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Consolidate the mass foundation, strengthen organizational construction and improve supporting services —— Exploring the "code of loyalty" for the development of mass basketball

"There are many people who like football in Morocco, but I prefer basketball and tennis. The basketball atmosphere in Chongyi is very rich. Everyone is full of energy and energy during the game. The players and the audience are very enthusiastic. I have also made many friends, and every day I live here is relaxed and happy." Omar, a 25-year-old Moroccan, is an English teacher hired by a kindergarten in Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province. Before coming to Chongyi, he didn’t expect a small county in China to fulfill his basketball dream.

As night falls, the Olympic Stadium in Chongyi County and the Zhuxiang Gymnasium on the side show the lively scenes of national fitness. The atmosphere of the Chongyi County Men’s Basketball Summer League in the gymnasium is warm, attracting an endless stream of fitness people and sports fans to watch the game, cheering for the "old watches".

Consolidate the mass base. Everyone should play.

"Weiyi Decoration" and "Lanxi Camp" … The event was sponsored and named by local merchants, and the popularity and grassroots nature of the competition were unobstructed. "To provide a platform for basketball fans and provide them with the opportunity to watch sports events at close range. The competition lasted for two months. This year, a total of 10 teams were formed and played every night. It has been held for 8 times so far." Yan Zhisheng, secretary general of Chongyi County Basketball Association, said. In Chongyi, the basketball league held every summer is well known and has become an important cultural and leisure activity for Chongyi people.

Why can mass basketball flourish in Chongyi? "First of all, make sure everyone can play." Yan Zhisheng said, "The biggest difference between mass basketball and professional basketball is participation and popularity. It can retain the basketball population and promote basketball events through competitions." In order to truly benefit the masses and penetrate the masses, the competition requires individuals to register, and teams are not organized by the unit. After registration, teams are selected and formed in a small scale through the draft, breaking the fixed combination and making the strength of each team more balanced.

In order to ensure that all the players can play, Chongyi Basketball Association adopts the measures of five players in the first quarter and five players in the second quarter of the basketball game, and does not repeat the "five ups and five downs" to ensure that every player has playing time. "Many players are also parents of children. They bring their children to watch the game and let the children see their father’s wonderful performance on the court, so that they can plant the seeds of basketball in their hearts." Yan Zhisheng’s job is a physical education teacher, which makes him pay more attention to the influence of sports popularization on children when he works in the association. In order to enable more people to participate in the competition, the Basketball Association organized a variety of competition modes, such as young men’s league, women’s and teenagers’ three-on-three league, and interactive experience links such as interesting shooting during the game, so that people who love basketball can find their own way.

Play a leading role and expand the organizational team

"Mass basketball can continue to grow and develop in Chongyi, and the Basketball Association has played a strong leading role, allowing the masses to find leaders, making their influence grow and attracting more organizations to join." The relevant person in charge of Chongyi County Sports Industry Development Center said that the staff of the Basketball Association represented by Yan Zhisheng are all part-time, and the secretary-general, vice-president and referee of the association are all physical education teachers; Association finance is the staff of the banking system; The propaganda team leader works in the State Grid, and everyone uses their spare time to contribute to the association without paying. "I just hope to do good things for the masses and drive more people to develop exercise habits through basketball games." Wu Hui, vice president of the association, said.

And such a public welfare association itself also has credibility and influence, radiating the surrounding areas to join. In Changlong Town, the eighth "Village BA" men’s basketball match in Chongyi County was held alternately from village to village, and it was also in full swing. Guo Pei, president of the town association, said: "Seeing that the county basketball match is so good, we also learn from the experience of the county basketball association. The basketball association is very supportive and packages the management methods and event organization contents to us. Driven by the event, our competition is more professional year by year, and the audience and tourists are more and more year by year. " This year, the county industrial park also joined the organization team and organized the "Garden BA", which enriched people’s amateur cultural and sports life in the industrial park.

Attracting policy support and upgrading supporting services

In addition to the strength of the association, the development of Chongyi mass basketball is inseparable from the support of the local government. In Chongyi, free or low-cost basketball field is scattered all over the streets and lanes of Chongyi, which gives basketball people the most basic venue guarantee; At the same time, Chongyi county gives full play to the advantages of counterpart support of the State Sports General Administration, and actively strives for policy support and project funds, which provides a strong material guarantee for the development of basketball. In order to ensure the development of sports events, Chongyi County has also issued the Annual Assessment Work Plan of Chongyi County Sports Association (Club) and the Subsidy Measures of Chongyi County Sports Association (Club) (Trial), deepening the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, paying equal attention to management and encouragement, and stimulating the enthusiasm of sports associations.

