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The replacement of Aziz in the three towns of Wuhan has come out! Sang Qiu Wang returns to join Zhongjia.

According to a few days ago, the Serbian media Politika reported that Pesici, the center of Serbian Red Star Belgrade, was going to play for the Super League, and the team he played for was Wuhan Sanzhen, the double champion of the Super League. According to the media, Wuhan Sanzhen Team will introduce Pesici on loan this summer, with a lease fee of 550,000 euros and a contract of one year, and the lease agreement also contains a buyout clause.

Pesici’s full Chinese name ~ alexander pesic, born on May 21st, 1992, is a Serbian football player, with a height of 190cm! Weight 87 kg, front (middle) front on the court! Right-footed, now playing for Red Star Belgrade.

In recent two or three years, Pesici has played for Macabies in Tel Aviv, Fati Hekkala Guluk in Turkey and FC in Seoul. Earlier, he also played in Saudi Arabia, Serie A and Ligue 1. It can be said that Pesici has rich football experience! This season, he made 30 appearances for Red Star, scoring 11 goals and 3 assists in 28 starts, which is not bad!

At present, Wuhan Sanzhen team has gone through two rounds of Super League, with 1 draw and 1 loss, and they are all at home, only scoring one goal, and the attack power is too bad! The team’s performance is worrying (fans)! And also injured three generals! In particular, Aziz, a new foreign aid, was injured in the first round. I believe the club will also make alternative plans for this! It is also expected by the club to find a replacement for Aziz! Therefore, it is not groundless for Serbian media to say that Wuhan Sanzhen team is renting Pesici! In particular, Pesici and Marcand are very similar in style, and both are good at height and weight! Big man (190 cm), very good at holding and protecting the ball! It’s great to grab a header! Moreover, I have also played in the AFC Champions League with the Seoul team in South Korea!

In addition, it was broadcast live yesterday. The official announcement of Jinan Xingzhou Club in Zhongjia announced that Sang Yifei, a meritorious player who played for Wuhan Sanzhen Team last year, officially joined the team! And as the team captain!

Sang Yifei, who is 34 years old, can be described as a meritorious old player of Wuhan Sanzhen Team! I have made great contributions to the team’s Chongchao in that year! After the end of last season, Sang Yifei bid farewell to the Wuhan Sanzhen team and planned to retire! For the better development of the club, the team should be younger, so the team cleans some older players! Sang Yifei is impressively listed. At the beginning of April this year, the club official announced that Sang Yifei had left the team.

However, Sang Yifei, who left three towns in Wuhan in mid-April this year, revealed in social media that he would decide to come back after four months of retirement. The original text of the attached social media is as follows:

"I have already retired, leaving the pitch for 4 months, and suddenly being a player is quite uncomfortable! Oil the machine first, and thank my grandson! The veteran will continue to fight! "

Sang Yifei is an excellent player with skill, fast speed and outstanding ball control ability under his feet! Thank him for his contribution to the Wuhan three towns team! I hope he can continue to play his advantages in the new team and help the team make achievements! Finally, I wish him good luck!

Lenovo shares in Callisto

According to Tianyancha App, recently, Callisto (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Callisto") has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and shareholders have added Lenovo (Tianjin) Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Suzhou Yuanqi Netan Phase I Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership). At the same time, the registered capital of the company increased from 1.25 million to 10 million.

Image source: Tianyancha

According to the data, Callisto was founded in early 2022 by a group of Geek who focus on automobile safety technology. From the perspective of both offensive and defensive, it integrates artificial intelligence and expert knowledge to provide more efficient automobile safety solutions.

According to relevant industry data, the overall scale of the intelligent networked car market continues to grow, and intelligent networked cars will become the first choice for most interested users. Under such a trend, the network risks and the probability of hacker attacks faced by vehicles have greatly increased. The security of vehicle assets and communication, the security of mobile travel service and vehicle networking service have become common challenges for the industry.

Thanks to the accumulation of professional knowledge in the field of automobile safety for many years, the Callisto team has built a new generation of network security platform based on the idea of Sight and Shield to Security, based on the safety awareness, AI algorithm and automobile data anomaly analysis engine of virtual and real vehicles and data knowledge fusion.

