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It’s confirmed 4 million in 10 years, "basic salary James"!

Everyone is watching NBA players sign big contracts now, with an annual salary of $50 million and $250 million for four years. Isn’t it enjoyable?

I’ve never seen so much money in my life. Is it not enough to talk with the crowd and have an addiction?

However, signing such a big contract does not mean that you can get so much money in full.

Earlier, when Jaylen Brown announced that he would renew his contract with the Celtics in advance and get a new contract with an average annual salary of 60.8 million dollars for five years, Andrew Petcash, an NBA salary expert, even settled the account.

Brown has to pay a lot of taxes, including 22.5 million federal taxes, 6 million NBA third-party custody fees, 1.8 million broker fees, 1.4 million federal social insurance health care taxes/medical insurance premiums, 1.8 million athletes taxes, and 2.7 million Massachusetts state taxes.

In the end, Brown earned a net income of $24.5 million a year.

That’s a lot, as long as you don’t spend money indiscriminately and have children hard, it’s no problem to be popular and spicy.

In contrast, NBA players suffer a lot after retirement, and it is not easy to make some money.

That’s the case with Terrence Williams. He brought 17 people together to raise $4 million, which will cost him 10 years.

The thing is this: In order to provide some protection for retired players, the NBA has set up a plan called "NBA Health and Welfare", which is actually medical insurance, and retired NBA players can reimburse medical bills.

However, some retired NBA players took a fancy to the money, and they formed a team of 18 people under the leadership of Williams, and cashed out of the plan by various means.

Before retiring, these 18 former NBA players probably thought that hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars were meaningless, but after retiring, they were profligate and broke at the speed of light, and they still needed money.

It is understood that Williams and his 17 associates have been arrested. He admitted that he submitted forged invoices full of spelling mistakes and inconsistencies with everyone from 2017 to 2021, and reimbursed medical expenses that never occurred.

In this process, Williams not only cheated money himself, but also received a kickback of $346,000 from others.

Among Williams’ associates, there are many names that old fans remember, such as Marbury’s cousin Telfer, Lakers veteran shannon brown, "Big Baby" glen davis, Nets veteran Du Lin and alan anderson, and Grizzly bear expert Tony Allen and others.

According to statistics, the 18 former NBA players defrauded about $4 million from this NBA welfare plan.

As the principal offender, Williams was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment, with compensation and a fine of $3.15 million.

These players earned a total of $343 million while playing in the NBA, and now 18 people are speechless for $4 million.

This Williams was selected by the Nets in the 11th overall pick in the first round in 2009. He played for the Nets, Rockets, Kings and Celtics, and later went to CBA as a foreign aid.

Williams has six children, two of whom are adults, but he will step on the sewing machine for 10 years himself.

As soon as this news came out, many fans felt very embarrassed, because they used Williams as the "basic salary James" in the 2K game, mainly because it was black enough, hard enough, able to buckle and vote, and very comprehensive.

Williams did play against James, and it didn’t hurt too much!

You say Williams is too stupid. He can organize and plan so many people and cheat 4 million from the NBA. But you said he was smart enough. He was caught before he got all the money.

This can not help but remind people of Li Tie, who was recently prosecuted for taking bribes, bribery, unit bribery, bribery of non-state staff and bribery of non-state staff.

Don’t stretch out your hand, you will be caught if you stretch out your hand!

I remember being traded by the 76ers. Briggs: I wore a sun hat to force a smile.

Briggs grew up in Philadelphia, and his mother was a 76-man high-rise. At that time, he predicted that the draft pick was just around the 10th pick. As expected, Briggs was selected by the 76ers, and now he is very happy. Unexpectedly, the 76ers suddenly reached an agreement with the Sun to exchange Briggs for the 16th overall pick, Zhaire Smith, and the first-round draft pick in the future.

Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players.

) AZ Alkmar fans tried to violence the families of the opposing players, which made the fans frown. On 19th (Korean time), Alkmar was defeated by Pablo Fonal at the last moment of the second half of the UEFA Europa League semi-final in the 2022/23 season at AFAS Stadium in Alkmar, the Netherlands, and finally lost 0-1. Alkmar entered the UEFA Cup finals in the 1980/81 season, and then entered the finals again after 42 years. However, Alkmar, who lost 1-2 away on the 12th, failed to advance to the finals with a total score of 1-3 in the first and second matches. In addition, in the match of the day, in addition to the result, the excessive behavior of the polar fans in Alkmar also made the players and many fans angry. The British media "Deshan" said on the 19th: "This is an ugly scene. Alkmar hooligans attacked the family of West Ham United players. According to the report, Alkmar hooligans made West Ham United more likely to win with Fonal’s goal in stoppage time in the second half, and they used violence against friends, family members and staff of West Ham players who were sitting in the stands watching the game. Henderson said: "The hooligans sat behind the stadium and attacked the friends, family members and coaching staff of the players who were cheering. Several West Ham players, including Sports director mark noble, immediately rushed to the stands to protect them from thugs wearing black clothes and winter clothes. Then he said, "In the case of captain Declan Rice and Gerald Bowen,Also witnessed the scene of a war of words with the audience, Alkmar hooligans seemed to be throwing things at the side where they were standing. "At that time, Lucas Machta, Alan creswell, Macher Antonio and others who were running to stop Alkmar fans were stopped by security guards, and the West Ham United coaching staff had seen the scene of accusing those who did not stop them correctly. Pascal Zhan Sen, CEO of Alkmar and born in London, criticized this scene in an interview after the game, calling it "a shame that happened on our pitch", while Joojo Cole, a legendary British Premier League sports commentator, said: "This is absurd in modern football. It must be banned for life ",emphasizing the need for severe punishment. Meanwhile, Anderson said that Alkmar fans had already clashed with West Ham United fans before the game. The media said: "Before the kick-off, there was a clash between West Ham fans and Alkmar fans, and they were in chaos in the street. The video shared on SNS also captured a person being attacked by a group using a bicycle as a weapon, which explained the situation at that time.

