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Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

Goodbye, Macy! Buy 100 million substitute players, one pass and one shot, giant players.

There are rumors that Messi will leave Greater Paris at the end of this season. Since Messi and the management of the Paris Club were locked in a fight over Saudi business, Messi began to contact other teams actively, hoping to solve his transfer problem in the shortest time.

Barley is not sitting still, they are still trying to buy $100 million superstar B from Manchester City to replace Messi. In fact, Block B had already made a deal with Manchester City last season, and in the summer window, Block B also expressed its goodwill to Barley and Barcelona. Although he said goodbye to the fans on his own turf and wanted to bury the hatchet with Manchester United, Gua Lao refused to let him leave when the new season was about to start, which resulted in his B seat in Manchester City.

This season, regardless of whether Manchester City can win the Champions League, the B seat will be sent to other teams. If we can win this game, it would be great. In addition, in the Champions League with Real Madrid, B also scored two goals, which was also highly praised by the management of Greater Paris. However, this Manchester City midfielder needs at least 1 million pounds.

Substitute Messi also performed well. He can pass the ball and shoot, scoring for himself and creating opportunities for his teammates. And B is also in its prime, which is of great help to the lower back of Paris. But Luo Teng, a legendary Parisian, also commented on the prospect of the B seat in a TV interview. Luo Teng said, "If he’s after the money, he won’t wait long. For Qatar’s management, it is not important to form a team. What matters is whether you can sign a superstar. They like Silva and Bernardo. However, they did not change the position of B to the running-in of the team. "

It can be seen that Luo Teng is well aware of the problems that Greater Paris is facing now. They only want to introduce stars at a high price, but they don’t have a clear plan. If it is really B who is sent to Greater Paris, I’m afraid some sacrifices will be made.

Shougang giant tower has been targeted again, it’s not, Qiu Biao wants to make direct moves, and Xinjiang has become a destiny.

Qiu Biao also took a fancy to Shougang’s inside giant tower, because his playing time in the team was compressed very badly.. Especially after Leiden became the head coach of Shougang team, it was difficult for him to meet the launching conditions of fast-break tactics because of his shortcomings in moving speed, which made his sense of existence even lower. Although his contract with Shougang will expire in 2025, Shougang will not rule out that they will directly buy out Li Muhao’s contract in order to make their tactics break through the limit at this stage. After all, the success of their reform this season has made Shougang see new hope! However, who is Qiu Biao’s favorite inside tower? Next, let’s take a look with the basketball brother!

I believe all the fans want to know this answer, because at the end of this season, Shougang obviously gave up its ancestral tactics for many years, that is, "defensive counterattack tactics", and instead started a fast break with its opponents. As Yang Ming said, the transmission ball of Shougang’s lineup attack was obviously more reasonable, which made them more difficult to deal with. No, just in the "Beijing-Liaoning War" G2, they have repeatedly approached the score to less than five points. Under this tactic, Li Muhao, which is tall and relatively slow, is obviously further marginalized. However, Fan Ziming, his former partner, relies on his flexible position and accurate investment to regain his reuse under the latest fast-break system in Leiden.

If Li Muhao stays in Shougang, he will be further marginalized, and it is very likely that he will be completely bought out of the contract. At that time, there is only one road left for him, and that is to leave the team. Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team will never give up this excellent opportunity to sign. Because the inside has obviously become the biggest shortcoming of Xinjiang team, although they have the blessing of foreign aid Farr in the inside, clemons can only be pushed to the bench when he plays. This also makes Qiu Biao encounter more difficulties in arranging troops. If their insiders can give strength at a critical moment, the overall performance of the Xinjiang team will certainly be able to go up a storey still higher!

Since this is the case, the Xinjiang team must consider introducing new "inside reinforcements"! As for making qi zhou change his mind again? Judging from the current situation, this will not be much greater than the chance of winning the 10 million prize in the sports lottery. Since this is the case, Qiu Biao must try his best to reinforce the inside of the Xinjiang team again. However, when he looked around the whole CBA League, only Li Muhao of Shougang Team had the possibility of leaving the team. Because his playing style and Leiden’s fast-break style are a little difficult to integrate, which makes his position in the team further marginalized. When a group of excellent strikers such as Zeng Fanbo and Qiu Tian rise successfully, Li Muhao’s sense of existence will become even lower!

And when Li Muhao plays, the chances of young players of Shougang will be further compressed, which is very unfavorable for the growth of these young players. And in this offseason, Zhang Yunsong will also find 4-5 outstanding young players from the "Young Eagle Project" to fill the first team. In addition to the back line, it is very likely that there will be new outstanding teenagers in their inside. Since this is the case, it does not rule out that Li Muhao will completely fall out of the rotation. After all, there is a big gap between his performance on the court and that of Fan Ziming, which makes him likely to be further marginalized in the team. Maybe he will apply for active trading himself, which will enable both sides to fulfill each other.

