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2-1,60,000 people carnival! Argentine World Cup got off to a good start, reversing the Asian champion, and China men’s soccer team went to the theatre.

On the morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the U20 World Cup being held in Argentina ushered in the first round of the group match. Uzbekistan, the new Asian champion, faced the host country Argentina and finally suffered a 1-2 reversal. 60,000 fans at the scene celebrated Argentina’s opening of the World Youth Championship.

Because Indonesia refused to participate in Israel, FIFA cancelled Indonesia’s right to host the U20 World Cup. In the end, Argentina won the qualification after actively bidding. After being eliminated in South America, it automatically got a seat for the competition because of its host status.

In the history of the World Youth Championship, Argentina won the most cups with six times. The latest coronation dates back to 2007, and it also hosted the tournament in 2001.

Uzbekistan is different. It only participated in the World Youth Championship five times. The last time was in 2015. In March this year, it won the U20 Asian Cup, which was the first time in the history of the team. At the same time, it advanced to the World Youth Championship finals again after a lapse of eight years.

However, Uzbekistan won the next signing, with the host Argentina in the same group, as well as New Zealand, the dominant team in Oceania, and it was not difficult to qualify. Now, in the first round of the group match, Uzbekistan suffered a 1-2 reversal and did not get points. Coupled with New Zealand’s first round victory over Guatemala, Uzbekistan’s qualifying situation is very bad.

In addition to Uzbekistan, teams representing Asia also participated in the competition, including Japan for the 11th time, South Korea for the 16th time and Iraq for the 5th time. However, South Korea is the only Asian team in the fourth round, and it is more difficult for Japan and Iraq to qualify than Uzbekistan. The opponents in the same group are England, France, Uruguay and Senegal.

At the U20 Asian Cup, China men’s soccer team was eliminated from the top four by South Korea and continued to be a spectator. It was also impossible to return to the World Youth Championship for 18 consecutive years. The last time was Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin and Hao Junmin in 2005.

The specific review of the game-

In the 23rd minute, Muhammenov volleyed at a small angle and hit the inside of the column and bounced into the net. The referee indicated that the goal was valid and Uzbekistan led 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Bayless headed the goal in the restricted area, and the goalkeeper of Uzbekistan flew to the net, still unable to stop the ball from getting into the net. Argentina equalized the score 1-1.

In the 41st minute, carboni shot into the net in the restricted area, helping Argentina to overtake the score 2-1.

27-year-old Liu Xiang has a recent photo! Wearing a one-piece swimsuit is beautiful, with amazing long legs, and the number one goddess in China swimming.

Recently, Liu Xiang, a 27-year-old beauty in China swimming pool, was exposed in the latest fashion blockbuster. She only wore a one-piece swimsuit with the word "China" written on her chest. Her long legs were obvious at a glance, and her figure was really good. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s face value was very good, and she did not lose to the popular first-line actresses.

As an athlete, Liu Xiang has achieved excellent results. In the World Cup and the Asian Games, Liu Xiang won gold medals in backstroke and broke the Asian record three times. Although her fame is not as good as that of her teammates such as Fu Yuanhui, Ye Shiwen and Zhang Yufei, Liu Xiang is considered to be the most suitable athlete to cross the line and enter the entertainment circle. After all, her face value and body foundation are very good, and the feeling of taking fashionable and hard photos is in place and full of tension.

Liu Xiang’s height is relatively high, reaching 1.76 meters. If he wears high heels, he can easily break through 180CM, so it will not be a problem to walk on the runway in the future. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s figure ratio is great, his long legs are quite eye-catching, his skin is white, his facial features are three-dimensional, and his smile is particularly sunny and beautiful. These conditions can completely "debut in situ".

Although she hasn’t retired yet, she basically doesn’t have any competition opportunities, and her state is declining seriously. China Swimming Team’s Paris cycle should not include Liu Xiang in the plan, so she really has to make plans for her next life choice.

From the recent photos of Liu Xiang’s life shared on social platforms, it is not difficult to see that she is slowly trying to transform, and her dress is becoming more and more fashionable, and she has lost weight. The feeling of wearing a swimsuit is far from that of an athlete, with less sense of strength and more charm and sexiness. It seems that she is really ready to share a piece of the entertainment circle or fashion circle.

