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Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Kane waved goodbye? Acting head coach Mei Sen denied that it was meaningless.

Tottenham Hotspur coach ryan mason quickly stopped the spread of rumors about harry kane’s transfer.

On the afternoon of 20th (Korean time), Tottenham Hotspur, which played the 37th round of Premier League (EPL) in 2022-2023 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, lost 1-3 to brentford. In the 7 th minute of the first half, Tottenham scored the first goal with Kane’s dream free kick, which announced the start, but was knocked down in the second half. In the 5th minute of the second half and 16th minute of the second half, Brian Varmo conceded a goal. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Oliver Skip made a fatal mistake in the defensive camp. In the end, joan visa lost points for the third time.

Tottenham Hotspur’s seventh team’s UEFA Europa League (UECL) playoff (PO) seat is also in jeopardy. Tottenham Hotspur has only one game left, while Aston Villa, the eighth place with the same points, has only two games left. Only if you are lucky can you participate in the European competition. Coach Mei Sen, who attended the press conference after the game, said: "This is the Premier League and we need to prepare for the game. He played very well in the first half and created several chances. Since the second half, his competitive state has declined, giving opponents a chance. Very disappointed, "he said regretfully.

Because Kane waved to the home audience, there were also various speculations. Because Kane was in contact with many big clubs when the transfer period came. When a local reporter asked if it meant farewell, Mei Sen said, "Kane waves to the audience in the last home game of each season. Two years ago, you were sure Kane would leave. As usual, just thank the fans. "

Acting head coach Mei Sen asked the fans to cheer for the last minute miracle. "We need a strong fan who is dedicated to the team. Dedicated players and staff are also needed. "

Showdown! Riyadh successfully cracked down on the team’s "false self-discipline", and it was necessary to punish the extra training without permission. Cristiano Ronaldo smelled uneasiness.

Some people were punished for missing the temporary extra training for the team holidays, while others were warned by the club because they were willing to take extra training. If the occurrence of the former situation is sympathetic, then the latter situation is confusing. According to the normal logic, it should be a sign of self-improvement and self-discipline for the players to train themselves, which is also a kind of freedom in the players’ personal time arrangement. How can a club interfere with the players’ self-training and even punish them? This sounds a bit illogical, is it really possible to happen?

There really is! According to the news from Saudi media arriyadiyah, Riyadh Victory recently announced that players are prohibited from privately training, and they will face punishment if they violate the regulations. The media said that the management of Riyadh Victory told all the first-team players not to use the club’s special center as the headquarters for extra training, and mentioned that any player who wants to practice more must consult and coordinate with the technical staff of the club’s coaching staff in advance, and all training should be carried out under the supervision of the technical staff of the coaching staff. Violation of the new management regulations will be punished by the club.

The seemingly unreasonable regulations reveal some helplessness. At first, no one did extra training. Later, one person did, and other players followed suit. Some people injured themselves, and some people tired themselves. All of them did extra training, and the team’s performance became more and more difficult. From the third-line championship training to the third-line collapse, the extra training that could not improve their performance seemed to be like practicing in the gym. Some players practiced and possessed themselves, and the lawn became a swimming pool.

There are also some players who have practiced a water injection muscle, and their muscles have grown, but the confrontation is weak, and the direction is wrong. They have developed weak muscles and vegetable muscles, which were originally the level of the bench in the Premier League and the World Cup. Now they can’t understand it in the 68 th League. There are also some players who practice and practice the electrolyte of their bodies. Passing the ball is like leakage, and their legs are pumping. The left leg is like a live wire, and the right leg is like a zero line. The left leg accidentally tripped over the right leg, and it was short-circuited, and it fell to the ground with a bang. No wonder Riyadh’s victory was accompanied by the technical staff of the coaching staff, who were all practicing hard and not talking about science.

Some players say that they are training, but they are actually busy in the transfer, strategizing in the gym, remotely controlling their agents, and entering fantasy time. I went to Newcastle today, and I got the Champions League qualification, so I should be needed. Go to Real Madrid tomorrow and lose to Manchester City. You can’t do anything without me as the king of the Champions League. I went to Bayern again the day after tomorrow. You just need a cake eater. I can play center.

There are still some players who don’t know whether they are really practicing or putting on a show. The low eq is called surfing on the internet, and the high eq is called cyber fitness. All of a sudden, the factors are this, all of a sudden, the blackouts are this, and then the customs are closed. When you’re done, don’t forget to put a few more pictures online to satisfy your fans and maintain your self-discipline and hard work. Riyadh’s victory is really bitter in my heart. If we don’t stop this show-like training, a good club will become a large online celebrity incubator base. If we don’t accompany and supervise the players’ training, some will practice hard and some will run away.

Guoping locks 2 gold and 2 silver! Sun Yingsha was upset and regretted going out. Chen Meng played against Manyu Wang?

In the women’s singles competition, Manyu Wang took the lead against Wang Yidi in two table tennis civil wars. Although his training progress was affected by his back injury, his condition was obviously improved under the adjustment of Xinxiang championship, while Wang Yidi remained stable, so the fight between them was bound to be very fierce. In the first game, Wang Yidi won the first game with 11-7, and then Manyu Wang pulled three games in a row with 11-9, 11-9 and 11-6. In the fifth game, he last stand won with 11-5, which was the deciding game. He sealed the victory with 11-4 and finally won with a total score of 4-2. In last week’s WTT Xinxiang Championship, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha launched a fierce confrontation. In the end, Sun Yingsha beat Chen Meng 4-0. Coupled with her recent outstanding performance, she won the WTT Singapore Grand Slam and WTT Macau Championship in succession. Therefore, the outside world is generally optimistic about Chen Meng’s victory. Surprisingly, however, Chen Meng beat Sun Yingsha 4-0 in the game, which surprised many fans. Only one week later, their situation changed dramatically.

