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A domestic football match was scolded by a hot search. What happened?

Source: China News Network

On the 8th, a topic entry named # Match-fixing in the Final of Guangdong National Games # occupied a high position in Weibo’s hot search for a long time. As of press time, the reading volume of this topic exceeded 140 million, and nearly 9,000 people participated in the discussion.

From the perspective of competitive sports, this game is not a high-level event. If there are no special circumstances, it will not attract so much public attention to a great extent.

However, looking at the comment area, everyone has a hot discussion.

It’s the darkest hour of football in China, except for the 15-year-old boys.This is a sentence left by a netizen in the topic discussion area.

In the eyes of professional football media, there are also problems in this game. “After watching the replay of the game, there is indeed a suspicion of match-fixing, which supports a thorough investigation."

Everyone’s response is filled with the most emotions, which are helplessness and anger. In other words, today, football in China is still at a low ebb, and this game has poked a lot of people who care about football in China.

Let’s get to know the situation of this game first.

The match was held on August 7th, 2022. It was the men’s B Group A final of the 16th Guangdong Sports Games, and was played between Qingyuan team and Guangzhou team. There was no abnormal situation after the start of the game. In the second half, Qingyuan team took the lead 3-1.

But since then, the Qingyuan team seems to be like a "power outage." Goalkeepers and defenders pass the ball at will in the backcourt and are directly intercepted by opponents; When the Guangzhou team launched the attack, the Qingyuan team defender did not seem to stop the football from entering the goal; According to the camera, several Qingyuan team players started the "walking" mode on the court …

In the end, Guangzhou defeated Qingyuan 5-3 to win the championship.

After the video of this game exploded on social media, Dong Lu, a well-known football media person, used "weird 13 minutes" to describe what happened on the field.

While the outside world is discussing the game,The Chinese Football Association officially announced the launch of an investigation into the game.. The announcement said that in this competition, the performance of athletes from both sides on the field was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused the concern of all sectors of society. China Football Association attaches great importance to this and starts the investigation procedure, and will form an investigation team with the participation of the Competition Department, the Discipline Inspection Department and other departments, and will go to Guangzhou for investigation on August 8.

It is not what China football wants to cause a heated discussion in such a way.

This year’s poor World Cup preliminaries once again put the national football team into an "infinite loop", and many fans didn’t know how to face the China football that had been in the trough for a while.

In fact, there has been a lot of news about football in China recently.

The Chinese Super League officially resumed the home and away game system. For professional teams and clubs, the home game was opened for a long time, and when familiar spectators entered the stadium again, it brought more positive signals to the team’s operation.

In the East Asia Cup competition that ended at the end of July, the China Men’s Football Team with "U23 National Team" as the main team won the third place.

Although only four teams participated in the East Asia Cup, this ranking did not satisfy the Chinese people. However, the original intention of sending young players out to increase the experience of the competition and taking this opportunity to upgrade is no problem. In the second round, the national football selection team drew with Japan. The game data still shows that there is a big strength gap between the two sides, but with courage and perseverance, the young players can gain confidence and bring some comfort to the depressed football in China.

When facing the pressure and challenges, face the difficulties and use your own efforts to resist the difficulties. Even if you fail to win the game, you will gain confidence. This may be a more realistic idea, and it is also the most needed for today’s China football.

At present, the official has been involved in the investigation of this controversial competition, but the final result has not yet been released. As for whether it is the "fake ball" mentioned by everyone, we still don’t argue.

A few days ago, the first China Youth Football League started. Wang Dengfeng, deputy director of the China Youth Football League Office and director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said, "Whether more and more children can play football is a key issue facing China football at this stage."

As the future of football in China, youth football plays an important role. Please keep it simple and away from the distractions. Only in this way can we help the development of football in China.

Du Feng Apostolic Officer announced to leave the team! Yi Jianlian sent a message to make people cry! Zhu Fangyu shouted that it was unacceptable!

