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Another prodigy was born! But China football, why just can’t get on?

These days, the video of a 6-year-old Xinjiang child playing football has surprised many netizens on the Internet. Many people exclaimed after reading it: "This is a child prodigy!"!

In this video released by Dong Lu, a famous footballer, a child wearing a blue jersey and white socks almost restored the iconic movements of many world stars. Whether it’s "riding a bicycle" by Da Luo, "crossing a crotch" by Messi or "spike" by Cristiano Ronaldo’s heel, "Tiny" looks like a decent imitation.

What is commendable is that these fake moves are extraordinary in one go in the game, the children’s ball style is gorgeous and sophisticated, and the movement rhythm is coordinated and reasonable. And even if the opponent around him is taller than him, he can’t take the ball from his feet.

The one-minute video has caused many netizens to clap their hands and praise. Many people feel that this action is pleasing to the eye, but they also have some expectations: "The future of China football is hopeful again."

At the beginning of China’s football reform in 1990s, the prosperity of A-A created the first batch of small fans in the professional era, and playing football once became an "outstanding scholar". However, with the deterioration of the domestic football environment at the turn of the century, fewer and fewer children are willing to join football. Even in the early years, the selection of some national name echelons was stretched. This shows the extent to which China’s football talents are barren.

In recent years, with the development of campus football and the resurgence of football in China, many children have re-entered the arena to pursue their football-related dreams. However, how many of these children can really carry the banner of China football in the end? The cultivation of football talents is a systematic project, and the achievements made in the next few years also need to be tested after a long period of precipitation in the future.

A few days ago, the experience of a boy named Chen Yubo caused a lot of sighs among football players. In a program of a satellite TV, the boy of Grade 8 (Grade 2) gave a speech on the stage, trying to find a "way out" for his football dream in front of two family members and students all over the playground.

However, in the short ten-minute clip of the program, Chen Yubo’s mother didn’t let go. She expressed her support for her son to play football to keep fit, but she wouldn’t agree to take the road of professional football unless she was 18 years old. Readers who are familiar with the rules of football should know that this has actually pronounced the disillusionment of Chen Yubo’s dream of professional football.

Whether it is the long-standing concept of "academic priority" or some negative images of China football that affect parents’ determination, there are indeed many people who have various views on football in real life. In fact, regardless of the ups and downs of football in China, China has never lacked children with football dreams and talents. It’s just that these children either miss football for various reasons during their growth, or are forced to give up their football dreams under the pressure of their parents, or they can’t get systematic training, which leads to the tragic fate of "Shang Zhongyong" in the end.

There are many potential stocks in China football. Since Li Huajun, who debuted in the 1980s, generations of young talents have brought endless hope to the fans. Eighteen years ago, a 6-year-old boy named Zhou Zhou was once known as a "football prodigy". That year, China’s men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea historically, which set off a football craze in China. At the award party of the national football team, Zhou Zhou, who was only six years old, performed with his own ball, which attracted the attention of the then national football coach Milu, who praised him as "the future star of China football".

Looking through the reports of that year, we learned that Zhou began to practice at the age of 2, and by the age of 6, he could dribble 2000 balls in 20 minutes. However, this child, regarded by Milu as "the successor of China football", failed to go further in the praise, which was quite disappointing.

Then, from time to time, there will be a "prodigy" of China football. Why can’t you get on?

Although football is a team event, even talented players can’t achieve the whole team on their own; What’s more, everyone’s growth path and background are different, and it’s a pity that he didn’t become the "Optimus Prime" of China football. For example, the "short-lived" of the week is not only due to the choice on the road to growth, but also closely related to the impetuous football environment of that era.

After the national football team successfully entered the World Cup in China and South Korea, Japanese football ushered in a decade of darkness. In that chaotic football era, some officials, international players and even referees were involved in fake gambling and eventually went to jail; Many clubs are in arrears, their management is chaotic, and no one cares about the training of young football talents … When China football reached its lowest point, no one even cared about the broadcast, which eventually greatly reduced the trust of the whole society.

