Yuan Rujin: The books of the future may be intelligent life bodies that can self-evolve.

Yuan Rujin: The books of the future may be intelligent life bodies that can self-evolve.

When we read the same book at the same time,

We can see each other through this book.


What are the books of the future?

Recently, everyone is very concerned about the topic of artificial intelligence AI, and I have begun to think and associate.The possibilities of the future between man and books.

In the future, with the development of digital technology, more and more books will exist in digital form.

At the same time, books will become intelligent and interactive. When you read them,There can be interaction between the book and you, instead of reading it in one direction..

In fact, there are some foreign children’s books that can already interact with young readers.

When children are reading, they can enter a virtual world and have some simple dialogues and interactions with the characters in the book by scanning the QR code or using AR technology.

In the future, with the development of new technology, books may integrate various media forms and present the contents in the book to you.

When reading, readers can not only get the contents of the book through words, but also get the contents of the book through various media forms such as audio and video embedded in the book.

What kind of reading effect may this bring?

For example, when reading mystery novel and reading some paragraphs, you canhearThe soundtrack of the novel plot; When reading some paragraphs, can youseeThe story pictures in the novel …

Does this make reading more interesting?

That is to say,In the future, when you are readingWill no longer be a single reading experience, butCan get diversified and rich experience of interacting with books.

What about us in the future?Creative readingAnd?

Let my brain open wide.predictJust a moment.


Completely into the world of books.

First of all, virtual reality technology will definitely be used.

Assuming that the future reading experience is based on virtual reality technology, readers can enter the world of books by wearing smart glasses.

After entering, you can not only see the words in the book, but also see the scenes, characters and objects in the book, as if you were in the book, and you can get a deeper understanding of the world in the book.

Imagine that you are reading a science fiction novel. The story in the book takes place on an alien planet.

With the help of virtual reality technology, you can feel the world on other planets.Breath and environment, seeAlien plants and animalsThe shape and color, you can even feel the alien planet.Temperature and wind power.

The process of reading is the process of feeling, experiencing and experiencing on the spot.

secondI am looking forward to it.Interactive reading.

Through interactive technology, readers can interact, talk, collide, debate and influence each other directly with books.

Suppose you are reading a book about space exploration,Through smart headphones, you can have a direct conversation with books.Learn more about the universe.

You can ask some questions to the book, such as:

"In the future, how will humans explore deep space?"

"What is the biggest challenge that human beings encounter in space exploration?"

"What other planets in the universe are suitable for human migration and residence?"


Wait a minute. This book will also answer all the questions of your curious baby.

Even,You can also influence the development of the story in the book in your own way.

For example, as readers, can we choose to join books, play a role in the story and influence the development of the story in our own way?

Or, we can create a new character by ourselves, and integrate this character into the world of the book through virtual reality technology, so that this character can interact with the existing characters in the book.

In this way, you have a chance.Co-created with the author of the book.


Innovative reading

Third, it must be personalized recommendation.

Where there are rivers and lakes, there will be business.

Where there is business, there will be business opportunities.

Using artificial intelligence technology, you can not only recommend the best books for everyone to read, but alsoBy the way, I recommend some items mentioned in the book.

For example, when a book detects that when you read a paragraph about afternoon tea in the book, you stay for a long time and have certain emotional fluctuations;

Then you will automatically present the afternoon tea packages available in the nearby coffee shop in front of your eyes, so that you can satisfy them immediately.

However, this requires AI to accurately judge human emotions, otherwise some readers may feel disturbed.

So, this recommendation should be based onReaders’ interest, reading speed, reading habits and emotional changesAnd so on, to ensure that the recommended products are the most in line with the needs of readers at present.

Fourth,Group reading brings more."Make friends with books and borrow books to communicate"The opportunity.

In the future, social media may be integrated with books. In the process of reading, readers only need to wear MR glasses.You can see people everywhere who are reading the same book at the moment.

You can also share your reading comprehension and discuss it with others.

It doesn’t matter if no one is reading the same book as you at this moment, that is to say, after you put on your smart glasses, you don’t see your "book friend".

You can also talk to the characters in the book through voice interaction.

By talking to the characters in the stories/cases in the book, you can better understand their thoughts and feelings.

You can also ask them questions, and the characters in the book can also answer your questions or express their opinions and opinions.

This kind of dialogue can give you a deeper understanding of the characters in the story/case.Understand their behavior motivation and thinking mode.

This kind of dialogue can also make readers more immersed in the world of the book and promote them to better understand the contents of the book and the author’s ideas.


When books become intelligent life. …

In the future, books may exist in the form of intelligent life, and are no longer based on digital or paper media.

Book, an intelligent life, can self-evolve, self-learn and self-expand;

It can receive, store and analyze all kinds of information, and can interact with readers in a more easygoing and intimate way.

The shape and form of this intelligent life (book) may be uncertain., but will change according to the content of this book.

For example, a book about plant growth may form a structure similar to plant root system, which can be used to store plant growth information;

Readers can understand the growth process and environment of plants by touching this structure.

For another example, a book about history may form a structure similar to a palace, which can be used to store information about historical events and cultural heritage;

Readers can learn about the background of historical events and the evolution of culture by entering this palace.

When I wrote this, I couldn’t help thinking, is this too whimsical? haha

Anyway, let me continue to associate, anyway, the future can be verified.

The internal structure of this intelligent life (book) may also become complex and intelligent, and they may store all kinds of information in layers, thus making information retrieval more convenient.

Readers can interact with this intelligent life (book) through smart wearable devices or brain-computer interfaces;

For example, through brain signals to control the page turning and operation of books.

In a word, the future books may go beyond what we can imagine at present, become intelligent and self-evolving life bodies, and interact with readers more naturally and intelligently.

Do you think the relationship between human beings and books will become like this in the future?

If so, that book can really become our personal assistant and "pillow man".

No matter how books evolve and what species they become in the future,Everything in the book will be woven into a part of your soul like silk thread.


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