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Mingsu: I have a generation gap with Kobe! James and I are close in character!

According to the report on August 3rd, some famous NBA players who lost the official 75th National Congress were interviewed recently, and compared with James and Kobe, who were both teammates. He said that he has a generation gap with Kobe and is close to James.

This celebrity has been teammates with James and Kobe for many years, so his mentality is actually different. When he was a teammate with Kobe, he was still a giant and very strong player, so he wouldn’t give Kobe too much face. The celebrity said that most of their contradictions came from the generation gap, and another reason was that he had never been a teammate with Chaoju before.

He also talked about some of Kobe’s locker room behaviors. In fact, there is nothing unexpected. Everyone knows Kobe’s character. He said that Kobe will not talk to any teammates, and he may not even give a speech. Even if teammates greet him and greet him, Kobe will just ignore him and pass by. Kobe doesn’t like teammates to joke, but this celebrity likes to joke.

What about James? He is very close to the people, and is close to this famous character, at least in his eyes. The celebrity said that he and James are like twins, always joking and enjoying themselves. They will enjoy playing together, but they can still dominate the game.

In the past few days, different players have compared the personalities of James and Kobe or James and Jordan, or James’ personality, including Russell, Heywood, Pippen Jr. and Suede. James’s character is very close to the people and can be happy with his teammates. Kobe or Jordan’s character is withdrawn and overbearing, like a boss. They can all succeed, but obviously James is more popular with his teammates, followed by Jordan, and then Kobe is at the bottom.

Hit the playoffs next season? Rockets change coaches+hopefully sign Harden back. Nearly 60 million space is expected to be a big fish.

On April 22, 2023, Beijing time, according to Shams, the Raptors have finished coach Nick Nass. Then Woj reported that Nass would be the main candidate for the new coach of the Rockets. In addition to Nass, the second interview of the Rockets coach included Uduka and vogel. No matter which coach of these three becomes the new coach of the Rockets, it will bring great changes to this young team.

In addition to the position of head coach, Woj also talked about Harden’s future in the program. He said that Harden’s future depends on whether they can succeed in the playoffs this year and whether Philadelphia is willing to provide Harden with a long-term big contract. If not, Harden is more willing to return to the Rockets!

If the Rockets sign a contract with one of the three coaches and can sign Harden back to the team, then the team will have excellent coaches and meritorious veterans to lead the team forward. In addition, at present, the young players of the team have played well, and Jay Green, jabari Smith, Shen Jing and Ethan all have good development prospects. This team is really likely to become a potential team in the new season.

And the most important thing is that the Rockets still have a chance to win the first prize next season, and there is still a salary space of nearly 60 million dollars. This kind of Rockets is really worth looking forward to. Perhaps starting from next season, the reconstruction of the Rockets will be completely completed, and they will start to compete for the playoffs and even higher honors!

Yangtze Normal University 2023 Track and Field Games

Spring is infinitely good, and sports are just in time. In this April when everything is unfolding, the track and field games of Yangtze Normal University will come as scheduled. Here, youth and passion will bloom, and happiness and honor will be harvested here. Those wonderful opening performances and high-energy moments that should not be missed will be followed by Xiaobian.

Opening ceremony | Exquisite story

Party teams of various colleges

Unique and interesting performances, young and beautiful teachers and teenagers, full of energy, lit the audience.

school of literature

School of Politics and History

Marxist college

institute of finance and economics

school of management

College of Foreign Languages

Teacher education college

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Materials Science and Engineering

school of chemistry and chemical engineering

School of Green Wisdom Environment

School of civil engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

College of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering

School of Robotics Engineering

College of modern agriculture and bioengineering

Institute of media

conservatory of music

academy of fine arts

School of Physical Education and Health Sciences

international college

Faculty representative

National flag team | solemn witness

Listen! The majestic "March of Athletes" has been played; Look! The solemn national flag team is slowly coming. The flag bearer is full of energy and spirit, which symbolizes the spirit of the school’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and also indicates that the school will strive for a more brilliant tomorrow step by step!

Athletes | endless fire

Field race | and distance contest

high jump

Find the rhythm slowly, speed up, leap, and leap sideways; The top span lifts the hips, the legs swing horizontally, the back is crossed, and the body is turned upside down.

long jump

Every place measured by a ruler guides the direction of future efforts, and every footprint on the sand carries the memory of sweat.


Strength is concentrated in the arm, the shot put draws a beautiful arc in the air, and the boiling blood in the athlete’s heart will take the shot put to a farther place.

Track race | Race against time

short-distance run

Meniscus-like back, accumulated strength, only waiting for a gunshot, kicking out, the wind blowing through the hair tips, let sweat spill all over the playground, let lactic acid accumulate all over the body, and let love never stop.

long-distance run

Gather all your blood and race against the spring breeze. As long as you surpass yourself, you are the brightest light on the runway.

Relay run

This is an ordinary baton. The contrast between red and white depicts their justice and fortitude. It is held in your hands, cold turns into enthusiasm, and fortitude melts into softness. I hope you can run bravely on the field when you hold it!

Referee | All my fairness and justice will be given to you.

The license plate on the chest is the symbol of their duties, and the figure of struggle is the embodiment of their principles. They push forward one game after another with serious sportsmanship.

Audience | I’m right behind you

They are the most solid backing of the players and always wait for the triumph of their heroes with the highest enthusiasm.

Tears and setbacks blend, sweat and laughter embrace; Youth and sunshine are side by side, passion and shouting are accompanied. At the closing ceremony, the flags of the colleges were flying and the smiles were overflowing, showing the youthful dreams! This is the charm of sports, which brings us healthy and happy bodies and gives us the strength to struggle and persist. The annual sports meeting reviews the students’ strong physique and will, and shows the students’ positive spirit. I believe that the sports meeting in the coming year will be more exciting, and I believe that everyone will work hard every day in the future and live up to their youth!

Editor: Zhou Xinxin

Editor: Yin Hanfei

Audit: Lian Yitong

Source: Lin Bin, Zhang Yangyang

China version of chatGPT is officially launched, and AI technology will become the best assistant in the service industry!

According to the official, "China version of chatGPT" used 20 billion data sets in 12 domestic fields for training, including medical, financial, education and other industries. In this way, when the technology is applied to various practical environments, the core information can be extracted more accurately and relevant solutions can be provided. Therefore, "China version of chatGPT" is considered to have the original "local" influence and appeal.

In addition, "China chatGPT" is also connected with natural language processing technology (NLP), which can effectively reduce the ambiguity or misunderstanding caused by machine reply. Moreover, the system also supports the function of context understanding, which can automatically save the content that customers need to communicate in multiple rounds of dialogue scenes, and dynamically introduce context information in subsequent replies.

Overall, what impact will the launch of "China version of chatGPT" bring to us? First of all, it can be predicted that in the scenes of intelligent customer service and intelligent question and answer, using this technology will make the machine reply feel more real and close to humanity, and users will get solutions more efficiently and quickly; Secondly, the question-and-answer model of "China chatGPT" is in the deep learning mode, which has strong self-improvement ability and may be extended to new fields in the future.