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170 million in 3 years! 110 million in 4 years! Lake human body lost money during the competition, name note: crazy gamble.

Although looking at the salary paid by the Lakers last season and the final results, their performance was not very good. However, with several deals in the middle of the season, the Lakers still got a lot of very good resources, and at the same time cleared out several big contract players with big problems. However, they also faced problems in the off-season, and now they have to pay nearly $40 million in luxury tax. In this case, they also need to supplement the projection ability of the outside line.

Although the Lakers need to complete a lot of work in this offseason, the management of the Lakers can be said to be very good as a whole from the current situation. Now for them, besides the continuous negotiations with James, the most important thing is to renew Anthony Davis’ contract and consider whether to renew Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current situation of the whole free market, the Lakers may not have a better choice. After all, after renewing the contract with Rivers, the salary space of the Lakers is still stretched.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst talked about the prospect of Lakers striker Anthony Davis renewing his contract in advance when he participated in the program today.

"This (early contract renewal) is not in a hurry. Anthony Davis will not make a decision before August 5, but I do think the Lakers will provide some form of offer this week, or at least show their intention to make an offer." Brian Windhorst said.

According to previous reports, Davis expects to complete the contract renewal in advance at the beginning of the new season training camp, and the contract salary can reach up to 170 million US dollars for three years. Of course, many well-known journalists in the industry think that this will be a big gamble for the Lakers.

In addition, ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith talked about Dangelo Russell in the program.

Smith said: "I think his value is underestimated. Listen, Dangelo Russell can fight. Dangelo Russell, let me explain your performance in Patrick Beverly Podcast. You are underestimated. You deserve a contract of more than two years and 36 million dollars. In fact, I think you should at least get a contract with an annual salary of 25 million to 27 million US dollars. "

At present, many insiders predict that Russell may want to get a four-year contract of $110 million. As the fans said, in this age of salary explosion, the annual salary of around $25 million is really not too much.

Of course, fortunately, for the Lakers, as long as a few long-term renewal contracts are settled now, the Lakers should maintain a relatively good standing in the next few seasons, and at the same time be able to maintain the current lineup. You know, after successfully completing the integration of this lineup last season, the Lakers didn’t go through much running-in. If the potential of this existing lineup can be successfully released, then the Lakers are still very hopeful to win a more competitive position next season.

I don’t know what your golfers think about this.

Exposing Barcelona’s winter window is the first choice for 50 million international players to choose him instead of the former golden boy? The giant wants to see the prodigal son come home.

A few days ago, according to the Spanish Daily Goal, after comprehensive consideration, Barcelona President laporta basically decided the first choice for the winter window, that is, Leipzig midfielder Olmer, who is more suitable for Barcelona than another target Sterling. Olmo’s worth is estimated at about 50 million euros, but Barcelona’s economic situation has improved now, and they are confident to sign the Spanish popular international in the winter window.

Olmo was born on May 7, 1998. He was originally in the Spanish Youth Training School of Barcelona. At the age of 9, he was poached by Barcelona Youth Training School. After six years’ study, Olmo, who was 15 years old in 2013, passed the selection and was promoted to the U16 echelon of Barcelona. A year later, he was promoted to the U18 echelon. Just when everyone thought that he would be promoted to the first team like Messi and busquets, the top players of Barcelona Youth Training Camp, he was in the first team.

In Zagreb, Olmo, who got enough playing opportunities, got "barbaric growth", where he became the core of the team and also performed well in the Champions League, so in January 2020, Leipzig spent 22 million euros to sign him. Olmo was promoted again in Leipzig, where he made 64 appearances, scored 12 goals and made 14 assists, which made him popular with luis enrique, selected for the Spanish national team and secured the first place in the European Cup this summer. Although Spain failed to win the championship, Olmo, who sent three assists in five games, was one of Spain’s best players in the European Cup.

Barcelona wanted to sign Olmo back this summer, but this summer, due to the economic situation, even Messi could not keep him, let alone buy Olmo back. But now the situation has changed. With the loan in place and the fans starting to enter the stadium on match day, the economic pressure of Barcelona has eased a lot. laporta hopes to sign an attacking player in the winter window to supplement the team’s weak attacking line, and Olmo, who can play in all positions in the frontcourt, is the right candidate.

In fact, there is another candidate for Barcelona, Sterling. The winner of the Golden Boy Award in 2014 lost his main position after playing in Manchester City for six years. He is planning to leave the team in the winter window, and his agent has also contacted Barcelona. However, after comprehensive consideration, laporta chose Olmo, who is younger and born in Barcelona Youth Training. He is the first choice for the team to sign in the winter window. Barcelona’s youth training camp has produced many talents, including Pique, Fabregas, Alba, etc. After many years abroad, will Olmer become another such "prodigal son"?