Hongyuan team has always been a giant in China basketball, and the championship trophy seems to be not far from them. Behind this phenomenon, the biggest contributor is Yi Jianlian. As the first brother of the men’s basketball team, Yi Jianlian’s strength undoubtedly makes people full of confidence in Hongyuan team, and almost thinks that they will never lose or lose. However, in the CBA playoffs that ended at the end of April this year, Hongyuan team was eliminated by Guangsha team with a big score of 1-2. At this time, everyone realized that today’s Hongyuan team is different.

Yi Jianlian, once the savior of Hongyuan team, is no longer an omnipotent team pillar. This is a regrettable fact for Guangdong Hongyuan basketball team. However, both general manager Zhu Fangyu and head coach Du Feng know that the reinforcement in the offseason is related to how far the team can go next season. Zhu Fangyu said that reinforcement is urgent for the team. Yi Jianlian was unable to play because of his age, and Ma Shang, a foreign aid, was unable to do so because of his age. This situation has brought great challenges to the team. Before the player registration is completed, Zhu Fangyu must find a player who can replace Yi Jianlian and Ma Shang, otherwise it may make the same mistake again in the new season.

When Zhu Fangyu was ready to contribute to the team, bad news came. Zeng Maozhou, the young defender of Hongyuan Team, announced his resignation. He decided to leave the team and return to Tsinghua University to continue his studies. This news makes people feel sorry because Zeng Maozhou is a potential player in the team. Zeng Maozhou explained that he will start his third year of study in September this year, and the master’s course in Tsinghua University is very difficult. He felt that he could not take care of his studies and basketball training at the same time. Therefore, after careful consideration, he decided to leave the team and go back to school to complete his postgraduate studies.

Zeng Maozhou said with emotion: "Thank you very much for being a member of Hongyuan team. It really makes me happy to play with every teammate. At the same time, it is my honor to be a student directed by Du. He has taught me a lot and made me grow up greatly. It’s just a pity that I didn’t play a game at home after the start of the third stage. "

Tsinghua University’s Zeng Maozhou undoubtedly became the focus in the CBA draft in 2022. As a rookie selected by Hongyuan team in the 17th overall pick in the first round, he has great potential and plasticity, and is regarded as a future star worthy of training by the team. However, fate gave him an unexpected challenge at the beginning of his career.

In the second half of his career, Zeng Maozhou suffered a serious injury and had to miss the game. This is undoubtedly a blow, which not only makes him lose the opportunity to continue to show himself, but also makes him unable to continue to integrate into the running-in and development of the team. Nevertheless, Zeng Maozhou’s performance of averaging 4.8 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists shows that he has shown his value in a short time on the court. His talent and potential attracted the attention of the team.

Du Feng, the head coach of Hongyuan Team, has always placed high hopes on Zeng Maozhou. He saw Zeng Maozhou’s talent and potential, and often personally guided his training to help him constantly improve his skills and abilities. After Zeng Maozhou left the team to continue his studies, Du Feng was somewhat reluctant. He knows that Zeng Maozhou’s departure will have a certain impact on the development of the team, but he also fully respects Zeng Maozhou’s decision and wishes him an early return from school.

Zeng Maozhou’s departure has aroused people’s concern and reluctance. He was described as a hard-working and enterprising player, and his departure made everyone feel very sad and uncomfortable. Yi Jianlian issued a document saying that he wished Zeng Maozhou to successfully complete his studies. Zeng Maozhou also shed tears, but he hoped to finish the third year of graduate school smoothly, because the door of Hongyuan team was always open for him. The banquet will eventually break up, which is a deep and philosophical statement. People are always reluctant to leave, but this is the reality of life. For Zeng Maozhou, his basketball career has come to an end temporarily, and he needs to prepare for his future. Even though he left Hongyuan team, he still had confidence in himself and believed that he could achieve something in his studies.

With Zeng Maozhou’s departure, everyone hopes that he can successfully complete his studies and return to Hongyuan Team. He is a player worth looking forward to, and his determination and hard work make people full of trust in him. As Yi Jianlian said, the door of Hongyuan team is always open for him, which is a kind of praise and encouragement for him and also an expectation for his future.