In 2012, the black storm in China football came to an end. Under the background of vigorously developing campus football in recent years, with a series of reform measures, the healthy and positive image of China football is gradually being reshaped. However, the training system of football talents in China is still difficult to be reasonable and mature; The concept of "playing football is equal to doing nothing" in parents’ minds is still deeply rooted; A few years ago, the "Jinyuan storm" has just been contained, and I don’t know when the price will really return to value …

All these problems have become an unavoidable obstacle for football teenagers to pursue their dreams. The emergence of football superstars is closely related to the current football environment and youth training system, in addition to their amazing talent, their own efforts and the support of their families.

Fortunately, Chen Yubo’s experience has attracted the attention of the football circle, and some insiders have given pertinent suggestions on his situation. Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club also sent him a trial invitation. After the program was broadcast, Chen Yubo’s parents also showed concessions to their children’s desire to play football.

Although the little boy in Xinjiang is only 6 years old, I sincerely hope that he will not have to experience the pain and struggle of Chen Yubo in the future and enjoy the happiness brought by football more purely.

Fortunately, the little boy not only changed his family’s views with his performance on the field, but more importantly, he also had a father who loved football but had to give up because his family stopped him, and silently supported him behind his back.

The father said that every boy has his own football dream and hopes that his son can realize it together with his own dream on the pitch, but only if he can be healthy and happy. If he can really embark on a career path one day, he hopes to win glory for his country.

I still remember the "Six Questions" issued by Liu Jianhong, a commentator of CCTV at that time, after the national football team defeated the World Cup qualifiers. In his view, it’s not a matter of a few players but everyone’s, so don’t complain. "If you were a parent, would you let your children play football?" and "In fact, it is very simple to change football in China. In fact, you still play football yourself."

I believe that with the change of social concept and the further emergence of talents, China football will still go up. (Xing Rui)

Next season, the league’s eight giants: the Suns’ three top scorers and the Warriors’ five former All-Stars!

In NBA, almost every offseason will have top players change teams, but in this offseason, the change of ownership of top players has not been completed yet. For example, Lillard left the team, he wanted to join the Heat, and Harden left the team, and he wanted to join the Clippers. If these two transactions can be completed, the Heat and Clippers will be directly among the league giants, with the strength of the championship-winning team.

Having a top-level luxury team will bring the team closer to the championship. After entering the 1900s, especially when the league atmosphere is getting more and more prosperous, many teams won the championship by forming a luxurious lineup, such as the Heat in the Zhan Weibo period and the Warriors in the Big Four period. In the next season, there are also eight teams with very luxurious lineups, some of which are strong and some are flashy. Next, let’s take a look at these eight luxury teams.

The Suns won Bill through trade in the offseason, which is the most sensational trade so far in this offseason. After the team introduced Bill, they formed a big three lineup of Bill+Durant+Booker. All three of them are top scorers in the league. The team doesn’t even need too many offensive tactics. It only needs three people to play alone, so it may be able to win a lot of victories. Besides, the team also has a champion like Ayton.

Although Aiton has not fully realized his talent, he is also the top blue-collar player in the league according to his current level. In addition, the team has introduced Eric Gordon, and their starting lineup is luxurious, but his substitute lineup is not good enough. This is understandable. After all, the team has four stars with salaries of hundreds of millions, and their starting is the most luxurious in the league. It is not too much to describe them with Galaxy Battleship.

The Celtics sent off their smart gate in the offseason in exchange for Porzingis, who averaged 23 points per game last season. Although many fans are not optimistic about the success of the Celtics’ new Sancore, their paper strength does look stronger. The team has a real three giants, and Brown also reached a top salary of 304 million yuan in history for five years, plus a top ten Tatum in the league.

Moreover, compared with the Suns, the thickness of the Celtics’ lineup is even better. In addition to the three cores, they also have the assistance of two former teams, White and Brogden, as well as excellent inside pillars such as Horford and Lowe. Although the Celtics’ defensive ability may not be as good as it is now next season, their offensive firepower is obviously stronger than before, and the Green Army is still a force to be reckoned with in the east.

