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Milan CEO: The Champions League has brought us back to the top teams in Europe, and we are moving in the right direction.

Live on May 20th Recently, Milan CEO Fragni talked about the team’s performance this season in an interview.

Fragni said: "Despite the recent disappointment, I want to emphasize that the Champions League has made us return to the ranks of the best teams in Europe, which is an important goal. This is due to the dedication and commitment of everyone in the club, which makes us very proud. "

"This further confirms that we are moving in the right direction through our performance on the field and following the regulations of the financial department. Now there are more challenges waiting for us to win the Champions League next season and maintain our leading position in Europe. We are determined to meet the challenge with a united and energetic team spirit, and support the coaches, players, everyone in the sports department and the fans. As for me, I am shouting the slogan’ We are Milan’ every day. "


27-year-old Liu Xiang has a recent photo! Wearing a one-piece swimsuit is beautiful, with amazing long legs, and the number one goddess in China swimming.

Recently, Liu Xiang, a 27-year-old beauty in China swimming pool, was exposed in the latest fashion blockbuster. She only wore a one-piece swimsuit with the word "China" written on her chest. Her long legs were obvious at a glance, and her figure was really good. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s face value was very good, and she did not lose to the popular first-line actresses.

As an athlete, Liu Xiang has achieved excellent results. In the World Cup and the Asian Games, Liu Xiang won gold medals in backstroke and broke the Asian record three times. Although her fame is not as good as that of her teammates such as Fu Yuanhui, Ye Shiwen and Zhang Yufei, Liu Xiang is considered to be the most suitable athlete to cross the line and enter the entertainment circle. After all, her face value and body foundation are very good, and the feeling of taking fashionable and hard photos is in place and full of tension.

Liu Xiang’s height is relatively high, reaching 1.76 meters. If he wears high heels, he can easily break through 180CM, so it will not be a problem to walk on the runway in the future. Moreover, Liu Xiang’s figure ratio is great, his long legs are quite eye-catching, his skin is white, his facial features are three-dimensional, and his smile is particularly sunny and beautiful. These conditions can completely "debut in situ".

Although she hasn’t retired yet, she basically doesn’t have any competition opportunities, and her state is declining seriously. China Swimming Team’s Paris cycle should not include Liu Xiang in the plan, so she really has to make plans for her next life choice.

From the recent photos of Liu Xiang’s life shared on social platforms, it is not difficult to see that she is slowly trying to transform, and her dress is becoming more and more fashionable, and she has lost weight. The feeling of wearing a swimsuit is far from that of an athlete, with less sense of strength and more charm and sexiness. It seems that she is really ready to share a piece of the entertainment circle or fashion circle.

In any case, after all, he is an excellent athlete who has won glory for his country. I hope that Liu Xiang, 27, can still be wonderful in the future. Such a beautiful girl, I believe she can shine wherever she is!

This article was first created by one eye in sports on Baijiahao platform.

Guangdong men’s basketball team defeated Guangsha team, and Du Feng encouraged the players’ morale. Why didn’t Du Feng let Shabazz play?

Guangdong men’s basketball team defeated Guangsha team, and Du Feng encouraged the players’ morale. Why didn’t Du Feng let Shabazz play?

Guangdong men’s basketball team was defeated by Guangsha team, and Du Feng encouraged the morale of the whole team. Why didn’t Du Feng let Shabazz play? Guangdong men’s basketball team fought against Guangsha for the second time, and Wang Bo once again staged the nemesis of Du Feng. After four fierce battles, he finally defeated the other team at 98: 87. Counting the battles between Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team and Guangsha, it has always been more defeats than wins. In the last eight battles, Du Feng lost five games, which is a history of Du Feng’s blood and tears. At the beginning of the game, Wang Bo exercised tactical restraint on the Guangdong men’s basketball team. Sun Minghui, who had a poor hand feeling in the last game, was completely furious in this game, and the opening helped the Guangsha men’s basketball team completely defeat the Guangdong men’s basketball team, pulling the score difference to more than 10 points. At this time, Du Feng reacted, adjusted the lineup in time, and wanted to score points. However, Wang Bo knew Du Feng too well and predicted Du Feng in advance.

In addition, the morale of the Guangdong men’s basketball team dropped greatly when it lost the opportunity, and finally the three-point feel failed collectively, and only nine of 44 shots were made in the audience. Faced with such a situation, Du Feng was powerless. Fortunately, the Guangdong men’s basketball team started with defense. Under the strict defense, it was difficult for Guangsha men’s basketball team to expand the score and finally beat Hongyuan men’s basketball team 98: 87. Regarding this game, Du Feng said in an interview after the game that this game was his carelessness, and there was a problem in the offensive and defensive conversion of the whole game. More importantly, the Guangdong men’s basketball team had won the playoff match point, which led to the negative mentality of the players. All kinds of situations added up to this defeat. In the end, Du Feng emphasized that the next Guangdong men’s basketball team will return to the home court. With the support of the home fans, it is bound to be fierce, eventually defeating the Guangsha men’s basketball team and joining forces with Liaoning in the semi-finals.

