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Josh Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting the plaintiff to attend Zhuang Shen’s party but left with Jackson.

Live broadcast on August 5 th According to the US media Sportico report, Josh Jackson, a former NBA player and No.4 show in 2017, was recently involved in a civil lawsuit.

In a civil case filed in the U.S. District Court last month, a woman accused Jackson of sexually assaulting her after meeting her at the Super Bowl party in new york in 2022. At present, no one has been charged with any crime because of the incident.

The identity of the plaintiff in this incident was hidden in court documents.She claimed that she first went to the party because she was interested in NBA player Andre drummond.. Drummond is the co-organizer of the party, but has nothing to do with the woman’s accusation. She finally left with Jackson and later agreed to meet him at his hotel in the early morning, because she believed that drummond was with him.

When she arrived at Jackson’s hotel room, she was already drunk.At this time, Jackson made improper demands on her and offered her $1,500, boasting that there was still $12 million in his bank account.. The plaintiff said that she refused Jackson’s request and fell asleep in the bed in her room. The plaintiff claimed that,Jackson tried to force sex with her to wake her up..

According to the lawsuit, later that day, Jackson’s companion at the party sent a threatening message to the plaintiff, accusing her of stealing Jackson’s watch. A few hours later, two "burly women" (also listed as defendants) broke into her apartment, attacked and robbed her, claiming that they had come to take back Jackson’s watch. They were later charged with theft and trespassing.

Josh Jackson played for Suns, Grizzlies, Pistons and Kings, averaging 11.3 points, 4 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game.

The Warriors are full of confidence! Cole: Paul is too good and will play an important role in the new season.

As Curry grew into a superstar step by step, the Warriors, who had been neglected, also gained the support of countless fans. However, time waits for no man. Curry, Thompson and Green are all over 30 years old. They have reached the end of their peak period. The Warriors stand at the crossroads and face the choice. Should they trust young players to start rebuilding or continue to pursue good results with this lineup? This summer, they traded Poole, got Paul and renewed their contract with Green. From these two points, we already know the attitude of the Warriors. They think that veterans can help improve their strength, and the goal of the new season is still the championship.

The head coach of the Warriors participated in the recording of a talk show, and he talked about why he chose Paul. Cole said that the Warriors made the second most mistakes last season, so they needed Paul’s ability to control the court. At the age of 38, Paul is an important role player at best. As a result, we can feel Paul’s importance through Cole’s expression, and the Warriors will entrust him with a heavy responsibility. The Warriors’ backcourt combination is Thompson and Curry. If Paul will play an important role, who will he replace? The Warriors’ core lineup does not have Paul’s position, because his height and age are a big problem, and it will take a lot of risks to let him debut.

Cole spoke highly of Paul. He said that Paul has the ability to control the game at the critical moment. He has played against Paul countless times, so he knows how good this player is. Cole also said that it is a lucky thing to get Paul, and I am looking forward to next season. I believe the ending will develop in the direction that fans expect. Cole believes that Paul is one of the best point guards in the history of basketball, and the Warriors’ offense will be more balanced. Paul’s pick-and-roll and mid-range ability can make the offense more threatening. The Warriors need Paul to solve the problem of mistakes in the team, and the reason for many mistakes is the way of playing. Their tactical system, which focuses on passing and quickly transferring the ball, is prone to mistakes, and Paul will also control the ball.

Cousins, a former Warriors player, also expressed his views. He said that he did not understand why the Warriors chose to give up Poole. At this stage, Paul could not improve the strength of the Warriors. At present, the Warriors are short of major generals in the inside, and there are no talented players with strong physical fitness in the lineup. Once Rooney and Green are unable to play due to injuries, then their inside is really unavailable. The Warriors are going in the wrong direction. Now this lineup is not as competitive as last season. It can be said that the shortcomings are more obvious. Although I don’t want to admit it, the Warriors are getting farther and farther away from the championship, and their era is coming to an end.

Bye, Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

bye-byeLittle Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

The Rockets made a 4-for-1 deal for Turner, sending Potter and two first-round signings away.

The NBA summer is always full of variables and surprises, and many teams will seek reinforcement in the free market or change their lineup through transactions. This summer, the teams in the west are constantly moving. The Lakers, Warriors, Suns, Lone Rangers and other teams are constantly strengthening their own strength, trying to compete for the hegemony of the west next season. In contrast, the teams in the east seem a little unremarkable, except for some small moves made by several strong teams, there is no big change. The most regrettable thing is that the Nets, which once owned the epic three giants, are now in trouble. The three giants have disintegrated and the team has lost hope of winning the championship. So, under such circumstances, which other teams will make some big moves in the summer?

According to the US media "Fadeaway World", the Rockets and Pacers plan to discuss a 4-for-1 deal offer this summer. If the negotiations go smoothly, two-time league blocked shot Wang Turner is expected to parachute into Houston. What is the specific plan of this transaction? Why did the Rockets and Pacers make such a decision? How does this transaction affect both parties? Let’s analyze it together.

The Rockets sent Potter Jr. and two first-round signings away.

The Rockets experienced a catastrophic collapse last season. They not only lost their core players such as Harden, Wei Shao and Gordon, but also suffered from injuries and epidemics, and finally ended the season with the worst record in the league. The Rockets won No.4 rookie Amen Thompson and No.16 rookie jabari Smith in this year’s draft. They also signed champion point guard Van fleet and veteran Hayes in the free market, trying to rebuild the team. However, in this process, the Rockets are also facing some problems and difficulties. One of the biggest problems is their point guard Potter Jr.

