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Cow! Team note: After the first point guard signed with the Lakers in 2023, he has been practicing hard in the training hall.

Cow! Team note: 2023The first point guard inAfter signing with the Lakers, I have been practicing hard in the training hall.

Lakers’ new star Shifino: Can he be the successor of James and Davis?

The Lakers are one of the most successful teams in NBA history. They have 17 championship trophies and countless legendary players. However, last season, the Lakers did not continue their glory. They were eliminated by the Nuggets in the Western Conference finals, which made many fans feel disappointed and sorry. However, Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, was not discouraged. During the offseason, he carried out a series of operations, and introduced a number of new AIDS with potential and strength for the team, the most striking of which was Wei Xifino, the first controller in this draft. Can Shifino be the successor of James and Davis? Let’s look at his story and performance.

The Lakers’ offseason operation: sending Wei Shao away for Russell and others

In the summer of 2021, the Lakers made a sensational deal. They traded Kuzma, harel, caruso and others for the Rockets superstar Westbrook. Many people think that this deal will enable the Lakers to form a frightening trio and compete with other teams for the championship. However, the fact is not so beautiful. Westbrook did not play his own level in the Lakers, and there was a lack of chemical reaction and tacit understanding between him and James and Davis. Westbrook’s inefficient scoring, high mistakes and poor defense put the Lakers in trouble.

Before last season’s trading deadline, Pelinka realized the seriousness of the problem. He persuaded his boss Jenny Bass to give up the "Big Three" model and sent Westbrook away in exchange for Russell, Beasley and Vanderbilt of the Timberwolves. The deal seems to be losing money, but it has enabled the Lakers to find their own style and rhythm. Russell, Beasley, Vanderbilt and others are young and promising players who can play and run. They can provide more flexibility and depth for the Lakers. With the help of the new aid, after that, the Lakers played the best record of 18 wins and 9 losses in the West.

The Lakers’ way to the playoffs: reaching the western conference finals as the seventh seed

The Lakers finished seventh in the West at the end of the regular season and had to play in the play-offs. In the play-offs, the Lakers first beat the Warriors 103-100 to qualify for the playoffs. Then he defeated the Grizzlies 110-106 and won the seventh seed in the West. In the playoffs, the Lakers first encountered such a strong enemy as Sun, but with the brave performance of James and Davis, they eliminated Sun 4-2. Then they met a strong team like Jazz, but they beat Jazz 4-3 by relying on the excellent performances of Russell and Beasley. In the end, the Lakers reached the Western Conference finals and met the champion team Nuggets. In this series, although the Lakers tried their best, they still couldn’t stop the strength of the Nuggets and lost 2-4.

Although it didn’t win the championship, Pelinka didn’t feel much lost. Instead, it continued to build a competitive team around James and Davis. He believes that the Lakers have proved their strength and potential, and as long as they remain healthy and stable, they will have the opportunity to attack the championship again. Therefore, we can see that Pelinka’s shot is steady, accurate and firm, which has well reinforced the team’s lineup.

The Lakers’ new quote: Shifino becomes the biggest highlight.

As soon as the door of the free market was opened, Zijin Army signed a contract for Prince, Reddish, Hayes and Vincent and brought them back to Los Angeles. These people are not famous, but their fighting capacity is very good. Prince, Reddish, Hayes and Vincent can provide the team with high-quality defense, excellent athletic ability, and increase the average height of the Lakers. These players can give the Lakers more choices and changes in all positions.

In addition, in the draft in 2023, Pelinka also made some gains, making good use of the draft pick in his hand, and took off the first-choice Wei Xifino and the sports prince Lewis. These two rookies are players with great potential and talent, and they can bring more vitality and creativity to the Lakers. One of the most striking is Shifino, who is regarded as the most perfect point guard in this draft.

According to the report of Dan Vaiko, a reporter from the Lakers and the team, insiders revealed that after signing with the Lakers for 17.88 million yuan in four years, Shifino has been working hard in the training hall to improve his outside projection. In addition, Reddish, Lewis and Hayes are among them. Although he struggled a little in the summer league, Shifino is a talented new star and a courageous and confident dual-energy defender. Judging from the game, he is good at stopping jump shots and moving passes, has an innate competitive attitude, and can defend multiple positions on the outside. If Shifino can quickly adapt to the strength of the NBA, then he will undoubtedly become an important member of the Zijin Army in the future.