People all hope that Zeng Maozhou can pass the third year of research safely and smoothly, and achieve good results. His departure is only temporary, and his basketball dream is still burning in his heart. His persistence and hard work will win him more opportunities and challenges. When he returns to Hongyuan team, we believe he will be more mature and firm.

Go their separate ways! Paris superstar transfer officially approved! The next home of 180 million stars surfaced

For Paris Saint-Germain, their performance has once again disappointed the fans this season. No matter in the league or in the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain has not shown enough competitiveness. For such a superstar-studded team, it is undoubtedly rather shabby to only win a French League championship trophy after the season. For the team investors, their investment has not been rewarded in the time since they joined the team. After the end of the season, they will change their thinking again, and the team is bound to have a considerable adjustment.

Especially for the MNM combination on the forward line, it is inevitable that they will go their separate ways at the end of this season. As the most expensive player among the three players, Mbappé has always been regarded as the mainstay of the team. Even when the team is about to be completely rebuilt, Mbappé is still regarded as the core player in the future. However, judging from the current situation, "running water is intentional, and falling flowers are ruthless." Mbappé is not satisfied with his present situation in the team. On the one hand, the right to participate in the team management promised by the team when it renewed its contract with him was not fully fulfilled, and Mbappé did not get much say in the team transfer and affairs management. On the other hand, in these seasons when he played for Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappé never went any further than the Golden Globe Award because of his outstanding performance in the club. For the star who aims to catch up with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he has fallen behind too much in the initial stage.

In this case, the transfer to leave the team has been taken into consideration by Tim Bapena. In his view, if he can join a team with better overall strength, he is expected to get his hands on the Golden Globe Award soon. However, it is reported that after the end of this season, Paris Saint-Germain has no intention of letting him leave the team, so Mbappé’s idea cannot be fulfilled for the time being. The most likely time for Tim to leave the team will be after the end of next season. At that time, Real Madrid will still be the most likely next home for the 180 million euro star.

Look at Neymar again. Since last season, Neymar’s transfer has almost turned into a soap opera. Paris Saint-Germain has always been very determined to sell the Brazilian star, but it has never won an ideal offer. The main reason is that Neymar’s salary exceeds 30 million euros, which makes almost all teams flinch. According to French media, in order to make Neymar leave, Paris Saint-Germain is ready to make substantial concessions: on the one hand, they are willing to significantly reduce the transfer fee requirements; On the other hand, if the transfer finally takes place, they are willing to compensate Neymar for part of his salary. It is reported that some top teams from the Premier League have been paying close attention to the situation in Neymar. Not surprisingly, before the end of this season, Paris Saint-Germain will receive some substantial offers.

Finally, let’s look at Messi. Objectively speaking, in the second season of playing for Paris Saint-Germain, Messi finally found a feeling. From the personal data, Messi’s performance is almost impeccable. However, at the end of the season, he had a rift with the team for some reasons, which announced in advance that the fate between the two sides was over. According to the Daily Sports Daily, Barcelona is still the most promising team to sign Messi. Laporta has communicated with Messi several times, and made tentative contract quotations for Messi. As the two sides are full of interest in re-cooperation, it is believed that it is very likely that Messi will finally wear the Barcelona jersey again. In addition, there is news that this transfer has made decisive progress, that is, La Liga has officially approved the transfer of the Paris superstar. As long as Messi and Barcelona reach an agreement on personal treatment, the transfer will officially take place. (The picture is from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.)

1-2! The Royal Society ended its 24-game losing streak and captured the Nou Camp, adding to Barcelona’s championship celebration.