Porter Jr. was a surprise choice that the Rockets got from the Cavaliers in the middle of last season. He showed great talent and potential in the Rockets, averaging 16.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.1 steals, shooting 44.2% from the field and 36.8% from three points. He not only has excellent scoring ability and organizational ability, but also has good defensive consciousness and physical fitness. He once scored an astonishing 50 points and 11 assists against Bucks, becoming the second youngest 50+10 player in NBA history. He is also considered as one of the cores of the Rockets’ future reconstruction.

However, in this summer, there was little news about Porter Jr., and his brilliance was completely concealed by players such as Amen Thompson and Whitmore. Uduka, the new coach of the Rockets, has an ambiguous attitude towards Porter Jr. Unlike Jay Green, jabari Smith Jr. and Tarry Ethan, Porter Jr. has never been praised by Uduka. He is about to lose his starting position in the new season, which is definitely not a taste psychologically. Coupled with his "thorny" attribute, Uduka’s lack of confidence in him is understandable. According to "Houston Chronicle" reporter Fagan, it’s not that the Rockets management doesn’t want to send Potter away, especially after getting Van fleet and Amen Thompson, but his rookie bonus period has ended, and other teams who want him have to bear an annual salary of $15.86 million, which is not attractive.

Therefore, the Rockets decided to use Potter as a bargaining chip in exchange for a player who can improve the team’s strength. Their goal is the Pacers center Turner. In order to get Turner, the Rockets paid the price of Potter Jr. and two first-round signings.

These two first-round signings are the first-round signings of the Nets in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Although the Nets are currently one of the strongest teams in the league, their strength may drop sharply after four or six years, and these two first-round signings may also become very valuable. The Rockets made a big bet to get Turner.

2-0,3-1! A night of sorrow and joy in football! Milan’s second team rose, and Ronaldo’s team was relegated.

In the 2022/23 season, the top five leagues in Europe will continue, and the La Liga and Serie A champions will be announced in advance. The Premier League and French League champions may come soon after this week. If Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain win this game, they will be ahead of the circle. The Bundesliga is the fiercest competition, with Bayern and Dortmund competing for the championship until the final round. The competition for fourth place and relegation is also fierce, although the rich team did not play early this Saturday.

Bundesliga: Black Horse Freiburg still has hope for four.

Frejborg 2-0 Wolfsburg.

Freiburg is a dark horse team in the Bundesliga this season, but due to losing to Berlin United, which is also a super dark horse, they were at a disadvantage by three points in the final round of quarter-finals. In the fourth round against Berlin United, the goal difference is 8 points less than Berlin United. If Berlin United wins this section, they will enter the top four. There is only a glimmer of hope in Frejborg. Wolfsburg ranks sixth, seven points behind other teams in the Europa League, and is the only club vying for a seat in the Europa League, facing competition from Leverkusen, Frankfurt and Mainz.

The game ended in a draw in the first half, but Freiburg scored two goals in the fourth minute of the second half with Gunter and Peterson, and finally beat Wolfsburg 2-0 at home.

Serie A: AC Milan’s second lineup emerged, and newly promoted Mamanza topped Serie A.

Sassuolo 1-2 Monza

Known as Milan’s second team, newly promoted Mamanza made his first Serie A campaign this season and was introduced. In the league, they succeeded in relegation ahead of schedule, but in the European arena, they still have a long way to go. In the remaining three rounds of the league, they may strive for a higher ranking. Sassuolo has also been relegated ahead of schedule, but both sides belong to a team that is neither greedy nor greedy, so there is no pressure on both sides of the game.

In the whole game, berardi scored the first goal in the first half in stoppage time, Turia equalized the score in the second half in stoppage time, and Pecina made a buzzer in stoppage time. Monza came from behind to win Sassuolo 2-1 away.

La Liga: C Ronaldo’s team is in trouble in the relegation battle.

Cadiz 2-0 valladolid.

"Barcelona won the championship in La Liga this season, and the Royal Society was the leader in the first four wars. The Champions League was basically at the bottom. The biggest concern left was relegation. elche was relegated early and the other two were also relegated." The relegation quota will be held among six teams. Cadiz and valladolid tied for points, one point higher than the relegation zone. The situation in valladolid is even worse. In the last four rounds of the league, Cadiz suffered a fiasco. In the last four rounds, Cadiz had 1 win, 3 losses and 6 points, fighting for relegation. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Balado Lide has just been promoted from La Liga this season, and their goal is to stay in La Liga.

In the first half, the two teams fought hard, and Bonada scored two goals in the second half, but Balado Lide lost 2-0 away, and the relegation situation was difficult to protect.

League 1: Two experienced teams are linked by the same disease.

Lyon 3-1 Monaco.

Lyon ranked seventh in Ligue 1 this season, still four points behind the European war zone, and it is very likely that they will miss the European war next season. The last four games were 2 wins and 2 losses, and the recent state fluctuated greatly. Monaco ranked fourth, eight points behind the Champions League qualifiers. Monaco’s morale is low, with only one win, one draw and two losses in the last four rounds.

In the second minute, Benjeder scored the first goal, and Lacazette equalized the score. In the second half, Kajire and Chelsea scored in succession, and Lyon beat Monaco 3-1.

In the Champions League quarter-final, Bayern eliminated Paris 3-0 in two rounds. After the game …

# Mueller said that the result is always smooth for Messi # In the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Bayern eliminated Paris 3-0 in two rounds. After the game, Mueller said when talking about Messi Cristiano Ronaldo: "As far as the result is concerned, when the events are against Messi, things always go smoothly. At the club level, when playing against Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is our problem (causing us trouble), but I respect Messi’s performance in the World Cup very much. "