"Basketball league is not only a mass sports event, but also a people’s livelihood project and popular support project. To run people-centered sports well is to protect and support the continuous growth and development of such events, and constantly build a higher-level public service system for national fitness, and integrate sports events into rural revitalization and construction, realizing rural industrial revitalization and people’s happiness." The relevant person in charge of Chongyi County said.

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Next season, the league’s eight giants: the Suns’ three top scorers and the Warriors’ five former All-Stars!

In NBA, almost every offseason will have top players change teams, but in this offseason, the change of ownership of top players has not been completed yet. For example, Lillard left the team, he wanted to join the Heat, and Harden left the team, and he wanted to join the Clippers. If these two transactions can be completed, the Heat and Clippers will be directly among the league giants, with the strength of the championship-winning team.

Having a top-level luxury team will bring the team closer to the championship. After entering the 1900s, especially when the league atmosphere is getting more and more prosperous, many teams won the championship by forming a luxurious lineup, such as the Heat in the Zhan Weibo period and the Warriors in the Big Four period. In the next season, there are also eight teams with very luxurious lineups, some of which are strong and some are flashy. Next, let’s take a look at these eight luxury teams.

The Suns won Bill through trade in the offseason, which is the most sensational trade so far in this offseason. After the team introduced Bill, they formed a big three lineup of Bill+Durant+Booker. All three of them are top scorers in the league. The team doesn’t even need too many offensive tactics. It only needs three people to play alone, so it may be able to win a lot of victories. Besides, the team also has a champion like Ayton.

Although Aiton has not fully realized his talent, he is also the top blue-collar player in the league according to his current level. In addition, the team has introduced Eric Gordon, and their starting lineup is luxurious, but his substitute lineup is not good enough. This is understandable. After all, the team has four stars with salaries of hundreds of millions, and their starting is the most luxurious in the league. It is not too much to describe them with Galaxy Battleship.

The Celtics sent off their smart gate in the offseason in exchange for Porzingis, who averaged 23 points per game last season. Although many fans are not optimistic about the success of the Celtics’ new Sancore, their paper strength does look stronger. The team has a real three giants, and Brown also reached a top salary of 304 million yuan in history for five years, plus a top ten Tatum in the league.

Moreover, compared with the Suns, the thickness of the Celtics’ lineup is even better. In addition to the three cores, they also have the assistance of two former teams, White and Brogden, as well as excellent inside pillars such as Horford and Lowe. Although the Celtics’ defensive ability may not be as good as it is now next season, their offensive firepower is obviously stronger than before, and the Green Army is still a force to be reckoned with in the east.

During the offseason, the Lakers kept their core lineup, and they continued to leave suitable players around Zhan Mei. The team renewed their contracts with Akuragi, Reeves and Russell. Akuragi was a first-round No.9 show, while Russell was the second. Both of them were very talented, and they also played the top blue-collar level. Reeves is one of the cores of the team that the Lakers missed. A second-round show scored 17 points per game in the playoffs, which is commendable.

In addition to retaining their core lineup that reached the Western Conference Finals last season, the Lakers also won the Heat’s starting point guard Vincent, who proved himself in the finals. He scored 20+ in two finals last season, and his ability to fight hard was excellent. In addition, the team also won two high-ranking players, Reddish and Hayes. If they can fulfill their talents in the Lakers, the upper limit of the Lakers will be very high.

Bucks kept their core lineup. Last season, they were the first in the league. If it weren’t for injuries, the team wouldn’t have been beaten by rival Heiba. Bucks’ contract with Middleton expired in the offseason. As a result, Middleton chose to reduce salary and finally helped the team stay in Daluo. In addition, the team renewed the contract. Claude, the top 3D result in the league, was abandoned by Buden holzer, which is also the reason why Bucks didn’t play the expected record.

You know, Buden holzer is a player who helped the Suns and Heat reach the finals. It’s an excellent 3D. The team’s three cores, Middleton, Holliday and Brother Alphabet, are still at their peak, and their chemical reactions are also very good. In addition, the other two core rotations of the team, Potis and Big Lopez, are also in good condition, and the Bucks will surely make a comeback next season. In addition, they also won Beasley to improve the team’s space ability.