Loud warlords! With 12 steals in a single game, leimer is the first person in the five major leagues in the past two years.

Live on May 21st, Leipzig reversed Bayern 3-1 in the current Bundesliga. It is reported that leimer, who joined this summer, has been confirmed to deliver top performance in the face of his new club.

Statistics show that leimer contributed 12 steals in this game and was the only player in the five major leagues to achieve this achievement in the past two seasons.

According to the previous news, leimer has officially signed a contract with Bayern. Romano revealed that leimer will join Bayern Munich as a free agent soon.


Interview | There are not only rain wars in Boston, but also …

The Finish line, composed of royal blue and bright yellow paint, has witnessed countless stories on the third Monday of April every year. Some people shook their arms, some collapsed, some sang proudly, and some shed tears.

For female runners, the Boston Marathon has more historical significance across the times. She was never allowed to compete. After Catherine Stweetzer was caught by the competition supervisor, someone stepped forward to protect her, which set off a craze for female marathon. Now, a female runner runs extremely on this century-old track and writes a glorious and moving story.

In the rain in Boston on April 17th this year,Eritrean female player Nazret Weldu crossed the finish line in sixth place in 2:23:25.. pedalXtep 160X2.0 Yes, the story she wrote is what I want to share with you today.

In 1998, Nazret Weldu, a Sudanese refugee displaced by violent conflict and oppression, and his family finally fled and immigrated to Eritrea, a country that achieved independence only in 1993. She was eight years old that year.

Children in Africa,Exercise from an early age.. At school, Nazret Weldu runs while playing football. 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters are her strengths. At the age of 14, Nazret Weldu won the 400-meter championship in the Nairobiano CA junior championships youth competition. Entering the more competitive adult arena, 18-year-old Weldu won the 1500m championship in Khartoum Meeting CAA, Khartoum.

In 2009, 19-year-old Weldu met his current coach Livingston Abraham Askaba. Under his training, Weldu not only ran on the road, but also participated in cross-country running. The proudest thing was that he won a prize of 5,000 euros in a cross country competition in Spain in 2008. For African athletes, this money was the "ceiling" at that time.

Later,Livingston took Weldu to try middle and long distance, cross-country running, half horse, until the whole horse.. Without him, Weldu may not have the courage and courage to cross the event. In 2019, Weldu began the challenge of the whole horse. And Livingston Abraham also gained another weight from the identity of the coach-husband.

Weldu said that it is not so easy for a person to be a "husband" and a "coach" because "the husband is actually more responsible for companionship, while the coach is to promote and guide athletes". It’s not so easy to switch between being strict and being gentle. There are challenges in any interpersonal relationship, and so do Weldu and Livingston. Fortunately, they walk side by side and make progress little by little in exploration.

Weldu’s professional highlight moment was at the Oregon World Championships in 2022.Wearing Xtep 160X2.0, she broke the world championship record with the top three.She has also become a new creator of Eritrea’s national record. Weldu said that now she simply enjoys the treatment of "national hero".

When Eugene moved to Sydney Marathon, Eritrean residents in Sydney went to see her race, and even found her in various ways after the race and wanted to see her. Her country’s ambassador to Australia also congratulated her after the game.

Weldu revealed the story of his cooperation with Xtep. In May 2022, she first came into contact with Xtep running shoes. "At that time, my coach and I were hesitant. After all, it was a strange brand and I didn’t know what would happen …" But after she chose to try it on, she found that everything was beyond her expectation.There is no difference in foot feeling with the international brand running shoes she wore before.. So,Xtep 160X 2.0 broke the coach’s and her concerns with quality.They chose Xtep’s favorite running shoes and stood on the world championship, the world-class competition track with the highest single level.

From No.59 in the world to No.4 in Oregon, Weldu set a new national record in the world-class competition with extremely high gold content.She described 160X 2.0 as "Very Good" to express Xtep’s trust and support for her.

Weldu expressed her feelings for Xtep on social media.

And the story about their mutual trust,From Oregon to Boston.

In April in Boston, the air still hides the coolness that has not completely faded, and the magnolia and cherry blossoms on the roadside bloom generously throughout the tree.Uncertain rain and heartbreaking difficulties make the most well-trained top professional athletes dare not slack off..

Weldu said that when the technical meeting was held the day before the competition, they knew it would be a rainy battle. But she is not worried about it, because she has been wearing Xtep in normal training.She firmly believes that the top performance of running shoes will help her maintain her fighting capacity as always in the rain war..