In a word, the Lakers carried out a series of operations during the offseason, and introduced a number of new AIDS with potential and strength for the team. One of the most anticipated is Shifino, who is regarded as the successor of James and Davis. Can Shifino be the successor of James and Davis? This is a difficult question to answer, because he hasn’t proved himself in the official NBA game. However, judging from his talent and potential, he has great possibilities. Shifino is a point guard with excellent physical fitness, athletic ability, field vision and leadership, and he can play his own advantages in the Lakers system. He can partner with James and Davis to provide more offensive options and changes for the team. He can also take on the important task of the team and lead the team to victory when James and Davis are resting or injured.

Of course, Shifino is not perfect, and he still has a lot to improve. For example, his outside projection is not stable and accurate enough, his defense is not tough and focused enough, and his experience is not rich and mature enough. All these require him to keep learning and making progress in training and competition in order to adapt himself to the rhythm and intensity of NBA. Shifino also needs to be psychologically prepared, because as a new star of the Lakers, he will face great pressure and expectation, and he needs to have enough self-confidence and toughness to play his level at the critical moment.

In a word, Shifino is a player with great potential and talent, and he can bring more vitality and creativity to the Lakers. If he can quickly adapt to the strength of the NBA, then he will undoubtedly become an important member of the Zijin Army in the future. We are looking forward to seeing more exciting and fierce competitions in the new season.

Guashuai: Eddie Howe arrives at the training ground at 6 am? God, I’m still in bed at 6: 00. I love sleeping.

Live on May 21st, when Guardiola was interviewed recently, the reporter talked about Newcastle coach Eddie Howe’s arrival at the training base at 6 am. Guardiola looked surprised and said that he was still sleeping at 6 am.

Guardiola said: "Wow … 6 am? Oh, my God, Eddie is a genius. I arrived late, after … 6 am? No, no, I am still in bed at 6 o’clock in the morning. I love to sleep. "

Seventy million pounds, Liverpool finally locked in the standard definition Messi, Romano confirmed, klopp smiled.

After the 1-1 draw with Villa, Liverpool’s hopes of qualifying for the Champions League have been very slim. But at this difficult time, there is also good news. Just now, according to the latest news brought by authoritative journalist Romano. Liverpool have reached an agreement with Brighton on the transfer of mcallister, and the two sides have negotiated the specific transfer fee. Moreover, Liverpool also reached an oral agreement with the individual players on the annual salary of the new contract.

It is reported that Liverpool have been in contact with Brighton about the transfer of mcallister recently. Previously, the two sides had differences on the transfer fee, but now the specific transfer fee amount has been negotiated. According to Romano, Liverpool will sign mcallister for around 70 million pounds, which will be an important deal for them this summer. Besides, mcallister can get a weekly salary of 150,000-160,000 pounds after tax after joining Liverpool. In the team, this is already above the average salary level, which still does not include bonuses. It can be said that Liverpool attach great importance to mcallister and the players themselves are willing to join this team.

Objectively speaking, for Liverpool at this stage, the team really needs to add some fresh blood to the midfield. The team’s current midfield is old and uncompetitive, and the level of confrontation has also fallen sharply. In the past, klopp’s requirements for midfield were diligent running and tough confrontation. Because Liverpool like to control the ball in midfield by means of iron and blood encirclement and suppression. But now with the decline of players’ ability and age, Liverpool’s control over the midfield is getting weaker and weaker, which is why they are often suppressed by one side in the strong dialogue. As an all-around hexagonal warrior, mcallister not only has excellent footwork skills, but also his physical fitness, his confrontation and his creativity in the center and frontcourt are remarkable.

Although mcallister is not the top midfielder, he is proficient in all the things that can be done in midfield. Such an all-round midfielder is great for the improvement of the team, and I believe Liverpool have taken a fancy to this. Mcallister, 24, has played 37 games for Brighton this season, scoring 12 goals and sending out two assists. It is really excellent to hand over such data as a midfielder. mcallister, who is 1.76 meters tall, has strong athletic ability.

Although he looks thin, he has a tough confrontation. In the World Cup, Argentina used the three midfielders composed of him, Enzo and De Paul to control the ball. Even in the face of the powerful French team, mcallister and others still kept the ball firmly under their feet in the midfield. This requires strong physical fitness and exquisite personal skills, which are obviously available in mcallister. He is also the most versatile of Argentina’s three midfielders. At the same time, the signing of mcallister has another advantage, that is, there is no need to worry about adaptation.