Image source: Callisto official website screenshot

And in October last year, Callisto announced technical cooperation with Baidu. The core product of Callisto, VSOC Vehicle Security Operation Center, and Baidu’s IDPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service will complement each other, realize an end-to-end automotive network security framework, and strive to protect the security of vehicle core data, assets and intelligent scenarios. Callisto Technology and Baidu will jointly establish a multi-layer defense architecture to provide awareness and defense capabilities against new threats in the automotive network.

It is reported that Callisto is currently providing network security support for leading companies in the global smart car field, autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems.

What is RPA? What can RPA do for us?

Hello, everyone, I’m Coke.

After reading this article, I would like to congratulate you first, because I will lead you into a brand-new field, which will greatly facilitate your daily work and life.

Ever heard of RPA? Maybe you think this is a strange term, but it may change your work style and improve your work efficiency! Even if you are a little white who knows nothing. Next, I will discuss RPA technology, what it is, how it works, and what changes it can bring us.

Tap the key point: Xiaobai who knows nothing can also play RPA.

Official introduction: RPA is called Robotic Process Automation, also known as "Robotic Process Automation". It is an automation technology based on software, which can simulate the behavior of human operating computers and complete some repetitive and regular work.

Speak human words:RPA is to use software instead of human beings to do some tedious work.

This is easy to understand. I believe that everyone will encounter some repetitive, tedious and even boring jobs in their work or life.

For example: data entry, file arrangement, email reply and so on. These tasks often require a lot of time and energy, which are not only inefficient, but also prone to mistakes.

Would you be very excited if there was a way for machines to do these jobs for you? This is the RPA to be introduced today.

PS: [Key Wizard] I wonder if you have heard of this software? It can be understood as a product of RPA.

After reading the above explanation, we can define what RPA can do like this:Any task on the computer that needs our manual operation can be completed with RPA.

So for an ordinary person, we can use it like this:

If your daily work involves a lot of repetitive work, such as data entry, file processing or mail management, RPA can help you. You can use RPA tools to complete these tasks automatically, thus reducing your workload and putting your time and energy into more valuable tasks.

For example, you can set up an RPA robot to deal with spam in your inbox, and fully automate the processes of retrieving emails, replying to emails, opening and closing attachments, etc.

With RPA, you can make your work more efficient, because it can automatically complete a lot of work, thus reducing the possibility of human error. This can save a lot of time and cost for some jobs.

For example, in daily data input tasks, RPA can be used to realize fully automatic data processing, such as reading data forms with OCR technology and filling in forms automatically, so that you can spend more time on more valuable tasks.

RPA can help you improve or simplify your daily business processes.

For example, in human resource management, RPA technology can automatically handle some routine work in the recruitment process, such as resume screening, data sorting and interview invitation, which greatly saves the time and cost of manual processing.

For some things that need to be dealt with repeatedly in daily work or personal life, RPA can make it easier for you to complete these tasks.

For example, in the real estate field, RPA can help manage house leasing, house sale and customer relationship, thus making these important and repetitive tasks more efficient and reliable.

Of course, this is just a part of what RPA can do. Look at the definition.Any task on the computer that needs our manual operation can be completed with RPA.So there are many things that can be done and we need to dig.

4. Working principle of RPA

Here I’m going to talk about the working principle of RPA, as long as everyone knows it, and we can use RPA well without going into every technology used in it.

The automated process provided by RPA technology is based on predefined rules and scripts. These rules and scripts are used to control which tasks the robot performs, how to perform the tasks, and the conditions for performing the tasks.

RPA technology makes use of many advanced access technologies, including screen capture, and simulating human operations using devices such as keyboards and mice. They can capture the user interface on the computer and simulate human conversation.

RPA technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically identify users’ behaviors, processing processes and operational processes. These algorithms can automatically learn and optimize the task flow, and adapt to the changes of environment and data.

RPA technology can automatically extract relevant data from various applications and data sources, and classify and sort them properly. These data can include natural language text, semi-structured and structured data.

