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Fu Paul: The heavy eyebrows were injured by accident, not because they were not trained. Their professionalism has been demonstrated.

Live on August 5 th, Woj reported that thick eyebrows accepted the three-year maximum salary of 186 million yuan given by the Lakers to renew their contracts in advance.

Woj shows that today is the first day that Thick Eyebrow is eligible to sign and renew his contract. At 3: 30 Eastern Time, Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, telephoned Rich Paul, the agent of Thick Eyebrow, and gave the Lakers an offer of 186 million yuan for three years. Thick Eyebrow immediately agreed to it, which made him the player with the highest average contract salary ($62 million) in NBA history.

Fu Paul said in an interview with the media: "They know AD and his professionalism has been demonstrated. He had some injuries, but it wasn’t because he didn’t train. When he came to the training camp, he was not overweight, and he didn’t show any signs of laziness. Sometimes it was just an accident. This is what will happen in the game. "

Speaking of Davis’ injury history, Paul said: "The Lakers didn’t care too much about it. When you see their style of play and what AD can bring to the team, it is very important for the team."

Josh Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting the plaintiff to attend Zhuang Shen’s party but left with Jackson.

Live broadcast on August 5 th According to the US media Sportico report, Josh Jackson, a former NBA player and No.4 show in 2017, was recently involved in a civil lawsuit.

In a civil case filed in the U.S. District Court last month, a woman accused Jackson of sexually assaulting her after meeting her at the Super Bowl party in new york in 2022. At present, no one has been charged with any crime because of the incident.

The identity of the plaintiff in this incident was hidden in court documents.She claimed that she first went to the party because she was interested in NBA player Andre drummond.. Drummond is the co-organizer of the party, but has nothing to do with the woman’s accusation. She finally left with Jackson and later agreed to meet him at his hotel in the early morning, because she believed that drummond was with him.

When she arrived at Jackson’s hotel room, she was already drunk.At this time, Jackson made improper demands on her and offered her $1,500, boasting that there was still $12 million in his bank account.. The plaintiff said that she refused Jackson’s request and fell asleep in the bed in her room. The plaintiff claimed that,Jackson tried to force sex with her to wake her up..

According to the lawsuit, later that day, Jackson’s companion at the party sent a threatening message to the plaintiff, accusing her of stealing Jackson’s watch. A few hours later, two "burly women" (also listed as defendants) broke into her apartment, attacked and robbed her, claiming that they had come to take back Jackson’s watch. They were later charged with theft and trespassing.

Josh Jackson played for Suns, Grizzlies, Pistons and Kings, averaging 11.3 points, 4 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game.

2-1,60,000 people carnival! Argentine World Cup got off to a good start, reversing the Asian champion, and China men’s soccer team went to the theatre.

On the morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the U20 World Cup being held in Argentina ushered in the first round of the group match. Uzbekistan, the new Asian champion, faced the host country Argentina and finally suffered a 1-2 reversal. 60,000 fans at the scene celebrated Argentina’s opening of the World Youth Championship.

Because Indonesia refused to participate in Israel, FIFA cancelled Indonesia’s right to host the U20 World Cup. In the end, Argentina won the qualification after actively bidding. After being eliminated in South America, it automatically got a seat for the competition because of its host status.

In the history of the World Youth Championship, Argentina won the most cups with six times. The latest coronation dates back to 2007, and it also hosted the tournament in 2001.

Uzbekistan is different. It only participated in the World Youth Championship five times. The last time was in 2015. In March this year, it won the U20 Asian Cup, which was the first time in the history of the team. At the same time, it advanced to the World Youth Championship finals again after a lapse of eight years.

However, Uzbekistan won the next signing, with the host Argentina in the same group, as well as New Zealand, the dominant team in Oceania, and it was not difficult to qualify. Now, in the first round of the group match, Uzbekistan suffered a 1-2 reversal and did not get points. Coupled with New Zealand’s first round victory over Guatemala, Uzbekistan’s qualifying situation is very bad.

In addition to Uzbekistan, teams representing Asia also participated in the competition, including Japan for the 11th time, South Korea for the 16th time and Iraq for the 5th time. However, South Korea is the only Asian team in the fourth round, and it is more difficult for Japan and Iraq to qualify than Uzbekistan. The opponents in the same group are England, France, Uruguay and Senegal.