[A little information] Bombarded 37+6+4, Wei Shao returned to the peak! Durant Booker is unreasonable, Sun 3

Since the home of the Suns ushered in a good start in the playoffs, the Clippers have gradually lost their competitiveness. Yes, their second master, Paul George, has not yet come back, while Leonard, as a star player, has suffered a knee injury again and has to miss the last few games one after another. In the past two games, the Clippers lost one after another, so that the Suns regained the initiative with a big lead. As the competition in the first round of series continued, the two sides ushered in the key G4 war.

What is worthy of recognition is that without George and Leonard, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, was like a duck to water, and once again played the role of a stadium commander. Just before the G3 War, Wei Shao shot 11 of 23 shots in a single game for 40 minutes, and sent out comprehensive data of 30 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 steals and 1 block, playing the competitive level in the peak period. This time, Wei Shao didn’t disappoint the team, but he still beat four hands with two fists, which made Durant and Booker win the game with a total score of 112-100.

At the beginning of the game, the clippers at home quickly entered the state and got the initiative to lead the score. Powell made 2 of 3 shots and 2 of 2 free throws, sending 7 points, Wei Shao also had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist, and Gordon, who made 3 of 4 shots and sent 8 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist, scored 30-23 in one fell swoop. However, after entering the second quarter, the Clippers fell into a scoring drought, with only 17 points in a single quarter, so that the Sun scored a single quarter score of 25-17, thus achieving a one-point lead.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again, and Sun, who took the lead in the score, could further expand the difference between the two sides. In the competition in the third quarter, it didn’t matter that Wei Shao sent 10 points, Durant also had 12 points, and Booker also unreasonably sent 11 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, leading the team to score 35-31 again, expanding the difference to 5 points. In the final quarter, Wei Shao continued to send out 14 points, still just doing nothing. The Sun made a single score of 29-22 at one go, and won the game with a total score of 112-100, and won the match point with a big score of 3-1 in the series.

As far as things are concerned, Cachao, the core of the Clippers’ title race, is absent. Although they have lost the match point, there are still many remarkable places. Among them, Wei Shao, who won the unlimited right to fire, made 3 of 6 points and 17 of 29 shots in the 40.5 minutes of this game, sending out the highest score of 37 points and luxury data of 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Unfortunately, Wei Shao handed over 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but the scoring efficiency of his teammates around him was very low. Powell made 4 of 15 shots and sent out 14 points and 4 rebounds, while Gordon only scored 10 points. In addition, only Mann, who came off the bench, had 13 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists.

On the other hand, on the Suns’ side, which won the match point 3-1 away, four players scored in double figures, and two players scored at least 30 points. Durant played 44.5 minutes, made 3 of 4 of 3 points and 9 of 17 shots, and sent out comprehensive data of 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. In addition, Booker also has 30 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. The two handed over 31 points and 30 points one after another, which greatly eased the scoring pressure of the team. At the same time, Aidan also sent 15 points and 13 rebounds, and Paul also had 19 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

Season reimbursement! The performance of the Champions League is sluggish! Neymar touched the bottom line of Paris or was forcibly retired.

On Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain was shaved by Bayern and stopped in the last 16 of the Champions League. Then, Brazilian star Neymar entered the injury list because of ankle surgery. Just yesterday, Paris officially announced that Neymar would be absent for three to four months, which is basically equivalent to the season reimbursement. Now, for Barrichelli, only the French League and the French Cup can compete, and these two tasks will fall on Messi and Mbappé.

It is said that Neymar’s injury will undoubtedly arouse the dissatisfaction of the top management in Paris. His original contribution to the Champions League is insufficient. Now, no matter how high he hangs a war-free card and holds a high salary, there is no equivalent performance on the court. Any club would not be satisfied with this. According to French media reports, the Paris high-level officials no longer want to care about Neymar’s injury. They just want to end their cooperation with Brazilians this summer.

Neymar, 31, has not yet entered the decline of his career, but he has become a complete glass man. After six seasons in Ligue 1, he suffered four season reimbursement, during which he was absent for a total of one year and three months. In addition, Neymar has hidden dangers of injuries, big and small, and always needs uninterrupted rest. He can be called the first patient in the Paris team. Such physical conditions are completely incompatible with his record transfer fee.

Although Neymar has been doing well in Ligue 1 and the French Cup, Paris Saint-Germain can win the domestic championship every year, but this is just the icing on the cake. Even without Neymar, Greater Paris can still win the domestic championship. At the beginning, Paris bought Neymar from Barcelona at a sky-high transfer fee of 222 million, and the biggest expectation was to let him lead the team to win the Champions League.

As a result, we have all seen that Neymar has been in a slump in the Champions League for the past six years. Most importantly, he only scored three goals in the knockout stages of the Champions League in six seasons, and Neymar was almost invisible in the key battles with other giants. Neymar’s poor performance has undoubtedly touched the scales of Balinese, who are determined to stabilize Europe. This injury is only the trigger to push Paris to clean up Neymar’s departure.