RPA technology can automatically perform tasks and automatically adjust task execution strategies. Policy management includes rule design, policy optimization and task scheduling.

In a word, the underlying principle of RPA technology involves many related technologies and algorithms, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced access technology and so on. These technologies combine automatic processing with automatic decision-making, and can help us improve work efficiency and productivity.

RPA can complete a lot of repetitive work in a short time, thus improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

RPA can accurately complete tasks according to preset rules and conditions, and avoid the influence of human factors on tasks.

RPA can work 24 hours a day to avoid the impact of manpower shortage or fatigue on work efficiency.

RPA can be expanded and optimized according to actual requirements to meet the automation requirements of different scenarios.

RPA can record the process and results of task execution, which is convenient for subsequent analysis and tracking.

6. Summary

Generally speaking, RPA is an automation technology that allows machines to replace humans to complete tedious work, which can improve work efficiency, reduce costs and reduce error rates, and is suitable for various work scenarios.

In the future work and life, RPA is expected to become an increasingly common automation technology, which will create more time and energy for human beings and make us more focused on innovation and creative work.

Therefore, the sooner we learn to use RPA, the more we can run ahead.

Seeing this, do you want to experience RPA technology immediately? Don’t worry, we will introduce it in the next article.

Is Azar, who scored 7 goals in 73 appearances in 4 years and 120 million euros, the worst signing for Real Madrid?

In the summer of 2019, Azar, the king of the ball from London, moved from Chelsea in London to Real Madrid, and Real Madrid spent 120 million euros to introduce him. However, Azar’s transfer to Real Madrid did not help Real Madrid win more honors as expected.

As a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from the team, Azar, who thought that he had killed the quartet in the Premier League, could also come to La Liga to reduce his dimension. I didn’t expect the star to appear a little acclimatized when he came to La Liga. What people didn’t expect was that this wave of acclimatization lasted for 4 years. Azar has been plagued by injuries since he came to Real Madrid. It can be said that he spent more time in his hospital bed than on the court after Real Madrid. Sometimes, just after coming back from injury, he was replaced because of injury before playing a game.

Azar, who was not injured by a flying shovel in Chelsea, came to Madrid and became a glass man. Even if he became a glass man, his goal efficiency in Real Madrid was not as good as before. He couldn’t prove himself because of his limited playing time. He only scored 7 goals in 74 games for Real Madrid in 4 years, and he scored only 4 poor goals in La Liga. It is worth mentioning that his goal number in La Liga is not as good as that of Lei Wu.

After coming to Real Madrid, his value also ushered in a cliff-like decline. At the peak of Chelsea, Azar’s value reached 150 million euros, but now his value is only 750W W. I don’t think cliff-like decline can describe this decline speed, this decline speed. It’s faster than a meteorite falling.

At the peak of his career, Azar called him the third man in football. Whether shooting, dribbling or passing people, he was the top player in football. He also brought Chelsea two Premier League trophies and two Europa League trophies.

Chelsea fans are naturally very fond of this club meritorious player, while Real Madrid fans are naturally disgusted with this giant Buddha. At the beginning, when Real Madrid fans spoke out about Azar, Chelsea fans also spoke for Azar. When Azar’s injuries were reported again and again, the support of Chelsea fans seemed to be somewhat powerless.

Of course, Real Madrid fans don’t like this famous star not only because of his glass properties and mediocre performance, but also because of his professional attitude. Being fat and eating hamburgers are all labels of Azar, so he also has the title of Burger King.

It is impossible for Azar, who is now 32 years old, to return to the top again. Azar’s contract with Real Madrid will expire in June next year. Real Madrid wants to send away the giant Buddha, but Azar himself said that he will fulfill his contract with Real Madrid and he wants to contribute to Real Madrid. We also look forward to whether Azar can really show his due strength during the last year of the contract. Now even if Azar wants to leave the team, it is estimated that no team will take over. After all, he has to accept that he is lying in a hospital bed for a long time with a high salary, even a local team like Paris can’t afford it.