When he joined the Xinjiang team, Qiu Biao could also offer clemons and Li Muhao a partner at the critical moment of scoring. At the same time, Abdul Salamu, arslan, Kirin and others are doing a good job in the pick-and-roll cooperation with them, and their play on the field will definitely play a more powerful role. Although there is a big gap between him and Farr in terms of overall play in the inside. However, he can help the team to build more advantages in the inside through his own efforts, which makes Qiu Biao feel more at ease and boldly sacrifice clemons, a small foreign aid, to enhance their deterrence on the offensive end. When necessary, Qiu Biao can also sacrifice Farr and Qiu Biao at the same time in order to improve their defensive strength!

But if you want to ask here, can Qiu Biao and others really successfully capture Li Muhao, a giant inside tower, in this offseason? In the basketball brother’s view, this may be true! After all, Shougang team is upgrading its main lineup, so they will definitely put more energy into the cultivation and exploration of young players. Not to mention, Li Muhao also has a power outage problem with Leiden’s tactical system. Since this is the case, it is very likely that he will be traded by Shougang team so that they can introduce new reinforcements again. After all, Shougang’s hard work in the playoffs has made Zhang Yunsong see more possibilities! Therefore, the optimization of the lineup is inevitable, which makes Li Muhao’s departure inevitable. # Hundreds of teams #

How can universities improve the employment quality of big data artificial intelligence students through school-enterprise cooperation/laboratory construction?

How to set up relevant majors and guide employment in combination with market demand for talent training in colleges and universities has always been a hot topic in the employment work of colleges and universities. The eternal principle is that the establishment of colleges and universities cannot be too far away from the market demand. The best way to combine them is that colleges and universities are forward-looking and can take a step ahead of the market, cultivate future talents and serve the future market.

At present, the problems encountered by colleges and universities are that, in the talent training mode, when setting up the talent training mode, colleges and universities often ignore the real employment demand of the market, pay too much attention to theoretical teaching, and ignore the cultivation of students’ practical ability and project thinking in the face of real business projects, resulting in students unable to find jobs that match their career plans in the real job market, and enterprises cannot find digital talent reserves with real practical ability.

How to break the dilemma of colleges and universities? Based on more than ten years of practical experience in the data intelligence industry, Teddy Intelligent Technology focuses on the direction of big data and artificial intelligence, and summarizes the following methods to improve the employment quality of colleges and universities and help students get rid of the difficult employment situation.

First, establish a big data laboratory

The general goal of laboratory construction is to build a one-stop teaching service platform, and the concept of one-stop teaching service platform is put forward on the basis of a deep understanding of discipline construction and existing problems in colleges and universities. Around all aspects of discipline construction, we provide a complete product system from the aspects of specialty setting, curriculum setting, teacher training, teaching resources, experimental environment, students’ practical training and employment and entrepreneurship, so as to meet the needs of different stages of discipline construction and talent training in colleges and universities.

University big data laboratory

Big Data Lab provides teaching and training resources, teaching and training platforms, and provides teaching services.

While cultivating students’ practical ability, it also provides integrated data analysis and application solutions from modeling to application for scientific research, empowering scientific research applications in universities and helping teachers to quickly apply scientific research results.

Second, strengthen the strength of the teaching staff

University teachers have been focusing on teaching and research in professional fields for a long time. In the face of emerging industries such as big data and artificial intelligence, it is inevitable that they will be out of touch with the actual situation of the industry. Faced with this situation, colleges and universities can actively cooperate with enterprises, organize professional teacher training courses jointly with enterprises, organize teaching teams to go deep into the front line of enterprise business, and lay a solid foundation for teachers to prepare lessons efficiently and teach related professional courses smoothly through the teaching method of combining cutting-edge theoretical knowledge with relevant real cases, which ultimately improves teachers’ engineering practice ability and teaching level, and promotes professional teaching reform.

Teacher training

In 2023, Teddy Intelligent Technology organized eight special trainings for teachers, including:

1, data acquisition and processing in actual combat (Python)

2, business data analysis (Excel+Power BI)

3. Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Python)

4. Online public opinion and sentiment analysis (Python)

5, PyTorch and artificial intelligence actual combat,

6, computer vision application actual combat (PyTorch),

7, computer vision application actual combat (TensorFlow),

8, natural language processing actual combat (TensorFlow)

The significance of school-enterprise cooperation lies in the win-win situation between schools and enterprises, helping students to go out better. Guided by the demand for industrial talents and aiming at the training of practical talents, schools and enterprises make full use of their respective superior resources to carry out multi-faceted cooperation and jointly build a big data practice base. On the one hand, it provides students with a good practice environment and training projects. At the same time, enterprise engineers and university teachers jointly carry out the practice of training projects to improve students’ overall practice level and social competitiveness, and ensure the specifications and quality of big data-related personnel training. Through the benign interaction between universities and enterprises, we will create good conditions for students’ internship and employment, and ensure students’ internship and employment. In the stage of students’ professional internship, students will "go out" and really participate in the project practice of enterprises, understand how to use big data knowledge to solve specific problems in specific business applications, provide students with practical application ability and accumulate industry project experience. Really participate in the practice of enterprises, further understand the industry norms of enterprises, and enhance practical ability.