In any case, after all, he is an excellent athlete who has won glory for his country. I hope that Liu Xiang, 27, can still be wonderful in the future. Such a beautiful girl, I believe she can shine wherever she is!

This article was first created by one eye in sports on Baijiahao platform.

Panasonic’s first home robot, how to standardize the security issues in the intelligent era?

# Panasonic’s first home robot # Panasonic Holdings announced on March 7 that it will release the robot "NICOBO" with biological weakness on May 16. The robot has a rounded shape, can speak short Japanese or talk in sleep, and can fart. The concept adopted is not to use artificial intelligence to help human beings, but to use its imperfection to arouse the smiles and warmth of people around. This is the first time that Panasonic has put home robots on the market, which can be booked in official website.

What does this mean? It means that robots have really entered daily life. Although today’s robots may not be perfect, and there are even many bugs, future robots may erupt by spurt.

Since the emergence of home robots, it shows that robots are being mass-produced, which may promote the development of the robot industry. Just like smart phones in those days, with the marketization, a large number of manufacturers will start to manufacture robots in the future, and robots will become perfect with the large-scale production and the increase of user groups. The era of madness is coming, and it is unstoppable like a scourge!

However, what is worrying is the security problem in the intelligent age.

At present, most people know little about intelligence and robots, and they are also full of unknowns about this industry. How to ensure the safety of robots when they go to ordinary people? How to ensure that robots are becoming increasingly intelligent, and how to ensure that personal privacy is not monitored by robots and put on the network? When there is a bug in the robot, how can ordinary people deal with it urgently? Will there be an incident in which robots attack people? The robot was attacked by hackers. Is there an extra spy around? The other is, how to prevent the robot from losing itself? And so on, it is urgent to give relevant specifications.

Without a set of relevant norms, will there be a similar situation of violent online lending brought about by the mobile Internet era in the mixed market?

Among them, privacy is not paid much attention to by everyone. However, at present, many people are deeply affected by privacy leakage. In order not to bring secondary harm to others, here are no examples. However, the fact is that many people are streaking in the Internet age.

Then there is the problem of hacker prevention, and many people may have such problems like mobile phones. However, the difference is that the mobile phone can’t move by itself after all, and the related functions are limited. What we are facing is more information security issues. Robots are different. Robots can move, and there may be robots with emotions in the future. If a highly intelligent robot is cracked by hackers, the consequences are unimaginable, especially for those who have certain international influence.

Therefore, in the era of intelligence, security issues cannot be ignored! Leave a message in the comment area about the possible safety problems caused by robots, in case one of your messages affects the future development of this industry.

Five industries that will be changed by artificial intelligence in the future

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more industries will be profoundly changed. The following are five industries that will be changed by artificial intelligence in the future:

First, the application of medical care artificial intelligence in the field of medical care has made some major breakthroughs. For example, artificial intelligence can provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment by analyzing a large amount of medical data. In addition, artificial intelligence can also help doctors to better manage the health status of patients, predict the development trend of diseases, and take measures in advance. In the future, artificial intelligence will further change the way of medical care, making medical care more intelligent, personalized and efficient.

Second, the application of financial services artificial intelligence in the field of financial services has also become increasingly popular. For example, artificial intelligence can provide more accurate investment advice and risk assessment by analyzing financial data and market trends. In addition, artificial intelligence can also help banks and financial institutions to better manage customer risks and fraud. In the future, artificial intelligence will become one of the core technologies of financial services and promote financial services to be more intelligent and efficient.

Third, educational artificial intelligence is also widely used in the field of education. For example, artificial intelligence can provide more personalized learning experiences and educational programs by analyzing students’ learning data and behaviors. In addition, artificial intelligence can also help educational institutions to better manage teaching resources and teachers. In the future, artificial intelligence will become one of the important technologies in the field of education, providing better educational experience and tools for students and teachers.

