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"A Perfect Couple" Entertainment Film+Education Film

I never thought that one day I would watch a Thai drama from beginning to end, and I couldn’t care less about British and American dramas and Japanese and Korean dramas. Where would I want to see Thai dramas? I haven’t even seen two movies. The brush to "A Perfect Couple" was a pure surprise.

This drama seems to be an old-fashioned time-travel story, but the setting is clever, the main line and the secondary line are clear, the love story and the historical story are alternately shown, and the heroine of archaeology has traveled to ancient times, from a careless fat girl to a slim and beautiful woman Karagade, but she is a disgusting evil woman. There is also a fiance who doesn’t even want to look at her and has always misunderstood her murder, that is, the male master Kun P. The story revolves around the two. Due to the ingenious setting and the integration of historical stories and archaeological knowledge, it is said that the degree of historical restoration is very high, coupled with the high value of the male and female protagonists, the main actors’ acting skills are online and the costumes are exquisite, which is worth seeing.

When I clicked "A Perfect Couple", I was attracted by the introduction and stills at first, but I didn’t expect to stop after clicking. I spent the whole weekend sitting on the sofa holding my mobile phone, laughing at my aunt all the time, and occasionally getting up to supervise my little nephew to do his homework and yelling, "Why haven’t you started writing yet?" ! Why is it only two words for a long time? !” . Probably my aunt laughed for so long that she didn’t have the confidence to roar.

Some people say that this is a poison drama. Where is the poison? Probably the most poisonous is the interesting and sweet interaction between the man and the woman. The director used a lot of close-ups to show it. The eyes of the man and the woman are extremely in place. Especially, every eye of the man is expressing his feelings. Coupled with the sweet-talking stunt, with the 360-degree classical face value of both sides, it really took a screen, and probably that’s how my aunt laughed. Forgive me for my lack of language, and this is not the point I want to write.

Some people say that you don’t need IQ to watch Thai dramas, and so does this one. I wonder, are we spoiled by British and American dramas? Do we have to bring IQ when watching dramas? TV plays can also be entertaining and educational. For example, in this film "A Match Made in Heaven", the setting of crossing triggered the collision of different languages, thoughts and behaviors in different times, which provided a good entertainment function. In terms of education, apart from the interspersed historical knowledge, there are also many places worth learning from the characters’ personalities and behaviors in the play. This is also the main reason why I am interested in writing this drama review (this is also the first drama review).

Let’s talk about the family of Kun P, a typical ancient aristocratic family. The male father is an educator and the emperor’s teacher, and he is very elegant. Although according to ancient ethics, he can say nothing, and his wife and children are not allowed to resist. But more often, he is using the tone of discussion, and most of the time he is guiding. For example, when he sees Kun P staring at the hostess anxiously, he will ask, "Why are you worried?" When you find that the man’s personality and attitude have changed, you will ask, "Son, do you feel that you have changed recently? ….. Why? " When the man proposed to marry the woman, he was so happy, but he repeatedly asked his son, "Have you thought it over? Have you thought about it all night? " Similarly, for his wife, although he didn’t agree with her attitude towards Karagade, he never forced her, but looked for opportunities to persuade him again and again, "As a mother, don’t you want to know what your son thinks?" Should you ask your son? "

Let’s talk about the mother of the man, the image of a typical extended family mother, caring for children and disciplining people. Karagade, the hostess, has been worried about her improper words and deeds before (it’s hard for anyone to accept), but when she found out that her son really liked the hostess, she changed her attitude and tried her best to teach her future daughter-in-law. Later, when her son was left out by the hostess, she immediately said: Don’t worry, son, mom will definitely let her marry you. Later, in order to reassure the hostess, she turned to educate her son: What you said before must have hurt his heart. Please explain it to her. Although the female host was severely disciplined several times, as the male host said, he was afraid that the ignorant female host would cause more serious things in the future.

Male host Kun P, the character is upright and introverted man show, commonly known as Jiaojiao. What impressed him deeply was his communication with the hostess several times.

For the first time, Kun P’s mother suspected that the female host was possessed by a ghost, so she asked him to find out. As a result, the man walked up to the woman, so he came straight to the point and told the truth. "I don’t know why you possessed Karagade, but I advise you to hurry. If you don’t hurry up, you will be scared out of your wits and can’t be born again. I pity you …. What a boy from honest and frank, who provoked his mother to roll her eyes. She is a female ghost. Shouldn’t she secretly investigate first?

