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Bye, Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

bye-byeLittle Potter! Rockets and Pacers discuss a 4-for-1 deal, and Turner squeezes out the starting position of Shenjing?

The Rockets made a 4-for-1 deal for Turner, sending Potter and two first-round signings away.

The NBA summer is always full of variables and surprises, and many teams will seek reinforcement in the free market or change their lineup through transactions. This summer, the teams in the west are constantly moving. The Lakers, Warriors, Suns, Lone Rangers and other teams are constantly strengthening their own strength, trying to compete for the hegemony of the west next season. In contrast, the teams in the east seem a little unremarkable, except for some small moves made by several strong teams, there is no big change. The most regrettable thing is that the Nets, which once owned the epic three giants, are now in trouble. The three giants have disintegrated and the team has lost hope of winning the championship. So, under such circumstances, which other teams will make some big moves in the summer?

According to the US media "Fadeaway World", the Rockets and Pacers plan to discuss a 4-for-1 deal offer this summer. If the negotiations go smoothly, two-time league blocked shot Wang Turner is expected to parachute into Houston. What is the specific plan of this transaction? Why did the Rockets and Pacers make such a decision? How does this transaction affect both parties? Let’s analyze it together.

The Rockets sent Potter Jr. and two first-round signings away.

The Rockets experienced a catastrophic collapse last season. They not only lost their core players such as Harden, Wei Shao and Gordon, but also suffered from injuries and epidemics, and finally ended the season with the worst record in the league. The Rockets won No.4 rookie Amen Thompson and No.16 rookie jabari Smith in this year’s draft. They also signed champion point guard Van fleet and veteran Hayes in the free market, trying to rebuild the team. However, in this process, the Rockets are also facing some problems and difficulties. One of the biggest problems is their point guard Potter Jr.

Porter Jr. was a surprise choice that the Rockets got from the Cavaliers in the middle of last season. He showed great talent and potential in the Rockets, averaging 16.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.1 steals, shooting 44.2% from the field and 36.8% from three points. He not only has excellent scoring ability and organizational ability, but also has good defensive consciousness and physical fitness. He once scored an astonishing 50 points and 11 assists against Bucks, becoming the second youngest 50+10 player in NBA history. He is also considered as one of the cores of the Rockets’ future reconstruction.

However, in this summer, there was little news about Porter Jr., and his brilliance was completely concealed by players such as Amen Thompson and Whitmore. Uduka, the new coach of the Rockets, has an ambiguous attitude towards Porter Jr. Unlike Jay Green, jabari Smith Jr. and Tarry Ethan, Porter Jr. has never been praised by Uduka. He is about to lose his starting position in the new season, which is definitely not a taste psychologically. Coupled with his "thorny" attribute, Uduka’s lack of confidence in him is understandable. According to "Houston Chronicle" reporter Fagan, it’s not that the Rockets management doesn’t want to send Potter away, especially after getting Van fleet and Amen Thompson, but his rookie bonus period has ended, and other teams who want him have to bear an annual salary of $15.86 million, which is not attractive.

Therefore, the Rockets decided to use Potter as a bargaining chip in exchange for a player who can improve the team’s strength. Their goal is the Pacers center Turner. In order to get Turner, the Rockets paid the price of Potter Jr. and two first-round signings.

These two first-round signings are the first-round signings of the Nets in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Although the Nets are currently one of the strongest teams in the league, their strength may drop sharply after four or six years, and these two first-round signings may also become very valuable. The Rockets made a big bet to get Turner.

An offseason is very important for players.

Many people will ask why many players don’t make progress after playing for a season, and why there will be qualitative changes in the offseason, such as great progress or decline.

To put it simply, during the season, there are various flights to participate in the competition, video studies in the middle, and frequent offline activities, so there is no time for systematic training, while all-stars have only a little time, many players go on vacation, and some players can make great progress after training adjustment. Therefore, it is very important to say that the three months of the offseason are all protected and targeted training.

To give an inappropriate example, it’s like a summer vacation when I was a student, which precipitated and supplemented my weaknesses. There will always be some progress when I start school. On the contrary, it’s always not as good as studying secretly during the holidays.

So we will find that many players are practicing hard in the offseason. Look at this year’s rookie Moore, Smith Jr., Ethan and Jay Green, all of whom are practicing hard, while players such as Van fleet, Tommy Tam and Amen are also training, but they are just not exposed.

Rockets players are busy training, and former teammate Garruba is very dissatisfied with the Rockets recently, even saying that the Rockets didn’t put him in the right position. He hoped that the Rockets had given him a chance when he was selected by Thunder, but he didn’t grasp it, so he was given up.

Besides, the Rockets also executed the contract in the third quarter of Garruba before trading. Don’t learn from Wall at the high point of Garruba’s EQ. If the Thunder laid off Garruba, it would be embarrassing. If he has the ability to go anywhere, he will be brilliant. If he doesn’t have the ability to break his mouth, he will finally become a laughing stock. Garruba should read more books to improve his EQ.

The 2023 cross-strait college basketball game is about to start!

August 3 rd

2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Match

The press conference was held in Xiamen.

Liu Yudong, member of China Basketball Hall of Fame and chairman of Fujian Basketball Association, Huang Yuanxin, vice chairman of Fujian Basketball Association, Chen Lan, deputy director of Xiamen Sports Bureau, and Chen Qi, general manager of Xiamen Sports Group attended the conference.