During the offseason, the Lakers kept their core lineup, and they continued to leave suitable players around Zhan Mei. The team renewed their contracts with Akuragi, Reeves and Russell. Akuragi was a first-round No.9 show, while Russell was the second. Both of them were very talented, and they also played the top blue-collar level. Reeves is one of the cores of the team that the Lakers missed. A second-round show scored 17 points per game in the playoffs, which is commendable.

In addition to retaining their core lineup that reached the Western Conference Finals last season, the Lakers also won the Heat’s starting point guard Vincent, who proved himself in the finals. He scored 20+ in two finals last season, and his ability to fight hard was excellent. In addition, the team also won two high-ranking players, Reddish and Hayes. If they can fulfill their talents in the Lakers, the upper limit of the Lakers will be very high.

Bucks kept their core lineup. Last season, they were the first in the league. If it weren’t for injuries, the team wouldn’t have been beaten by rival Heiba. Bucks’ contract with Middleton expired in the offseason. As a result, Middleton chose to reduce salary and finally helped the team stay in Daluo. In addition, the team renewed the contract. Claude, the top 3D result in the league, was abandoned by Buden holzer, which is also the reason why Bucks didn’t play the expected record.

You know, Buden holzer is a player who helped the Suns and Heat reach the finals. It’s an excellent 3D. The team’s three cores, Middleton, Holliday and Brother Alphabet, are still at their peak, and their chemical reactions are also very good. In addition, the other two core rotations of the team, Potis and Big Lopez, are also in good condition, and the Bucks will surely make a comeback next season. In addition, they also won Beasley to improve the team’s space ability.

It is reasonable for the Nuggets to enter this list. After all, the Nuggets are defending champions. Although they lost the sixth substitute Bruce Brown, the starting five tigers of the Nuggets are still there. Jokic is the strongest player in the active league, Murray is one of the top core players in the league, and there are young players with great potential like Potter. Aaron Gordon and Pope are the top blue-collar players in the league. Their chemical reactions will be even better next season, which will make it more difficult for the Nuggets to be restricted.

The Nuggets’ reserve lineup is not particularly outstanding, but they renewed Jordan Jr. and Reggie. It is estimated that Reggie Jackson will take on more roles next season, while Jordan Jr. is the locker room leader. The team only needs to develop 1-2 excellent instant fighting forces among the remaining players, such as Braun and Holliday Jr. If they can play, the Nuggets will rotate with 7-8 of them, which is why the Nuggets won the championship last season.

The Warriors sent Poole away in the offseason for Paul. Now five of them are active or former All-Star players. The Warriors’ starting cores last season were all in Curry, Clay, Wiggins, Dreamcatcher and Rooney. Last season, their starting competitiveness was actually excellent, just because the level of the bench led by Poole was too ordinary. Now Paul has joined and Saric has been introduced.

Paul had cooperated with Saric before, and their leading the Warriors’ bench will make the bench competitive. Compared with last season, the Warriors’ shortcomings have been solved, and Wiggins has also solved the family problems. He will not miss most of the games like last season, so the Warriors next season will definitely be stronger than this season, and they will have the opportunity to attack the championship again with a more reasonable lineup.

Although the Timberwolves’ strength is not optimistic, their paper strength is still excellent. The team has three players with 200 million contracts: Edwards, Gaubert and Downs. Although they have no decent chemical reaction, their hard talent lies here. They also helped the Timberwolves reach the playoffs last season, and the team also won Conley, which solved the problem of insufficient chemical reaction of the team to some extent.

Last season, Gaubert didn’t play its due defensive deterrent, and Downes didn’t play its due projective ability. Only Edwards played to the expected level, and it can be expected that Edwards will raise the ball in the new season. In addition, the team also has outstanding blue-collar workers like Milton, Nazred and Likel, and the timberwolves’ lineup is also very good. They have a chance to play better next season than this season.

In the past few years, Grizzlies have hoarded young players, and three of them have proved themselves. Morant and Jaron Jackson have been selected as All-Stars, and Bain has also played the level of the top scorer in the league, averaging 21 points per game last season. In addition, the team won Smart, the best defensive player partner in the past two years, which is the first time in history. They will bring a very good defensive system to Grizzlies, and Smart will make Grizzlies have the spirit of blood and hard work.