The second time, the family went to the temple together, and Karagade tied a strange braid. The man and mother were angry and asked her to go back and comb it again. There are two completely different ways of communication. Mother started from the opposite point of view: "I won’t allow you to tie it like this. It’s too humiliating for you to tie it like this, and it’s also a disgrace to our family. Our big family can’t afford to lose it." If you do, go by yourself! " The man is from the woman’s own point of view: "There is nothing wrong with you, but when you enter the temple like this, you need to accept everyone’s different eyes, which is not good for you at all. I don’t want you to do this." After this, the eyes of the woman changed immediately. I guess it was from this time that the woman began to have a good impression on the man. (P3)

The third time, after arriving at the temple, because everyone suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the second woman, she had a bad attitude towards her, which made her miss her family and cry sadly in the corridor. When the man saw it, he went to comfort him and sincerely advised the woman to look forward. You are so sad and sad, which will only make the deceased family unable to rest in peace. It seems normal, but you should know that at this time, the male host still hates the predecessor of the female host, and on the other hand, he still thinks that the female host is possessed by ghosts. We are naturally easy to care sincerely for the people we like, but few people we don’t like can do it. Just as Karagade once lamented to her servant that her uncle (male father) was very kind to her, even when she behaved badly before, because her uncle was a real "kind and tolerant" person. I think the man inherited this moral character very well.

The fourth time, it was the woman who was punished by the man and mother with rattan for causing trouble. After the punishment, the man personally grinds ginger for healing, brings a gift secretly bought for the woman, and sends it to her. At this time, the man first comforted the woman, and then said a paragraph to the effect that please forgive your mother. She was actually very sad when she hit you. She was afraid that if she didn’t teach you this time, you would get into something more serious next time, hurting yourself or even losing your life. Finally, I advised Karagade to apologize to her mother when she recovered. Because during the punishment, a bunch of people pleaded, including the man, which made it impossible for the man and mother to do it. During the whole process, both mother and fiancee took care of it and gave them a chance to reconcile.

There are several times later when the female host came from modern times with different ideas, and verbally collided with the male host to varying degrees, even in front of the servants in the market. However, even if the male host was very angry, he didn’t put on the ancient set to punish the female host (at that time, the husband could beat his wife with rattan), and more of them were communication and explanation. Even if the heart is full of jealousy and anger, it is just a matter of reason and intimidation.

Besides, Karagade, our hostess, is careless. Most of the time, she is a bit of a woman, but not entirely for the man. The first time the man took her out, she begged the man to take her to the market by the way. After several times, the man strongly refused. Then, the woman got started, yes, I got started. I mean, I grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, begging and coquetry. At first, I thought it was a bit …, but I thought it was normal when I remembered the atmosphere of the modern family. In modern times, the hostess grew up in a loving family. Her grandmother is kind, her mother is strict but there is no lack of love, and the servant is her good partner. She is a happy fruit at home, and she can lie in her grandmother’s arms and ask for it at any time. Children who grow up in such a family are naturally confident and not afraid of not getting it. In addition to coquetry, she will also please the male host at an appropriate time and let the male host calm down; Mainly to the man and let her take herself out to play. And the reason why she can do this directly to the man is probably because the man makes her feel safe and trustworthy.

Let’s talk about two men and two women. Compared with the "two men" who toss out flowers in most soap operas, they are too quiet and don’t pursue a sense of existence at all. Reung, a man’s best friend, advised the man to care about his fiancee and not let others talk about her at will when people suspected that the woman had deliberately murdered the woman, although he had never met the woman at that time. I’m afraid this is why I mentioned the scene above, and the man advised the woman not to tie her hair like that. Later, I met the female host, and they got along many times. Reung likes the female host Karagade, and he has an innate advantage-he looks the same as her boyfriend before crossing. But he didn’t do anything out of line because of this. Instead, he buried his love in his heart. Even if the woman begged him to take him to the temple, he would say, ask Kun P to see if he agrees. As he later said to the hostess: I like you, but I know your fiance Kun P likes you more, so I can’t bear to do anything. The second woman and the second woman are childhood friends with the man, and they are suitable for each other. When she confirmed that the man likes the woman and is only a friend to her, she was more and more sad silently without jealousy and destruction. If one word is used to describe the character of men and women, it is not an exaggeration to use the word "gentleman". (P4)

In short, the three views of the main characters in the whole play are very positive, there is no boring tearing B, and no one is really annoying. Even the villains show the two sides of the characters more or less. From this point of view, the script is very successful. In addition to always using the stalk of "standing unsteadily and falling", let the male and female main limbs contact. However, we can’t blame them. In ancient times, men and women didn’t kiss and fall, so they didn’t have a chance to hug.

