cameroon for the second time in the opening match, and Diego Maradona was also in the team. However, on the whole, Argentina’s performance in the World Cup is still relatively stable. Even if they are out, they will be eliminated by teams with equal strength. Few weak teams are as unpopular as Saudi Arabia.

In the history of the World Cup, the presence of Asian teams is not strong, after all, the strength is there. Therefore, Saudi Arabia can beat Argentina, which is definitely the light of Asia and the pride of Asian football. However, looking at the history of the World Cup, in fact, Asian teams are really not so easy to be upset with South American teams. At least, the examples of beating South American teams are far less than those of beating European teams.

Let’s just say. Apart from Saudi Arabia beating Argentina, which other game can you think of in which an Asian team beat a strong South American team? Note that the strong South American teams mentioned here, of course, refer to the strong South American teams, namely Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and so on in a specific period. South American fish maw like Bolivia, even if defeated by Asian teams, is far from being unpopular.

In fact, Brazil is one of the most difficult barriers for Asian teams to overcome. In the World Cup, Brazil’s advantage over Asian teams was so great that it was wishful thinking for Asian teams to beat them. China, North Korea, Japan and South Korea all played against Brazil. As for the result, it was desperate. I won’t list the scores here.

Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay have also played against Asian teams in the World Cup, and they have also achieved good results. For example, Uruguay remained unbeaten against South Korea, and the 2010 World Cup directly blocked South Korea from the quarter-finals. Paraguay eliminated Japan, and Colombia beat Japan by a large margin. Of course, Japan beat Colombia in the 2018 World Cup group match, but Colombia at that time seemed to have gone downhill.

When it comes to the unexpected history of Asian teams in the World Cup, it is basically related to European teams, such as South Korea beating Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Japan beating Spain and Germany, Saudi Arabia beating Belgium, Iran beating Wales, North Korea beating Italy and so on. It seems that European teams can leave enough room for Asian teams.

Perhaps, the elusive style of South American teams and outstanding personal skills can always make weaker Asian teams lose their way, so it is difficult for Asian teams to create miracles in the face of South American teams. However, European teams are relatively more integrated and have less improvisational elements. If they catch up poorly and Asian teams play beyond their level, it is indeed possible to capsize.

However, with the continuous improvement of the level of Asian football, the strength advantages of both European and South American teams over Asian teams are actually shrinking. Maybe at some point in the future, we will witness another match like Saudi Arabia beating Argentina.