COFCO Coca-Cola runners finished the race in Leshan in April and look forward to continuing to run into the future in May.

COFCO Coca-Cola runners finished the race in Leshan in April and look forward to continuing to run into the future in May.

Fangfei April, good spring on earth. On April 22nd, 2023 Leshan Half Marathon and "Running All over Sichuan (Leshan Station)" fired at the Dadu River Square in Leshan. Runners from COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group and more than 14,000 runners walked like flies, showing their passion and vitality with running and speed, and carrying forward the sports spirit of the new era with tenacity and hard work. Two runners from Sichuan Running Group once again ran into the first echelon and finished the marathon of COFCO Coca-Cola’s "Running All over Sichuan" series in April with good results!

The moist spring breeze blows across the track, and the runners start running with passion against the morning light. The figure of "Cola Red" shuttled through the team, and together with many contestants, it merged into a gorgeous streamer, flowing on the ecological avenue of World Heritage. In the live broadcast of "China Tourism TV", the struggling figures of the runners of the Sichuan Tour Group are inspiring and become the focus of the camera, and many wonderful moments are transmitted to thousands of households.

"After the race, we should have a good taste of Leshan’s delicious food, eat alms chicken and serve it with iced coke, and this activity will be smooth." Lily of COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group excitedly communicated with the runners that the scenery along the track is beautiful and the riverside scenery is beautiful. This Leshan Marathon is not only a test and exercise of her own physique, but also a happy journey.

Since March this year, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Running Group has started 12 marathons in Sichuan. As the final run of the marathon in April, it has won the response and participation of many employees. Over the past 24 years, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company has been taking "Healthy China and Beautiful China" as its responsibility, and taking "Volunteer Sichuan and Run Sichuan" as its platform, so that more sports fans can participate in marathon and other sports events, build a sports team of employees, ignite health and vitality through sports, and devote themselves to life and work in a better state.

As a mass event with the participation of the whole people, the significance of the city marathon goes far beyond the sport itself, but it is a carrier to fully display the city civilization, promote consumption and help the high-quality development of the city economy through the event. Next, COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Company will uphold the corporate image of "being responsible, doing something and caring", paint the urban landscape with love, fulfill its social responsibilities in helping the city’s economic vitality, continue to carry out rich and varied sports activities, and constantly help all kinds of sports events, create a stronger competition atmosphere in the countdown to the opening of the World Universiade, and actively help build a sports power.


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