As for some students complaining about the slow pace, I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think that the director has handled it with a degree of relaxation. When the man and the woman interact with each other, the camera can’t wait for the time to stop. Isn’t that what it feels like to be in love? For some unimportant scenes, such as the concubine of the man’s father, the camera passes by, showing that there is a woman sitting opposite the man’s mother, who seems to be in a higher position than the servant, paving the way for the following plot. The man said to the woman loyally, "Never marry a small one."

Finally, whether it is entertaining, educational or ornamental, A Match Made in Heaven is a rare masterpiece.

Skip: Thick eyebrows are Top10 in the league when they are healthy and progressive, but I guess he can only do that in a quarter of the games.

Live broadcast, August 5 th According to Woj, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Anthony Davis and the Lakers reached a three-year, 186-million-dollar contract extension in advance, which will last until 2028.

Skip even commented: "So the Lakers have signed the next 256 games with Davis until 2028. When he is healthy and motivated, he is a Top10 player in the league. But how many of these 256 games can he stay healthy and motivated? Optimistic, 64 games, a quarter. "

French media: Frankfurt, Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Leverkusen intend to introduce Ekitik.

Live on May 21st According to Goal, Frankfurt, Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Leverkusen are interested in introducing Ekitik.

According to reports, Ekitik can’t get enough playing time in Paris Saint-Germain, and Campos hasn’t yet made clear the future of Ekitik. Ekitik’s first season in Paris was complicated and received a lot of criticism, but he was still very concerned in the transfer market, especially in the Bundesliga.

It is reported that Frankfurt has been paying attention to Ekitik since he played for Reims and has made several contacts with his agent in recent weeks.

In addition, Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Leverkusen are also paying close attention to Ekitik. However, no team has made an official offer yet, and Ekitik also needs to evaluate his future after the end of the season.

(real steel fist)

Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

) AZ Alkmar fans tried to violence the families of the opposing players, which made the fans frown. On 19th (Korean time), Alkmar was defeated by Pablo Fonal at the last moment of the second half of the UEFA Europa League semi-final in the 2022/23 season at AFAS Stadium in Alkmar, the Netherlands, and finally lost 0-1. Alkmar entered the UEFA Cup finals in the 1980/81 season, and then entered the finals again after 42 years. However, Alkmar, who lost 1-2 away on the 12th, failed to advance to the finals with a total score of 1-3 in the first and second matches. In addition, in the match of the day, in addition to the result, the excessive behavior of the polar fans in Alkmar also made the players and many fans angry. The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: "This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players. According to the report, Alkmar hooligans made West Ham United more likely to win with Fonal’s goal in stoppage time in the second half, and they used violence against friends, family members and staff of West Ham players who were sitting in the stands watching the game. Henderson said: "The hooligans sat behind the stadium and attacked the friends, family members and coaching staff of the players who were cheering. Several West Ham players, including Sports director mark noble, immediately rushed to the stands to protect them from thugs wearing black clothes and winter clothes. Then he said, "In the case of captain Declan Rice and Gerald Bowen,Also witnessed the scene of a war of words with the audience, Alkmar hooligans seemed to be throwing things at the side where they were standing. "At that time, Lucas Machta, Alan creswell, Macher Antonio and others who were running to stop Alkmar fans were stopped by security guards, and the West Ham United coaching staff had seen the scene of accusing those who did not stop them correctly. Pascal Zhan Sen, CEO of Alkmar and born in London, criticized this scene in an interview after the game, calling it "a shame that happened on our pitch", while Joojo Cole, a legendary British Premier League sports commentator, said: "This is absurd in modern football. It must be banned for life ",emphasizing the need for severe punishment. Meanwhile, Anderson said that Alkmar fans had already clashed with West Ham United fans before the game. The media said: "Before the kick-off, there was a clash between West Ham fans and Alkmar fans, and they were in chaos in the street. The video shared on SNS also captured a person being attacked by a group using a bicycle as a weapon, which explained the situation at that time.

[A little information] Bombarded 37+6+4, Wei Shao returned to the peak! Durant Booker is unreasonable, Sun 3

Since the home of the Suns ushered in a good start in the playoffs, the Clippers have gradually lost their competitiveness. Yes, their second master, Paul George, has not yet come back, while Leonard, as a star player, has suffered a knee injury again and has to miss the last few games one after another. In the past two games, the Clippers lost one after another, so that the Suns regained the initiative with a big lead. As the competition in the first round of series continued, the two sides ushered in the key G4 war.

What is worthy of recognition is that without George and Leonard, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, was like a duck to water, and once again played the role of a stadium commander. Just before the G3 War, Wei Shao shot 11 of 23 shots in a single game for 40 minutes, and sent out comprehensive data of 30 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 steals and 1 block, playing the competitive level in the peak period. This time, Wei Shao didn’t disappoint the team, but he still beat four hands with two fists, which made Durant and Booker win the game with a total score of 112-100.