More talent training programs in colleges and universities can be found in Teddy Intelligent Technology official website to learn more ~

The era of artificial intelligence aft super human (9)

One day in 2201, a space carrier was flying from the earth to the moon, and suddenly accelerated and disappeared into space. The spaceship was flying at the speed of light, and it reached the moon in an instant. The spacecraft stopped at the square in the 18th area of the moon, and the hurricane handed the task to the gale and entered the office by himself. The gale, whether a new ship or an old ship, was the role of the vice captain, and of course he had to take responsibility. Gale with artificial intelligence robot team, began to inspect the whole spacecraft, find out the problems so that it can be maintained in time, where else needs to be improved, or materials need to be changed. When we get to the moon, there will be materials, which were originally preserved by the hurricane.

The material mentioned here is the strongest, and diamond is strong enough when you know it. Our material is stronger than diamond, because flying at the speed of light has no solid body, which will be torn by particles and dark matter in space. Even if human spacecraft reach the speed of light, they dare not fly at the speed of light, because the material of their spacecraft is too general. If there is a collision at high speed, either you are smashed or others are smashed. Therefore, people on earth never dare to fly too fast, why do robots dare, because hurricanes have led robot teams to look for the strongest materials everywhere in these years. The spacecraft has been reinforced, and the calculation and analysis of robots are faster and more accurate than people, so the robot spacecraft dares to fly at super high speed.

If your spaceship is not so strong before, you can choose to drive slowly and go around when you meet something. However, in the future superluminal flight, if the intelligent identification is not advanced or the spacecraft is strong in the unknown environment, you will not dare to fly fast, because you can’t hide at the critical moment. If you have used the strongest material in the universe, you can use the strongest material to make a spaceship, and you can fly at will, because anything hits you, and someone else will break it. If you don’t have the strongest material, you will be torn and broken. Even an American superman can’t fly at the speed of light. At that speed, he can only go up in smoke.

The technology of flying at the speed of light is not only difficult to break through, but also dare not to fly at the speed of light without conditions, just like a carriage running too fast will eventually fall apart. If the horse doesn’t look at the road, it will not only kill itself, but also the people in the car will be injured. But driving at high speed in space, even if you are watching the road, you can’t avoid it, so you have to hit it, so who is harder in the universe is the key. Without absolute strength and firmness, you can only fly slowly. What the gale needs to check is to see if there are any torn places, because when the spacecraft is driving at high speed, the strongest place will face forward, the flank will be worse, and the most critical technology will be placed in the strongest cockpit.

Hurricane returned to the office and drew his own drawings as a large space carrier. There must be ship-borne spacecraft, space planes, hurricanes and others in a hurry, and it will be great to build this big guy in a short time. It is bigger than the "Luan Bird Series". The most important thing is not technology, but materials. It is not easy to collect so many materials in a short time. The gale has been tested for a long time, but fortunately, the artificial intelligence robots are very powerful, and the carpet search, inspection and detection are completed. The spaceship flew a short circle at low altitude on the moon. No problem, I flew back to the 18 th section of the moon. So the wind and the hurricane, two people, started the next stage of work.

Is to create a carrier-based spacecraft in space, two people with an elite team, do their job, artificial intelligence robot, the calculation is very accurate, calculate how many steel plates, how many rivets, and even when it can be completed. This is all the robot can calculate. This is the efficiency of artificial intelligence. According to the previous style, hurricanes and squalls have built three more spaceships, but compared with Hurricane, they are still small. This spaceship built on the earth is named Hurricane No.1, and the previous one is called Hurricane. This hurricane intends to name the carrier-based aircraft Hurricane, and the gale is very excited.

In this way, the whole team will know that the gale will rise in the artificial intelligence robot team, because only the leader’s name is named the name of the ship, and now the name of the gale is going to be named the ship-borne spacecraft. Naturally, I’m excited. Thank you, boss, said Feng Feng. Thank you for being one of our own. You gave me my life. The hurricane patted the gale and the gale smiled. If it weren’t for Lao Zi, your life would have been gone. Hurricane said yes, now we don’t care about you and me, whether we are human or we are robots, we can’t be separated.

Looking at all the elite teams of hurricanes, none of them can laugh and joke, that is, the advanced robots with human thinking in hurricanes and squalls. At this time, the two have become Super Humans, and they are also the leaders of Super Humans. If there is no danger in the future, people on earth may still exist, but it is hard to say if aliens come. So who else can continue to replace human beings except artificial intelligence robots? Maybe carbon-based life can’t rule the universe at all.