At the U20 Asian Cup, China men’s soccer team was eliminated from the top four by South Korea and continued to be a spectator. It was also impossible to return to the World Youth Championship for 18 consecutive years. The last time was Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin and Hao Junmin in 2005.

The specific review of the game-

In the 23rd minute, Muhammenov volleyed at a small angle and hit the inside of the column and bounced into the net. The referee indicated that the goal was valid and Uzbekistan led 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Bayless headed the goal in the restricted area, and the goalkeeper of Uzbekistan flew to the net, still unable to stop the ball from getting into the net. Argentina equalized the score 1-1.

In the 41st minute, carboni shot into the net in the restricted area, helping Argentina to overtake the score 2-1.

Yangtze Normal University 2023 Track and Field Games

Spring is infinitely good, and sports are just in time. In this April when everything is unfolding, the track and field games of Yangtze Normal University will come as scheduled. Here, youth and passion will bloom, and happiness and honor will be harvested here. Those wonderful opening performances and high-energy moments that should not be missed will be followed by Xiaobian.

Opening ceremony | Exquisite story

Party teams of various colleges

Unique and interesting performances, young and beautiful teachers and teenagers, full of energy, lit the audience.

school of literature

School of Politics and History

Marxist college

institute of finance and economics

school of management

College of Foreign Languages

Teacher education college

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Materials Science and Engineering

school of chemistry and chemical engineering

School of Green Wisdom Environment

School of civil engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

College of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering

School of Robotics Engineering

College of modern agriculture and bioengineering

Institute of media

conservatory of music

academy of fine arts

School of Physical Education and Health Sciences

international college

Faculty representative

National flag team | solemn witness

Listen! The majestic "March of Athletes" has been played; Look! The solemn national flag team is slowly coming. The flag bearer is full of energy and spirit, which symbolizes the spirit of the school’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and also indicates that the school will strive for a more brilliant tomorrow step by step!

Athletes | endless fire

Field race | and distance contest

high jump

Find the rhythm slowly, speed up, leap, and leap sideways; The top span lifts the hips, the legs swing horizontally, the back is crossed, and the body is turned upside down.

long jump

Every place measured by a ruler guides the direction of future efforts, and every footprint on the sand carries the memory of sweat.


Strength is concentrated in the arm, the shot put draws a beautiful arc in the air, and the boiling blood in the athlete’s heart will take the shot put to a farther place.

Track race | Race against time

short-distance run

Meniscus-like back, accumulated strength, only waiting for a gunshot, kicking out, the wind blowing through the hair tips, let sweat spill all over the playground, let lactic acid accumulate all over the body, and let love never stop.

long-distance run

Gather all your blood and race against the spring breeze. As long as you surpass yourself, you are the brightest light on the runway.

Relay run

This is an ordinary baton. The contrast between red and white depicts their justice and fortitude. It is held in your hands, cold turns into enthusiasm, and fortitude melts into softness. I hope you can run bravely on the field when you hold it!

Referee | All my fairness and justice will be given to you.

The license plate on the chest is the symbol of their duties, and the figure of struggle is the embodiment of their principles. They push forward one game after another with serious sportsmanship.

Audience | I’m right behind you

They are the most solid backing of the players and always wait for the triumph of their heroes with the highest enthusiasm.

Tears and setbacks blend, sweat and laughter embrace; Youth and sunshine are side by side, passion and shouting are accompanied. At the closing ceremony, the flags of the colleges were flying and the smiles were overflowing, showing the youthful dreams! This is the charm of sports, which brings us healthy and happy bodies and gives us the strength to struggle and persist. The annual sports meeting reviews the students’ strong physique and will, and shows the students’ positive spirit. I believe that the sports meeting in the coming year will be more exciting, and I believe that everyone will work hard every day in the future and live up to their youth!

Editor: Zhou Xinxin

Editor: Yin Hanfei

Audit: Lian Yitong

Source: Lin Bin, Zhang Yangyang

The Clippers and the fig leaf, the lineup has existed in name only.

The Clippers have been cornered by the Sun, which is 1-3 behind, and the Sun has got the match point. This is already a hopeless situation. Even if George and Leonard return next, it is impossible to win three games in a row. Facing the reality of being eliminated, it can be said that the Clippers have been hiding in the past four years, but the lineup has already existed in name only, and all the team’s future plans can be stranded.