At the beginning of the game, the clippers at home quickly entered the state and got the initiative to lead the score. Powell made 2 of 3 shots and 2 of 2 free throws, sending 7 points, Wei Shao also had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist, and Gordon, who made 3 of 4 shots and sent 8 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist, scored 30-23 in one fell swoop. However, after entering the second quarter, the Clippers fell into a scoring drought, with only 17 points in a single quarter, so that the Sun scored a single quarter score of 25-17, thus achieving a one-point lead.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again, and Sun, who took the lead in the score, could further expand the difference between the two sides. In the competition in the third quarter, it didn’t matter that Wei Shao sent 10 points, Durant also had 12 points, and Booker also unreasonably sent 11 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, leading the team to score 35-31 again, expanding the difference to 5 points. In the final quarter, Wei Shao continued to send out 14 points, still just doing nothing. The Sun made a single score of 29-22 at one go, and won the game with a total score of 112-100, and won the match point with a big score of 3-1 in the series.

As far as things are concerned, Cachao, the core of the Clippers’ title race, is absent. Although they have lost the match point, there are still many remarkable places. Among them, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, made 3 of 6 points and 17 of 29 shots in the 40.5 minutes of this game, sending out the highest score of 37 points and luxury data of 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Unfortunately, Wei Shao handed over 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but the scoring efficiency of his teammates around him was very low. Powell made 4 of 15 shots and sent out 14 points and 4 rebounds, while Gordon only scored 10 points. In addition, only Mann, who came off the bench, had 13 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists.

On the other hand, on the Suns’ side, which won the match point 3-1 away, four players scored in double figures, and two players scored at least 30 points. Durant played 44.5 minutes, made 3 of 4 of 3 points and 9 of 17 shots, and sent out comprehensive data of 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. In addition, Booker also has 30 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. The two handed over 31 points and 30 points one after another, which greatly eased the scoring pressure of the team. At the same time, Aidan also sent 15 points and 13 rebounds, and Paul also had 19 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

If you refuse to accept the war, the Roman people will support Mourinho! After three tough battles, Rome promoted new people.


Mourinho has reason to be angry, the Italian sports court rejected Rome’s appeal, and Mourinho’s two-game ban will continue. This is a big blow to the red wolf who won two consecutive victories in the double-track event.

After winning the Europa League 2-0 in mid-week, Rome got too much applause from flowers, but they soon faced practical difficulties. The injury list of pellegrini, Ibanez, Belloti, Solbakken, llorente and Rome increased again, and Cristante, the midfielder, was suspended because of the accumulated yellow card, and could not play in the game against Sassuolo. This means that it is difficult for Mourinho to assemble a complete lineup in the remaining three games in March. Even he himself had to sit on the sidelines in the league.

The most realistic problem is that after Belloti’s right metacarpal injury, there is only one Abraham left in the center position of Rome, while only smolin, Kumbara and Mancini are healthy in the third central defender, and there is no temporary substitute. Wijnaldum, who was introduced in summer, just came back, while Solbakken and llorente, who were introduced in winter, were also injured and missed. Now that the League Cup has reached the critical stage, it is a difficult test for Mourinho to rely on a lineup to survive the Devil’s March schedule.

Good news is accompanied by bad news. Mourinho was banned here, but he received a gift there. The International Football Statistics Association analyzed the coach performance data from 1996 to 2022, and Mourinho ranked second in history after Ferguson. However, from the perspective of empathy, if the statistical year starts from the beginning of this century, Mourinho is undoubtedly the best coach in the 21st century, which is regarded as the indirect recognition of the madman by the football industry.

However, it is this best coach who is now facing what he calls "the unfairness not seen in 30 years". In the upcoming league, because Mourinho’s ban was sentenced to be maintained, the whole team in Rome expressed silent protest. Italian media reported that Rome would not be interviewed by the media before the two games with Sassuolo and Lazio, and would use silence to tell about the unfairness of Italian football. The players including Mancini, Abraham and Ma Diqi also said that they should prove Rome’s ability in adversity with practical actions, and show their performance against the royal society to win the victory for the head coach.

If we want to move forward, Rome now has to rely on newcomers. They have promoted some young people from the youth team to the competition list, such as Polish striker Mahzak, Italian strikers Claudio Cassano and cherubini, midfielder Tasillo Vichy and Fatikanti, Spanish defender Oliveira, French defender Brian Silva, etc … Although these names are not reassuring, they are better than cooking without rice.