The hardest time of the battle of Boston came from 35 kilometers. Weldu recalled that the leading first group had already started at that time, and the cold weather was the most difficult for her to adapt to when she was trained in Ethiopia.However, the running shoes under her feet, whether they are non-slip and wear-resistant, give her enough protection and trust.. Let her hold herself steady at the last moment and cross the line in sixth place.

Although it is a little pity for Weldu not to be on the podium, from Eugene and Boston, she has gained the most intimate and professional care and trust from Xtep inside and outside the track.This mutual trust has given her enough motivation and vision for the future.,

"I am very happy to have the help of such a sponsor of a world-class sports brand, and I hope we can have a longer-term cooperation. In the future training, I will do my best and hope that I can stand on the podium of six Grand Slam events and win the championship in two years. "

"In this competition, I defeated my opponent who lost before. I won the first place in the World Championships last year and ran the tenth this time."

Weldu’s story in Boston is inspiring, glorious, trusting and expecting. Along with her story, Xtep has gone through more than 15 years of deep cultivation.On the international track, I wrote an inspirational story of China sports brands speeding up catch-up and achieving transcendence..

Weldu at the 2022 Oregon World Championships

The World Championships is not only the highest level competition of the world’s top high-level players, but also a battleground for international sports brands to display their brand strength. In the past, foreign capital dominated, and there were few opportunities for domestic brands to correct their names.At the Oregon World Championships, Xtep champion running shoes, which made their first appearance on the international track, set a dazzling record in the world series.In the competition with foreign brands, China’s domestic sports brands have gained the top scientific and technological support.

This reflects the continuous improvement of Xtep product strength of domestic brands. Behind this milestone breakthrough is Xtep’s efforts and determination to constantly consolidate the racing genes, constantly invest and hone, and constantly approach international standards in the process of deepening the field of running.

From Oregon to Boston, the most prestigious six Grand Slam events, China’s running shoes continued to exert their strength, winning the best ranking of women in China’s running shoes in the six Grand Slam events, and Xtep became the only China sports brand among the top ten women’s teams. Among all the Boston elite players, the only China sports brand is Xtep. This is not only a manifestation of brand strength, but also a manifestation of national self-confidence.

From emerging in the world to occupying the spire market, in the competition and game with foreign brands, we will accumulate strength step by step and constantly break through.Xtep has achieved its ambition of "Xtep in China, the world’s running shoes" with hard-core achievements.Break the monopoly of foreign capital, gain a foothold in the world stage and stand out.

From Oregon to Boston, the special step of catching up with China’s running shoes on the world track has proved that the brewing pattern of the world’s running shoes is coming.Xtep, which represents the speed of China, is still accelerating and the development momentum is fierce. It is also more confident and emboldened, making China sports brand generate a strong rising force on the world track..

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27-year-old Liu Xiang has a recent photo! Wearing a one-piece swimsuit is beautiful, with amazing long legs, and the number one goddess in China swimming.

Recently, Liu Xiang, a 27-year-old beauty in China swimming pool, was exposed in the latest fashion blockbuster. She only wore a one-piece swimsuit with the word "China" written on her chest. Her long legs were obvious at a glance, and her figure was really good. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s face value was very good, and she did not lose to the popular first-line actresses.

As an athlete, Liu Xiang has achieved excellent results. In the World Cup and the Asian Games, Liu Xiang won gold medals in backstroke and broke the Asian record three times. Although her fame is not as good as that of her teammates such as Fu Yuanhui, Ye Shiwen and Zhang Yufei, Liu Xiang is considered to be the most suitable athlete to cross the line and enter the entertainment circle. After all, her face value and body foundation are very good, and the feeling of taking fashionable and hard photos is in place and full of tension.

Liu Xiang’s height is relatively high, reaching 1.76 meters. If he wears high heels, he can easily break through 180CM, so it will not be a problem to walk on the runway in the future. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s figure ratio is great, his long legs are quite eye-catching, his skin is white, his facial features are three-dimensional, and his smile is particularly sunny and beautiful. These conditions can completely "debut in situ".

Although she hasn’t retired yet, she basically doesn’t have any competition opportunities, and her state is declining seriously. China Swimming Team’s Paris cycle should not include Liu Xiang in the plan, so she really has to make plans for her next life choice.

From the recent photos of Liu Xiang’s life shared on social platforms, it is not difficult to see that she is slowly trying to transform, and her dress is becoming more and more fashionable, and she has lost weight. The feeling of wearing a swimsuit is far from that of an athlete, with less sense of strength and more charm and sexiness. It seems that she is really ready to share a piece of the entertainment circle or fashion circle.

In any case, after all, he is an excellent athlete who has won glory for his country. I hope that Liu Xiang, 27, can still be wonderful in the future. Such a beautiful girl, I believe she can shine wherever she is!

This article was first created by one eye in sports on Baijiahao platform.