It is reasonable for the Nuggets to enter this list. After all, the Nuggets are defending champions. Although they lost the sixth substitute Bruce Brown, the starting five tigers of the Nuggets are still there. Jokic is the strongest player in the active league, Murray is one of the top core players in the league, and there are young players with great potential like Potter. Aaron Gordon and Pope are the top blue-collar players in the league. Their chemical reactions will be even better next season, which will make it more difficult for the Nuggets to be restricted.

The Nuggets’ reserve lineup is not particularly outstanding, but they renewed Jordan Jr. and Reggie. It is estimated that Reggie Jackson will take on more roles next season, while Jordan Jr. is the locker room leader. The team only needs to develop 1-2 excellent instant fighting forces among the remaining players, such as Braun and Holliday Jr. If they can play, the Nuggets will rotate with 7-8 of them, which is why the Nuggets won the championship last season.

The Warriors sent Poole away in the offseason for Paul. Now five of them are active or former All-Star players. The Warriors’ starting cores last season were all in Curry, Clay, Wiggins, Dreamcatcher and Rooney. Last season, their starting competitiveness was actually excellent, just because the level of the bench led by Poole was too ordinary. Now Paul has joined and Saric has been introduced.

Paul had cooperated with Saric before, and their leading the Warriors’ bench will make the bench competitive. Compared with last season, the Warriors’ shortcomings have been solved, and Wiggins has also solved the family problems. He will not miss most of the games like last season, so the Warriors next season will definitely be stronger than this season, and they will have the opportunity to attack the championship again with a more reasonable lineup.

Although the Timberwolves’ strength is not optimistic, their paper strength is still excellent. The team has three players with 200 million contracts: Edwards, Gaubert and Downs. Although they have no decent chemical reaction, their hard talent lies here. They also helped the Timberwolves reach the playoffs last season, and the team also won Conley, which solved the problem of insufficient chemical reaction of the team to some extent.

Last season, Gaubert didn’t play its due defensive deterrent, and Downes didn’t play its due projective ability. Only Edwards played to the expected level, and it can be expected that Edwards will raise the ball in the new season. In addition, the team also has outstanding blue-collar workers like Milton, Nazred and Likel, and the timberwolves’ lineup is also very good. They have a chance to play better next season than this season.

In the past few years, Grizzlies have hoarded young players, and three of them have proved themselves. Morant and Jaron Jackson have been selected as All-Stars, and Bain has also played the level of the top scorer in the league, averaging 21 points per game last season. In addition, the team won Smart, the best defensive player partner in the past two years, which is the first time in history. They will bring a very good defensive system to Grizzlies, and Smart will make Grizzlies have the spirit of blood and hard work.

In addition, the team also won Ross, Ross has a good instant fighting power, the team also has good inside players like Adams and aldama, and the thickness of the Grizzlies’ lineup is also excellent. Comparatively speaking, I think the Grizzlies are better than before next season because of their better experience. The team has added two very experienced veterans, and Sanshao is one year older next season, so they will definitely raise the ball.

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Marca: Sebastian is closer to leaving Real Madrid. Na Qiao has received an invitation from Inter Milan.

Live on May 21 ST, the Spanish media "Marca" wrote an article about the future of players whose contracts are about to expire in Real Madrid, and said that Sebastian is closer to leaving the team.

Benzema, modric and Cross have reached an agreement to renew their contracts with Real Madrid, while Cerberus, Na Qiao and asensio have also received an offer to renew their contracts, but they have not yet decided whether to accept the contract.

The media pointed out that compared with Na Qiao and asensio, Sebastian was closer to leaving the team. The player is not satisfied with the contract renewal offer: he wants to prove his importance in the team and seek to find a balance between the economic level, the competitive level and the team role.

At the same time, Sebastian has received offers from Betis, Serie A and Saudi Arabia, but so far, the players have not decided on their future.

In addition, Na Qiao’s future at Real Madrid is not clear. Players want to play to prove themselves. At the same time, players have also received an invitation from Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri contacted Na Qiao in March, but so far they have not received a reply from Na Qiao.

Compared with Cerberus and Na Qiao, Real Madrid are more confident to reach a contract extension with asensio.