In addition, the team also won Ross, Ross has a good instant fighting power, the team also has good inside players like Adams and aldama, and the thickness of the Grizzlies’ lineup is also excellent. Comparatively speaking, I think the Grizzlies are better than before next season because of their better experience. The team has added two very experienced veterans, and Sanshao is one year older next season, so they will definitely raise the ball.

Speaking of which, what do you want to say about these teams? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

Football transfer rumors: Liverpool’s new midfield goal; Barcelona will make an offer for kimmich.

Klopp (left) and kimmich (right)

Liverpool are focusing on Feyenoord’s Kokcu as their main midfield target, because they missed Jude Bellingham, who might join Real Madrid. (Football Transfers)

Turkish demon Kokcu

The Reds are also interested in Alexis mcallister of Brighton, Mei Sen Monte of Chelsea and Ryan Glavin Burch of Bayern Munich. (Liverpool Echo)

After a disappointing season in Bayern Munich, Sadio Mane may return to the Premier League next year, with Manchester United and Newcastle as his potential destinations. (Daily Mail)

Senegalese winger Manet

Manchester United are also interested in Serie A duo Adrian Rabiot and Min Kim, as the Red Devils are preparing for the summer window. (Mirror)

Barcelona are pushing for the signing of Joshua kimmich from Bayern Munich, but they have no funds and can only complete the transaction in cash. Thomas tuchel is thought to be interested in reuniting with Andreas Christensen or Osman Dembele, if Barcelona are willing to provide them as a supplement. (Fichajes)

Joao Cancelo is increasingly likely to be sold by Manchester City this summer, and Arsenal is a possible landing site. (EveningStandard)

Portuguese fullback Cancelo.

Real Madrid are willing to sign Alfonso Davies as one of their top priorities this summer. Bayern Munich wants to sign a new contract with him, but he may sell it for about 70 million euros. (Defensa Central)

Canadian full-back Alfonso Davis

Manchester City want to bring in Joko Gvardiol, although RB Leipzig has put a price tag of 85 million pounds on the defender. Chelsea have long been interested in the Croatian international. (Daily Mail)

Croatian central defender Gvardiol

Paris Saint-Germain has dropped out of the competition to sign Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur this summer because they will rebuild around other goals. (EveningStandard)

Bo Yu said sports: Premier League Manchester United may sign strikers this summer, and Kane and Hojlund are both targets.

Julie Ehlts is back. For more than a year, fans of the American women’s national team have been hoping to hear these words, but she-as the team’s two substitute appearances-only returned to USWNT in the truest and least implied sense of these words.

Angel City Football Club has signed a one-year contract with Ehlts, which gives her a chance to prove that she deserves a place in the World Cup squad. Since signing the contract, she has appeared three times, and has the opportunity to participate in at least six more competitions through the NWSL regular season and the NWSL Challenge Cup, and then USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski is expected to announce his World Cup list, about one month before the start of the competition in late July.

Guoping 2 will rank third in the same ranking! Wang Chuqin divided 840,000 bonuses among four people, and the truth about Chen Meng’s loss of the crown was released.

The table tennis WTT Macau Championship has ended. Wang Chuqin and Manyu Wang won the men’s singles and women’s singles respectively, while Malone and Chen Meng both won the runner-up. However, they got a lot of points, surpassing Zhang Benzhi and Wang Yidi respectively, and rose to the third place in the singles world.

Last week’s Xinxiang Championship, Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Manyu Wang and Chen Meng all missed the final, and now four people are competing for the men’s singles and women’s singles titles. In the women’s singles final, Chen Meng won first and then lost, and finally 2-4 was reversed by Manyu Wang, and she missed the championship again. Then in the men’s singles final, Wang Chuqin, who was in a hot state, was unstoppable, and finally swept Malone 4-0 and won the championship easily. Liu Guoliang witnessed it on the spot.

According to the regulations of the Macau Championship, the winner can earn 1,000 points and 240,000 yuan, and the runner-up can also get 180,000 yuan and 700 points.