Barcelona, which has not performed well in the European War this season, has shown great dominance in La Liga. After winning the Gated derby against the Spaniards in the last round, they have locked in the league championship four rounds ahead of schedule. In the 35th round, Barcelona returned to Camp Nou to face the royal society and will hold a cup-winning ceremony after winning the championship. Harvey certainly hopes to use a victory to make the Camp Nou championship celebration a sea of joy. However, in order to qualify for the Champions League next season, Real Sociedad, which is temporarily ranked fourth in La Liga standings, will definitely go all out to beat the champion of Xinke League. Whether it can be blocked in the Nou Camp as expected has become a topic of concern to many fans!After the start of the game, Real Sociedad used two counter-attacks after successful steals to break the goal guarded by Ter stegen twice, and Levan scored a goal to save face at the last minute. In the end, Real Sociedad defeated Barcelona 2-1 away, ending the embarrassing record of La Liga’s 24-time visit to Camp Nou!

In order to win the Royal Society at home, Barcelona coach Xavi, without any reservation, laid out the team’s best 4-3-3 formation, Ter stegen continued to guard the goal for the team, Alba, Christensen, Comte and Balde formed a four-back, De Jong, busquets and Casey played in the midfield, and lewandowski, Dembele and Rafinha attacked the trident.

After the start of the game, Barcelona continued its style of passing and controlling, while Real Sociedad, who fought away from home, played a defensive counterattack honestly and gave the home team a blow in the fifth minute.Sollott, after stealing Conde in midfield, quickly took the ball into the penalty area, attracted Barcelona’s defensive attention, and then passed the ball to merino, who was unmarked in front of the door, who pushed the goal and helped Real Sociedad get a 1-0 lead.

The backward Barcelona then launched a more violent attack. In the 15th minute, Levan directly picked the back pass near the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Dembele’s header was blocked by the Royal Society goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Casey’s shot was cleared by the opposing player on the goal line.

After holding Barcelona’s onslaught, Real Sociedad also completed two threatening attacks in the 28th and 30th minutes, but neither of them was able to break through the fingers of Ter stegen. Fortunately, they also held Barcelona’s onslaught before the half-time and returned to the dressing room with the advantage of one goal.

After the start of the second half, Barcelona continued to besiege the Royal Society. In the 58th minute, after shaking off the defenders in the restricted area of Denbele, a shot failed to hit the target. This attack by Barcelona once again exposed the biggest shortcoming of the French striker’s poor shooting.

Fati, who came off the bench in the 69th minute, also missed an excellent goal opportunity. After Alba’s long-range shot was blocked by the defender, it was refracted in front of Fati. Unfortunately, Messi’s successor did not touch the ball, which once again disappointed the fans.The royal society that escaped,In the 72nd minute, the suspense was completely killed. After Derong was robbed, the royal society quickly countered.Sollott scored a single goal to expand the lead to 2 goals. Although Levin pulled back a goal at the last minute, it still could not prevent the team from losing 1-2.

Although Barcelona lost to Real Sociedad at home in this game, it does not affect them to celebrate winning the league title this season. For them, they have set their sights on the transfer market after the end of the season. The top management of Camp Nou definitely hopes to sign strong support and strive to prove themselves again in the Champions League next season!

Can drones still play football? This school’s science and technology sports festival is comparable to a small air show.

Chao journalist Zhu Jia correspondent Pan Xuhong

Not long ago, at the closing ceremony of the "Xiangying" Science and Technology Sports Festival in Ningbo No.2 Middle School, students from Ningbo Economic and Trade School and students from Ningbo No.2 Middle School held a unique inter-school UAV football match.

The UAV soccer tournament is the finale of Ningbo No.2 Middle School Science and Technology Sports Festival. During the three-week science and technology sports festival, the school held special activities such as science and technology model show, rocket model making competition, aviation theme science exhibition, aviation science lecture and competitions of ball games, cycling and orienteering, which allowed students to enjoy a feast of science and technology sports.

In addition to the on-site teachers and students, 4,496 students from Xide Middle School in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which is more than 2,000 kilometers away from Ningbo, watched the competition through live broadcast. Students from Ningbo No.2 Middle School, Ningbo Economic and Trade School and Xide Middle School watched the closing ceremony online and offline at the same time, sharing the joy of sports and technology.