Fourth, the application of manufacturing artificial intelligence in the manufacturing field is also increasing. For example, artificial intelligence can optimize production process and quality control by analyzing production data and production lines. In addition, artificial intelligence can also help manufacturing enterprises to better manage supply chain and inventory. In the future, artificial intelligence will become one of the core technologies in the manufacturing industry, bringing more efficient, safer and smarter manufacturing processes.

V. Transportation artificial intelligence is also widely used in the field of transportation. For example, artificial intelligence can provide more accurate route planning and traffic control schemes by analyzing traffic data and vehicle road conditions, and alleviate congestion and traffic accidents. In addition, artificial intelligence can also help self-driving cars better perceive the surrounding environment and cope with complex situations. In the future, artificial intelligence will become one of the important technologies in the field of transportation, bringing smarter, safer and more efficient travel experience.

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence will profoundly change more and more industries and bring more efficient, smarter and more personalized services and experiences. At the same time, artificial intelligence has also brought some new challenges and risks, such as privacy and security issues. Therefore, while promoting the development of artificial intelligence technology, we also need to constantly explore and solve these problems to ensure that the development of artificial intelligence can better benefit mankind.

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1, but for Asian teams, South America is more difficult to be upset than European teams.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’s 64 games, the most impressive game, is not necessarily the final, but the Argentine 1-2 reversal by Saudi Arabia. First of all, Argentina was considered a favourite to win the championship before the game. Many people thought that they would make it to the final, but who would have thought that they stumbled in the first game. Secondly, Saudi Arabia has always been a wimp in the World Cup, and often suffered humiliation by big scores. This time, it is really unexpected that they can hold their heads high in Argentina.

In fact, there is a precedent for Argentina being upset in the World Cup. As early as the 1990 World Cup, Argentina lost to Cameroon for the second time in the opening match, and Diego Maradona was also in the team. However, on the whole, Argentina’s performance in the World Cup is still relatively stable. Even if they are out, they will be eliminated by teams with equal strength. Few weak teams are as unpopular as Saudi Arabia.

In the history of the World Cup, the presence of Asian teams is not strong, after all, the strength is there. Therefore, Saudi Arabia can beat Argentina, which is definitely the light of Asia and the pride of Asian football. However, looking at the history of the World Cup, in fact, Asian teams are really not so easy to be upset with South American teams. At least, the examples of beating South American teams are far less than those of beating European teams.

Let’s just say. Apart from Saudi Arabia beating Argentina, which other game can you think of in which an Asian team beat a strong South American team? Note that the strong South American teams mentioned here, of course, refer to the strong South American teams, namely Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and so on in a specific period. South American fish maw like Bolivia, even if defeated by Asian teams, is far from being unpopular.

In fact, Brazil is one of the most difficult barriers for Asian teams to overcome. In the World Cup, Brazil’s advantage over Asian teams was so great that it was wishful thinking for Asian teams to beat them. China, North Korea, Japan and South Korea all played against Brazil. As for the result, it was desperate. I won’t list the scores here.

Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay have also played against Asian teams in the World Cup, and they have also achieved good results. For example, Uruguay remained unbeaten against South Korea, and the 2010 World Cup directly blocked South Korea from the quarter-finals. Paraguay eliminated Japan, and Colombia beat Japan by a large margin. Of course, Japan beat Colombia in the 2018 World Cup group match, but Colombia at that time seemed to have gone downhill.

When it comes to the unexpected history of Asian teams in the World Cup, it is basically related to European teams, such as South Korea beating Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Japan beating Spain and Germany, Saudi Arabia beating Belgium, Iran beating Wales, North Korea beating Italy and so on. It seems that European teams can leave enough room for Asian teams.

Perhaps, the elusive style of South American teams and outstanding personal skills can always make weaker Asian teams lose their way, so it is difficult for Asian teams to create miracles in the face of South American teams. However, European teams are relatively more integrated and have less improvisational elements. If they catch up poorly and Asian teams play beyond their level, it is indeed possible to capsize.

However, with the continuous improvement of the level of Asian football, the strength advantages of both European and South American teams over Asian teams are actually shrinking. Maybe at some point in the future, we will witness another match like Saudi Arabia beating Argentina.