In this way, Manyu Wang and Wang Chuqin continued to consolidate their second position in the world singles, while Malone and Chen Meng got good news at the same time. Among them, Malone’s score rose from 3,890 to 4,500, surpassing Zhang Benzhihe to third place, and Guoping swept the top three in the men’s singles world. In addition, Chen Meng’s score rose from 5,155 to 5,765, surpassing Wang Yidi to the third place.

Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Manyu Wang and Chen Meng earned a lot of points, as well as a bonus. Wang Chuqin and Manyu Wang both won the championship at the same time, with a prize of $25,000 and an extra bonus of $10,000, about RMB 240,000. In addition, Malone and Chen Meng also have a bonus of 180,000 yuan, and the four people add up to a total bonus of 840,000 yuan.

However, the four of them need to hand over 40% of the bonus to Guoping, while 20% is used to pay taxes, and the remaining 40% of the bonus is their own, so there are not many in the end.

After the game, fans also discussed the performance of the two finals, including Chen Meng who swept Sun Yingsha in the semi-final, but was reversed by Manyu Wang in the final. Naturally, there are certain reasons.

Among them, Liu Guozheng, a former national player who served as a commentator on the live broadcast platform, praised Manyu Wang for playing hard and being able to withstand the pressure. At the same time, it showed that Chen Meng’s current state fluctuated greatly, and the momentum in the face of Manyu Wang gradually collapsed, making it difficult to compete with Manyu Wang in the future.

According to the schedule, the next important task of Guoping is the World Table Tennis Championships. Chen Meng, Manyu Wang and Sun Yingsha are the most capable players to win the women’s singles championship. In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin and Ma Long are the most competitive.

Yangtze Normal University 2023 Track and Field Games

Spring is infinitely good, and sports are just in time. In this April when everything is unfolding, the track and field games of Yangtze Normal University will come as scheduled. Here, youth and passion will bloom, and happiness and honor will be harvested here. Those wonderful opening performances and high-energy moments that should not be missed will be followed by Xiaobian.

Opening ceremony | Exquisite story

Party teams of various colleges

Unique and interesting performances, young and beautiful teachers and teenagers, full of energy, lit the audience.

school of literature

School of Politics and History

Marxist college

institute of finance and economics

school of management

College of Foreign Languages

Teacher education college

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Materials Science and Engineering

school of chemistry and chemical engineering

School of Green Wisdom Environment

School of civil engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

College of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering

School of Robotics Engineering

College of modern agriculture and bioengineering

Institute of media

conservatory of music

academy of fine arts

School of Physical Education and Health Sciences

international college

Faculty representative

National flag team | solemn witness

Listen! The majestic "March of Athletes" has been played; Look! The solemn national flag team is slowly coming. The flag bearer is full of energy and spirit, which symbolizes the spirit of the school’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and also indicates that the school will strive for a more brilliant tomorrow step by step!

Athletes | endless fire

Field race | and distance contest

high jump

Find the rhythm slowly, speed up, leap, and leap sideways; The top span lifts the hips, the legs swing horizontally, the back is crossed, and the body is turned upside down.

long jump

Every place measured by a ruler guides the direction of future efforts, and every footprint on the sand carries the memory of sweat.


Strength is concentrated in the arm, the shot put draws a beautiful arc in the air, and the boiling blood in the athlete’s heart will take the shot put to a farther place.

Track race | Race against time

short-distance run

Meniscus-like back, accumulated strength, only waiting for a gunshot, kicking out, the wind blowing through the hair tips, let sweat spill all over the playground, let lactic acid accumulate all over the body, and let love never stop.

long-distance run

Gather all your blood and race against the spring breeze. As long as you surpass yourself, you are the brightest light on the runway.

Relay run

This is an ordinary baton. The contrast between red and white depicts their justice and fortitude. It is held in your hands, cold turns into enthusiasm, and fortitude melts into softness. I hope you can run bravely on the field when you hold it!

Referee | All my fairness and justice will be given to you.

The license plate on the chest is the symbol of their duties, and the figure of struggle is the embodiment of their principles. They push forward one game after another with serious sportsmanship.