What was the defeat of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team? Analysis of the reasons for the failure of Guangdong men’s basketball team to defeat Guangsha team. First, the defense is not done well. The attack can win the game, but the defense can win the championship. The Guangdong men’s basketball team can win 11 championships. The defensive end is the most important thing, but it does not limit the play of the opposing players in this game. Sun Minghui and Hu Jinqiu, the leading men’s basketball players in Guangsha, scored 41 points, accounting for half of the team’s score. At the beginning of the game, Hu Jinqiu, Li Jinxiao and Xu Zhonghao’s double tower tactics directly defeated the inside of the Guangdong men’s basketball team, especially Xu Zhonghao’s deterrence in the basket was great, which well limited the Guangdong men’s basketball team’s investment. On the outside, the connection between Sun Minghui and Zhao Yanhao greatly increased the defensive strength of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team.

More importantly, Wang Bo’s tactical system was better. Although Du Feng repeatedly tried to arrange a tactical system to encircle Wang Bo, he could not hold Wang Bo’s plan, and he was restrained to death. Rebound could not beat Guangsha, and both ends of the attack and defense were also smashed, eventually defeating the other side. To put it bluntly, Wang Bo is not Yang Ming, and it is not worth Du Feng’s time to study him thoroughly.

At this time, many fans will ask again, why didn’t the newly signed swingman Shabazz play? To reveal the reason why Du Feng refused to let Shabazz play, in the match against Guangsha, Ma Shang felt very bad, and he had unlimited fire power, but only 5 of 15 shots, 2 of 10 three-pointers, plus or minus 20, which means that Ma Shang lost 20 points on the court. At this time, some fans suggested that Shabazz should be replaced, so that the swingman can show amazing strength and help the Guangdong men’s basketball team fight back. Du Feng also heard this request, and then let Shabazz go up and play soy sauce for four minutes to save it. So why doesn’t Du Feng let Shabazz exert its strength?

Personally, there are several main reasons. First, Shabazz is a secret weapon, specially prepared for Liaoning men’s basketball team. In this game, it will exert its strength and let Yang Ming know clearly, and then it will be able to study the corresponding tactical restraint, which will not play the role of cavalry. Secondly, Shabazz is a swingman in the offensive line, so he needs excellent back line to provide support. Otherwise, he is a loophole, and Guangsha men’s basketball team can live as they want. More importantly, in order to give back to the fans, Du Feng will attack in Guangdong for three times, so that Guangdong fans can watch the game on the spot, and Zhu Fangyu can earn tens of millions of tickets. Why not?

Generally speaking, the Guangdong men’s basketball team will still beat the Guangsha men’s basketball team by virtue of its overall strength, and finally play a better game than the semi-finals and finals with the Liaoning men’s basketball team.

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Live on March 12th, the 27th round, Paris beat brest 2-1 away. After the game, Paris goalkeeper Donaruma said through social media that the team had come out of the shadow of being eliminated from the Champions League and found a smile in Ligue 1.

Donaruma wrote: "After being eliminated from the Champions League, we found our smile in Ligue 1."


A crazy night in the Premier League: Manchester City’s winner, Tottenham’s milestone, the Red Army’s surprise, and the Blue Army’s bottoming out.

On the weekend match day of the five major leagues, traditional Premier League giants such as Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Manchester City played together! Enter the sprint stage of the league championship, and every game can’t be missed!

In the 27th round of the Premier League, Manchester City played against Crystal Palace. In the first half, Manchester City occupied an absolute advantage in the scene, with a ball control rate as high as 72%, but only one of Manchester City’s eight shots was right! It takes patience to break the dense defense! In the second half of the game, it was easy to fight again. At the moment when the team needed it most, Harland stood up, Gundogan made a point in the restricted area, and Harland scored a penalty to beat Crystal Palace 1-0! Manchester city also got three valuable points as expected, only two points away from Arsenal at the top of the list in the case of one more game!

In the 27th round of the Premier League, Harry Kane scored twice to help Tottenham beat Nottingham Forest 3-1 at home and was elected as the best player in the game, and Sun Xingyi also scored the 99th Premier League goal in this game. Sun Xingyi will soon become the 34th player to score a hundred goals in the Premier League, catching up with Cristiano Ronaldo! C Ronaldo scored a total of 103 goals in the Premier League, and Sun Xingyu can surpass it as soon as this season. Harry Kane continued to set a new record. Kane scored 20+ in the sixth Premier League single season, tying aguero second only to Shearer; Kane scored the eighth header in the Premier League this season, second only to Duncan Ferguson’s record of 9 goals!

Liverpool lost to Bournemouth 0-1 away, and the unbeaten three rounds of the Premier League ended, still ranking fifth in the Premier League! Before this game, Bournemouth ranked at the bottom of the league. After beating Liverpool for 3 points, Bournemouth temporarily jumped out of the relegation zone with 24 points and rose to 16th place in the league. According to statistics, this is the third time this season that Liverpool has lost to the bottom team in the Premier League. Before the start of the third round, Manchester United was at the bottom and Liverpool lost. Since then, the Nottingham Forest League has been at the bottom of the 13 rounds, and Liverpool has once again lost away from home. Liverpool robbed the rich and helped the poor, which is well-deserved!

After defeating Leeds United 1-0 in the last league and Dortmund 2-0 in the Champions League in midweek, Chelsea beat leicester city 3-1 away in the 27th round of the Premier League, and for the first time since October, 2022, Chelsea won at least three games in a row! This is also the first time that Chelsea has won nearly 11 away games in various competitions. Under the leadership of Porter, Chelsea has finally bottomed out and returned to the right track.