2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Match

Will be in26 August-1 September

existXiamen, Putian, Shaxian and Nan ‘anhold

College students’ basketball match across the Taiwan Strait

Founded in 2006.

As a traditional competition of universities on both sides of the strait

Carry out for both sides of the Taiwan Strait

Sports cultural exchange has built a platform.

Become a beautiful business card for cross-strait youth exchanges.

Eight mainland teams were invited to this tournament: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ningbo University, China University of Mining and Technology, Huaqiao University and Xiamen University, and eight Taiwan Province teams: Jianxing University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Province Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Sports University, Culture University, Taiwan Province University of Arts, Yishou University and Kaohsiung Normal University.

Take basketball as the carrier and sports as the medium.

The competition aims to promote the youth on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Cultural exchange and high-level competitive sports exchange

Enhance mutual understanding between young people on both sides of the strait.

This competition has been retained.

Characteristics of inviting high-level universities to participate in the competition in previous years

In addition, it has increasedCross-strait basketball forum,

Carnival, basketball charity, etcactive plate

Migu Sports will broadcast the whole event.

Stay tuned ~

Carragher: I think Manchester City will win the treble, and Arsenal’s form has fallen sharply in the second half of the season.

Live on May 21 ST In the 37th round of the Premier League in the early hours of Beijing time, Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1 away, which allowed Manchester City to lock the Premier League championship in advance. Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher talked about the possibility of Manchester City winning the treble and Arsenal’s performance this season on Sky Sports.

When asked if Manchester City can win the treble this season, Carragher said: "I think they will. They will be favorites to win against Inter Milan and Manchester United, and they feel that they have a chance almost every season. Guardiola raised the standard so high. Another coach, they wouldn’t have reached such a height. For me, he is the biggest difference of this team. Are other clubs confident to challenge Manchester City? At present, they are at completely different levels. "

"Now Foton can’t get into the starting lineup, and they are still introducing high-level players, which is the difference between them and Arsenal."

Talking about Arsenal’s state this year, Carragher said: "The strength of Arsenal’s 11 starters is not too far from Manchester City. Their style of play is very similar, but you can’t always let the best players play, and De Braune doesn’t play in every game. "

"Arsenal’s form dropped sharply in the second half of this season. They scored 50 points in the first half. You know you have to score 90 points to win the championship. Arsenal may end the season with 84 points. Although you can say that they have done their best, it is not enough. "

Head coach Eric Tenghah is angry to be the candidate of Premier League coach of the year.

The British media "The Sun" reported on the 19th: "Manchester United fans are angry that head coach Eric Tenghah has become the candidate of the Premier League coach of the year.

The British media "The Sun" reported on the 19th (Korea time): "Manchester United fans are angry that head coach Eric Tenghah has become the candidate of the Premier League coach of the year.
The Premier League Secretariat recently announced the nomination of the Premier League manager of the year this season. He includes Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, manager Dejevi Brighton, manager Unai emeri Aston Villa, manager Sean Guardiola of Manchester City, manager Eddie Howe of Newcastle United and manager marco silva Fulham.
They are excellent coaches this season. However, Manchester United fans are very angry about not including head coach Tenghahe. Head coach Tenghahe took charge of Manchester United in crisis, successfully won the Carling Cup, and is currently ranked fourth, working hard for the promotion of the Champions League next season.
A Manchester United fan said: "Is there no head coach Eric Tenghah?" Also won the trophy, it is possible to finish the season in the top four. The whole season has passed a tight schedule without a win. Before the season, how many people forgot that Manchester United would finish the season in sixth and seventh place? "He said.
Another Manchester United fan said: "The season is not over yet. It is unfair and unacceptable to have no head coach Eric Teng Hach, including Kyle Silva.
A fan said: "I should have entered a sensitive candidate." He didn’t start well. After the first two games, he even ranked 20th. But he showed a good state and won the director award twice this month. He should be a candidate.

Musk’s new robot Optimus made a shocking appearance: amazing walking and self-assembly ability!

Musk’s Optimus robot project is a very exciting technical project, which represents the latest development of artificial intelligence and robotics. The latest progress of this project is that the Optimus robot can walk freely and self-assemble, which is a very important milestone and will bring more possibilities for future robot applications.

An important breakthrough recently made by Optimus robot is its ability to walk freely. This means that the robot is no longer limited to a specific surface or terrain and can move freely in different environments. This ability to walk freely enables the robot to better complete various tasks, including exploration and rescue tasks in harsh environments.

In addition to walking freely, Optimus robot also has the function of self-assembly. This function is very interesting because it allows robots to repair themselves. If a part of the robot is damaged or fails, it can use this function to repair it automatically, which will greatly improve the reliability and maintainability of the robot.

Optimus robot has other impressive functions. For example, it can use sensors to perceive the surrounding environment, and use computer vision technology for image recognition and target tracking. This enables the robot to navigate autonomously in different environments and complete various tasks.

In addition to the above functions, Optimus robot has many other useful features. For example, it can operate and monitor remotely and communicate and cooperate with other robots. This enables robots to complete various tasks better and opens up more possibilities for future robot applications.

To sum up, Optimus robot is a very exciting technology, representing the latest development of artificial intelligence and robotics. It has the ability of free walking and self-assembly, which will bring more possibilities for future robot applications. We are looking forward to seeing Optimus robots bring more convenience and innovation to our lives in the near future.