Audience | I’m right behind you

They are the most solid backing of the players and always wait for the triumph of their heroes with the highest enthusiasm.

Tears and setbacks blend, sweat and laughter embrace; Youth and sunshine are side by side, passion and shouting are accompanied. At the closing ceremony, the flags of the colleges were flying and the smiles were overflowing, showing the youthful dreams! This is the charm of sports, which brings us healthy and happy bodies and gives us the strength to struggle and persist. The annual sports meeting reviews the students’ strong physique and will, and shows the students’ positive spirit. I believe that the sports meeting in the coming year will be more exciting, and I believe that everyone will work hard every day in the future and live up to their youth!

Editor: Zhou Xinxin

Editor: Yin Hanfei

Audit: Lian Yitong

Source: Lin Bin, Zhang Yangyang

American media rated athletes’ historical income ranking: Jordan ranked first, Cristiano Ronaldo ranked fifth and Messi ranked seventh.

Sportico, an American media, estimated the list of 50 athletes with the highest income in history, with NBA legendary superstar Michael Jordan at the top, Cristiano Ronaldo at the fifth and Messi at the seventh.

By the end of 2022, after deducting inflation, the total income of these 50 athletes was $45.9 billion and the nominal income was $33.2 billion. They come from 9 different sports and 17 countries. NBA players led by 13 players, led by Michael Jordan. Serena Williams is the only female athlete selected.

The list is as follows (recalculated taking into account inflation):

1- Michael Jordan (Basketball): $3.3 billion

2- Tiger Woods (Golf): $2.5 billion

3- Arnold Palmer (Golf): $1.7 billion

4- Jack nicklaus (Golf): $1.63 billion.

5-C Ronaldo (football): 1.58 billion US dollars.

6- LeBron James (Basketball): $1.53 billion

7- Messi (Football): $1.48 billion

8- Mayweather (Boxing): $1.41 billion

9- Roger Federer (Tennis): $1.38 billion

10- Phil mikkelsen (Golf): $1.36 billion.

11- Michael Schumacher (Racing): $1.31 billion.

12- Beckham (Football): $1.28 billion

13- Kobe Bryant (Basketball): $1.05 billion

13- shaquille O ‘Neill (Basketball): $1.05 billion.

15- Greg Norman (Golf): $1 billion

16- Mike Tai Sen (Boxing): $875 million.

17- Neymar (Football): 855 million US dollars.

18- Kevin Durant (Basketball): $850 million

19- Lewis Hamilton (Racing): $790 million

20- Rodriguez (baseball): $745 million.

21- Pacquiao (Boxing): $725 million

22- Tom Brady (rugby): $690 million

23- Jeff Gordon (Racing): $685 million

24- George foreman (boxing): $680 million

25- valentino Rossi (motorcycle): $6.75.

25- Peyton Manning (rugby): $675 million.

27- Oscar de la Hoya (Boxing): $665 million

28- Nadal (tennis): 660 million US dollars

29- Stephen Curry (Basketball): $655 million

30- Derek Jeter (Tennis): $645 million

31- Ayers (Golf): $625 million

32- Dell Enghardt Jr. (Racing): $620 million.

33- Connor McGregor (MMA): $615 million

33- "Magic" Johnson (Basketball): $615 million.

35- Kevin Garnett (Basketball): $610 million

35- Fernando Alonso (Racing): $610 million.

35- Phulel (Golf): 610 million US dollars.

38- holyfield (Boxing): 600 million US dollars.

38- Serena Williams (Tennis): $600 million

40- Agassi (tennis): 590 million dollars.

41- Djokovic (tennis): $575 million.

42- Westbrook (Basketball): $550 million

43- Raikkonen (Racing): $545 million

43- McIlroy (Golf): $545 million

45- Wade (Basketball): $540 million

46- Drew Bliss (Rugby): $535 million

47- carmelo Anthony (Basketball): $530 million.

48- á lvarez (Boxing): $525 million.

49- Chris Paul (Basketball): $520 million

50- James Harden (Basketball): $510 million