Let’s take this season as an example. George and Leonard have been injured repeatedly, and they haven’t played a few games together. These two are not only getting more and more glass, and injuries are inevitable for them. In addition, there is a normal rest. Otherwise, Leonard will be popular this season, but because of injuries and rest, the Clippers’ lineup exists in name only. The so-called Galaxy battleship and the small wreck are just a window, and these two have been poking this window crazily.

Wei Shao didn’t expect to be the last fig leaf of the Clippers. Wei Shao has been sending a positive energy to the Clippers throughout the playoffs. Although Wei Shao’s performance in the game will not always be excellent, Wei Shao is the most passionate one in both the lost game and the won game. Leonard can’t talk about Wei Shao’s contribution under the circumstances, but in the last two wars, Wei Shao dreamed of returning to the peak and caused a lot of trouble to the Sun with a small wreck. After the game, he not only won the affirmation of his teammates, but also gained the respect of his opponents.

This season’s Clippers are basically over, but it seems that the Clippers have always had such a problem in the previous three years. In the first season, George played with Leonard for the longest time, and in the eyes of Clippers fans, this season is also the most likely season to win the championship. However, because Rivers used the lineup improperly, he was turned over by the Nuggets in the playoffs. The defeat of the Double-Core in that year was shameful, or there was no fig leaf in this season.

In the following two seasons, injuries happened unexpectedly. In the playoffs, George reached the Western Conference finals. If Leonard came back, there was definitely a chance to win the championship that season. In the other season, the Clippers missed the playoffs directly. From these two seasons, the Clippers basically existed in name only, and this season was the last struggle of the Clippers and the last chance that the Clippers could give George and Leonard. Now, neither side has seized this opportunity.

The next offseason is not too long, but it is quite long for the Clippers. The reason is that this team has to make a choice, whether to continue to build a team with Joka or directly sell two people to rebuild. No matter what choice the Clippers make, it is not unexpected, but the Clippers can officially declare the team construction a failure.

0-1, lose the newly promoted horse! Liverpool was upset, seven years of shame was born, and missed out on Tottenham Hotspur to return to the Champions League.

In the 27th round of Premier League this season, Liverpool lost to Bournemouth 0-1, missed the home and away double play, and lost to this newly promoted horse again after seven years. In addition, Liverpool still scored 42 points, missed the opportunity to overtake Tottenham Hotspur and rose to fourth place, and missed the opportunity to return to the Champions League.

At the beginning of the season, Bournemouth suffered three consecutive defeats against Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool, and failed to score a goal. Now it has entered the second round. The team has already defeated Manchester City 1-4 and was defeated by Arsenal 2-3. Now it is eager to end the losing streak in the face of Liverpool and avoid repeating the score of defeating Liverpool 0-9 in the first round.

Based on the last round of Liverpool’s 7-0 home victory over Manchester United, many fans are worried that Bournemouth will repeat the mistakes of the Red Devils and suffer a big defeat.

As a result, Liverpool capsized in the away game. In the first half, Gakpo’s goal was blown. In the second half, Salah missed the penalty, and finally lost 0-1. The previous record of seven consecutive victories in Bournemouth was ended, and it was also lost to this newly promoted team again after seven years.

In addition, this loss prevented Liverpool from becoming the fourth team to win 250 away games in the Premier League. The first three teams were Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Salah, who was crowned Liverpool’s Premier League scorer in the last round, unexpectedly kicked a penalty against Bournemouth this round. It was also the first time in the Premier League that he missed the goal and could not help the team equalize the score.

According to statistics, this game was Salah’s 200th start in the Premier League, including 6 Chelsea and 194 Liverpool games, which eventually turned into a "sad mileage" game.

The specific review of the game-

In the 13th minute, Gakpo scored a goal in front of the door, which was invalid because of offside.

In the 28th minute, Liverpool was hit back, and Billing outflanked and pushed easily to break the goal, helping Bournemouth to get to the next city 1-0.

In the 67th minute, Liverpool won a penalty if the tower head ball was hit by Bournemouth defender Smith, and then Salah took the penalty and kicked it directly, missing the opportunity to equalize.