The replacement of Aziz in the three towns of Wuhan has come out! Sang Qiu Wang returns to join Zhongjia.

The replacement of Aziz in the three towns of Wuhan has come out! Sang Qiu Wang returns to join Zhongjia.

According to a few days ago, the Serbian media Politika reported that Pesici, the center of Serbian Red Star Belgrade, was going to play for the Super League, and the team he played for was Wuhan Sanzhen, the double champion of the Super League. According to the media, Wuhan Sanzhen Team will introduce Pesici on loan this summer, with a lease fee of 550,000 euros and a contract of one year, and the lease agreement also contains a buyout clause.

Pesici’s full Chinese name ~ alexander pesic, born on May 21st, 1992, is a Serbian football player, with a height of 190cm! Weight 87 kg, front (middle) front on the court! Right-footed, now playing for Red Star Belgrade.

In recent two or three years, Pesici has played for Macabies in Tel Aviv, Fati Hekkala Guluk in Turkey and FC in Seoul. Earlier, he also played in Saudi Arabia, Serie A and Ligue 1. It can be said that Pesici has rich football experience! This season, he made 30 appearances for Red Star, scoring 11 goals and 3 assists in 28 starts, which is not bad!

At present, Wuhan Sanzhen team has gone through two rounds of Super League, with 1 draw and 1 loss, and they are all at home, only scoring one goal, and the attack power is too bad! The team’s performance is worrying (fans)! And also injured three generals! In particular, Aziz, a new foreign aid, was injured in the first round. I believe the club will also make alternative plans for this! It is also expected by the club to find a replacement for Aziz! Therefore, it is not groundless for Serbian media to say that Wuhan Sanzhen team is renting Pesici! In particular, Pesici and Marcand are very similar in style, and both are good at height and weight! Big man (190 cm), very good at holding and protecting the ball! It’s great to grab a header! Moreover, I have also played in the AFC Champions League with the Seoul team in South Korea!

In addition, it was broadcast live yesterday. The official announcement of Jinan Xingzhou Club in Zhongjia announced that Sang Yifei, a meritorious player who played for Wuhan Sanzhen Team last year, officially joined the team! And as the team captain!

Sang Yifei, who is 34 years old, can be described as a meritorious old player of Wuhan Sanzhen Team! I have made great contributions to the team’s Chongchao in that year! After the end of last season, Sang Yifei bid farewell to the Wuhan Sanzhen team and planned to retire! For the better development of the club, the team should be younger, so the team cleans some older players! Sang Yifei is impressively listed. At the beginning of April this year, the club official announced that Sang Yifei had left the team.

However, Sang Yifei, who left three towns in Wuhan in mid-April this year, revealed in social media that he would decide to come back after four months of retirement. The original text of the attached social media is as follows:

"I have already retired, leaving the pitch for 4 months, and suddenly being a player is quite uncomfortable! Oil the machine first, and thank my grandson! The veteran will continue to fight! "

Sang Yifei is an excellent player with skill, fast speed and outstanding ball control ability under his feet! Thank him for his contribution to the Wuhan three towns team! I hope he can continue to play his advantages in the new team and help the team make achievements! Finally, I wish him good luck!


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