In the spring of educating intelligent hardware, children will no longer have troubles in their studies.

In the spring of educating intelligent hardware, children will no longer have troubles in their studies.

Times have changed, and educational intelligent hardware is on the home court. The China Education Intelligent Hardware Industry Report 2022 was released by the Multi-whale Education Research Institute. It is estimated that the market size of educational intelligent hardware will reach 100 billion yuan in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 26%. At present, the educational intelligent hardware market bred by the development of new technologies and new formats is pregnant with many development opportunities. Traditional educational hardware has opened a big gap with new educational intelligent hardware brands. Therefore, it is particularly important to sort out the logic and seize the growth opportunity at present.

Behind the increasing sound volume of educational intelligent hardware, all macro and micro changes are boosting forces. At the macro environment level, under the background of "reducing burdens and increasing efficiency", the education of intelligent hardware has rekindled, and everyone wants to get a piece from a big cake.

On the policy soil, the seeds of the educational intelligent hardware market broke ground and began to sprout. Driven by technology and influenced by COVID-19 epidemic, it has set a clear direction for market development. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, home office activated the imagination of online learning and online office. As a result, educational hardware that can complement and extend the learning scene came into being. Lifetime e-home intelligent tutor successfully explored the differentiated hardware product form and application scene of online classes at home.

It is obvious that the rise of emerging categories will lead the future growth of educational intelligent hardware. According to Tencent Research Institute’s Insight Report on the Trend of Educational Intelligent Hardware in China in 2021, from 2018 to 2024, the market size of traditional products will increase from 21.4 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan, and the market size of emerging products will soar from 2.6 billion yuan to 55.3 billion yuan. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies has brought more empowerment to education. The popularity of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything, and the progress and maturity of 5G, AI and AR/VR/MR technologies have further promoted this trend.

It is not difficult to find the rise of educational intelligent hardware, but the difficulty lies in: the soil has changed and the scene has changed. How to seize the opportunity and solve the problem determines whether the brand can break through from the field. In the past, the brand’s service mode was mostly based on hardware function upgrade, massive learning resources and teaching courses, and the application scenarios were relatively fixed. The new players have a deep accumulation in algorithm, content and technology, equipped with matching scenes, covering more accurate pain points and teaching service solutions, responding to long-term demands for teaching results. "Gold mine to be excavated" is the basic logic for major brands to enter the educational intelligent hardware market. For example, some brands have cut into the unresolved demands in the market, so they have iterated out new categories.

As a leading enterprise in educational informatization, Lifetime E-Ben began to expand its educational business in 2004 and started with hardware products in the early days. Later, products such as educational software and home learning terminals were gradually added. In terms of product building, Lifelong E-Ben has continuously enriched the information application ecology based on education. In recent years, it has continuously introduced brand-new intelligent tutoring machines and intelligent classroom products, innovated software and hardware research and development, and continued to exert its strength in the traditional category of tutoring machines. A life-long e-smart tutoring machine around the scene of studying at home has become a representative of learning hardware under the trend of online classes, and has been favored and endorsed by Olympic champion Song Nina.

The changes of educational intelligent hardware not only show the integration of learning scenes, but also the change of learning methods under the background of educational informationization in China. Facing the coming of market spring, Lifetime E-book with leading technology and excellent quality is now ready.


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