Tesla Robotics learns to screw in the factory and can assemble and copy itself in the future.

Tesla Robotics learns to screw in the factory and can assemble and copy itself in the future.

On August 19, 2021, Tesla first announced the humanoid robot project plan Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus, on AI Day.

On September 30, 2022, Tesla demonstrated the development platform of humanoid robot and the latest generation prototype at 2022 AI DAY. After six months’ research and development, the robot displayed this time has the basic movement and application abilities such as walking, carrying, identifying objects and watering flowers. Musk said that the development direction of Optimus is mass production, low cost and high reliability, and the price will not be higher than 20,000 US dollars. It is expected to be mass-produced and listed in 3-5 years, and its application will help human economic production get rid of population restrictions.

On March 1, 2023, Tesla showed the latest video about the humanoid robot Optimus on Investor Day 2023. This version of Optimus can walk around and screw. Musk also revealed that there are many Optimus robots in his laboratory. Musk pointed out that Optimus used Tesla’s expertise in manufacturing, and the actuators, battery packs and other key components of Optimus were customized by Tesla.

The configuration parameters of Optimus prototype are more suitable for mass production than the original design expectation: 1) specifications: height 173cm, weight 73kg, main material is plastic; 2) Power supply system: power consumption is 100W (sitting posture)/500W (walking posture), capacity is 2.3kWh, rated voltage is 52V, and it can use an integrated battery pack for a whole day; 3) Power system: 28 structural actuators (greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of mass production compared with the original 40) and 50 basic degrees of freedom (trunk 28*1+ hand 11 * 2); 4)AI system: the same SOC chip and FSD fully automatic driver assistance system as Tesla.


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