Peninsula Sports Premier League: Ferguson once said that he would buy me out, and he was very sad when I left Manchester United.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Campbell went to back in the game, but again, before she was injured again, she could only accumulate so much motivation. This time, this kind of injury is not common in athletes, and the defender’s posterior tibial tendon is broken. Surgery is usually given to those whose arch falls or their feet are flat, aiming at helping patients to recover their walking ability, rather than pursuing sports career. On the day of her surgery, her surgeon admitted that he had only performed the required surgery and had only succeeded once in his career.

Although I heard that she might never play football again, the Droheda native was determined to come back, and she struggled. "So I’m in a blockade, and I’m alone, which may be the biggest blow to me. I struggled a lot with anxiety and spirit, thinking, "Can I really do this? Like, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This is where her support network proved to be crucial. "But if it weren’t for the people around me, I don’t think I would still be playing games. I mean, you need good people around you, whether it’s your family, your friends, your teammates, your employees, such as medical staff. You need good people around you every day, because they are the last people you see, not your family. If you don’t have these, then you will struggle, but thankfully, I have good people around me.

3:1! Brazil’s No.9 broke out and scored 3 goals. Kane scored twice. Sun Xingyu broke the wilderness and Tottenham kicked Liverpool by 6 points.

On the evening of March 11th, Beijing time, the 27th round of Premier League was in full swing, and Tottenham played against Nottingham Forest at White Hart Lane Stadium. At half-time, Shalisson’s goal was blown offside, and then Polo assisted Kane in heading the goal. Then Shalisson made a point and Kane fired a double shot. In the second half, Sun Xingyu added to the icing on the cake, and voller pulled back a city. Finally, Tottenham beat Forest 3-1 to end the two-game losing streak.

Tottenham Hotspur’s recent state can be described as "a game of god and a game of ghosts". They can beat Chelsea in the London Derby and return to the top four, and they lost to Sheffield United in the FA Cup and Wolves in the last round. In the second leg of the Champions League knockout round in mid-week, AC Milan failed to advance to the quarter-finals, and this season, they were all empty again. Nottingham Forest ranked 14th in the league before the game, four points higher than the relegation zone. This is the third time the two sides have met this season, and Tottenham Hotspur was eliminated by Nottingham Forest in the League Cup.

In terms of starting, Rishalison, who was dissatisfied with the substitute in the last game, ushered in the starting opportunity. He partnered with Kane and Sun Xingyu to attack the line; Poirot and Ben Davis are separated on two wings, and Hoibel and Skip are double waists; Romero, Dale and Langlais partner in the defence, and the goalkeeper is Fraser Foster.

Only 3 minutes after the opening, Rishalison received the precise guidance from his teammates in the backcourt. He unloaded the ball in the restricted area and smashed the net, but the referee judged after watching VAR that it was offside first and the goal was invalid. In the 12th minute, Sun Xingyi’s right positioning ball was sent to the door, and Romero nodded before the ball missed.In the 19th minute, Rishalison got rid of the defense on the right and made a cross. Ben Davis fell to the ground in the restricted area and Polo followed up the cross on the right. Kane scored a header in front of the goal, 1-0!Kane has scored 8 headers in the Premier League this season, second only to Duncan Ferguson’s single-season header record (9 goals) in 1997/98.

In the 34th minute, Polo made a long pass, and Kane unloaded the ball in the frontcourt and passed it directly. Lisa Song was put to the ground in the restricted area, and the referee decisively awarded a penalty. Kane took the penalty and scored twice, 2-0!Kane scored the 20th goal in the league, and continued to follow Harland at the top. According to statistics, this is the sixth time that Kane scored 20+ in a single season in his Premier League career, tying aguero’s record.

In the second half, Sun Xingyu sent out an accurate straight ball, but unfortunately Lisa Song’s shot was blocked.In the 62nd minute, Rishalison added a provocative pass to the bottom line, and Sun Xingyi successfully unloaded the ball, and his left foot shot low to the next city, 3: 0!This is Sun Xingyi’s 10th goal this season. Since joining the club for eight years, except for the first season, Sun Xingyi has scored in double figures in the remaining seven seasons.

In the 78th minute, Sun Xingyi made a cross from the left rib, Ben Davis made a ferry in front, and Risalesson made a shovel shot in front of the door. navas responded quickly and blocked the ball out of the bottom line. After 1 minute, Hoiber advanced in the frontcourt and then made a cross, and Sun Xingyi followed up and pushed it too hard, which was being confiscated by navas.In the 81st minute, Gibbs-White kicked a corner kick, and voller pulled back an empty header in front of the door, 3-1!

In injury time, Kulusevski accidentally delivered the ball to the spot, and Andrei Ayou’s penalty kick was saved by Foster bravely. Finally, Tottenham kept the score of 3:1 until the end of the game. After winning 3 points, Tottenham ended its 2-game losing streak, and in the case of one more game, it still beat Liverpool to the fourth place by 6 points. What makes the fans most happy is that Kane and Sun Xingyu scored again in the same game, and Risalesson, who is worth 58 million yuan and wears Brazil’s No.9, also performed brilliantly. Although there was only one assist, all three goals were related to him.