In the past, when big teams bought midfielders at high prices, they always worried that players would throw water away. After all, there are many cases in which outstanding talented players show maladjustment after changing leagues, and then quickly degenerate. But mcallister made his name in the Premier League, and he has adapted to the intensity of the Premier League. In Brighton, a relatively weak team, he can play well. And coming to Liverpool with better strength, I believe his performance will only be better. There is no adaptability problem for players who play in the Premier League to transfer to another Premier League club. So Liverpool don’t have to worry about the deal falling through.

It is worth mentioning that Liverpool manager klopp is very fond of mcallister, and the deal was confirmed by Uncle klopp himself. I believe that after mcallister joins Liverpool, he can reach a new peak under the guidance of Uncle Zha. Of course, for Liverpool’s midfielders at this stage, they also have a little expectation next season. What do you think of the signing of mcallister?

Guardiola, the godfather of Blue Moon, coached Manchester City for seven years and won five Premier League titles, ranking never out of the top three.

Live on May 21 ST, in the 37 th round of the Premier League, Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest away from home, and there is no chance to surpass Manchester City in the standings. Manchester City won the Premier League title ahead of schedule without playing in this round.

Guardiola has been coaching Manchester City since the 16/17 season. At present, in the seventh season of coaching Manchester City, Guardiola has led the team to win five Premier League titles.

Guardiola’s seven-season league results:

Third place in 16/17 season

17/18 season champion

18/19 season champion

Second place in 19/20 season

20/21 season champion

21/22 season champion

22/23 season champion

This is the jump shot brigade? The Clippers lost 38 free throws in two wars, ranking first in the league in the number of free throws per game.

On April 23, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued. Today, the Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Suns 100-112 at home, and the total score of the series was rewritten to 1-3, only one step away from being eliminated.

In this game, Paul George and leonard continued to miss due to injuries. Wei Shao, who joined the team with a basic salary, once again became the core of the team. He made 17 of 29 shots, made 3 of 6 three-pointers, slashed 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but he still couldn’t help the team win.

It is inevitable that the Clippers will lose, but what fans can’t accept is that the referee once again took over the game. In this campaign, the Clippers team only got 10 free throws, while the Suns had 27, which was quite different. Wei Shao, who frequently hit the basket, didn’t get any free throws today. In contrast, Durant only shot near the basket twice, but he got 11 free throws, more than the Clippers team.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time this series has seen such an outrageous situation. In the G3 match between the two sides, the Suns got 46 free throws, while the Clippers only got 25. That is to say, the Clippers lost 38 free throws in the past two games, and the referee’s intervention was too obvious.

Xiao Bian wouldn’t be surprised if other teams occasionally get so many free throw opportunities, but Sun is the most representative jump shot team in the league. Most of their attacks are done outside the paint area. Why can they get so many free throw opportunities without killing the basket? You know, the Suns ranked 27th in the league in the average number of free throws per game in the regular season, but now they rank first in the league with 30 free throws per game. Isn’t that ridiculous?

For this round of series, it is obvious that the league wants the Suns to win, because compared with the Clippers who lost their dual cores, the Suns with the Big Four have a higher topic, and they can help the league earn more money. I have to say that this year’s playoff referees frequently intervene in the game, which has seriously affected the authenticity and fairness of the game, and the league’s eating is really getting ugly.

Musk’s new robot Optimus made a shocking appearance: amazing walking and self-assembly ability!

Musk’s Optimus robot project is a very exciting technical project, which represents the latest development of artificial intelligence and robotics. The latest progress of this project is that the Optimus robot can walk freely and self-assemble, which is a very important milestone and will bring more possibilities for future robot applications.

An important breakthrough recently made by Optimus robot is its ability to walk freely. This means that the robot is no longer limited to a specific surface or terrain and can move freely in different environments. This ability to walk freely enables the robot to better complete various tasks, including exploration and rescue tasks in harsh environments.

In addition to walking freely, Optimus robot also has the function of self-assembly. This function is very interesting because it allows robots to repair themselves. If a part of the robot is damaged or fails, it can use this function to repair it automatically, which will greatly improve the reliability and maintainability of the robot.

Optimus robot has other impressive functions. For example, it can use sensors to perceive the surrounding environment, and use computer vision technology for image recognition and target tracking. This enables the robot to navigate autonomously in different environments and complete various tasks.

In addition to the above functions, Optimus robot has many other useful features. For example, it can operate and monitor remotely and communicate and cooperate with other robots. This enables robots to complete various tasks better and opens up more possibilities for future robot applications.

To sum up, Optimus robot is a very exciting technology, representing the latest development of artificial intelligence and robotics. It has the ability of free walking and self-assembly, which will bring more possibilities for future robot applications. We are looking forward to seeing Optimus robots bring more convenience and innovation to our lives in the near future.