"We optimize and upgrade the content of the Science and Technology Sports Festival every year. This year, we hope to share high-quality resources and benefit more foreign students." Ye Huiliang, Party branch secretary of Ningbo No.2 Middle School, said that the Science and Technology Sports Festival is one of the most popular campus activities for students. This year, the school has set up a new drone football match, which has also radiated characteristic education to the two places.

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Exploring Smart Factory: How to Improve the Efficiency and Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry

Smart factory refers to a modern factory that uses advanced technologies and means such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data to achieve the goals of production process optimization, efficiency improvement, quality improvement and cost reduction through digital, intelligent and automated production methods and management modes. The construction of smart factory is one of the important directions of digital transformation of manufacturing industry, and it is also the inevitable trend of future factory development.

Advantages of smart factory

Smart factory adopts brand-new production mode and management mode, which has the following advantages.

Improve production efficiency

The smart factory has realized the digitalization and intelligence of the whole process, and the production planning, material management, production control, quality inspection and other links have all realized automation and intelligence, which greatly improved the production efficiency. Smart factories can further improve production efficiency and quality through big data analysis and optimization.

Production cost reduction

The smart factory adopts technologies such as automation equipment and robots, which realizes the automation and robotization of the production process and greatly reduces the production cost. Smart factories can further reduce production costs through the optimization and coordination of production processes.

Product quality improvement

Smart factory adopts intelligent production mode and detection technology, which can monitor and detect every link in the production process in real time to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Smart factories can further improve product quality and reliability through big data analysis and optimization.

Production flexibility and customization

Smart factory adopts flexible production methods and intelligent production equipment, which can quickly respond to market demand and realize flexible production and customized production. Smart factories can also further improve production flexibility and customization capabilities through big data analysis and optimization.

Application Scenarios of Smart Factory

Smart factories have a wide range of application scenarios, covering all fields of manufacturing. Here are a few typical application scenarios.

Automated production line: Smart factories can adopt automated production lines to realize unmanned production and automated management. This can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and also reduce the impact of employees’ work intensity and human factors on product quality.

Networked equipment management: Smart factories can realize networked management of equipment through Internet of Things technology, thus realizing real-time monitoring, maintenance and maintenance of equipment status. This can avoid equipment failure or shutdown and improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Data analysis and prediction: Smart factories can adopt big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to optimize and improve the production process through the analysis and prediction of production data. For example, the supply of raw materials and production plan can be predicted, so as to adjust the production speed and output of the production line and improve production efficiency and capacity utilization.

Intelligent logistics and warehousing management: Smart factories can realize the intelligence and automation of logistics and warehousing management through the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology. For example, the automatic transportation of goods can be realized by intelligent logistics vehicles and drones, and the automatic storage and management of goods can be realized by RFID tags and intelligent shelves.

As the first batch of digital industrial Internet technology group enterprises in China, Zhidian focuses on realizing digital transformation for enterprises. By building an industrial Internet digital platform and integrating procurement, production, sales, logistics, warehousing, management and all aspects of business, not only can energy management be visualized, online and integrated, but also the efficiency of the overall enterprise organization can be significantly improved, which is manifested in the improvement of internal process efficiency, resource or asset utilization rate and operational agility. Improving the efficiency of internal processes can speed up the decision-making process and reduce the waste caused by waiting for decision-making instructions.

With the help of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, the digital platform of Zhidian Industry solves the problem of data islands existing in the informatization process of manufacturing enterprises and realizes the whole process management of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Through the analysis and application of all-factor industrial big data, the original production process of the enterprise is optimized and improved to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce labor costs. This whole digital management mode no longer depends on the skills and experience of workers, but also reduces the possibility of mistakes, greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, and greatly shortens the production cycle of products.

In general, the application scenarios of smart factories are very extensive, covering almost all aspects of the factory. By applying the technology and concept of smart factory, enterprises can improve production efficiency and quality, reduce production costs and improve the safety of factories, thus enhancing their competitiveness and market share.

In the future, with the development of new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, smart factories will become more intelligent, efficient and flexible, and become an important driving force for industrial upgrading and transformation.